A Crown of Wishes [PDF] A Crown of Wishes | by ↠ Roshani Chokshi - A Crown of Wishes, A Crown of Wishes From the author of The Star Touched Queen comes a beautiful lush fantasy Roshani Chokshi s A Crown of Wishes Gauri the princess of Bharata has been taken as a prisoner of war by her kingdom s enemi

  • Title: A Crown of Wishes
  • Author: Roshani Chokshi
  • ISBN: 9781250100214
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Paperback

A Crown of Wishes

[PDF] A Crown of Wishes | by ↠ Roshani Chokshi, A Crown of Wishes, Roshani Chokshi, A Crown of Wishes From the author of The Star Touched Queen comes a beautiful lush fantasy Roshani Chokshi s A Crown of Wishes Gauri the princess of Bharata has been taken as a prisoner of war by her kingdom s enemies Faced with a future of exile and scorn Gauri has nothing left to lose Hope unexpectedly comes in the form of Vikram the cunning prince of a neighboring land and her swoFrom the [PDF] A Crown of Wishes | by ↠ Roshani Chokshi. [PDF] A Crown of Wishes | by ↠ Roshani Chokshi - A Crown of Wishes, A Crown of Wishes From the author of The Star Touched Queen comes a beautiful lush fantasy Roshani Chokshi s A Crown of Wishes Gauri the princess of Bharata has been taken as a prisoner of war by her kingdom s enemi

  • [PDF] A Crown of Wishes | by ↠ Roshani Chokshi
    490Roshani Chokshi
A Crown of Wishes
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  1. Absolutely stunning Every single word of this book is exquisite and the lush, intricate world building is nothing short of remarkable I pretty much alternated sighing over the glorious prose with sighing over Vikram Gauri is one hell of a nuanced, badass heroine, and the vivid world she inhabits is full of wondrous magic, deadly intrigues, and creatures from your loveliest dreams and darkest nightmares As much as I adored THE STAR TOUCHED QUEEN, I think I might love A CROWN OF WISHES even Every [...]

  2. Roshani Chokshi is on the right path to becoming one of my favourite authors of all time If she keeps writing the way she does, that is.Because she writes like a goddess As long as her stories are as magical as her writing, her books will always be winners a.k.a New York Times bestsellers.Although this is marketed as a companion novel to The Star Touched Queen, one can argue quite convincingly that this is of an unconventional sequel.I d go for sequel myself, because this seems to complete the [...]

  3. lean in close to my chest listen if you re quiet enough you can hear a soft chorus of read this book read this book in place of my heartbeatis book was so gorgeous I honestly want to lie in spring grass for a couple weeks and you can find me glowing and covered in roses like have you ever enjoyed reading a book so much that you couldn t stand it It fills up your insides, all the way to the brim, and you feel like you could overflow you like it so much you don t know what to do with it I wish I c [...]

  4. Existence is the gift Life is a choice I know I ve mentioned a couple hundred times that I m a huge fan of Roshani Chokshi s gorgeous writing, but can I please gush some first IT IS SO MAGICAL I would seriously read 200 extra pages describing everything further, no joke The metaphors are amazing I just love how her books have this wonderfully optimistic, whimsical, hopeful quality about them while still having a serious plot with realistic characters And speaking of the characters Gauri and Vik [...]

  5. 11 2017 edit I just turned in my very last Star Touched queen novella, which is about Gauri Vikram after the events of A CROWN OF WISHES and now I feel very nostalgic all of you who have read and reviewed ACOW and brought it to the attention of other readers, thank you so much Writing in this world freed up parts of my heart I didn t know needed freeing I m not sure if or when I ll return to this world again, but I am glad that I got the chance to wander through it even one last time 3 A CROWN O [...]

  6. Oh, Roshani, Roshani, Roshani what have you done to my heart This book is just as lush and beautiful as it s touted to be, but even than that it s damned smart writing The lovely whimsiness Is that a word bangs gavel NOW IT IS of the world building is reminiscent of Roald Dahl and Laini Taylor, with a dash of A Midsummer Night s Dream thrown into the mix for good measure.If you enjoy books about sharp young women with even sharper wit and boys who were made to make you swoon, pick up this gem [...]

  7. Full review update spoiler free Holy crap This was PHENOMENAL Absolutely a new ALL TIME favorite Can I give this one than 5 stars please I was a bit nervous going into this one because I had a hard time connecting with Roshani s first novel A Star Touched Queen It was seriously a gorgeously written book but my brain just couldn t handle the complexity of the writing I admired it but I just had a rough time understanding it.So, if you felt the same way and had a hard time with the first book let [...]

