Duke of Manhattan Duke of Manhattan Best Read || [Louise Bay] - Duke of Manhattan, Duke of Manhattan I was born into British aristocracy but I ve made my fortune in Manhattan New York is now my kingdom Back in Britain my family are fighting over who s the next Duke of Fairfax The rules say it s me i

  • Title: Duke of Manhattan
  • Author: Louise Bay
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  • Page: 368
  • Format: Kindle

Duke of Manhattan

Duke of Manhattan Best Read || [Louise Bay], Duke of Manhattan, Louise Bay, Duke of Manhattan I was born into British aristocracy but I ve made my fortune in Manhattan New York is now my kingdom Back in Britain my family are fighting over who s the next Duke of Fairfax The rules say it s me if I m married It s not a trade off worth making I could never limit myself to just one woman Or so I thought until my world is turned upside down Now the only way I cI was born into Duke of Manhattan Best Read || [Louise Bay]. Duke of Manhattan Best Read || [Louise Bay] - Duke of Manhattan, Duke of Manhattan I was born into British aristocracy but I ve made my fortune in Manhattan New York is now my kingdom Back in Britain my family are fighting over who s the next Duke of Fairfax The rules say it s me i

  • Duke of Manhattan Best Read || [Louise Bay]
    368Louise Bay
Duke of Manhattan
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  1. 1 2 Duke of Manhattan stand alone A business arrangement to save a company protect a legacy is sweetened by mind blowing sex courtesy Ryder Westbury But she tasted so good And she was behaving so well Her hands exactly where I told her to put them Duke of Manhattan stand alone opens up to business owner Scarlett King in need of a one night stand following a divorce Investor Ryder Westbury heir to the title Duke of Fairfax is not one to turn down flirtation when there is an opportunity for sex.A [...]

  2. Having one taste to the Manhattan series is something that will have you diving for in this compelling and enticing love story As a member to inherit a position that requires certain aspects of your life to alter, Ryder has managed to captivate all of them in this enamoring love story, along side Scarlett, the bombshell beauty that captivated him the moment they first met However, before he encounters with Scarlett, his problems take into an appreciation that he must not only become the Duke of [...]

  3. I was bored witless Saw all the rave reviews Premise sounded good enough Wanted something a bit lighter than some of my usual reads I need some substance and depth in my books Not just he meets her, he fucks her, she has about fifteen orgasms in one night They go to work They meet They fuck He has the most powerful orgams of his life and he can get it up again 2 seconds later They have lunch They fuck They fly to England They fuck They fly back to Manhattan They fuck I am sorry but where was the [...]

  4. This, hands down, was my favorite by Louise Bay I always listen to her audiobooks and this time I was very very pleased with the male narration Because who doesn t love a sexy accent And, of course, the arranged marriage trope will NEVER GET OLD I can t help it, I love it and I m really glad Louise Bay finally wrote a book with such a premise This this GUY needs a wife so he can keep his company And he might just find a fake wife in a woman who he had a one night stand with Anywhooooo I think th [...]

  5. 5 Second Time s The Charm, StarsDivorced, having terrible luck trying to get back into the dating scene She misses her ex husband and can t understand why he left her, is she boring At least she has her work, Scarlett partnered up with her college roommate Cecily and opened a fragrance business Cecily Fragrance She loves her job and doesn t want to do anything else.Ryder has grown up being part of british aristocracy but wanted to make something of himself without being under the umbrella of his [...]

  6. This author always has fantastic covers for her books and this one is no different Great representation of the hero Great use of graphics Good composition and simple yet effective typography.What can I say about this one other than it was an incredibly good read It was well written and nicely paced It was sweet It had angst It had no OW OM drama It had great secondary characters even a few glimpses of characters from past books It had smokin sex scenes It had a sweet and totally charming heroine [...]

  7. 4.5 Understanding When It s Real Stars 1 2Spoiler Free and It s Live Oh, this was goodNo, Really this was fantastically good Louise Bay has nailed sexy, caring, sweet without the man knowing he is and everything else that could make you swoon You will fall hard for these two characters because they are evenly matchedIn Business And in Bed This has all the making from the start of another marriage of convenience tale with all the touchstones of how they goButThere are layers and layers of You hav [...]

