Don't Wake Up [PDF] Read ½ Don't Wake Up : by Liz Lawler - Don't Wake Up, Don t Wake Up Alex Taylor wakes up tied to an operating table The man who stands over her isn t a doctor The offer he makes her is utterly unspeakable But when Alex re awakens she s unharmed and no one believes he

  • Title: Don't Wake Up
  • Author: Liz Lawler
  • ISBN: 9781785770586
  • Page: 378
  • Format: ebook

Don't Wake Up

[PDF] Read ½ Don't Wake Up : by Liz Lawler, Don't Wake Up, Liz Lawler, Don t Wake Up Alex Taylor wakes up tied to an operating table The man who stands over her isn t a doctor The offer he makes her is utterly unspeakable But when Alex re awakens she s unharmed and no one believes her horrifying story Ostracised by her colleagues her family and her partner she begins to wonder if she really is losing her mind And then she meets the next victim So comAlex Taylor wa [PDF] Read ½ Don't Wake Up : by Liz Lawler. [PDF] Read ½ Don't Wake Up : by Liz Lawler - Don't Wake Up, Don t Wake Up Alex Taylor wakes up tied to an operating table The man who stands over her isn t a doctor The offer he makes her is utterly unspeakable But when Alex re awakens she s unharmed and no one believes he

  • [PDF] Read ½ Don't Wake Up : by Liz Lawler
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Don't Wake Up
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  1. A well crafted thriller Dr Alex Taylor awakens to find herself alone in an operating room Strapped down to the operating table with only a sheet covering her otherwise naked body, she has no idea how she got here Why is she here Suddenly she sees someone in the room with her When she calls out, the person behind the mask just stares at her Why won t anyone help her All she has to do is answer one simple question What does NO mean When she finally comes to in the ER, everyone around her oddly tre [...]

  2. The opening to this book actually made me feel a little sick imagining myself in the same predicament as the main character, Alex It was scary, definitely started off with a bang While I was impressed with the sick feeling the author managed to induce, it took me awhile to get seriously into the book but once I was, I didn t want to stop reading I found this book to be nerve racking and unpredictable, and the last 25 percent is a complete roller coaster and actually stressed me out.Alex is a ver [...]

  3. Shockingly poor, with an increasingly preposterous plot and an awkwardly abrupt narrative, Don t Wake Up is comparable only to the misery of a six hour wait in AE surrounded by inebriated football hooligans For me, this novel sums up everything that is wrong with the over populated female friendly psychological thriller market far fetched scenarios, unlikely occurrences to satisfy the twist component and inane decision making by unconvincing characters devoid of both consistency and logic That L [...]

  4. When Dr Alex Taylor wakes up, she finds herself tied to an operating table She has no memory of how she got there, nor does she know why There is a man standing over her ng one question When Alex awakes for a second time she is in the hospital, with her colleagues surrounding her She was found knocked out in the parking lot next to a broken tree limb She is unhurt other than a bump on the back of her head But no one will believe her amazing story.Her family and friends insist it never happened A [...]

  5. This was a fast read for me, in many ways your typical psychological thriller but it was superbly menacing and I give it extra points for being quite unpredictable not necessarily on the whodunnit level, although Liz Lawler does a great job of obfuscating things but because it didn t feel at all like things would necessarily work out for our main protagonist Did all come good in the end Well you ll have to read to find out.It has that addictive quality that I look for in this genre, certainly a [...]

  6. 4.5 STARSReviewed on May 5,2017 Publication date May 25,2017 This book gripped me from the first page Alex is the main character She wakes up blinded by bright lights and discovers that she is in her own hospital and her body is covered in drapes Her arms tied down with velcro She freezes when she discovers that she is naked and her ankles are held up in stirrups Very mysterious circumstances Someone in a surgical gown is handling surgical instruments Alex asks him What is wrong with me He repli [...]

  7. In this high tension medical psychological thriller Dr Alex Taylor finds herself in a living nightmare Drugged and abducted in the hospital car park after work, she wakes up to find herself immobilised, naked and strapped down to an operating table in an operating theatre with a masked surgeon standing over her threatening to do her harm After she is later found unconscious, fully dressed, she is told there is nothing wrong her and she must have suffered a bump on the head No one believes her bi [...]

