Power and Empire Power and Empire Best Read || [Marc Cameron Tom Clancy] - Power and Empire, Power and Empire President Jack Ryan is dealing with an aggressive challenge from the Chinese government Pawns are being moved around a global chessboard an attack on an oil platform in Africa a terrorist attack on

  • Title: Power and Empire
  • Author: Marc Cameron Tom Clancy
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 324
  • Format: Hardcover

Power and Empire

Power and Empire Best Read || [Marc Cameron Tom Clancy], Power and Empire, Marc Cameron Tom Clancy, Power and Empire President Jack Ryan is dealing with an aggressive challenge from the Chinese government Pawns are being moved around a global chessboard an attack on an oil platform in Africa a terrorist attack on an American destroyer and a storm tossed American spy ship that may fall into Chinese hands It seems that Premier Zhou is determined to limit Ryan s options in the upcomingPresident J Power and Empire Best Read || [Marc Cameron Tom Clancy]. Power and Empire Best Read || [Marc Cameron Tom Clancy] - Power and Empire, Power and Empire President Jack Ryan is dealing with an aggressive challenge from the Chinese government Pawns are being moved around a global chessboard an attack on an oil platform in Africa a terrorist attack on

  • Power and Empire Best Read || [Marc Cameron Tom Clancy]
    324Marc Cameron Tom Clancy
Power and Empire
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  1. READER S SUBJECTIVE REVIEW WITH PLOT SPOILERS FOLLOWS By my count there have been four writers replicating TC in the Clancy Enterprise, and not all of em tell a story with the same panache However, Marc Cameron hit all the right buttons in Power and Empire, and I salute him for transforming the Jack Ryan series in the nick of time What I thought was a general lack of romantic play in the Series suddenly came to life a few instalments ago when Jack Jr sorta morphed into Iranian Ysabel Kashani s b [...]

  2. See this review and at TheRealBookSpy When the CGSL Orion, a massive Chinese oil tanker, explodes in a blast of white light while in the Strait of Juan de Fuca, questions quickly rise regarding the ship s contents.In Texas, Department of Public Safety trooper Roy Calderon makes what appears to be a routine traffic stop Instead, the stop turns out to be anything but routine, when a frail young girl was rescued after being held against her will and used in a child sex ring The feel good rescue ta [...]

  3. The world seems to be shaking from seemingly desperate outbursts of terrorism JackRyan prepares for a crucial negotiation with President Zhoc s hostile China But when a routine traffic stop in rural Texas leads to the discovery of a stolen USB stick it becomes clear that there is a strong connection between these attacks With tensions rising a U.S.spy ship gets caught up in a violent storm and is being pushed into the path of a Chinese Navy ship with potentially dangerous consequences.As an inte [...]

  4. The Tom Clancy series returns to form with Power and Empire, with espionage, politics and the ongoing threat of world war back on the agenda A series of events with seemingly no connection triggers a chain of events that takes the Campus team to Texas, Argentina and Japan An enjoyable read.

  5. I have a friend who knows how to get things, so I got an advance copy of Power and Empire a little while before it went on sale What an awesome book I was already a fan of Marc Cameron from his Jericho Quinn series, so I was excited when I heard he was writing a Clancy book He nailed it This book has all the elements of a great Clancy novel It s filled with esoteric facts that make you feel like you could run a ship or the White House when you re done reading, but importantly, the story grabs y [...]

  6. This was my first Tom Clancy book, but it turned out to be a Tom Clancy book Silly me, I did not know the author passed away a few years before, but this book was a page turner nonetheless It was an incongruous intertwining of two plots, one a cruel child prostitution ring in Texas, the other threatened hardliners against the new Chinese premier Really just two short stories put together by inserting one of Jack Ryan s band of merry counterterrorists into Texas as a paramilitary wiping out the l [...]

  7. A new write takes over the Jack Ryan series Marc Cameron did a good job on his first attempt to carry on the series Tom Clancy made famous This was what I call a true Jack Ryan novel as it is complex and takes place over multiple continents For a few years now there have been two releases in the Jack Ryan series The one in December and a summer thriller that usually covers only one member of the campus While I like both releases, I tend to favor this December release Power and Empire boils down [...]

  8. The crew is back and Marc Cameron has proven to have the knack for writing in the Tom Clancy Style This story is a little odd in that it attempts to intertwine child human trafficking with Chinese leadership intrigue One other odd issue is the timeline which now has John Patrick Ryan as the president for the 22nd year, assuming the 1995 Debt of Honor was his start Even so, the characters and pace for this story was fun I give Power and Empire four stars.

