Captain Free Read Captain - by Lauren Rowe - Captain, Captain From Lauren Rowe the USA Today and International bestselling author of The Club Series and Ball Peen Hammer comes a sexy standalone romance about Ryan Morgan Captain It wasn t the way this kind of s

  • Title: Captain
  • Author: Lauren Rowe
  • ISBN: 9780997561524
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Book


Free Read Captain - by Lauren Rowe, Captain, Lauren Rowe, Captain From Lauren Rowe the USA Today and International bestselling author of The Club Series and Ball Peen Hammer comes a sexy standalone romance about Ryan Morgan Captain It wasn t the way this kind of story was supposed to go Insta love isn t supposed to turn into insta hate But that s exactly what happened when the hot as hell dreamboat I met in a bar turned out toFrom Lauren Rowe the US Free Read Captain - by Lauren Rowe. Free Read Captain - by Lauren Rowe - Captain, Captain From Lauren Rowe the USA Today and International bestselling author of The Club Series and Ball Peen Hammer comes a sexy standalone romance about Ryan Morgan Captain It wasn t the way this kind of s

  • Free Read Captain - by Lauren Rowe
    265Lauren Rowe
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  1. This was not what I expected, but so much better I loved it It was funny and sweet, and had the perfect ending Yes, Ryan was a man whore, but he was so loveable and when he realized he had feelings for Tessa he immediately stopped whoring it up He was a one woman man and I loved it You could see how from the beginning they had this easiness around one another I felt a wide variety of emotions while reading this book and I love when a book author can do that to me Ryan instantly won me over He wa [...]

  2. FOUR CAPTAIN AND T ROD STARS Insta love isn t supposed to turn into insta hate One of the things I love most about being apart of this crazy book community is that I m never short of ideas of what to read When I saw one of my fellow addicts posting about this book, my interest was piqued and I have to say that I m glad my romance book radar hit the jackpot this time around Compete with a gorgeous cover, winning romance and hilarious antics Captain has won a little bit of my heart And it ll certa [...]

  3. Tessa and Ryan meet in a bar Insta attraction One might almost say Insta Love But after some weird circumstances aka misunderstandings lies, or rather, not yet had the opportunity to tell facts that insta like turns into insta hate But that s unfortunately not the last they ve seen of each other Because his sister is marrying her boss in an epic marriage event in Hawaii That means a week in paradise with a person you can t stand to look at But also a person you can t NOT look at, because there s [...]

  4. Every once in awhile, a book comes along that steals your heart and mind and catapults you into a state of pure bliss Every once in awhile, a book comes along that infiltrates so deeply, that you know you ll have a hard time getting over it Each and every book we read holds a countless number of different reasons why we love them so much I honestly can t sit here and explain all my reasons for loving this book because it would take too long What I will say is, that I have just finished a book, t [...]

  5. Captain is full of delicious chemistry, nonstop laughs, and HOT sexy times the perfection combination to make an unforgettable romance A.L Jackson, NYT USA Bestselling Author oneclick today US amzn 2hRKQfV UK amzn 2AswPNx

  6. Sweet, light and hot but a little repetitive for this picky reader I enjoyed the push and pull between T Rod and Ryan until the point it began to feel like a never ending cycle.I enjoyed both characters a lot, Ryan Morgan definitely had my full attention hello Captain and I really like a strong driven heroine and T Rod didn t disappoint, she ran the show here Both had a helluva lot chemistry and their never ending push and pull did offer some steamy moments as well as a few laughs.First time rea [...]

  7. I absolutely ADORE these characters I had SO MUCH FUN reading this one Sexy, hilarious, and just downright DELICIOUS I NEVER wanted it to end Move out of the way Jonas Faraday Take a hike Josh Faraday Get to steppin Keane Morgan There is a new ALPHA taking over and his name is Ryan Morgan The captain is in ladies and he is ready to SWOON the Hell out of you No thinking about it No processing You re mine All week long it s me and you and no one else and that s all there is to it You got that I [...]

  8. Lauren Rowe is back, and she s again written one of the sweetest and most hilarious reads published in the history of RomCom Ryan Morgan is not looking for a one night stand He thinks that he s getting too old for that Being quite established in his job, all he wants to complete his life is a stable relationship But you know how funny fate works sometimes, right Just when he thought that he already found the girl he s looking for, the gods played with his destiny in the craziest way The girl he [...]

