Scandalous Free Read Scandalous - by L.J. Shen - Scandalous, Scandalous They call him The Mute for a reason Hard cold and calculated he rarely speaks When he does it s with disdain When he does his words aren t meant for me When he does my stomach flips and my world

  • Title: Scandalous
  • Author: L.J. Shen
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  • Page: 268
  • Format: Ebook


Free Read Scandalous - by L.J. Shen, Scandalous, L.J. Shen, Scandalous They call him The Mute for a reason Hard cold and calculated he rarely speaks When he does it s with disdain When he does his words aren t meant for me When he does my stomach flips and my world tilts on its axis He is thirty three I am eighteen He s a single dad and my father s business partner I m just a kid to him and his enemy s daughter He s emotionally unavailabThey call him Free Read Scandalous - by L.J. Shen. Free Read Scandalous - by L.J. Shen - Scandalous, Scandalous They call him The Mute for a reason Hard cold and calculated he rarely speaks When he does it s with disdain When he does his words aren t meant for me When he does my stomach flips and my world

  • Free Read Scandalous - by L.J. Shen
    268L.J. Shen
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  1. How the hell does she do it Every single time Every single book They keep getting better and better Scandalous is complex, emotionally riveting, and an intricately plotted work of art It s thought provoking and guaranteed to steal your heart I was in tears at the end BestEpilogueAward I always expect the unexpected with the Hotholes and Trent did not disappoint Oh, God He was such a sociopath And I was in so much trouble It was a completely different experience My reaction was visceral and cere [...]

  2. 1 2 Scandalous stand alone May December contemptuous office flirtation between the boss his intern set on sabotaging The ocean is her drug She is mine Books in Sinner of Saint series are stand alones Book 0.5 DefyBook 1 ViciousBook 2 RuckusBook 3 ScandalousScandalous stand alone opens up to a heated confrontation between mogul Trent Rexroth aka The Mute and high school senior Edie Van Der Zee Though they are off to a rocky start, Trent has something Edie s father wants enough to blackmail his ow [...]

  3. 4.5 AMAZINGLY SCANDALOUS starsOMG this book was RAW and EMOTIONAL and gutted me I was falling fast and deep for Trent and he might just be my newest obsession.But besides having one gorgeous hunk of a man, SCANDALOUS really lived up to its name It was SCANDALOUS, TANTALIZING and PANTY DROPPING HOT, in the most exhilarating way I was so not prepared for Trent and Edie There was no way I could have imagined how explosive this couple would be From the very first moment they met the world stopped ex [...]

  4. 4 stars Scandalous is the third book in Shen s Sinners of Saint series and can be read as a stand alone, though I would recommend reading the first few books before this You don t want to miss out on the greatness of Vicious and Dean s books I wanted what was forbidden, and wrong, and fucking crazy I wanted my partner s daughter, who was nearly half my age Lovers of forbidden romance this is the book in the series for you Not only were these two forbidden because Trent and Evie s dad are busines [...]

  5. 4.5 STARSThe ocean is her drug She is mine The Sinners of Saint is my crack, and LJ Shen, my dealer The woman writes some of the most addicting and sizzling enemies to lovers romances I ve ever read Trent Rexroth has always seemed like the most tame of the HotHoles, when compared to Vicious s vicious streak and Dean s shenanigans If you think Trent was the nice one of the bunch, think again You know what they say about those quiet ones, don t you A dark, deprived animal lived inside me Whenever [...]

  6. 5 STARS Unfiltered review prettymessreading scandalTo be 100% honest with everyone, I had a secret crush on Trent since I read Vicious, Book 1 He seemed so sexy When he got caught up with an oops baby, I knew his story was going to be a good one Plus, Trent was token The token s story is always a good one, one like no one else s Trent never spoke much, but when he did he had a point to make All of this made me want his story Edie, our heroine, is the daughter of Jordan Van Der Zee, Trent s new a [...]

  7. I suspect whisper synced a different book to my Kindle otherwise this book sure as hell doesn t even come close to being a 2 star, much less one deserving of the array of glowing 5 stars Just putting that out there Although the gang of sinners are supposedly successful businessmen in their 30s they, however, inevitably come across as petulant and at times just plain stupid, with no distinguishable character growth or maturity I find the whole lot of them crass and insufferable and its time I sai [...]