  8. Fast paced, gritty, and disturbingly creepy Don t Wake Up is a character driven psychological thriller that highlights how fragile the mind truly is and how easily someone s behaviour can be questioned, misinterpreted, manipulated, and used against them.It is, ultimately, a story about jealousy, revenge, hatred, violence, and murder.The characters are multilayered, vulnerable, and at times believably unreliable The writing is well done And the plot unfolds rapidly and has a nice balance of suspe [...]

  9. I enjoyed this book right from the beginning It has a fast pace and kept making you question what was going on which always intrigues me when this happens, quite unpredictable with a mysterious edge Bodies are piling up and it all becomes quite addictive A well developed thriller which builds to a very exciting end Thank you to Netgalley, the author and publisher for a chance to read this in exchange for an honest review.

  10. Don t Wake Up kicks off with the stuff of nightmares when Alex Taylor wakes up tied to an operating table This isn t your run of the mill operation, nor is she being attended by a run of the mill doctor The person standing over her has far sinister motives He makes her a disturbing offer but when Alex wakes up, she s unharmed and nobody believes her story.If the first chapters don t make you move to the edge of your seat, then there s something wrong with you It is downright scary as it plays o [...]

  11. Dark and intense, engaging and unpredictable Dr Alex Taylor finds herself in a horrific, true life nightmare, when she wakes up to find herself naked and strapped up on a operating table and has no idea how she got there A masked surgeon with ominous intentions is threatening to do terrifying things to her unless she answers this one simple question correctly What does no mean When she wakes up again in the ward of the hospital in which she works, after being found unconscious in the hospital ca [...]

  12. Saw this one on Netgalley and I thought it would be an interesting break from the norm in terms of it being a medical thriller on top of everything else That being said, I still didn t know what to expect with this book.Don t Wake Up is a very fast paced book with plenty of action Set in a hospital environment, it follows Dr Alex Taylor in the aftermath of a horrifying incident that has happened to her When those around her think she s lying, and things start happening, she finds herself in a ve [...]

  13. 3.5 starsGenre Mystery ThrillerSetting Bath, EnglandPOVs view spoiler Shifting, 3rd person hide spoiler Triggers Yes view spoiler Animal cruelty hide spoiler Alex Taylor is a highly skilled physician with a great career and a fianc who matches her equally in education and status Her life seems fairly comfortable until the moment when she s kidnapped and strapped to a table in a somewhat familiar environment She endures the torment of being bound and taunted, but is then released without knowledg [...]

  14. Dr Alex Taylor wakes up one day strapped on an operating table, she realizes that she is naked and that she was anesthetized, she can only see her surgeon s eyes since he has a surgical mask on, she asks him if she had been in an accident and he declines, then the surgeon asks her what would a No mean and lets her struggle to answer then Alex dozes off.After that she was found unconscious on the street, the doctors examined her and she has no signs of a recent surgery not even any needles marks [...]

  15. Not the best or worst thrilled I ve read I was annoyed throughout at how so many crazy things kept happening to this poor woman and no one would believe her version of what happened Not colleagues, the police or her boyfriend I found it unbelievable that no attention would be placed on anyone other than her Some obvious things were overlooked if I noticed them I am pretty sure a seasoned detective could see them It was somewhat suspenceful and did Keep me turning the pages 3.5.

  16. What a premise for a thriller Waking up to discover you re incapacitated, naked and prepped for an unknown surgery, with a doctor killer about to cut you open then waking again fully intact with no one believing what had happened It s still quite the premise, but one that isn t fully explored and exploited in this particular novel.I believe one of the hooks is that with no evidence to support the kidnapping surgery, the reader along with supporting characters is also supposed to be wondering at [...]

  17. The blurb sounds interesting and enticing, curious even, but I warn you, dear reader, that it does not accurately represent the events within the novel Even the title doesn t really fit with the story.There are so many things wrong with this book, rendering it one of the worst books I can remember reading But it s getting lots of rave reviews, so what do I know The writing itself is horribly clunky and awkward, telling the reader what is going on rather than showing them, and often spelling thin [...]

  18. Alex Taylor is a well respected doctor who is professional and totally dedicated to her profession Waking up in the first chapter Alex finds herself tied down on an operating table about to undergo every women s nightmare Don t Wake Up is utterly gripping and gallops along at a break neck speed ensuring the reader is both captivated and horrified at the same time.Some of the scenes are extremely graphic and deeply uncomfortable to read and imagine and I did have to pause to take a moment several [...]