  8. 4.5 stars Review at Of Pens and Pages.Duke of Manhattan was my first Louise Bay novel, and wow What a way to dive into her books Amazing chemistry, great characters, and hot hot hot sex And y all know how crazy I am for fake relationship engagement marriage of convenience stories I am fascinated with British aristocracy Sometimes, the most unusual circumstances can throw two people together that doesn t mean they re not perfect for each other Ryder Westbury made his fortune in New York and has n [...]

  9. It s LIVE on Blog Tour 4.5 Fall in love with your fake wife husband stars I m loving this cover and I found it fitting for the depiction of Ryder and his story Scarlett s been divorced for two years from her high school sweetheart and her hearts still floundering Finding the entire dating scene a total nightmare, she has thrown herself into the company she founded with her old college roommate, Cecily Although they re amazingly successful, their loans are due and they need an investor ASAP Ryder [...]

  10. I m going to level with you guys I loved everything about this book From the cover to the last word, I was enraptured Ryder is sheer romance perfection and I miss him terribly, since finishing this read Before him, Max was King However, I m shouting, All Hail The Duke Louise Bay writes some of the absolute swoony heros and Ryder just rode to the top of my list as all time favorite.Here s what I loved The trope is one of my favorites It s brilliantly executed with just enough drama and emotional [...]

  11. In short Hero 4 5 Heroine 4 5 Plot Point, Originality 4 5 Writing Style 4 5 Steam 4 5 Romance 4 5 Angst Suspense 2 5 Darkness 0 5 Humor 3 5 Secondary Characters 4 5 Drama Conflict 3 5 Mystery 0 5 Twists 3 5 Pacing Fast Action 2 5

  12. I love it when the Dedicated Bachelor fallsI knew that Scarlett s book was going to be good even before I met Ryder Funny thing is that I kind of read Scarlett wrong when I met her previously I thought she was a serial dater who liked variety in her men I may have even been a bit mean and thought she got sick of her husband, so divorced him Holy heck, I got her SOOOO wrong She was almost the complete opposite of that Imagine my surprise when she decides to have her first one night stand in front [...]

  13. ME ENCANT MUCHOMUCHOMUCHO.Fue justo lo que no sab a que necesitaba Ven a de lecturas desastrosas y esta adem s de ser sumamente refrescante tambi n es de mis clich s preferidos as que mejor les dejo en gif mi opini n sobre el libro.Cuando se encuentran Y luego Les dije que el es duque Me derriten los duques de la poca que seaYo durante tooooodo el libro Y cuando le llevaba el desayuno y hablaba con su British Accent Y pues me gust s , es s per clich , y s p tiene muuuuuuucho sexo pero a mi ME EN [...]

  14. Get it here US UK Somehow I skipped reading Duke of Manhattan even though it s been sitting on my Kindle since it released I m really glad I finally went back and read it though because I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know these characters Ryder and Scarlett had some amazing chemistry and I thought they just worked really well together.The story was actually low on the angst, which surprised me but I was happy with that because it left room for their relationship without too much drama separati [...]

  15. 4.5 The Right Duchess Stars ARC provided by the author via Social Butterfly PR in exchange for an honest review.As always, Louise Bay comes back with a great love story and a great list of characters those swoony heroes and sassy heroines This series of standalones have stolen my heart and Duke of Manhattan was quite a special one too Let s see why So, Duke of Manhattan can be read as a standalone novel but I highly recommend reading King of Wall Street and Park Avenue Prince to enjoy this even [...]

  16. Title The Duke of ManhattanAuthor Louise BayCategory RomanceSeries or Standalone StandalonePOV Dual, First personPlot 5Characters 5Scorching Level 5HEA Not tellingThis is the first book I ve had the pleasure of reading from this author but it won t be my last What an amazing, steamy romance Full of twists and turns, well developed characters and impressive settings.This book put my out of my book funk It had everything I seek in a good romance novel engaging storyline and compelling characters.I [...]