  8. OMG I literally devoured this book and read it in 1 day IT.WAS.FUCKING.GOOD Ps I was supposed to BR this book with my gorgeous friend Elfina but honey, pls forgive me Because when I start to read this book, I just couldn t stop myself Sorry Ugh I m really suck at this BR thing You can read her awesome and soooo sexy review in here review show I m so fucking in love with you, Edie Van Der Zee, i don t know where I end and where you begin any I love you despite knowing it s crazyI love you even th [...]

  9. How do I write up a review that does justice to this book Answer is, I can t SCANDALOUS is the third book within the Sinner of Saint series by L.J Shen Spoken in Dual Perspectives Edie is eighteen, Trent is thirty three Their story is not perfect The first time Trent had noticed Edie Van Der Zee was at a barbecue celebrating Dean s son s birthday, the second time he d laid eyes on her was when he caught her doing a five fingered discount at the promenade where the rich frequented, now she s righ [...]

  10. Live Early amzn 2fgqxqX I should stay away from you, but I want you too fucking much And when it s all over, when all that s left of us is sweaty flesh, and shattered minds and torn hearts, you will remember me as the man who made you cry, and I ll remember you as the girl I had to break to stay afloat I ve always known of the saying Save the best for last and up until this very moment, I can honestly say without a doubt that this author did this quote justice She didn t just save it and gave us [...]

  11. Yet another Alpha HotHole to scream over is here Trent Rexroth is coming and wait for it he s a master of baddassery and assholery The Mute He rarely talks and when he does, he spews disdain and contempt.He works hard and FHH is better for him A loyal and trusted friend to Vicious, Dean Jamie.And then he meets Edie Van Der Zee, daughter of a sworn enemy partner Jordan Van Der Zee They are virtually at logger heads and Edie became s a pawn in their vile games Jordan owned half of downtown Todos S [...]

  12. 4.5I am an unapologetic cover whore Always have been Always will be I picked up Sparrow by L.J Shen last year because of that fact, and after I finished reading it, I d never been so thankful for my whorish ways From the moment I delved into that book, I knew I had found something special someone special Alphas and assholes are my favorite kinds of heroes, and it was obvious to me that I had met their master Making a true asshole hero that you can fall in love with can t be an easy feat, but Lei [...]

  13. His breath skated on my neck, hot and wanting and deliriously fresh The monster wants to play And I m not scared of the dark, I retorted So what are we waiting for Frankly, for you to be legal, he deadpanned I turned eighteen in January Pause.It s bit a while since I read this book, so I will try to just state the basic facts, i.e the things I didn t like, the things I liked and the things that did not really bother me First of all the story Cruel father who does not approve the man that his dau [...]

  14. This read is currently 00.99 cents I am special it cost me 1.13 so go grab your copy Scandalous SinThis is so beautiful, part of the opening pages of the book If he touched her, he couldn t talk to her.If he loved her, he couldn t leave.If he spoke, he couldn t listen.If he fought, he couldn t win.Arundhati Roy, The God of Small ThingsSeahorses prefer to swim in pairs with their tails linked together They re one of the rare monogamous animals, and engage in an eight hour courtship dance which, [...]

  15. 4.75 if you want to be strong be stars palpitationslpitations drum roll, please For me, this is the best sequel out of the previous two in the Sinners of Saint seriesI had a hunch about Trent Rexroth from glimpses in Vicious, Defy Ruckus and I can back that up nowe story was a turmoil by itself, yet the characters were the ones who lifted it onto another, higher level of existenceWhat transpires here, is the story of love that striked unexpectedly, with bad timing, against all possible odds and [...]

  16. Loved it Beautiful writing, gritty characters, and sexual tension that jumped from the page I m a sucker for a hard ass hero with a tender side.