  19. The blurb premise sounded so promising and exciting The plot wasnt drawn out well, and characters were really too slow to put all the information together to solve it The main character and he demons psych issues with regards to dealing with what happened was the most intriguing part of the read The police character was way too cliched, its what you expect from a typical police character Solid debut with alot of potential.

  20. I am not a huge fan of the taglines used nowadays describing how books WILL make you feel I feel it s a challenge and one I m usually able to dispute very quickly But here I have to totally agree with the tagline used alongside the title of Don t Wake Up as the first chapter is addictive, gripping and downright scary as hell My pulse rate must have been through the roof and I nearly needed a doctor myself Several people had recommended this book to me saying it was a perfect example of my kind o [...]

  21. What a gruesome mindfuck of a debut novel by author Liz Lawler.I m not sure what I was expecting when I started this, but certainly not a psychological thriller as gripping and torturous as this turned out to be.It was so painful to witness the protagonist, a strong, ambitious doctor s seemingly perfect life spin out of control so easily in the span of a few days after being abducted by an unknown perpetrator Frustrating to witness her lose her fight and question her own sanity when no one suppo [...]

  22. The premise of Don t Wake Up really intrigued me, but I unfortunately found the execution to be lacking a little.Upon starting, the first chapter really had me hooked I was so curious as to what really happened to Alex But as the plot progressed, there were so many potential storylines and red herrings introduced, the middle of the book got to be a bit muddled It was almost as if the story couldn t make up its mind which direction it wanted to go in.Most of Don t Wake Up is told through Dr Alex [...]

  23. Don t Wake Up plays into our primal fears Imagine waking up, bound and at the mercy of evil Disturbing does not even to start to describe the fear Nightmarish.The story itself is all about a successful doctor, working in an Accident and Emergency department at a Bristol hospital Doctor Alex Taylor has it all A nice vet boyfriend, a career she loves and a seemingly perfect life One day she is found in the hospital grounds with a bump to her head Alex reports that she was held captive by a man, wh [...]

  24. Thank you to Bonnier Zaffre and Netgalley for sending me an ARC of the book in return for an honest review.4 stars I found this book to be absolutely riveting Liz Lawler has a beautiful writing style and the worldbuiling and atmosphere were exceptionally enthralling I found that the concise chapters made for easy reading But what I did love was how heart thumping each page was The first chapter itself reeled me in and I found wanting to know what was going to happen next For me being invested in [...]

  25. When Dr Alex Taylor wakes up she finds herself held fast to a table by someone in the garb of a surgeon and she s in an operating theatre, naked and covered in drapes The light is shining in her eyes, blinding her and she is terrified that she s been in a bad accident and has been brought to the hospital where she works in AE A mechanical voice speaks to her and threatens something horrific just before the anesthetic takes effect When she comes to, later, she is in cubicle number 9 of her very o [...]

  26. As a doctor myself, I found this story chilling and horrifying Alex Taylor, an emergency room doctor, slowly wakes up to find herself naked and strapped onto the operation table with her legs in stirrups, and her private parts exposed She is threatened with hints of rape and getting her lips stapled by a doctor in surgery garbs, and slowly gets anaesthetised by rudimentary anaesthesia horrors When she wakes up the second time she finds herself in her own department trolley as a patient She screa [...]

  27. Don t wake up Easy Every time I picked up this book I fell asleep Undeveloped characters were actually a blessing because they were boring, unbearable and unbelievable all at the same timeo much or any developing would have made me ill I finished it only because it s fluff so I was 3 4 of the way through it before I realized it, and I maintained a small nugget of unfounded optimism that it would turn out better than it seemed.

  28. Really torn between a 2.5 and a 3 star so rounding up to a 3 star rating.The description of this book sounded so promising Alex Taylor, a doctor, wakes up on an operating table She has no idea how she got there or the identity of the surgeon Is he even a surgeon She is tied up and frightened He makes her an offer She makes a choice and then wakes up unharmed To make matter worse, no one believes her Seriously who would go through the trouble of knocking someone out, strapping them to an operatin [...]

  29. Don t Wake Up sounded fascinating when I requested it, and it delivered It was very well thought out, tense, and intriguing Absolutely enjoyable I found the characters interesting, and the writing is decent too, but the plot just shines I m definitely going to pick up Lawler s writing in the future too Copy received through NetGalley Rating 4 stars