Missing Parts [PDF] Missing Parts | by ☆ Lucinda Berry - Missing Parts, Missing Parts This is an alternate Cover Edition for ISBN Growing up abandoned by her father and raised by a single mother Celeste was determined to create the perfect family but even perfect fami

  • Title: Missing Parts
  • Author: Lucinda Berry
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 273
  • Format: Paperback

Missing Parts

[PDF] Missing Parts | by ☆ Lucinda Berry, Missing Parts, Lucinda Berry, Missing Parts This is an alternate Cover Edition for ISBN Growing up abandoned by her father and raised by a single mother Celeste was determined to create the perfect family but even perfect families have secrets Celeste s days are filled with a rewarding career a devoted husband and her four year old daughter Only Celeste knows the precarious house of cards herThis is an alte [PDF] Missing Parts | by ☆ Lucinda Berry. [PDF] Missing Parts | by ☆ Lucinda Berry - Missing Parts, Missing Parts This is an alternate Cover Edition for ISBN Growing up abandoned by her father and raised by a single mother Celeste was determined to create the perfect family but even perfect fami

  • [PDF] Missing Parts | by ☆ Lucinda Berry
    273Lucinda Berry
Missing Parts
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  1. This was an OK read with plenty for me to be interested in and keep me wanting to read and explore .In some cases it became a bit disjointed Like I had been reading two books at once and tried to merge them.On the whole, a good plot.Guessable, but worth your time.I was gifted this book

  2. Now was the time for me to freak out, but I still felt nothing Dr Koven had just told me my daughter was suffering from a medical problem that had the potential to kill her, and I was numb Maybe I was in shock People responded to bad news differently all the time I was sure any minute the emotional impact of the news would hit me It had to Until then, my job was to be there for David and Rori Celeste has spent her life creating it to be just the way she wants She s married, with a daughter She h [...]

  3. Full review on novelgossipI knew this one was right up my alley as soon as I read the blurb A mother with secrets that s willing to do anything to keep them quiet I m in While I had a few minor issues with this one, overall I was pleased.Celeste is a wife and mother living a normal life in Los Angeles until her daughter gets seriously ill It s apparent right away that there is something off about Celeste and that s she s hiding something Admittedly I figured out the bones of her secret fairly qu [...]

  4. Short Take I see what you almost did there Note I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I have been known to dip out of my preferred genres on occasion Maybe I should spend time reading Serious Literature, and less time with works that are scary or gory or fast paced I think that my tastes are skewed to the point where I might not be the best judge of what is good And the whole time I was reading Missing Parts , I just couldn t get past my own prejudices I do want t [...]

  5. Wow What an emotional rollercoaster I devoured this in one sitting.Oh My God.This book left me reeling for days Days, I tell you Celeste is a firecracker She thinks she has it all until one incident blows her apart She s strong, but she s weak She s full of secrets, and she will definitely go to desperate lengths to keep them hidden In my bout of PPD, I could relate to Celeste as she questions her ability to be a mother But lots of moms do I know we re not alone in that This made Celeste relatab [...]

  6. Missing Parts is an intriguing, catching and quite excellent story about how one decision can alter your whole life This is one of those books you cannot put down and drags you into its pages only to release you once you finish.Celeste has built a life with the perfect family she couldn t have as a child However, all her world crumbles when her daughter falls ill with a terrible disease Little by little, we discover that there are secrets that could change everything I have to say that I love th [...]

  7. Missing Parts is a compelling reading.The rich cast of characters each one well developed, deep and complex delivers a deeply moving story about love, family and that one secret that will rip everybody apart.Well written and fast paced, it s perfect for a book club because people will take different things away from it and it will lead to meaningful conversations about mom baby bonding, rape, role changing and family dimamics.

  8. Missing Parts Missing Credible, Intereting Plot Missing Sympathetic Likeable Protaganist Missing Any Reason To Recommend Reading ItHaving read 2 other books by this author which I very much enjoyed because of the complex psychological issues they dealt with as well as the realism with which the characters were depicted and the storylines developed, I was very dissapointed with this work which I ve noted was published prior to the other 2 The main character of this story, Celeste, was not a parti [...]

  9. .I worried about my sanity My foundation was a house of cards built on sand and the slightest wind could send them tumbling down After days in the hospital and a team of geneticists later, David and Celeste finally learn what has made their 6 year old daughter, Rori, incredibly sick Rori was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder David couldn t fathom how since they both had extensive testing done with their fertility doctor I remember he said something about Celeste being a carrier, but he said [...]

  10. I m so disappointed that I have read all of Lucinda Berry s books and there aren t any I am not a real fast reader but I read all 4 of her books in about 3 4 weeks I haven t read anything in a long time that made me want to stop what I had to get done and sit down and read This book was no different.At first it started out a bit slow compared to her other ones However, after a couple of chapters I was hooked Like all her books I try to figure out where she is going to take us but I m never able [...]

  11. I actually really enjoyed this book It shows the darker side if Motherhood and brings to light what society has made it impossible for some women to admitey are bad mothers or don t want to be mothers It also shows how one dark secret kept to ourselves can turn our lives upside down How sometimes the wrong person ends up paying the price for someone else s evil The author really makes you feel connected with our main character and your heart goes out to her despite the fact that she s far from p [...]

  12. Missing partsWhat a bazaar story I couldn t image keeping all the secrets from someone I loved How he could judge her when he treated her badly Life is to short to lie and cheat in your everyday life Happiest in life comes from love and honesty.

  13. I love it when I come across a book that I can t put down This book was so good A thoroughly enjoyable read Even though having a little girl of my own I struggled to relate to the MC at times as I doubt I would have handled the situation the same way kind of made me hate her, then love her and then understand her So for that reason it gets 5 from me.

  14. A good book is a book you love to hate This is the way I feel about Missing Parts by Lucinda Berry It is twisty, dark, and downright devastating at times I kind of wish it was told by alternating points of view instead of just Celeste s I really would have liked it to switch between Celeste and her husband s POV That would have made the story even interesting.Celeste is a mom and a wife Her and her husband, David, tried for years to get pregnant and when Celeste finally did, she just didn t mak [...]

  15. I really enjoyed this book The plot is very well written and when you read it, the drama and emotions grab you I will definitely read other books by this author.

  16. I m still not quite sure what to think about this book It is almost like reading two different books I thoroughly enjoyed the beginning of the story Celeste was struggling to connect with her daughter Many of the things she said or felt were things that I identified with or could empathize with because of things my husband had experience with our son Her husband, David, is a stay at home dad, so he has always had the stronger relationship with Rori, their daughter When Rori gets sick, he s devas [...]

  17. I received this book for free, in exchange of an honest review, the opinions below are of my own I am torn with me feelings about this book I feel like it would have been better, as Book One, and Book Two, not Part One, and Part Two I honestly felt like I had just read two different books, binded together I am not 100% sure if that s a good thing The Narrator is a bit un reliable if you don t like that sort of thing, that this book is not for you As a mother, I can appreciate the raw honesty tha [...]