  8. Thank you to St Martin s Press and Griffin Teen for providing me with an ARC to review 3.5 STARSI wish I could give A Crown of Wishes a much higher rating I even considered setting my rating to a 3.5 star bumped up to 4 stars rather than 3.5 rounded down to a 3, but I think a 4 star rating would be a bit generous and not very honest on my part so I m just going to set my rating to 3 stars because that s what I feel reflects my true reading experience.Let me start off by saying that I was not a f [...]

  9. A crown of wishes is finally here I love this story so much I feel like making every friend of mine read it Yup, I am that unashamed Grinch smile You haven t started this book yet What are you doing here Run, reader, run and start it right now D Thank you to St Martin s Griffin and NetGalley for sending me a copy of this book A story had no ownership A story could break its bones, grow wings, soar out of reach and dive out of sight in the time it took just to draw breath It meant we weren t walk [...]

  10. 1 The Star Touched Queen A story had no ownership A story could break its bones, grow wings, soar out of reach and dive out of sight in the time it took just to draw breath It meant we weren t walking a cut path We carved it into existence with every step This was utterly enchanting and completely mesmerizing I loved The Star Touched Queen when I read it last year, and this story was even better Yet, this story also made me fall deeper in love with The Star Touched Queen, because some of the cro [...]

  11. What was magic anyway, but the world beheld by someone who chose to see it differently 2.25 5 stars Biggest lie of 2017so far Hey Emi, read this book It s as beautiful as its cover To the person who told me this, and you know who you are, I don t know if I can ever possibly forgive you Please send me pictures of Harry Styles and I might reconsider What s with me reading all these disappointing books lately It needs to stop please I don t have time for this.It was actuallypainfulfor me to read th [...]

  12. 5 5 stars are we even surprised Video Review youtube watch v 9EG4aHow is it even possible that this book is even better than the first Roshani Chokshi s way with words blows my mind She creates such beautiful angelic sentences that have memorized The characters are ones that I LOVE and although I adored the characters in TSTQ, I loved these even yet again how is that even possible I even loved the romance in this book Since TSTQ was her debut novel, you can really see how much she has changed [...]

  13. Love is like Death without the guarantee of its arrival Love may not come for you, but when it does it will be just as swift and ruthless as Death and just as blind to your protestations And just as Death will end one life and leave you with another, so will Love S CUSE me as I overflow this review with pretty af gifs of Bollywood movies that I connected to this story im sure that there are gifs than words in this P I loved the whole feel of this book and I honestly felt like I was 6 y o again [...]

  14. Things this book promised me 1 Snarky ship that will own my heart2 Captivating, enchanting plot Things this book delivered 1 Snarky ship that owns my heart So, was this book good Yes, it was pretty darn good But it wasn t fantastic so sit down and pour yourself a cup of tea, let s talk I would die for Vikram, let this be known Guari is one of those princess warriors that everyone wants to be when they grow up Aasha is basically me the kid has so much dreams but doesn t know what to do with her l [...]

  15. I am painfully in love with TSTQ, so I knew I would do nearly anything to get my greedy hands on Crown And when I got it, it was a matter of walking the fine line between devouring and saving.I love love loved Gauri and Vikram She s stubborn and he s charming and they re adorable The banter between them is top notch I was laughing and swooning and gripping the book in exasperation It s quite a roller coaster.As always, the story is fantastical and the prose is lyrical I want to roll around in Ro [...]

  16. Vicious and sweet, said Vikram, shaking his head Beastly girl You like me, don t lie, I teased I couldn t lie if I tried, he said quietly.It just so happens that I was given this ARC by the publisher back in December.I just was way too tired and out of it to truly enjoy the lush story telling of this novel So every time I would pick up this beauty to read it, I d get distracted or start to fall asleep on the prologue It was clear to me I wasn t going to be able to read this book while in the hei [...]

  17. WrensReads Review Whenever you think of Wonderland or Neverland or just anything stupid beautiful, this book should be the first thing that comes to mind Actually no, anything Roshani Chokshi has written is stupid beautiful It feels like a poem had a baby with a fantasy and out came Chokshi s books The way she makes you see things is something you will get completely lost in I found myself wanting to read of the magical place she pieced together.Caraval and The Night Circus are two other books [...]

