Drawing Lessons Drawing Lessons Best Download || [Patricia Sands] - Drawing Lessons, Drawing Lessons The author of the Love in Provence series returns to the South of France with a poignant portrait of a woman who must learn how to create a new life for herself Sixty two year old Arianna arrives in t

  • Title: Drawing Lessons
  • Author: Patricia Sands
  • ISBN: 9781543602777
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Audio CD

Drawing Lessons

Drawing Lessons Best Download || [Patricia Sands], Drawing Lessons, Patricia Sands, Drawing Lessons The author of the Love in Provence series returns to the South of France with a poignant portrait of a woman who must learn how to create a new life for herself Sixty two year old Arianna arrives in the South of France for a two week artists workshop full of anticipation but burdened by guilt Back home in Toronto she has been living with the devastating diagnosis of herThe author Drawing Lessons Best Download || [Patricia Sands]. Drawing Lessons Best Download || [Patricia Sands] - Drawing Lessons, Drawing Lessons The author of the Love in Provence series returns to the South of France with a poignant portrait of a woman who must learn how to create a new life for herself Sixty two year old Arianna arrives in t

  • Drawing Lessons Best Download || [Patricia Sands]
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Drawing Lessons
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  1. Arianna and Ben had the perfect life.dhood sweethearts, family owned business, and most importantly each other.Their perfect life was shattered when Ben was diagnosed with dementia at a young age As the disease progressed, it became and difficult to cope with the illness to the point of Arianna s children worrying that they were going to lose her too.The children booked their mother a trip back to her beloved France where she had spent a month or so during college The trip was for two weeks at [...]

  2. A few months back I read Sands Love in Provence series and absolutely loved it, she creates realistic characters in the most beautiful settings dealing with the same type of issues and problems that many of us can relate to on some level She takes the reader on a poignant and emotional journey that is just a gorgeous experience I adored her protagonist Katherine from LIP and was hoping I would have another strong connection to Arianna and I totally did I love that Sands has heroines that are not [...]

  3. When Arianna s beloved husband, Ben develops dementia, she decides to leave Canada and take part in an art retreat in France, in an effort to quell her grief and to rekindle her interest and talent for art.She joins a very eclectic group of artists from all over the world, each of them aiming to improve their craft And, like Arianna, each of them with their own reasons for travelling to this stunning region, south of Arles Together, they support and encourage each other, form friendships, coax o [...]

  4. Patricia Sands writes beautiful stories that transport the reader to the Provence area of France She knows how to make the area part of the story The group of artists who spend two weeks together was a very hodgepodge of personalities who got along great I enjoyed learning a lot about the area What I had a hard time with was two people barely knowing each other and one changes their life because of this short encounter I just don t believe stuff like that happens I know it s fiction but it felt [...]

  5. MY REVIEW OF DRAWING LESSONS by Patricia SandsI just had an emotional journey as I finish Drawing Lessons by Patricia Sands The genres of this novel are Fiction and Women s Fiction, with a touch of Romance.The story takes place in Canada and in the South of France, where the author provides a detailed view of the gorgeous colorful landscape and scenery, and provides a sensory image of the feel, taste, touch, smell and sights of the region It is a perfect place for an artist or painter to enjoy t [...]

  6. I received this book as an advance copy to provide an honest review.I thought I had read that there was something about Van Gogh in this bookI have been a huge Van Gogh fan for many years while that made me look forward to read the book, I had no idea how much or how little a part he was in this story.The book is mostly about Arianna, a 60 woman who lives a lovely life, has a wonderful marriage, family etc, something sad is happening in her life her family sends her off on a trip to get back to [...]

  7. I received an ARC in exchange for my honest opinion Reading this book was an emotional experience for me I am dealing with a loved one, my mother, and dementia When I first began reading I almost had to put it aside, it really affected me But I kept on I m really glad I did Well written, with amazing characters and scenery and food , all so well done I could see it, smell, it taste it This is a wonderful book filled with so much information about art, the Camargue horses, the idyllic way of life [...]

  8. 62 year old woman s Arianna life changed drastically when husband Ben was diagnosed with dementia Art is to console those who are broken by life Vincent Van GoghTwice, Arianna and Ben s lives were rocked to the core The first time was over 20 years ago when Arianna s father, Nikos, was killed in a car accident forcing Ben to take over the family s Greek bistro and Arianna to quit her art historian job to help The second time was in the present when Ben was diagnosed with Pick s Disease, or front [...]

