Flirting With The Law ↠ Flirting With The Law ↠ Madison Faye - Flirting With The Law, Flirting With The Law She s been tempting us for longer than she knows Now it s time to find out what happens when you cross the law Samantha Getting pulled over is the last thing I need after I find out my scumbag of a fi

  • Title: Flirting With The Law
  • Author: Madison Faye
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 444
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Flirting With The Law

↠ Flirting With The Law ↠ Madison Faye, Flirting With The Law, Madison Faye, Flirting With The Law She s been tempting us for longer than she knows Now it s time to find out what happens when you cross the law Samantha Getting pulled over is the last thing I need after I find out my scumbag of a fianc is cheating on me But that s before I see the cops who step out of that squad car They re dangerously gorgeous rough looking and tattooed not to mention dominant She s been ↠ Flirting With The Law ↠ Madison Faye. ↠ Flirting With The Law ↠ Madison Faye - Flirting With The Law, Flirting With The Law She s been tempting us for longer than she knows Now it s time to find out what happens when you cross the law Samantha Getting pulled over is the last thing I need after I find out my scumbag of a fi

  • ↠ Flirting With The Law ↠ Madison Faye
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Flirting With The Law
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  1. Ok, the whole cop thing was seriously hot Dustin and Blake are best friends and partners who are investigating Samantha s fiance They fall for her during their month of surveillance They pull her over for speeding but decided to let her go because she s off limits to them When they find her a second time spying on her fiance, they can t pass up the opportunity it presents The only thing that put a damper on this story was Samantha s fiance He s cheating on her and when she follows him to the wom [...]

  2. 3 Please Frisk Me Officer Stars This one was my least favorite out of the last few books I have read by this author The plot lacked any real depth and it read a little bit too much like a bad porn at times A SMOKIN HOT bad porn, but all I could picture was Dustin and Blake with pornstaches and bowchickawowow playing in the background.Still, I enjoyed it for what it was

  3. Hello Cop Smuttiness I actually really liked this book The characters, the romance, the hot sex scenes, the cops, and even the douche bag cheating ex boyfriend I loved it all I honestly can t wait to get into the second book Dustin and Blake are best buds and they are slowly falling in love with Samantha, who is girl they have been surveilling for the past month or so Of course I got on board with them all being together because honestly he boyfriend was a two timing douche and he wasn t even go [...]

  4. 2.5 stars Flirting with the Law is the first book I ve read by Madison Faye I didn t realize I had gotten a novella and so I wasn t in the mind set for a quick and under developed storyline I liked the premise of the story as well as the sexiness and strength of the characters I would have loved it better if there had been build up, explanation, development, depth and dimension Additionally, there were numerous editing errors with spelling, missing words and incorrect or missing punctuation So [...]

  5. Samantha moved to the west coast to be with her fianc e Tim She gave up a promising teaching position back home for him and the move was due to Tim being made partner in a law firm But when she gets there, he loses his job and has been out of work Suddenly he is acting off which prompts Sam to monitor Tim and his movements and such which leads to her finding out he has been cheating on her for a while Sam got so angry, she takes his new convertible car and drives away to the beach Her driving is [...]

  6. This was the second cheesy over the top book I read in the same day Samantha was uprooted and moved to the west coast to be with her fianc , Tim She gave up her teaching job and Tim was made partner in a law firm He has since been let go and has been out of work for several months She sees his phone one morning and finds out he s been cheating on her for a while Angry she takes his new convertible car and heads to the beach On her way there she gets pulled over by two sex on a stick cops because [...]

  7. Sam finds out her fiance is cheating on her Lucky for her, she runs into 2 hot cops that happen to be staking her out Of course, she doesn t realize this when she hooks up with them for the first time But, she can t stay mad because the three of them have a connection, right And when the ex fiance who is on the wrong side of the law kidnaps her, who comes in to save the day in a blaze of bullets and boners Yep, the two hot cops And then the 3 of them live happily ever after Yay This was a fun qu [...]

  8. Something about this just didn t gel for me Everything happened so fast, there was zero buildup to anything that happened It read like a porno Plus, the epilogue was very lazy.

  9. Good readThis book was a good quick spicy read There were some minor editing issues but overall a pretty good read.

  10. Delicious Samantha sure has her head stuck in the sand when it comes to her fianc e She overlooks so much stuff for a douchebag Reminds me how often we let stuff go with people we care about This is a very sexy and unbelievable fantasy though I would love to meet her two hot cops on the side of the road and get frisked so deliciously.

