The Astonishing Thing ¾ The Astonishing Thing ↠ Sandi Ward - The Astonishing Thing, The Astonishing Thing In her inventive sometimes bittersweet ultimately uplifting debut Sandi Ward draws readers into one extraordinary cat s quest to make sense of her world illuminating the limits and mysterious dept

  • Title: The Astonishing Thing
  • Author: Sandi Ward
  • ISBN: 9781496711113
  • Page: 105
  • Format: Paperback

The Astonishing Thing

¾ The Astonishing Thing ↠ Sandi Ward, The Astonishing Thing, Sandi Ward, The Astonishing Thing In her inventive sometimes bittersweet ultimately uplifting debut Sandi Ward draws readers into one extraordinary cat s quest to make sense of her world illuminating the limits and mysterious depths of love Pet owners know that a cat s loyalty is not easily earned Boo a resourceful young feline with a keen eye and inquiring mind has nonetheless grown intenselyIn her inv ¾ The Astonishing Thing ↠ Sandi Ward. ¾ The Astonishing Thing ↠ Sandi Ward - The Astonishing Thing, The Astonishing Thing In her inventive sometimes bittersweet ultimately uplifting debut Sandi Ward draws readers into one extraordinary cat s quest to make sense of her world illuminating the limits and mysterious dept

  • ¾ The Astonishing Thing ↠ Sandi Ward
    105Sandi Ward
The Astonishing Thing
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  1. Have you ever wondered what your family pet is thinking Don t be deceived by the gorgeous cover of this book, or that the narrator of this story is a cat Boo is an inquisitive and sensitive creature who loves her family, especially Mother with whom she shares a special bond When Mother leaves soon after the arrival of baby Finn, we uncover the reason through Boo s eyes.Yes, this book is delightful and charming, and is interspersed with many moments of humour and hope But underlying this, the boo [...]

  2. A cat has absolute emotional honesty human beings, for one reason or another, may hide their feelings, but a cat does not Ernest HemingwaySandi Ward, an American author, has penned a heart warming debut contemporary fiction called The Astonishing Thing that is centered around a regular family of four and with one pet cat and a pet dog, and this pet cat narrates the story of this family from her perspective and how suddenly the marriage of the husband and wife shakes the ground of each one, inclu [...]

  3. This book had me all sorts of curious, as I ve never read a book from a POV of a cat or non human before, and I really enjoyed my time with Boo or Fat Fat, or her many other names The book surprised me in a lot of ways, being both straightforward, yet complex serious, yet funny and unique, yet familiar It s a quick read with a charming perspective that I definitely recommend

  4. Well, if there is a cat on a cover my ACB automatic cat buy is triggered Sometimes this causes problems cause not enough cat time is included in the story and this can lead to EPIC ranty moments I hate that.However, I am delighted to say that not enough cat time is NOT an issue with this book It is AAALLL about the cat Boo, who is adorable and if she ever wanted to move, my house is a Catopia with catnip all the time practically an inter catlactic kegger 24 7 But the story isn t bad eitherBoo s [...]

  5. I LOVE THIS BOOK Boo s voice, as she tells about the brokenness of her family and her desperation to help them pick up the shattered pieces, is endearing, irresistible, sometimes painful, and unforgettable She has curled up and nestled herself into a permanent place in my heart Her perspective is so innocent and devoted, yet she lacks understanding, so you are enticed to join Boo s search for answers and to love and protect Boo and her family the way she knows they deserve As her family clings t [...]

  6. 3.75 stars Thanks to author Sandi Ward and Kensington books for a chance to read this ARC An out of the ordinary story told by a very unconventional narrator the family cat, Boo Shortly after the birth of their third child Tommy and Carrie begin to do a lot of fighting Their teenage children, Mary and Jimmy, are left to tend to Finn, the baby As the family falls apart the cat tries to make sense of what is happening Boo s love for Carrie makes it hard to see from anyone else s point of view The [...]

  7. The Astonishing Thing takes a unique perspective on a family s drama Narrated by Boo, the family cat, the story is filtered through a level of innocence and questioning that I found really touching At first, this feels like a mystery as clues become available to make sense of the world around us, much like the cat, trying to understand why everything has suddenly changed and what it means to each of the people she loves But over time, the cat becomes wiser and perceptive, and this seems to mirr [...]

