Anything You Can Do [PDF] Anything You Can Do | by ↠ R.S. Grey - Anything You Can Do, Anything You Can Do Lucas Thatcher has always been my enemy It s been a decade since I ve seen him but our years on opposite coasts were less of a lasting peace and of a temporary cease fire Now that we re both back in

  • Title: Anything You Can Do
  • Author: R.S. Grey
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  • Page: 435
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Anything You Can Do

[PDF] Anything You Can Do | by ↠ R.S. Grey, Anything You Can Do, R.S. Grey, Anything You Can Do Lucas Thatcher has always been my enemy It s been a decade since I ve seen him but our years on opposite coasts were less of a lasting peace and of a temporary cease fire Now that we re both back in our small town I know Lucas expects the same old war but I ve changed since high school and from the looks of it so has he The arrogant boy who was my teenage rivalLucas Thatche [PDF] Anything You Can Do | by ↠ R.S. Grey. [PDF] Anything You Can Do | by ↠ R.S. Grey - Anything You Can Do, Anything You Can Do Lucas Thatcher has always been my enemy It s been a decade since I ve seen him but our years on opposite coasts were less of a lasting peace and of a temporary cease fire Now that we re both back in

  • [PDF] Anything You Can Do | by ↠ R.S. Grey
    435R.S. Grey
Anything You Can Do
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  1. 5 Stars There s no secret I love this author Her storytelling, her witty banter, her engaging adorable characters are fantastic in my opinion She just do it for me Once again, she delivered an unputdownable story that sucked me in from the very beginning If you love romantic comedies as much as me, you don t want to miss this one Trust me on this I enjoyed every single romcom I ve read by this author, but Anything You Can Do was my favorite so far If you re a fan of enemies to lovers stories, th [...]

  2. Can you kill someone with a kiss I think that s what he s doing slaying me with his mouth That was DELECTABLE Delectable and steamy and full of the sweetest, most delightful feels Lord, my heart I can safely say that Anything You Can Do is my most FAVORITE R.S Grey read to date It took my breath away I am still trying to gather words in an attempt to express myself here It s hard I was so swept up by these characters They were funny and charming, and the dialogue was so witty, the setting and st [...]

  3. Patty Belongs To Kellan~Jesse~Lautner~Miller~Jack~Racer~Rafe~Liam~Prince Nicholas~Hayes~Simon~Gianluca & Archer

    FIVE STARS ARC Generously Provided by Author He tastes like a guilty pleasure, one that will undoubtedly sour once I m alone again We are enemies Foes And yet when Lucas takes my waist in his large hands and rolls his hips with mine, I feel like we re working together to build something Mutually assured destructionYTHING YOU CAN DO is one of the best enemies to lovers story I have read in quite some time This was such a fun and addictive read I found it almost impossible to put down I loved the [...]

  4. 5 STARS A rivalry like ours sustains itself by constantly evolving What a cleverly written frenemies story R.S Grey definitely has a wicked sense of humor If you re a fan of enemies to lover s stories you must meet Daisy Bell and Lucas Thatcher These two have been battling it out since the first grade Now these two doctors find themselves back in their hometown hoping to wedge out the other for the local medical practice Roses are red, Daisy is you, I heard you came back, and I did too The autho [...]

  5. Oh well, there is a reason I love R.S Grey.Anything You Can Do was one of her best works A light hearted, uplifting, feel good, enemies to lovers romantic comedyto make you believe in love and sunshine and soulmates Not to mention that Doctor Mc Dreamy, aka Lucas Thatcher, looks like Henry Cavill.I m such a goner Roses are red.Daisy is you,I heard you came back,and I did too Lucas Thatcher and Daisy Bell have been in competition since the day they were born Literally They have devoted their live [...]

  6. I love you, which seems crazy because up until about four days ago, I really thought I hated you But when you think about it, love and hate aren t so very different, right To love someone is to strive to be a better person for them, and isn t that what our hateful little competition has been about the whole time Thank you so much to Rachel R.S Grey for sending me an ARC to review 3Ahhh I can t get over how great this book was I AM OBSESSED I loved everything, every minute of it, from the first p [...]

  7. This was a book that I got to read for free while I was trying out the old Prime for a few months, and it turned out to be a really cute story I m so glad I found it before I canceled my membership.Oh my god I can t be the only one who thinks their tv selection is a NIGHTMARE to navigate And if they think I m paying 1.99 to watch an episode of Season 4 Spongebob or some such nonsense, they are out of their freaking minds Ok, ok, ok back to the book You know that annoying guy you grew up with Ok, [...]

  8. 3.5 STARSI laughed my ass off reading this book.The heroine was a tad immature and annoying but it was a great romcom overall.QUICK REVIEW Enjoyment 3.5 5Writing style 4 5Storyline 4 5Hero 4 5 Heroine 3 5Secondary characters 4 5 Hotness chemistry 3 5 Romance 4 5 Angst 2 5Darkness level 1 5Humor 4 5 Depth of the book 3 5POV mostly heroine s, 1st person Triggers view spoiler none hide spoiler br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br

  9. 5 stars Review at Of Pens and Pages.Anything You Can Do is a hot, hilarious, and addictive enemies to lovers romantic comedy about childhood rivals, Daisy Bell and Lucas Thatcher After years in college, med school, and residency, Daisy is back in Hamilton, Texas, to take over the only family practice in town She s worked hard to be where she is, and now that she ll soon take over Dr McCormick s family practice, nothing will get in the way of that Right before she starts her practice, her best fr [...]