  9. I received a copy of the title from the publisher for purpose of honest review I was not compensated for this review all conclusions are my own responsibility Read 9 23 10 3 review postponed until 10 12 as part of FranceBookTour I recieved this advanced copy from NetGalley and voluntarily chose to review it The gifts we give each other at Thanksgiving are priceless, Ben reminded Arianna now The best kind love, laughter, and lots of delicious things to eat Ben and Arianna have been part of a wond [...]

  10. What do you do when life throws you a curve ball that you didn t see coming and just shatters your world into pieces That is what happens to Arianna when her husband is diagnosed with frontal lobe dementia Devastated and heartbroken as she sees what the disease is doing to her husband that she can no longer care for and who no longer recognizes her, she decides, with her family s encouragement, to go to Arles, France for a two week art course I loved what her daughter Faith says to her at the ai [...]

  11. I ve read Ms Sands book Promise of Provence and quite enjoyed it, so I was excited to be able to read and review Drawing Lessons as well Her descriptions of France and of her characters are so vivid that I find it quite easy to bring them all to life in my mind Of course, it also makes me wish I could be there with them In this case, in Arles, creating art I really felt for Arianna in this novel as Ms Sands skilfully took me through her everyday life, and the difficulties and sadness that she wa [...]

  12. First, let me make a confession I am a book gobbler I read super fast, generally only needing a day or so to read a book the size of Drawing Lessons by Patricia Sands However, THIS book is the literary version of a wonderful 7 course meal, prepared to perfection, with every little bit of it a delight to savor Patricia s wonderful imagery and detail forced me to slow down and really enjoy every bite of this beautiful book Additionally, the struggles that Arianna, the main character, experiences r [...]

  13. What do you do after your happily ever after Arianna Papadoupoulos Miller has already had the great love of her life She and her beloved husband Ben raised their children, welcomed their grandchildren, and worked hard to make their family restaurant a success Just as they re poised to reap the rewards of all that, they receive devastating news Ben is diagnosed with a rapidly deteriorating form of dementia that robs him of his memories and leaves him in a vegetative state with nothing left of the [...]

  14. This richly beautiful book I savored every page, it filled my heart with things I love, art, and a poignant story of finding oneself anew through grief There are magnificent descriptions of Arles, France, and the Camargue, the horses, the culture, the azure to pink water rose sunsets of the Mediterranean not to mention all the food choices of cheese, wine, deserts mignardises and the incredible passages about Van Gogh Arinana is torn with guilt leaving her husband Ben who has dementia, to attend [...]

  15. Although I missed the cast of characters from the Provence series, this new novel from Patricia Sands did not disappoint I thoroughly enjoyed following Arianna along her journey of recovery and renewal Once again, the author s writing makes us feel that we are enjoying the spectacular countryside and food along with the characters Every person in the book has a story and there is something to relate to in every one I found myself thinking of them long after the book had ended Once again, a great [...]

  16. The Blurb Sixty two year old Arianna arrives in the South of France for a two week artists workshop full of anticipation but burdened by guilt Back home in Toronto, she has been living with the devastating diagnosis of her husband s dementia and the heartbreak of watching the man she has loved for decades slip away before her eyes What does her future hold without Ben Before her is a blank canvas.Encouraged by her family to take some time for herself, she has traveled to Arles to set up her ease [...]

  17. Patricia Sands instantly brings the reader into Arianna s story, an older woman with a wonderful marriage and family, and a terrible dilemma Her beloved husband has been slowly slipping away from her with a diagnosis of dementia As many of her generation did, perhaps with not as much success, her own life has been enmeshed in her love for him, their love for one another, and their family She s truly struggling with her own what now moments, and the guilt that comes with her actually wondering wh [...]

  18. At an artists retreat just outside of the ancient Roman city of Arles, Arianna begins to rediscover her love of painting and of life She is helped along by her fellow artists, a colorful crew that becomes a supportive family over the course of the book My favorite character was Bertram, a rather pompous Englishman who reveals surprising depth as the story unfolds.This is a tale of love, grief and renewal, brilliantly told All of us who have lost a loved one can understand the confusion and darkn [...]

  19. TANTALIZING Drawing Lessons is tantalizing Author Patricia Sands paints exquisite word pictures that takes her readers through the emotional journey of Arianna s life She has lived a fabulous life up until the last few years when her husband soulmate Ben developed dementia She once was an accomplished artist and she decides to take a class in France to renew her interest and hopefully renew her spirits as well She is joined together with other artists who are craving to improve their craft under [...]

