The Uncertain Season The Uncertain Season Best Read || [Ann Howard Creel] - The Uncertain Season, The Uncertain Season In hurricane ravaged Galveston a storm of betrayal is brewing Nineteen year old Grace s golden age is just beginning She and her mother live a privileged life Beautiful and talented Grace is looking

  • Title: The Uncertain Season
  • Author: Ann Howard Creel
  • ISBN: 9781477809044
  • Page: 398
  • Format: Paperback

The Uncertain Season

The Uncertain Season Best Read || [Ann Howard Creel], The Uncertain Season, Ann Howard Creel, The Uncertain Season In hurricane ravaged Galveston a storm of betrayal is brewing Nineteen year old Grace s golden age is just beginning She and her mother live a privileged life Beautiful and talented Grace is looking forward to a pleasant summer celebrating her engagement to a wealthy young gentleman But when her lovely charming and disgraced cousin Etta arrives Grace finds her placeIn hur The Uncertain Season Best Read || [Ann Howard Creel]. The Uncertain Season Best Read || [Ann Howard Creel] - The Uncertain Season, The Uncertain Season In hurricane ravaged Galveston a storm of betrayal is brewing Nineteen year old Grace s golden age is just beginning She and her mother live a privileged life Beautiful and talented Grace is looking

  • The Uncertain Season Best Read || [Ann Howard Creel]
    398Ann Howard Creel
The Uncertain Season
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  1. I chanced upon this book through an unusual series of circumstances that proved fortuitous as far as widening my reading tendencies and especially in discovering a writer whose talent in the craft, to me, is considerable, all of which translates into the pure pleasure of reading and getting lost into a well told story It s a steep step upwards from Magic of Ordinary Days, written years earlier and the first book of Ms Creel s I happened to read several months ago The descriptive phrasing through [...]

  2. I would first like to say that I received book from a giveaway Which was awesome and thank you for choosing me to win Now for my review This is really a 4.5 star book.This story was so well written, that it captures you and draws you into the lives of these three women, their emotions, and their thoughts that you feel their pain, joy, envy, frustrations, and so forth There were several times that I wanted to or actually did cry along with the characters With that being said, I really enjoyed it [...]

  3. In recent years I ve become a fan of Ann Howard Creel This book did not disappoint my expectation of an intriguing plot, interesting characterizations, and vivid detail There were, however, one or two characters who seemed to me to make choices in tune with the shaping of the plot than with their own interests my only reservation.

  4. This book follows three ladies Grace, Etta and Miss Girl, in the aftermath of the 1900 Hurricane that destroyed Galveston, Texas They are from different walks of life and very different people It was a compelling story, although I found Grace and Miss Girl s journey interesting than Etta s, perhaps because Etta was manipulative rather than genuine However, all three show great courage as they face their circumstances and face the constraints of society and economic norms for their day I wanted [...]

  5. I didn t particularly care for this book While the setting was written well, and the three POV s were compelling, it took too long to get started and failed to hold my interest until the last hundred pages And the conclusion, for me anyway, felt unsatisfying view spoiler How can Miss Girl leave without saying a word to Reena This feels so cruel I know she was scared, but Reena obviously loved her, and would be worried sick about her just disappearing The girl talks about how the island can t tak [...]

  6. I was provided a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest and fair review This book centers around the stories of cousins Grace and Etta Grace is a sheltered rich girl who grew up on the island of Galveston, which three years prior to this story was the site of a catastrophic hurricane that killed 6,000 people, including the family of a character we only know as the girl Etta is Grace s poor cousin who is sent to stay with Grace and her mother after she falls in love with a circus man an [...]

  7. I mostly Kindle audio read this book and it was quite an enjoyable experience I probably enjoyed the book as a whole even because the reader did such a phenomenal job with it The Uncertain Season is the first book I ve read by Ann Howard Creel and I will definitely be reading by her The style of writing, her prose was beautiful and caused me to really want to give this book 5 stars Looking back at the number of highlightings I have on my Kindle, there were many times where it truly resonated w [...]

  8. I thought this book started off really strong, but it fizzled out for me when the rivalry between the 2 main characters took over I thought it was going to be about the hurricane in Galveston in 1900, but most of the action took place years after the hurricane, and it played only a very small part in the novel, although a big part in the life of the character Miss Girl I enjoyed seeing Grace grow and mature, but was disappointed in the way Etta behaved in response to all that was done to help h [...]