  11. A sexy insta love short story with added bonus I enjoyed this one as I was looking for something smutty and quick and it delivered just what I expected

  12. When the blurb admits that it s an unbelievable story, it makes it easier to swallow when it actually is Two cops, one girl under surveillance, one day to fall in love Whatever, but it was quick, easy, and pretty hot in the storytelling It s not really the type of story I like to read, but as far as erotic fantasies go, this one was nice.

  13. I received this book for a voluntary, completely honest and non incentivized review Obviously this is a short, fast, over the top story Having said that, Sam came across as indecisive and although she jumped right into the arms of the 2 officers, she seemed weak when it came t the rest of her life Too deep Yeah probably, especially for this type of book It was entertaining for the sake of fantasy.

  14. Spoilers in stars if you don t want to know, don t read them.Overall This book is not a romance novel, it is what I call girlporn It is erotica Samantha is engaged to a lawyer for a drug dealer She is being surveiled by two cops One day she finds out her fianc e is cheating on her She races out of the house only to be pulled over in a bikini From there most of the book is physical until the climax possible pun intended They pat her down with some groping The next time they see her they have sex [...]

  15. Get your iced drinks ready, ladies, cause this is going to get HOT Two cops frisking a bikini clad woman on the side of the road That s only the first spark in a lusty chain of encounters between Samantha and her two cop hunks on duty Blake and Dustin, all time friends, become unapologetically addicted to the woman whose fianc they re investigating And they cross all kinds of legal, naughty lines because they can t resist the pull from her beauty.Don t look for logic in this novella, it s just a [...]

  16. I received an ARC for Flirting With The Law and voluntarily reviewed this book Blake and Dustin are detectives who have been tasked to investigate Tim Plimpton, a lawyer who had been laid off for the last few months and fianc to one oh so sexy goddess Samantha Caraway Not only has Tim been a cheating scumbag, he has been linked to one of the largest cocaine importers into Southern California During routine beat duty, they pull Samantha over for speeding on the way to the beach These two alphas s [...]

  17. Samantha and blake and Dustins loved story starts out funny they were to watch her they were getting paid to watch her but Samantha went and found her ex cheating on her and drove real fast to get away she was so upset so the law stopped her and that is when she met Blake and Dustin and everything turned out oh yeah so spicy hot and good for all of them yes what a way to go where can I find my own lol so good and great written story loved it I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this [...]

  18. Is her man cheeting prick Who don t want to be feeled up by two hot cops when driving to fast,in your bikini Me please There dream girl,they have been stalking her for some time and want her so bad,but she is off limits Caught two times in one day,and the last time it s so bad girl 0 What will the cops do this time It s so hot and freeking good and a lot of story to bee a short story,loved it Wanted when i was done 0

  19. SHORT.SWEET.HAPPY ENDINGgood point, at least they spend some time to watch and understand the girl even that was only for the sack of investigation First time their sexual involvement was interesting and totally unexpected but it was something new and hot.ENDING was not satisfying as always i really like ending where writer show us their lives of after few years and having family.Well i enjoyed it.

  20. Well, this was I don t really even know okay I guess It is a short read, a novella I guess The storyline is almost there but not fully Basically, if you want a fast, mfm read with a bit of a story then you might like it I just found myself getting a little bored skimming over parts So it was okay.

  21. These 3 short stories are absolutely fun and well worth the read They have all the necessary ingredients to keep you reading, sex, drama, sex and lots and lots of emotional connections Yes, they are sexy very, very sexy explicit sex but it is done well there are of course dramatic moments, and the last two stories meet up in the third love when that happens

  22. Hello Mr OfficerThis one was okay It was fast and dirty Maybe a little too fast Wasn t really any connection or emotion between the characters Everything happened all at once If it were longer and emotions were developed it would have been better I did like the cover and happy ending.

  23. Getting pulled overSamantha is a woman whose life just seems to keep getting worse when she goes for a drive and gets pulled over by the two sexist police officers Things only get interesting after that Nice job Madison Faye.

  24. Something MissingI LOVE insta love stories with over the top alpha heroes But this story somehow fell flat for me Blake and Dustin are terrific alphas and their backstory made sense But I don t know if I ever made any sense out of Samantha.

  25. EntertainingI really enjoyed this story It was fun and sexy The characters were good and I liked the story that we got This book is heavy on the explicit sec but the blurb pretty much tells you that I enjoyed the story that went with it all and enjoyed reading it.

  26. Great BookI really enjoyed this book The storyline was well written and the characters were all relatable It was quirky with instant love and the most erotic scenes Must Read

  27. TwoIf you like steamy You get not one but stories That will give you steamy These guys play for keeps The best kind of guys.