  17. Ahh only in a romance novel can you find a British aristocrat living and working in Manhattan who happens to need a fake wife to help him inherit his kingdom and becoming the next Duke Of Fairfax and stopping his cousin Frederick from holding any power over his own business company Needing to relax before he meets up with his next business take over in the morning, Ryder Westbury has a night out in search of a one night stand and there he finds the beautiful Scarlett King and they share a hot ni [...]

  18. 4 Stars I really, really liked this book It s actually kind of surprising just how much I loved it This was just what I needed after all the heavy, intense books I read last month This was fun, sexy and it may be my fave book in the series so far.Ryder and Scarlett s chemistry was so hot and realistic I fell in love with these characters This was a charming read that s perfect if you need something that s light on angst and romantic.

  19. I need a wife and I think you might be the woman for the job.I truly enjoyed this modern fairytale It is a funny, quick paced, sexy, and romantic story.Obviously from the title, it is about a Duke with a pending title that he may or may not inherit it and the story takes place in New York If you also notice the bookcover and the British flag, you will definitely understand that part of the story takes place in U.K.Ryder Westbury is an aristocrat, a businessman, a playboy but also deep down a rea [...]

  20. Louise Bay has the BEST covers and Duke of Manhattan is delicious HELLO SexInASuit BLURB I was born into British aristocracy, but I ve made my fortune in Manhattan New York is now my kingdom.Back in Britain my family are fighting over who s the next Duke of Fairfax The rules say it s me if I m married It s not a trade off worth making I could never limit myself to just one woman.Or so I thought until my world is turned upside down Now, the only way I can save the empire I built is to inherit the [...]

  21. 4.25 stars.Well, I do believe the King may have lost his crown to the Duke I was pretty excited to read Duke of Manhattan largely down to the fact that I am a total sucker for modern day English aristocracy in a romance In otherwords, I love me a dirty duke And Louise Bay delivers good sex makes everything a little bit better Charming, wealthy and a self confessed one night only type of guy, Ryder Westbury is as strong willed in business as he is in the bedroom something Scarlett King soon disco [...]

  22. This one started really good and funny I liked Scarlett she wanted to prove to her ex she isn t boring and wanted to complete something on her own When she is relaxing from a day work she meets Ryder, she is trying to flirt but with Ryder there is no need to try He can flirt for the both of them.I really enjoyed this journey there was a lot less drama than I expected What is a plus, I like my drama but sometimes a bit less is This read was really relaxing and had a bit of funny moments, Ryder i [...]

  23. Who is this Louise Bay and where the HELL has she been all my life I absolutely LOVE finding new to me authors I love immersing myself in a brand new romance, and it ending up knocking my socks off DUKE OF MANHATTAN was recommended to me from a fellow blogger and the first thing that caught my eye was of course, the sexy suit porn on the book cover I might be in the minority here, but I may prefer a sexy man in a well fitted suit rather than yards and yards of pecs on my book covers And then cam [...]

  24. Love Ryder.I was looking forward to this book once I knew it was goin to have Scarlett in it I ve been dying for her story once I got to know her a little in King of Wall Street Which is a great book by the way Scarlett was just brilliant in this book She s funny sexy and can be sassy at times Her confidence isn t sky high but she knows how to handle herself Scarlett loves her family they mean everything to her Her life has been a little up and down over the last few years with things that has h [...]

  25. .r the first time in my life, I m in love with a woman My wife, in fact A marriage of convenience that turned into so much Whatever it is that you re afraid of, I ll stand between you and it my whole life, he said I really liked both Scarlett and Ryder although his playboy past and commitment issues were a pain in the beginning of the book and her constant comparisons between her ex husband and Ryder got tiring too but both did get better as the book progressed I did love their chemistry that w [...]

  26. I loved this story Scarlett and Ryder s journey is a whirlwind of emotions,hot sex and witty banters.I was glued to the pages from their first encounter to their arranged marriage, I was curious to know how it would end.This couple is definitely one of my Louise Bay s favoriteybe because our Brit Duke is an assertive dirty talker during sexy times and our heroine is so strong willed and confident about her work.Everything flow effortlessly thanks to the brilliant writing,I highly recommend this [...]

  27. Entretenida, con los clich s habituales, con un protagonista adorable, me encantan las historias con matrimonios por conveniencia.