  9. Review originally published at Book of Bogan.Ever since the passing of the great Tom Clancy, there have been a steady stream of co written books by a number of other authors, some with major readerships of their own, and some lesser knowns They can be a bit hit and miss, and while I particularly enjoy the work of Mark Greaney in this series, I am always open to trying new blood Power and Empire is set in the Jack Ryan universe, although most of the action centres around his son Jack Jr, and the [...]

  10. Power and Empire Jack Ryan Universe 24 , Marc Cameron, author Scott Brick, narratorAbsent the excellent narrator, I might not have enjoyed this book as much Scott Brick added excitement and clarity with his presentation The story, however, seemed overly detailed and overly dramatic, as many are today Every time it seemed as if something was going to be revealed, the author introduced a tangent to increase the sense of mystery However, frequently, in many ways, It seemed unnecessary and lacked cr [...]

  11. Another Ryan series novel I do think it has been beaten to death Both father and son have had enough and of Middle East, Koreans and now Chinese bad ones It is time that they publishing house puts these characters to death and do so very quickly Marc Cameron to me is an unknown quantity This is the first time i am reading anything of him and by the looks of it, a little bit of Clancy has brushed off The others who tried to continue the Clancy tradition proved real shallow outputs with no plots [...]

  12. Tom Clancy died in 2013 after a hugely successful writing career which began with the bestseller and mega movie Hunt for Red October The transition from Clancy to Marc Cameron in continuing with the franchise has been seamless Cameron has absolutely nailed the feel and atmosphere of Tom Clancy s writing, especially with the Jack Ryan series.In Power and Empire much of the focus is on President Jack Ryan s son Jack Junior and his colleagues in The Campus, a super secret and privately funded organ [...]

  13. I ve read all of the previous Jack Ryan series books so I, of course, HAD to read this, 18 It s also 24 in the Jack Ryan universe and what s with this universe concept I think the newest Tom Clancy team , I suppose author, Marc Cameron, has captured Clancy s detailed, techno heavy style In fact, he nailed it Jack Ryan is the President and there is unrest in the corridors of Chinese policymakers With the sinking of a Chinese container ship within US waters, Chinese triads and Mexican gangs in the [...]

  14. Marc Cameron does and excellent job with Tom Clancy s Jack Ryan Universe He weaves a complex story with many threads Starting with an explosion of a Chinese container ship off the U.S coastal waters The campus operatives, Jack Ryan Jr Ding Chavez, Adara Sherman and John Clark are watching a Taiwanese blogger Eddie Feng who they feel has inside information on the Chinese government Feng s flash drive is found on a child prostitute and the Campus is not the only government branch after Feng Presid [...]

  15. This was a weird Clancy book It was a lot shorter than most It was ostensibly a Jack Ryan book, but there was a lot of the Campus crew than there was Jack senior While the seemingly small potatoes plots mostly rolled up into something bigger and global, it felt like a very different kind of book for most of the first half.The Campus is chasing a Chinese spy It turns out he s tangentially mixed up in a human trafficking, sex slave ring with the Triad and some Mexican gangs Dom stays home to dea [...]

  16. 24 in the Jack Ryan universe 1 by author Cameron As is usual for this series, this almost 600 page thriller could easily have shed 200 pages, but the vignettes of a math PhD, a Coast Guard rescue swimmer, the bribery to insert specific containers on a container ship, and others, are not necessary but contain the spice that readers of the series have come to expect Global politics, counter terrorism, and child prostitution and slavery come together is a satisfactory thriller.President Jack Ryan i [...]

  17. Another wonderful Jack Ryan book, this time written by Marc Cameron I have to say that he a great job there, preserving the whole Jack Ryan Universe just the way Tom Clancy left it.There are several threads running through the book, all of which will, of course, intersect at the end to bring the book to its powerful conclusion I am only sad because now I have to wait yet another year for a next Jack Ryan story.Having never read anything that Marc Cameron has written solo so far, I ll start hunti [...]

  18. Scott Brick is a very pleasing narrator He seems to have become the voice of the Clancy Ryan universe The story by Marc Cameron pulls in elements from several Clancy novels in an updated format.John Clark is wrestling with his nature and inner demons revisiting Without Remorse Jack Ryan Jr still seems a little vague He doesn t know if he s Jack Reacher or Mitch Rapp.President Jack Ryan is a fully developed character as there is in this universe May be part of that perception is from following th [...]