  8. This is an incredibly sweet and charming novel but it doesn t shy away from difficult subject matter, either In classic feline form, Boo s voice had me smiling at her wry observations and self awareness I love that the dog is referred to as Not a Cat I love that Boo points out that the eldest human son is incapable of fixing his own meals followed by As am I So I am sympathetic And I love that the novel doesn t stoop to the quick and easy resolution, that it makes space for complexity and evolut [...]

  9. Both charming and thought provoking, The Astonishing Thing delves into complex family relationships and mental illness Narrated by the opinionated family cat, Boo, the novel follows one family s path from broken to healing.When Mother first leaves, Boo is confused and hurt As time progresses, she begins to fit the puzzles pieces together of exactly why Mother left, and her feelings of abandonment evolve to those of compassion and understanding.The novel touches on some very heavy topics, such as [...]

  10. I was dubious about the idea of a family in distress narrated by the home s cat, but Sandi Ward makes it work The cat, Boo, has a partial and self interested view of what s going on, much as a child would, yet is also a keen eyed and loving member of the family, struggling to make sense of puzzling events, both those that unfold in the course of the story and those recalled from a time before the action began, gradually understood in a new way In tone it s sweet, yet not cloying it does not pull [...]

  11. The Astonishing Thing is a stunning debut told from the endearing voice of the feline narrator Boo Masterful in its telling, and weaving a complex story about mental illness, the complexities of love, and finding hope when all seems lost, this story will break your heart, and put in back together page by page.

  12. I was given an ARC of The Astonishing Thing, which is narrated by a cat named Boo I loved THE ART OF RACING IN THE RAIN, narrated by a dog, so gave this book a shot I found Boo to be a funny, charming, and though distant as a cat can be, full on empathetic member of a family that is in distress The book touches on some of the darker turns in life, such as mental illness which is difficult to understand for Boo, and divorce which creates divides that like a child, a cat has a hard time figuring o [...]

  13. I m always appreciative of writing that takes chances and dares to be different Kudos to Sandi Ward for being that kind of writer with her debut, The Astonishing Thing This novel s unique narrator, the family cat, shows us that sometimes it takes an unexpected witness to see our lives in a whole new perspective Anyone who s ever owned or known a cat would not be surprised that Boo is opinionated and discerning to a fault As she begins to understand her mother s illness and family s struggles, sh [...]

  14. Sandi Ward s novel, The Astonishing Thing, is a sometimes funny, often poignant story told through the perspective of the family cat This unique narrator is utterly convincing and full of charm.Boo observes her humans with a keen and objective eye, as her family is broken and then put back together in new ways You ll come to know all of the characters deeply and want the best for them.This tender, charming novel is a true pleasure and worthy of your time and attention If you can read just one bo [...]

  15. Okay, on one hand, of course this was cute It s a story about a family and its dysfunction, told by the family cat, Boo Going into a book with this description, you expect it to be cute and sweet A story told through the perspective of a cat I m in And there were absolutely times when this story lived up to that cuteness potential But other times, unfortunately, it felt too heavy and dreary to be told in such a cutesy format For the most part, despite loving the cat element, the story itself jus [...]

  16. My goodness what a great book I am already looking forward to the next book from this wonderful author.I absolutely love books written from the POV of an animal and this one certainly did not disappoint Here we have the cat named Boo who observes everything that happens in the family As the story opens there is a husband and wife, two teenagers and a newborn baby, plus a small dog The wife is unhappy and seemingly is falling into a very low point.With Boo writing this book we get a different per [...]

  17. Wait Come back Yes, it s narrated by a cat, which has the potential to go oh so wrong but here s the thing, this is a wonderful novel of a family in crisis Sometimes the unexpected quiet one is the individual who knows the most and that s true here, where Boo the cat knows and worries about all sorts of things her human family might not see I was surprised at how much I liked this book, which is carefully written and never descends into the twee What went wrong for Carrie and where has she gone [...]