  9. This is a great book I like this author a lot because her books always teach me something about history, while I m enjoying a good story The main characters, three women with very different lives, are outstandingly portrayed over a backdrop of the Galveston hurricane of 1900 It so ironic that I bought this book as Harvey was pounding Texas I didn t realize how devastating the hurricane was until I read this book I was so caught up in the story, that I was late to work this morning, finishing it

  10. Thanks to NetGalley for the ARC for my Kindle.This books deals with the devastating hurricane that destroyed Galveston, TX I just wish it was about the hurricane and rebuilding the area than the lives of 2 cousins after the hurricane Grace was a self centered girl and not to be trusted Eva found out what true love and life mean Basically the book started out good but it fizzled out very quickly for me, and I didn t like how it ended.

  11. A Must readI thoroughly enjoyed every page in this book Started reading and could not put the book down until the end The characters were well woven,story flowed and held my interest from page 1 to the end The ending would suggests that there s a part 2 Cannot wait for the next book,to see how these characters fared in their new lives.Excellent writing Kudos to the author

  12. There was a certain irony to reading this while Hurricane Harvey was striking Texas Creel has written a lovely historical novel that is highly character driven The three women Grace, Etta, and Miss Girl cross socioeconomic borders to tell a story that will engage you The Victorian era was not an easy one for women this will introduce you to some of the challenges they faced Nicely written and well plotted Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC I d like to see from Creel

  13. Great Read Thoroughly enjoyed this book Characters were complex with just the right amount of conflict in their personalities to keep it interesting The author s style of writing lets the reader see events from different perspectives as the story unfolds, leading up to the finale, with several turns along the way.

  14. UncertainThis is a fabulous book I really enjoyed reading about, Grace, Etta, girl and how there lives played out This is the first time reading this author I enjoyed her style of writing and look forward to reading of her books Her description of Galveston and it s alleys make me want to visit I want to walk on the beach and the sea wall.

  15. I enjoyed the book and liked reading about an area and part of history that I wasn t familiar with The story goes between the 3 main characters, but I never felt like they really intertwined, especially the Etta and Grace characters At the end, I wan t really sure if the Etta story line added to the tale or was just filler The plot turning point moments seemed inserted.

  16. The uncertain season is so aproposA very well written story.A sad but intriguing story It didn t end the way I would ve liked it to I would have liked it to continue on and have a happy ending.

  17. This book was very well written and I enjoyed the characters and the historical setting I always learn something The rich were rich and the poor were poor after the hurricane in Galveston in the early 20th century.

  18. The girlGreat read, well detailed writing Story telling that is not predictable, but certainly enjoyable to read Three entirely different women come together and realize the reality of life.

  19. I listened to this with the audible version It started a little slow but i quickly got sucked into the story and characters It was different from my normal read I liked the mood that the reader brought It was a good story.

  20. Free book from giveaway I enjoyed the way this story was told from three POV characters, but only one was in the first person The characters are interesting The ending lets the reader create his own future.

  21. I LOVED this story I did not want it to end The characters were so real and lovable because they were flawed as are we all So many great and relatable lessons here A wonderful example of the strength of women

  22. Very well written and great character development.The Uncertain Season was very well written and kept me engaged from the very first page The character development was excellent Only drawback was the ending, which seemed anticlimactic in my opinion.

  23. Captured my attention from start to finishI am a fan of Ann Howard Creel s books, and this one captured my attention from the beginning It is full of both heartbreak and hope.

  24. Historical fiction early 1900s set in Galveston, Texas certainly not something I d read before The setting was well drawn, but the characters were not particularly compelling, especially Etta.

  25. Dock girlThis book had so many turns It left me guessing constantly how it would turn out The two main characters blending in and out.

  26. A good story of three very different women, how their lives intersect for a season An easy read and an entertaining story line Very visual descriptions of the women and the landscapes.

  27. I received this book as a giveaway and I m glad I did It s a book that draws you in and doesn t let go It stirs up many emotions when reading that you don t want the story to end.

  28. Absolutely loved this Rich detail, a very good plot, lovely language and each character had a very distinctive voice I listened to the Audible version the performance was outstanding and really savored the imagery, the original observations, the depth of the characters Highly recommended.

  29. I received an ARC from GoodReads.I enjoyed this novel Good pacing, great characters The story moved with grace bits of humor, bits of darkness Recommended