  19. It must be the name Of all the authors who have put pen to paper I guess now it s fingers to keys to write about Jack Ryan s world since Tom Clancy s passing, Mark Greaney proved to be the easiest to confuse with Tom However, Mark has to make room for Marc in that club There were times in the last several days when I would leave my kindle behind so that I wouldn t read this book too quickly.The only complaint I have is that the ending was too rapid It left me wanting of a epilogue What happened [...]

  20. Another great adventure with Jack Ryan, Jack Ryan Jr and the Campus This time they are caught up with a plot from the Chinese, and it gets them tangled up with a dangerous group in the child sex trafficing trade While they are on the hunt for answers, John Clark, goes on a hunt for the perpetrators, and goes vigilante on them Meanwhile, if they don t find the answer to the Chinese plot, it may just spell disaster for the US, and danger for the president.A fun story, and I enjoyed it I also loved [...]

  21. Very good, as usual, but this has a new writer The feel is as it should be in a Jack Ryan book, but there were a handful of crucial sequences that kind of didn t make sense, I had to re read them over and still there were gaps, such as characters acting and reacting to information that they did not yet have All in all, it was enjoyable The other small quibble maybe I m dense, but it took a long time for me to figure out what the book was about We have intrigue in Bejing, human trafficking in Tex [...]

  22. Marc Cameron carries on the legacy of Toma Clancy with another book about the Ryans, about The Campus and China Oh, we know the deviousness that emanates from China Will the United States and President Ryan ever be able to completely secure our safety Jack Jr continues to grow in experience as an Agent of the Campus If I was shot and knifed and had my life threatened seemly everyday, perhaps I would have stayed a financial analyst.In the end the President is saved, China is saved, and perhaps th [...]

  23. This was a much better read than recent offerings under the Clancy Banner Not sure of the length of this one but it felt a longer read too I have always enjoyed diving into a Clancy novel Action, detailed plots, detailed world building and lots of pages That last item has been missing and the books have felt rushed There were odds spots in this one that could have been expanded and detailed but not enough to really complain about.I find the Kindle versions a harder read than an actual book it s [...]

  24. Jack Ryan is going to Japan, as Jack Ryan Jr finds evidence of a plot against the Premier of China PRC Featuring gun battles, satisfying explosions, exotic locations, dangerous enemies, and possible new love interest for Jack Ryan Jr, this has all the hall marks of the Jack Ryan and Jack Ryan Jr series Highly recommended for fans of the series My only quibble is that one of the sub plots, featuring human trafficking and child sexual abuse, almost takes over the book It s an exciting story arc, a [...]

  25. New Clancy book which combines the two Jack Ryan s, previously they had kind of separated in Campus novels highlighting Jack Jr and Jack Ryan Sr novels with him as President though they each made cameos A new author in Marc Cameron who stand alone novels I enjoyed Interesting plot with an internal Chinese power struggle involving the United States and the Campus investigating a human smuggling ring connected to the plot It was okay but for me a bit too many moving parts and some parts are develo [...]

  26. There are people out there who are going to read this book and say that it is not as good as an actual Tom Clancy book They are right but he has passed and I think Marc Cameron did a great job with this book There are two stories here The first if you want to call it that is a human trafficking ring in the USA that Clark looks into The other is the lead up to a coup of the president of China Both stories have a lot of action but have a good story behind it I think of all the writers to do a Tom [...]

  27. The story moves a bit slowly, but this book is much focused on espionage and intrigue rather than the heavy action of the last few If the writing had been a bit better I d have given it four stars Some things are dumbed down, and there s a lot of re telling of character roles and whatnot that shouldn t really be necessary in book 24 of a series I was a big fan of the Without Remorse throwback for John s story I feel like this may be his last hurrah, but it was nice seeing some of the old John i [...]

  28. Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant The best Clancy novel in a very long time Like the original Jack Ryan novels, I flew through this one Nigh on impossible to put down.I ve been a fan of Marc Cameron s since about the third page of the first Jericho Quinn novel and was very excited to see what he d do with the Jack Ryan universe And he dominated Loved everything, but a special tip of the cap to Cameron for the meaty John Clark sequences very similar to Without Remorse Mr C s still got it.Highly recom [...]