  9. Holy Macaroons Break out the RUM and bag yourself a CAPTAIN ladies Wow wow wow Lauren has done it yet again She s taken me on a journey of pure happiness and joy throughout this book There were scenes in here that was sooooo HAWT that seriously left me breathless I had so many laugh out loud moments throughout the book cause with the Morgan clan you just can t help it they are all hilarious and just a breath of fresh air If you have read her previous books you ll get reacquainted with all of you [...]

  10. 4.5 starsTHIS WAS SO GOOD Talk about a completely original plotI ve not read a plot line like this This book is a standalone however other characters from other books clearly make appearances I have only just discovered Lauren Rowe, will be adding her books to my TBR for sure GREAT writing, perfect pacing, sweet humour and those sexy times.gosh, i may have spontaneously combusted I m normally not a fan of insta love attraction, always looking out for those slow burnsbut this one worked for me It [...]

  11. Captain, my Captain.Are you kidding me The passion in this book could melt a frozen heart First off, when Lauren Rowe finally released who she was writing about, I was thrilled I enjoyed the glimpses we got in Ball Peen Hammer of this Morgan boy, and wanted And did Lauren ever deliver.Ryan is deep, AND funny He s a little bit of everything, and is definitely that full package The lengths he goes to to find what he is searching for is something you can only find in a book Do men like this exist [...]

  12. Captain by Lauren RoweSince 2015 when Lauren Rowe first stormed onto the literary scene, I have looked forward to that time of the year when we hear Lauren say I am writing Because these 3 words mark the countdown to the release of a book that I know will undoubtedly become a favourite for the year as well as becoming a treasured part of my library collection.Captain is Lauren s brand new STANDALONE novel and I first have to mention the coverOMG Favourite cover right there Those tattoos give a k [...]

  13. ho ho and a bottle of YUM What can I say about Captain to do it justice It just purely and simply made me feel good, and I had a smile on my face the whole time I was reading it.The mix of old and new characters was awesome.

  14. Holy shit I am an idiot I got to 5% before I put together that this is related to Ball Peen Hammer I had a sneaking suspicion that I know Peen but I had to check and now I am twice as excited I had to get my grabby hands on it just knowing it was Lauren Rowe and reading the blurb but now I am super excited to dive on in.Well the good news is my excitement wasn t wasted This book was awesome I was so hooked from the first page I really didn t want to put it down Which isn t really surprising sinc [...]

  15. Sometimes you find a unique set of characters or a book series that you just can t walk away from They will always stay with you and you even find yourself going back for a visit from time to time This is exactly how I would describe the Faraday Morgan family They come from the mind of the brilliant best selling author Lauren Rowe Everyone is so unique They are laid back, fiercely protective and will do anything for you This family has a thousand of hilarious stories all are one of a kind and th [...]

  16. WOW This Book The emotions The feels I was prepared to love this book, as I have loved the previous nine books written by Lauren Rowe, However I not only Love Captain, I adore Captain and this book has become a part of my soul Lauren writes with such flair, and humor, that I found myself out loud laughing and smiling throughout the entire book, along with some tears and swearing Her characters are so well developed, you feel as if these people are alive and your friends, and you could talk to th [...]

  17. Oh Captain my freaking Captain Lauren Rowe you have topped your last book and I didn t think that could even happen If you loved Ball Peen Hammer, then you will LOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVEEEEEE this one Firstly the hilarity of this story was off the chain Yes I said off the chain The author has a magical way with words that makes everything funny If she were to write a book about paint drying, then I bet it would be the funniest thing ever I mean seriously, I was brought to tears by some of the situatio [...]

  18. Lauren Rowe is an absolutely genius storyteller and with Captain she has really outdone herself I am going to TRY and articulate everything I am feeling about her next BESTSELLER This book takes you on an INCREDIBLE, hilarious, SWOONY journey through Ryan Morgan and Tessa Rodriguez s emotional, funny and at times, heart breaking love story Lauren writes in such a way that you FEEL all the angst, all the love and yesl the chemistry and let me tell you, the chemistry between these two is OFF THE C [...]

  19. I m bursting with happiness, grinning like a fool basically in a state of absolute bliss having just finished CAPTAIN by the super talented Lauren Rowe From start to finish I have laughed, snorted, sighed, shouted flat out panted my way through this book Ryan Tessa pulled me in kept me beautifully entertained for the entire time I was on board their crazy train I was gutted when it came to end know these two will be on my mind for a while to come.So, without further ado Who are the stars of the [...]

