My Best Friend's Ex ☆ My Best Friend's Ex ½ Meghan Quinn - My Best Friend's Ex, My Best Friend s Ex When I found an eviction notice taped on my apartment door I had two options find a comfortable cardboard box to call home or move in with Tucker Jameson Seeing that cardboard makes me feel itchy I

  • Title: My Best Friend's Ex
  • Author: Meghan Quinn
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Book

My Best Friend's Ex

☆ My Best Friend's Ex ½ Meghan Quinn, My Best Friend's Ex, Meghan Quinn, My Best Friend s Ex When I found an eviction notice taped on my apartment door I had two options find a comfortable cardboard box to call home or move in with Tucker Jameson Seeing that cardboard makes me feel itchy I chose the latter Which shouldn t be that big of a deal Tucker is one of my good friends And because he s still pining after his ex girlfriend and I m trying to finish myWhen I fou ☆ My Best Friend's Ex ½ Meghan Quinn. ☆ My Best Friend's Ex ½ Meghan Quinn - My Best Friend's Ex, My Best Friend s Ex When I found an eviction notice taped on my apartment door I had two options find a comfortable cardboard box to call home or move in with Tucker Jameson Seeing that cardboard makes me feel itchy I

  • ☆ My Best Friend's Ex ½ Meghan Quinn
    186Meghan Quinn
My Best Friend's Ex
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  1. Patty Belongs To Kellan~Jesse~Lautner~Miller~Jack~Racer~Rafe~Liam~Prince Nicholas~Hayes~Simon~Gianluca & Archer

    4.5 STARS ARC Generously Provided by Author A few feet away stands the woman who captured my heart when I least expected it She came back into my life as a friend and burrowed her soul into mine, making it almost impossible to breathe without her.The latest rom com standalone written by Meghan Quinn is filled with a ton of laugh out loud moments that only the authors signature brand of humor can evoke It is a friends to lovers story that at times will torture you with the painful angst but also [...]

  2. UNPOPULAR OPINION ALERT With all the respect to the readers who loved this book, I must say that it has been a total disappointment for me I almost DNF ed it a couple of times This wasn t a hot and forbidden romance that I d initially expected it to be The book is told by dual point of view, both from Tucker s and Emma s.The plot Tucker was once with Sadie Emma was both his and Sadie s friend.The problem is, Tucker s ex is not only his ex not one of the many exes , she is the one and only girl h [...]

  3. Another love story, brought to us by the one and only Meghan Quinn Uhmmm HECK YES ARC kindly provided by publisher, in exchange for an honest review Follow Me On Blog Instagram Facebook Twitter

  4. Best friend s ex boyfriends are always off limits I absolutely love Meghan Quinn, so when I found out she was releasing a new romcom I just had to get my hands on it ASAP I always enjoy her humor, her fast paced plot and the characters she develops I m happy to report My Best Friend s Ex was no exception I was especially looking forward to reading something as controversial as falling for the best friends ex OOOHHH I think we all know this is a no go zone and ex s are always off limits, so I cou [...]

  5. Another book that snags your curiosity and you can t stop reading till you get to the end of the book This book, oh this book You know what you re going into before you read it by the title alone What you don t know is you are getting so much Tucker Jameson He s the best friends ex The hot, drop you dead ex He s kind, he s sweet, he is funny, and he is so stuck in the past I completely understand how he is devastated, anyone would be, but this guy CAN NOT move on for anything UntilEmma Marks Sh [...]

  6. 3 3 RACER S BOOK IS NOW AVAILABLE 3 3 hyperurl 99udehNOW AVAILABLE hyperurl xtu6osGirl code Never get involved with your best friend s ex boyfriend Emma Marks is quite aware of this rule, so when she has no other option but to move in with Tucker Jameson, she goes into the living arrangement as just a friend trying to finish up her nursing degree Tucker has the same thoughts, Emma is just a friend He has no intentions of getting romantically involved with her especially since he s still hung up [...]

  7. 2.5 StarsLet me start by saying I had the highest of hopes going into this one I ve had great luck with the other Meghan Quinn books I ve read so this seemed like the perfect Sunday book for me That being said, I never really connected to the story or either of the main characters I skipped around, read the ending and eventually went back and skimmed the middle to make sure I hadn t missed anything That Meghan Quinn spark was missing for me and in the end, this simply wasn t my cuppa.