  18. I m a sucker for animal stories and The Astonishing Thing seemed to offer one with an unusual perspective where the cat, Boo, not only narrates the book, but tried to solve the mystery of what happened to the mother and why While I enjoyed the book, I just didn t love it the way I was hoping to.Thanks to netgalley and Kensington Books for the opportunity to read this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

  19. Sandi Ward so immersed me in this story s charming perspective which somehow manages to portray events and characters in a way that is simultaneously naive and astute that I have to wonder if she lived a previous life as a cat The Astonishing Thing offers a sweet, original look at family dynamics, mental illness, forgiveness and love.

  20. THE ASTONISHING THING is an interesting look at family life Told from the unique perspective of the family cat, the story is at times touching and amusing I found the characters to be sympathetic, and I enjoyed watching them grow as the story progressed Cat lovers especially will likely enjoy this book.Disclosure I won a free copy of this book in a giveaway.

  21. bookishdevices 2017 10 30Think A Dog s Purpose W Bruce Cameron only with a cat kind of.Boo, a resourceful young feline, is intensely devoted to her human companion, Carrie However, Carrie or Mother, as Boo calls her suddenly leaves her family Boo worries about who will fill her food dish and provide a warm lap to nestle into More pressing still, trying to uncover the truth about why Carrie left.I m a cat person, so the cover of this book immediately grabbed my attention when I was searching NetG [...]

  22. Although this book was told from the perspective of a cat, it was not at all lightweight or overly cutesy It was a thoughtful look at the end of a marriage and the effects on the entire family We learn the events and motivations behind them as the cat does, so the story and characters are revealed gradually.The only thing that didn t work for me was the way the two teenaged children spoke and acted they sounded almost middle aged to me at times and were far too forgiving of their parents shortco [...]

  23. The author wrote this book about his family as Boo, the family cat sees it He doesn t understand some things that happen and why Mother leaves after having a baby He loves her so much and wants to find her After reading this, I try to analyze what my cat, Max is thinking some times The author is planning another book soon about another cat and family.

  24. An interesting concept, the book is from the point of view of the family cat, who tries to make light of her family that is falling apart before her Unfortunately the ending falls a little flat and book drags on much so than I liked.

  25. Exceptional READ, Nicely different POV TaKes you through a family s breakup and move to recovery with grace and humor and a very different understanding.

  26. Blah One of the many books out there that sound intriguing but when you really start getting into the meat you realize you are along for the ride just to see the destination and wish you had taken the short route to get there I hated the mother, really disliked the father and enjoyed the cat Mental issues or not, safety for your family is number one priority The I read the I hated the parents The emotional scares they caused for their children were unforgivable The continual use of the blasphe [...]

  27. What a charming narrator I m absolutely in love with Boo and the way she sees the world She knows exactly what she likes someone rubbing her fat belly, a warm place to lie down, her mother and what she doesn t like animals who aren t cats, people who take away her alpha s attention, etc This is a cat who at first has a biased opinion about the main characters, but who comes to realize how complex they really are I loved the understanding she gains of her humans as well as her own self The author [...]

  28. As a dog lover, I was a little dubious about this book, which is told from the point of view of cat named Boo But all my qualms disappeared by the end of the first page This cat is so loving and wise, and her family is truly in crisis, and it s magical to see how Boo intervenes I suspect people who liked The Art of Racing in the Rain will like this A lovely book I read a review copy.

  29. So, I got a paperback ARC of The Astonishing Thing and the first thing I want to say is the cover is so pretty with a cute cat and the title is so shiny This book is different from most of my paperbacks Fantasy and Paranormal , but I couldn t wait to find it a place on my bookshelves Okay, now that I got that out of my system the review.When I found out that the book was narrated by a cat I got pretty excited because one that s not something I read every day, and two in case you haven t realized [...]

  30. Princess Fuzzypants here The astonishing things about The Astonishing Thing is I almost gave up in the early chapters It was so dark and bleak and sad when our feline narrator lost Mother, who was her entire world The fact that Mother walked out on her newborn baby, her other two children and her husband was bad enough but Boo could not understand why the other humans in the house had driven Mother away.I am glad that I am a stubborn kitty and hate to give up because there were rewards to be had [...]