  17. Scandalous Sinners of Saint 3 By L.J Shen 4 StarsThe Hot Holes are Back I have absolutely loved reading about my favorite men in the Sinners of Saint Series To say I was patiently waiting for Trent s story would be a lie I have been biting my nails, seriously stalking, refreshing constantly Till the day Scandalous landed on my kindle What a story Trent The Mute had to tell Not coming from money like the other Hot Holes, Trent has earned each and every penny he has made Living in the dream commun [...]

  18. A scandal is the last thing my family needs But a scandal is what we re going to give them And oh, what a beautiful chaos it will be Wow, just wow Scandalous was well worth the wait, in my eyes I just love those HotHoles and couldn t think of anything better than delving into Trent s story and I mean seriously, with a cover like that, how could I not Right L J Shen has really saved the best for last, so much so that I took my time devouring every word written To say that I m sad we ve come to an [...]

  19. Disappointment I really cannot believe that Ms Shen started the series with something so unique as VICIOUS and then continued with mediocre books afterwards I didn t love Book 2, which is Rosie Dean s story as I didn t approve their relationship at all I also felt disturbed about the way Mel Jamie s story started Book 0,5 not the age difference, not the teacher student thing but how it started Now, I disliked Book 3 even , disapproving Edie and Trent s relationship, as well This book is now my l [...]

  20. 4.5 STARS Trent Rexroth wasn t a crush He was the very thing that d end up crushing me if I wasn t careful Scandalous is the third book in the Sinners of Saint Series Although it can be read as a stand alone, I highly recommend reading the entire series from the first book because you don t want to miss one second of the HotHoles and their shenanigans Next time you make a joke about someone else fucking you, just remember I own every single hole in your body, including the one I ll leave in your [...]

  21. 4 stars Scandalous is the third book in the Sinners of Saint series.I was so excited to read it because I loved Ruckus a lot and I couldn t wait for Trent s story.I really enjoyed the plot in this one.Scandalous was a great story.I was intrigued with Trent, I wanted to know about him,he was like a mystery to me.Trent is dark,sexy and cocky.Whenever Trent and Edie were together you could feel the tension.They have some really hot moments, I love their connection.The only reason I didn t give thi [...]

  22. 5 Say Yes StarsMessy Broken Scarred Perfect The Sinners of Saint is by far one of the best romance series out there and Trent has just become my favorite Their story gutted me, found me blushing and made me fall head over heels for two people that were meant to be even if it was never going to be easy LJ Shen is a skillful writer who can weave a story so heart wrenchingly real and yet so hopeful at the same time This book is proof positive that she can make magic Trent is called the Mute for goo [...]

  23. NOW LIVE US UKFor me L.J Shen s books are one of the hardest ones for me to review Not because I don t have things to say but because I just have so much that I want to rave about that I can t even put it into words Scandalous had so much going on within the story and how complex these characters were that there was just no way I wouldn t be captivated I m not the prince in this fairy tale I m the villain The poisonous apple, the flame breathing monster Edie and Trent had this connection that co [...]

  24. 3.5 4 StarsOverall Opinion This is a really tough one to rate for me Hence, why I m doing the weird rating My gut reaction is to say 4 Stars because I did like it, but when I break things down I can t ignore the few issues I did have to where I want to give it 3.5 stars First and foremost, I wanted time in between the resolution of the conflict and the HEA It felt way too easy I also felt it was a little abrupt Even though I did get my questions answered, and it did feel resolved enough for me [...]

  25. This is one of the BEST books I ve ever read and it most certainly stole the spot for my 1 MOST FAVORITE read of 2017 Wow I Can t Even Deal.

  26. It s LIVE on Blog Tour bit 2xLIYig3.5 If you want to be strong, be stars I can t get enough of these Hotholes And while Vicious will always be my 1, I m enjoying getting to know the rest of the crew In Scandalous, we get the story of Trent I m a huge fan of the strong and silent type and he seemed to fit the mold Trent s got a problem He s at the top of his game, he s trying to get through to his daughter who is of a mute than he is, and he can t seem to get his mind, his lustful thoughts, or h [...]

  27. Scandalous isn t just an extremely sexy, taboo, enemies to lover romance Though it is all of those things, the true love story here is between Trent and Luna a father who will stop at nothing to do what s best for his daughter, even if it means breaking all the rules.