  8. 3 stars Meghan Quinn is a relatively new author to me I ve seen her at lots of author events, Big Apple, Love N Colorado, Love N Vegas, etc so she s an author I ve been meaning to read When I saw this book was only 1.20 on , I snapped this baby up And while I enjoyed it remember peeps, I don t consider a 3 a negative rating I think my sense of humor doesn t really mesh well with Quinn s It s a little bit too much for me, I m of the sarcasm and one liners kind of humor than in your face almost s [...]

  9. Let s just jump into it, because subtlety has never been my strong suit I m about to get into some real talk right now, so bear with me In your eyes, I may very well be wrong but this is MY opinion, and I standing by it, I really wish this wasn t marketed as a romantic comedy, I would ve prefers if that aspect was taken out and just left alone The beginning was perfect to me, the ending was perfect to me, but the middle at times was right effed up because of the heroine and her humour if that s [...]

  10. This is my first read by Meghan Quinn, and it most definitely won t be my last I was in the right mood for this story, and it made me smile, laugh out loud, and even swoon at times This isn t the type of read that I am always in the mood for but it was such a pleasant surprise for me.Emma is told by her roommate that they have been evicted from their place, and have two days to find a new one It just so happens that she runs into an old friend from high school, and he offers for her to come live [...]

  11. Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum At this point I m THIRTEEN reviews behind and a bigly chunk of those left to be reviewed are romance novels Which loosely translated I m pretty sure means fuck my life.Normally I try to keep myself motivated especially when it comes to books of the porny rom com varieties by gif hunting simultaneously while reading The only thing I found myself inspired to seek out while reading My Best Friend s Ex was this one after the ever so popular sexy boy haircut wa [...]

  12. I so love this book Now to do the review justice That will be tough I am in love with Tucker Be forewarned And I already know it is one of my faves so far this year Hitting my Best Of tag I thought this was going to be another run of the mill contemporary romance, which I do enjoy reading However, the story so much than that Meghan Quinn completely had me so emotionally involved and engrossed in the story that I just did not want it to end.There are so many emotions that you feel with this book [...]

  13. 4.5 starsREALLY good I gave the first one a miss but apparently the main characters in this book were extras in that one Complete standalone as you get a quick re hash as to why Tucker becomes the way he is Slow burn at its best and the author does an amazing job with the writing, pacing and emotions Sex scenes were super hot and that bit at the end just made my heart melt May not be for everyone, as the hero deals with losing the love of his life prior to meeting the heroine But i think he made [...]

  14. 3.5 starsAfter reading Co Wrecker by Meghan Quinn, which I adored my review can be found here , I couldn t wait to read her next book.I really liked her style of writing Her quick witted dialogues, fast paced plots, and wonderful characters.Tucker Jameson and Emma Marks were no strangers to me Both were supporting characters in Co Wrecker Emma was the best friend and Tucker the boyfriend that was left behind after the breakup Honestly, when I realized what the storyline was about and that Tucker [...]

  15. I loved this book I love this author No time to write a worthy review sigh I got this free from kindle unlimited, but I m definitely going to buy this book, because it is a keeper for me.I started out reading Co Wrecker by this author, and this book is a sort of continuation of that one, since the H h were introduced in that book Since I enjoyed that one so much, I decided to pick up this one.And oh my, did I love this friends to lovers story.I loved both the hero Tucker and heroine Emma They ve [...]

  16. AVAILABLE NOW FULL REVIEW 5 Bazillion CrownsMeghan Quinn cannot write a bad romantic comedy I swear every time I think this one is my favorite, she releases a new one and I m blown away yet again I m so happy that Tucker got his HEA, and that readers got to see a different side of him This caring and considerate man with a heart of gold won me over from the very beginning Even with the past weighing him down, he still finds happiness among his friends and Emma, and readers will love watching him [...]

  17. My Best Friend s Ex by Meghan Quinn5 stars Sometimes a human s touch is all you need to heal wounds My love affair with Meghan Quinn began with a rom com and she totally stole my heart with My Best Friend s Ex This week has been unusual for me because I have two new entries into my all time favourite couples list and Meghan Quinn firmly planted Tucker and Emma as one of them These two captured my heart whole heartedly and never let go It is unusual to get such a deep and intense character connec [...]

