Webs of Power Webs of Power Best Download || [Darlene Quinn] - Webs of Power, Webs of Power Webs of Power is a raw unsentimental portrayal of greed manipulation and relationships set in the excessive insatiable retail industry of the s When a hostile takeover of the retail giant Cons

  • Title: Webs of Power
  • Author: Darlene Quinn
  • ISBN: 9781934572054
  • Page: 399
  • Format: Hardcover

Webs of Power

Webs of Power Best Download || [Darlene Quinn], Webs of Power, Darlene Quinn, Webs of Power Webs of Power is a raw unsentimental portrayal of greed manipulation and relationships set in the excessive insatiable retail industry of the s When a hostile takeover of the retail giant Consolidated is announced the lives of three determined women each linked to the corporate upheaval are unexpectedly thrown off course Paige Toddman s marriage to ConsolidateWebs of Power Webs of Power Best Download || [Darlene Quinn]. Webs of Power Best Download || [Darlene Quinn] - Webs of Power, Webs of Power Webs of Power is a raw unsentimental portrayal of greed manipulation and relationships set in the excessive insatiable retail industry of the s When a hostile takeover of the retail giant Cons

  • Webs of Power Best Download || [Darlene Quinn]
    399Darlene Quinn
Webs of Power
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  1. First off, if you read this book you will need a good chunk of knowledge about leveraged buy outs, hostile take overs, and how the retail business works at the top levels of management I had a little, but apparently not enough I didn t always follow the business side of this corporate drama, and that means I didn t follow a good chunk of the main plot It was a shame, because it was a very well written story with some larger than life characters The characters, well, they may have been larger tha [...]

  2. If you are going to read this book and not be lost, you will need a some knowledge about leveraged buyouts, hostile takeovers, and how the retail business works at the top levels of management I have no clue about any of this so needless to say it was hard for me to follow this story I was also confused when the author would use different names for the characters than what we had originally knows them as I could follow along with the three females that we get to know because I knew what was goin [...]

  3. A well written thriller set in the unfamiliar world for me of high end retail chains of the 1980 s But the author did a fantastic job of giving the reader enough information to understand that world, without elaborating too much A great balance, which had to be difficult to achieve It focuses on three women who find their lives turned upside down by a hostile takeover attempt I loved the women s courage in facing their life altering challenges I found it an educational and entertaining read

  4. This is the complete review as it appears in my reading, writing, movies and TV blog Note that blog reviews often contain links which are not reproduced here, nor will updates or modifications to the blog be replicated here.I rated this novel warty.I agreed to read a sequel to this, and I decided that if I were going to do that, I really ought to read the first book in what is now a quadrilogy beforehand Note that these novels are, as far as I can tell, written as stand alones even though they r [...]

  5. Webs of Power is a work of fiction however, if you happen to fill a high level position in some corporate hierarchy, you may think you re reading a story about your own company Darlene Quinn has done an excellent job in taking readers into the fast paced and sometimes terror filled world of high finance and corporate takeovers This time, for department stores, in the late 1980s Quinn s note at the end of the book provides a short, helpful historical view of the rise and, to some extent, fall of [...]

  6. The corruption of money, power and greed fill the pages of Webs of Power by Darlene Quinn Three women, the men they love or use and the dog eat dog world of large corporations spiral the reader into a world of excess, self centered goals and the danger of being at the top of the heap, because everyone wants to be you or at least bring you down Which woman will stand by her man, which will run away, which will grind her stilettos into his back if it will benefit her purposes Loyalties are tested, [...]

  7. To see other reviews like this one check out my site homelovebooks I was decently excited to read this book because it takes place in the 80 s, I don t know why I found this appealing but maybe it s because I was born in the 80 s so a chance to kind of get a look at what life was like when my mother was my age was kind of a cool concept to me.Unfortunately I had a really hard time getting into the book The book wasn t bad, in no way am I saying that, but it didn t grab me the way a lot of books [...]

  8. I don t know much about Wall Street or the Stock Market or hostile takeovers, but I get the gist of what they are talking about when stuff comes up in this book There are certain characters I liked, some I was even interested in than others For example, Paige Toddman and her unwanted pregnancy was an interesting story line There are some characters I wish the author would have shared about what happened in their past, because sometimes it seemed like there were interesting things that could h [...]

  9. For reviews, please visit fortheloveofthereadI requested this book on NetGalley because the cover and blurb sounded interesting to me The blurb of this book reminded me of another book I read recently, so I was in the right mindset to jump into this one.The pacing of it was a bit of a problem for me The book got really bogged down in the business side details, which was hard for me to keep up with at times There were a lot of technical terms and I don t understand the process of a buyout well e [...]