  20. This is the first book by Patricia Sands that I have read This was a beautiful story as words painted an emotional journey of Arianna s life As well as wonderful descriptions of Arles, France The Camargue, riding the horses, pink water, the culture, colorful flamingos, famous bulls, to the unbelievable sunsets I felt like I was enjoying the food and countryside along with Arianna and the other characters I want to take a trip to Arles to see everything with my own eyes now Being a caregiver is n [...]

  21. This book is artwork in words Patricia Sands gift of the descriptive settings in France was a visual I could see in my mind so clearly I enjoyed the different characters and their personalities, too.Sometimes getting away from a situation or circumstance that s overwhelming can open up new opportunities to find old passions and interests long forgotten or put on the back burner It s a new opportunity to find ways to face an unknown future This book brought that message to me The characters were [...]

  22. This is the story of Arianna and Ben, who after raising children and running a successful business are given life changing news, Ben has been diagnosed with Dementia Arianna has devoted her life to Ben and her family and as Ben s condition declines, Arianna has to find who she is without Ben At her children s urging Arianna takes a 2 week art class in France As the reader, we learn about the beautiful French landscape while Arianna learns about herself and her future This is a hard subject to re [...]

  23. Drawing Lesson is a Beautiful Journey of Love, Life, Sadness and searching away out of being stuck in grief guilt I cried and laughed while on this Journey with Arianna and her family for it hit close to home with my Father who passed this March but at the same time explain so much.Arianna with a little push of her family sets off to France where she will spend the next two weeks in Provence at an Art workshop trying to rediscover her love of art the couple Juliette Maurice who opened up their h [...]

  24. Patricia Sands knows how to describe the South of France and its food so well, that you feel like you are there AND makes you hungry Lovely story about a women of a certain age facing life changes, whose family convinces her to go off to France for an art retreat There she makes new friends, eats great food, sees the France of Van Gogh and gets her art mojo back Wonderful escape to the beauty of Provence Very enjoyable read.

  25. This story touches the heart and made me look at the role of caregiver in a completely new way How would you react if your loved one was given a diagnosis that included uncertainty and ultimate decline Have you been in that situation The family in this story chooses their own way to deal with the diagnosis and the outcome for the main character is amazing and uplifting I cried while reading this story Also, the descriptions of the surroundings in the story are truly breathtaking Great read I rec [...]

  26. Drawing Lessons is a fantastic portrait of a woman in her sixties, who suddenly must face suffering and loss, and fight again for her dreams Patricia Sands has wonderfully presented all her characters She has drawn them, like in a painting While I was reading, I could actually see them, and all her descriptions have such strength and delicacy.Years before Arianna Papadopoulos Miller have abandoned all her artistic dreams when she and her husband Ben decided to manage the family restaurant which [...]

  27. I am a fan of Patricia s Love in Provence series of books and at first I was a little disappointed this book wasn t the next in that series However, it soon became my favourite Patricia Sands novel so far although I still want from the Love in Provence series please Patricia.Drawing Lessons is a beautifully written book following the emotional journey of Arianna as she attempts to rediscover the artist within and create herself a future, following the devastating dementia that has all but taken [...]

  28. Note Received a review copy from the publisher via NetGalley for France Book Tours The BlurbThe story is about 62 year old Arianna who embarks on a journey to re kindle her long lost love and passion for painting She meets a motley group of people who have their own share of burdens just like she does She initially struggles with self doubt and almost gives up hope on moving forward from the tragedy that befell her However, thanks to the support of her group and her instructor at the painting cl [...]

  29. This was a very moving novel, both heartbreaking and beautiful I enjoyed the colorful way that Greece and France were described Arianna s husband, Ben, is diagnosed with dementia They have shared a life together for almost forty years, spending the last twenty years running their family restaurant together Arianna and Ben cling to their love and their memories throughout his diagnosis Over time, Ben s condition worsens and he no longer knows any of them Their children, Faith and Tadeus, and Aria [...]

  30. Drawing Lessons by Patricia Sands Patricia Sands has written a novel that is full of history, culture, and beauty of an area within the city of Provence She has written a beautiful and heartfelt novel about one woman s journey to let go of her present and to find who she is within herself after grieving a loss that had consumed her for years She decides to travel to A small area in Provence, France where Vincent Van Gogh had lived and painted so many years ago At one time, Arianna lived and brea [...]