  18. Actual rating 4.5 5 rounded up to five magical stars But why settle for a story, when I could start a legend What to say when the book itself floors you with its mesmerizing and beautiful words This is the kind of book that feels enchanting, comforting, funny, endearing, romantic and will leave you with a huge smile on your face This book is a companion novel to the previous book by Roshani Chokshi, The Star Touched Queen so, it s not exactly a sequel The main characters of A Crown of Wishes are [...]

  19. I definitely liked this book than The Star Touched Queen Gauri doesn t make a lot of idiotic mistakes like Maya did She is strong and fierce Vikrim, Vikrim, Vikrim I loved him and his sass There was a third point of a character named Aasha who I also connected with I feel like Roshani can really write well, but sometimes the descriptions are overly done and a lot of the metaphors make zero sense With that being said I don t even care they still go well with this magical world Full review on my [...]

  20. Better than the first book Even if I m given them the same overall rating This one was better Review posted on The Eater of Books blog A Crown of Wishes by Roshani ChokshiBook Two of The Star Touched Queen seriesPublisher St Martin s GriffinPublication Date March 28, 2017Rating 4 starsSource eARC from NetGalleySummary from Gauri, the princess of Bharata, has been taken as a prisoner of war by her kingdom s enemies Faced with a future of exile and scorn, Gauri has nothing left to lose Hope unexpe [...]

  21. So what is A Crown of Wishes It is a carefully crafted creation of hopes and fears, subtly laced with winsome romance and witty humor, ineffable charms and incredible challenges, each world building word building upon itself with the precise and ancient symmetry of a mystic maze like mandala until one realizes they ve crossed the magical barrier between reading and reality, where Roshani Chokshi grants the reader the truest wish of their heart by fulfilling the very purpose of the story itself.R [...]

  22. 4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum 2017 05 21 I picked up A Crown of Wishes after the fantastic read that was The Star Touched Queen, and I m glad I did This is despite the book being a companion novel rather than a true sequel, because while the two may feature different stories and characters, they are the same in all the ways that count in their creative vision and excellence.Once upon a time in a kingdom called Ujijain there lived a prince named Vikram Known as the Fox Prince, h [...]

  23. 2.5I literally cannot tell you what went on in this book except for like the first 15% of it lmao anyway, this book sucked I was in a constant state of utter confusion, I cannot begin to describe just how confusing it was Roshani Chokshi probably over invested in the writing instead of focusing on making the plot understandable and honestly I don t give two shits about beautiful writing when the plot is confusing because obviously I won t be able to enjoy it As you can tell I suffered majorly wi [...]

  24. WOW I seriously think Roshani Chokshi just might be my new favorite author Her writing is exquisite, the world building is lush with beautiful written imagery, the spell binding At the end of the book I just held the book and savored the story and her wordsThis story is about two people A girl, with blood on her lips and fangs in the heart also known as The Jewel of Bharata Gauri is who she s fierce because she s had to become so in order to survive her life with her brother as King She was rais [...]

  25. A Crown of Wishes is a spellbinding follow up to the stunning The Star Touched Queen which was based on a Hades and Persephone retelling TSTQ has a focus on Indian folklore, mythology, horoscopes and infused with wild imagination and enchanting writing And yes, I have gone slightly mad with quotes 3 Vikram s eyes widened What s this Praise from Her Beastliness in the morning Are you under a curse that makes you friendly before noon If so, how do we make it permanent A Crown of Wishes follows Gau [...]

  26. So everyone and their mother loves this and here I am alone in my dark little corner wondering what it would feel like a be part of the massive crowd that finds this breathtakingly beautiful Normally, I get why people adore books that I find utterly lacking but here I m completely at a lost Is it the writing Which yes, I ll give it that, it s quite lyrical But prose in it of itself cannot win me over I mean, what prose than Shakespeare in Romeo and Juliet when at the end of the day all they wer [...]

  27. Torn between 4 4.5 I really liked this book and the characters Its really a great second book to a series and did not fall short compared to a lot of series sequels Chokshi is an author that I can see myself reading all her future work because she writes such entertaining characters and interesting stories.

  28. 4 wishes stars That s not true, he said softly Here, I ll tell it to you Once there was a beast princess and a fox prince Beast princess That sounds awful, I He shushed me and they had to do all kinds of awful things Like talk to each other I laughed And fight through memories that tried to lure them away, poisonous beauties and fear My chest tight ened And they did all of this for freedom One day, even if they couldn t see it now, it was going to be worth the pain We were both quiet An ARC has [...]