  18. OMG You guys I just finished reading one of the FUNNIEST books EVAH I don t know how she does it, but Author Meghan Quinn has OUTDONE herself yet again These characters were just EVERYTHING I adored the hell out of them, and I wanted to dive into the book and live in their world I laughed I cried I just NEVER wanted it to end Get ready to FALL HARD for Emma and Tucker I want her for all the wrong reasons, and yet, I can t help but think how right she feels What a sticky situation this is Falling [...]

  19. 4.5 starsAll the feels for My Best Friend s Ex by Meghan Quinn What a fab read, loved it.The writing was well done, the storyline was entertaining all throughout the book and I didn t want it to end Emma and Tucker were such fun, endearing and charismatic characters They made me laugh, they made me smile, they made me cry, and they made me swoon Tucker was such a sweetheart, I loved watching him come out of the darkness and open himself and his feelings to Emma Emma was the perfect girl for him [...]

  20. I get so lost in Meghan Quinn s books, I start reading an poof 4 hours have passed by there is something so refreshing about an author who laces her romances with humor so that the story doesn t get bogged down in the pain and anguish the characters go through I love that she puts her characters through the paces and since she writes in duo first person, we know everything the characters are thinking and feeling throughout the book My Best Friend s Ex is a complicated friends to lovers romantic [...]

  21. When you say Meghan Quinn, you cannot help but devour her works She has this ability to draw you into everything she writes up to the point where you ll be obsessed with it, addicted and even begging for You cannot help it She s got magic in her hands and a brilliant mind that can weave a story you ll get hooked and fall in love with And this was what happened to me with My Best Friend s Ex I have been obsessing with this book way before I even had the chance to read it So when I did, I dug on [...]

  22. 4.25 Rules Stars The kiss How can I even describe it It s the defining moment of any new beginning Such a funny read.This was a phenomenal read.I laughed so much with these characters and had so much fun The book was perfectly written and the characters were well drawn.Tucker and Emma s relationship was so natural it had me all dreamy.I decided to read this one mainly because of the SHH EVENT and I made the right call Even before starting the book I was all giddy and I continued that way after f [...]

  23. This was on my MAYBE list going straight to NOPE thanks to the honest rant of super girl Dilek I can t stand immature behavior Characters who are supposed to be adults by act like horny immature teens review showThis too is a very good reason review show

  24. ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewIt s no secret that I adore Meghan Quinn This author can have you laughing like a fool and at the same time swooning over for your next book boyfriend And so in her latest, romantic comedy, My Best Friend s Ex, Meghan has readers like myself going gaga over Tucker and Emma If you read Co Wrecker, then you are all familiar with what happened with Tucker and his ex, Sadie and so now it s time for this heartbroken guy to get his happily ever af [...]

  25. Sometimes a human s touch is all you need to heal wounds.Meghan Quinn Author, what did you do to me My Best Friend s Ex had me basking in the best EMOTIONAL EUPHORIA I LAUGHED a little and SWOONED a lot I had TEARS STREAMING down my face as I tried to pick up the pieces of my heart that this story shattered and stole from me I was ON EDGE, so far gone off an emotional cliff where I was FLOATING in FEELSSO MANY FEELS My Best Friend s Ex is EVERYTHING Before I could delve into the deliciousness of [...]

  26. Title My Best Friend s ExAuthor Meghan QuinnGenre Romantic ComedyPublication Date June 1, 2017Cliff Hanger No4 Stars This story is for mature audiences only Contains explicit scenes and language intended for adults 18 Synopsis When I found an eviction notice taped on my apartment door, I had two options find a comfortable cardboard box to call home, or move in with Tucker Jameson Seeing that cardboard makes me feel itchy, I chose the latter Which shouldn t be that big of a deal Tucker is one of [...]

  27. She doesn t need to protect her heart from me She holds mine in her hands, and I ll never take it back When I first saw the title for Meghan Quinn s newest release, I was a little on the fence about actually picking it because I m not a big fan of the dating my best friend s ex trope It s honestly just a personal preference because the one s I ve read in the past have been over the top and I just couldn t deal with it But it s Meghan Quinn so I was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt an [...]

  28. Release Date June 1, 2017 Genre Friends to Lovers Romantic Comedy Aww This book gave me so many feels And it s laugh out loud giggle snort funny Gah I adored every minute of it Romance readers if your looking for a book that will make you laugh and a book that will completely touch your heart this is the book you need I promise, you will not be disappointed In fact, if you re new to the author, I think you will become addicted to her novels based on this one It s just to good not to read How Meg [...]