  10. I really struggled with this book Maybe because I know very little about business, and how take overs and the like work a lot of it just went straight over my head It felt like there was a lot of information crammed in, without giving the reader time to really digest what was going on On top of that, there were so many characters It was difficult to keep track of who was who, who was doing what, and that was made even worse by the fact that within the same conversation, the narrative would switc [...]

  11. Webs of Power by Darlene Quinn is a fast paced look at the lives of three women and their significant others , linked together by a hostile corporate takeover The retail industry is rocked by a Leveraged Buy Out by Australian Entrepreneur, Philip Sloane Viviana De Mornay is an employee of the company who will stop at nothing to become Phillip s wife Paige Toddman wife of the company s West Coast Division CEO , is forced to decide how to handle the pressures this LBO is placing on her marriage, a [...]

  12. With every new book in the Webs series, Ms Quinn gets better and better I especially like the way she brings back familiar characters and keeps them relevant, until their stories have reached a natural conclusion I also appreciate how she introduces new characters that become the focus of each book There are a couple of rather nefarious guys in this book that made me grit my teeth, but without them, the story would not have been complete In Webs of Power, I found several subliminal messages each [...]

  13. I lived through a corporate Leveraged Buy Out during this time period, and I must say there were many been there done that moments for me Though my corporation was not retail department stores, the behind the scenes angst and unrest were very much the same as depicted in Darlene Quinn s well researched and fast paced novel of deceit, power and money in the world of corporate finance and politics I loved how the book followed the characters in short, concise chapters giving the reader diverse asp [...]

  14. This was a really good book I thought it sounded interesting, but wasn t sure if it was the kind of book I would really get into But once I really got into it, I was totally invested in it I finished it in a day or less I am looking forward to the rest in the series.I received a review copy for my honest review I typically read young adult mystery crime but this book definitely kept my attention I found myself rooting for certain characters and being annoyed with others When that happens, I know [...]

  15. Ok well I am not the best reviewer, but I do love to read I am reading a series of books by Darlene Quinn The first book I read is called Webs Of Power A Novel I received this book from Net galley for an honest review, I have received the whole series to readWhat first attracted me to read these books, was the storyline, it is about the 80 s I lived in the 80 s as a young adult, so I remember the 80 s I also love reading powerful books with strong, glamorous women, who live the high life, someth [...]

  16. Webs of Power is a fascinating look at human nature when mixed with the elements of power, greed and desire Have events beyond your control ever taken over the reins of your life Have you ever wondered how you were going to overcome a sudden business upheaval, the loss of love, or the possible death of a loved one Webs of Power is a story about three women who have the familiar comfortable fabric of their lives shredded by a sudden hostile take over of a major department store chain and their un [...]

  17. I was given a copy of this book in return for my honest review All opinions are my own This book was interesting, there was a lot about business and that part wasn t all that interesting to me What was interesting was the relationships between the people How the different characters tie together I found the story to be easy enough to follow, even though it goes through a number of different points of view Gets a bit confusing at times, I kept mixing up two of the men, but in the end, that didn t [...]

  18. I really liked this book I read book four of the series first, a few months ago When I read that book, I felt like I was missing a lot and sort of wandering through the first part of the book until I got it I was kind of in the same bind here because I kept trying to relate this book to what I read in book four Once I let go of that and just read the book, I loved the story.I m really looking forward to reading books two and three I love that the story is situated in the department store world s [...]

  19. This is not my usual book selection but when Netgalley offered the chance to review all 4 books in the series i figured give it a go got to spread out my interest I liked that the book followed the lives of 3 women it helped the office talk not be so boring I got engrossed in how each character played in how the whole story line played out I became invested in what was not only going to happen to each women but how the business aspect was going to play out The ending was not to much of a cliff h [...]

  20. Darlene Quinn s books remind me of the Woman of Substance series by Barbara Taylor Bradford, which I first read in the 80s and loved.These sweeping sagas are so rare now, so I thoroughly enjoyed this read Power, money, intrigue, scandal, greed, sex, money, power and greed It s fantastic, fast paced, and utterly delicious.

  21. I just couldn t I couldn t get invested in this book It was dry, it wasn t developed, it wasn t a book that I felt connected to any of the characters perhaps because of the changing perspective each chapter that were written in third person I didn t know what they were tHINKING, feeling, anything.

  22. I ultimately enjoyed this book and the drama of the extended families of the 3 women at the center of the story The business side of the book was a little overwhelming and somewhat off putting as it often made following along quite difficult Overall, I m glad I kept going and look forward to the next book in the series.