  20. OH MY GIDDY AUNT I think I m at a loss for words over this one.I ve been following Lauren and her writing since she first released The Club books Still now these are my all time favourite series of books, I just couldn t get enough of them and recommend everyone to read them So when I got the opportunity to read Captain I was over the moon But what I wasn t expecting was to be completely and utterly floored by the book and by Lauren s writing I am in awe This to me was just soo much like that f [...]

  21. 5 Ay, ay, Cap n StarsAnd Lauren Rowe did it again Oh, my dear friends, this woman can t do wrong I don t know the time I laughed so much I don t know how does she do it, but she never case to surprise me.But I think it s her best book so far I loved her The Club series I really did enjoy Kat and Josh s romance Ball Peen Hammer was my top favorite rom com of the year But Captain Morgan and T Rod They left a mark on me I motherducking love them I enjoyed every lines, every minute of this story It [...]

  22. Oh My Gosh Lauren Rowe you have knock this one straight out to Sea I want me a Captain, so I can fly on his plane or cruise on his ship I love everything about this book I honestly can just sit a stare at the cover of this book for hours on end Honestly, my husband caught me staring and ask, Are you going to just stare at the cover or read the book I just can t take my eyes off this cover.The thing is the words in this book are just as beautiful and touching I am just so in love with this book I [...]

  23. When will I ever learn Just when I think Lauren Rowe can t possibly make me fall in love again, she proves me wrong every time Captain gave me ALL the feels, I laughed, cried, swooned and overheated from the hot as hell sex scenes It truly is the perfect balance If this is your first book from Lauren Rowe, she gives you just enough back story to make you wanna run and read everyone else s stories and for us die hard fans stalkers, we get to fall even in love with our favorites who really are fa [...]

  24. Sexual chemistry, palpable electricity, hot sensual encounters and deep soul stirring love Just a few phrases I would use to describe Lauren Rowe s latest book CAPTAIN How does it feel to meet THE ONE you are destined for, lose touch and through a series of events, your worlds collide again This beautiful love story about Ryan and Tessa incorporates multidimensional emotions, situations and people that will make you swoon and melt Ryan, is a grounded, successful commercial real estate agent look [...]

  25. ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.Book DescriptionIt wasn t the way this kind of story was supposed to go .Insta love isn t supposed to turn into insta hate But that s exactly what happened when the hot as hell dreamboat I met in a bar turned out to be a lying, cheating scumbag player douche looking for nothing but a little side action Jerk.And he has the nerve to call me a liar and a sociopath Assh le.And now, three months later, through a mind blowing series of events I couldn t ha [...]

  26. I was lucky enough to receive an ARC copy of Captain from Lauren OMG If you do not know the Morgan s or Faraday s this book will still rock your world If you do know them there will be even special meaning for you They carry on with all of their fun nicknames and razzing of everyone The entire crew is in here and they all help Ryan and Tessa find each other and do not to let their heads overrule their hearts and souls We dive deeper into the entire dynamics of these awesome people Cannot Thank [...]

  27. Wow I am speechless Lauren, you are a genius and you have nailed it again I was so pleased while reading and I laughed a lot and I felt the same feelings that Ryan and Tessa went through I am huge fan of your books and it was so nice seeing all of your characters from The Club Series again I felt like I was apart of the gang and that I was right there with all of them.

  28. Love, love, love Captain Ryan Morgan is the PERFECT, swoonworthy book boyfriend I need this man in my life What is there not to love about an alpha male that talks dirty, pushes your buttons and has a heart of gold This man stole my heart and set the bar pretty high for the rest of my book boyfriends Okay, okayI have to admit I have not read the club series I know we are introduced to the Morgan s and Faradays in those installments, but trust me when I say this story is so seamless and well craf [...]

  29. Wow I love The Morgan s and The Faradays so much Lauren has captured our hearts again and made us laugh, love, cry and throw profanity around That is why I am proud to have her as part of my literary family Captain is my new favorite book and Ryan my new favorite book boyfriend he is so hot and kind and hot not to mention a good hearted bad boy if you are lucky The story between Tessa and Ryan has great chemistry and I love that this book expands on all my favorite people Well done

  30. I think I m done with this series I can t stand the crazy nicknames They Are Everywhere This series is just written in such a quirky way that it comes across as immature And I really got bored with all the inner dialogue that was told in dual points of view.