  10. I am the Annie Oakley to his Frank Butler and I firmly believe that anything he can do, I can do better Anything You Can Do is a humorous, light enemies to lovers romance between two doctors working at the same clinic Even though I ve never really clicked with this author, this love hate story was too hard to pass up I didn t love it, but that s because it was just too light for me It wasn t gritty nor developed enough for me Lucas and Daisy were enemies from day one Lucas Thatcher and I have be [...]

  11. 4 starsHilarious and loveable love hate story that I devoured in one night The only thing that dropped a star in my greedy, picky and high maintenance taste is that view spoiler as sweet as the H s secret crush seemed when all started to finally uncover I wasn t as swooned off my feet as I should have been, because I m not a huge fan of the beta confession after being hurt, then running and hiding from the h until she has to chase him down and grovel trope I mean, dude you never once directly sh [...]

  12. If you are in the mood for a cute and cheesy romance Put on your jammies, grab some chocolate and your snuggie, and settle in for this one You will definitely smile as you read.Who the hell watches television when there are books to be read It s the enemies to lovers trope, and it s a whole lot of fun.We have the narration of Daisy, who has been in competition with the boy next door, Lucas, all of their lives They are a nightmare for everyone around them They made a school counselor quit her job [...]

  13. This was my first book by R.S Grey bows head in shame but what a wonderful romcom it turned out to be I m a big fan of banter, humor and all things OTT and this fantastic little read delivered on all fronts I ll keep it short Two doctors return to their home town in hopes of taking over the only medical practice in town They have been childhood nemeses and now they are forced to battle it out yet again But there s a thin line between love and hate and sometimes we can t see something that s righ [...]

  14. I absolutely love a book that is easy to read, full of laughs, sweet, and flows so smoothly This story is beautiful A love that was hidden under all the competition and all the chaos of growing up together from the day you were born Lucas Daisy have a unique competitive relationship that turns into a lifetime love My Lucas My Daisy

  15. I m disappointed The only reason I read this was because I ve read so many reviews saying it s like The Hating Game and I adore this book But no, it s really not like the The Hating Game, at least for me The only similarity is that it s an enemies to lovers book.One word that perfectly describes the book for me Meh.The book was easy and fast to read This is my first R.S Grey book and I quite enjoyed her writing I expected to laugh out loud while reading this book, but I literally laughed once Oh [...]

  16. Live live 3 Anything You C5 Hilarious StarsWhenever I need a book to make me smile and laugh out loud I always check R.S Grey s books Her stories alsways are enjoyable and refreshing.This one was another addictive,playful,smart,funny and sweet story I loved the plot in this one and I enjoyed Lucas and Daisy.Their banter was funny , I loved watching them competing each other It was entairtening, and the tension was fantastic , these two had some really steamy moments.R.S Grey s writing is fantas [...]

  17. 4.5 Love to Hate You Stars I know your brother probably much better than you do We will never get along 11 years apart is nothing It has changed nothing If anything, it s given our animosity time to mature like a fine wine or better yet, a stinky cheese Oh Daisy Sweet, clueless Daisy Lucas and Daisy have had a love hate mostly hate relationship from the moment Lucas was chosen line leader over Daisy in pre k From the name calling in grade school to the intentional tripping during cross country p [...]

  18. A delightful enemies to lovers gem Anything You Can Do is sure to yield continuous smiles with R.S Grey s cleverness, a heroine with a zany shrewdness and a very worthy adversary you ll swoon over.Lucas Thatcher and Daisy Bell have been competing since day one That s right, they were adversaries in anything and everything since the day they were born until they left to college on opposite sides of the country But now they re back in their home town and the stakes are higher as they re both vying [...]

  19. This was a solid hate to love romance with a likable, often times hilarious female MC, and a non douchey male lead who was made even endearing via the small snippets of his perspective Definitely a good rec for fans of The Hating Game.

  20. In all honesty, I wish that Daisy hadn t been written as the villain in there I mean, how the fuck could she have known Huh view spoiler WELL, not in the present she was sooooo long to get it right , but in the past It did seem like he hated her, or at least enjoyed their war seems a bit easy to go all din dan dun, he loved you, you selfish jerk hide spoiler but even if I had to grit my teeth during some scenes because the ANNOYANCE, you guys , it was still a fun and smile inducing ride Oh my go [...]

  21. I AM SCREAMING.Ok, so maybe I m not actually screaming If I were I think it would be safe to say I d be writing this review from the very uncomfortable position of my sister s chokehold, considering she has a Biology A Level exam tomorrow But because I loved this book soo freaking much, I m screaming, it s just purely internal.That being said, the frequent fits of giggles I collapsed into sans my sister s hands wrapped around my throat were purely external and earned me some rather questionable [...]

  22. Yo you guys this may have taken me forever to get through but I loved EVERY SECOND OF IT So damn gewd

  23. 4.5 do your worst starsIt might seem like these words of Tina Turner s song could easily describe the notion in this bookWhat s love got to do, got to do with itWhat s love but a sweet old fashioned notionWhat s love got to do, got to do with itWho needs a heart when a heart can be brokenBut then again you d be dead wrong cause it s inevitable for Daisy and Lucas It may seem to youThat I m acting confusedWhen you re close to meIf I tend to look dazedI ve read it someplaceI ve got cause to beTher [...]

  24. 4.5 Stars Daisy Bell grew up in the small town of Hamilton, Texas After many years away she moves back home to follow her dream of having her own private practice Daisy has worked hard to become the best doctor she can be, and now that the local Dr McCormick is planning to retire soon, she hopes to take over his practice He owns the only family practice in town Daisy is totally blindsided when she finds out she isn t the only doctor hired She will be working with her nemesis Lucas Thatcher Lucas [...]

  25. Loving this author Great contemporary romance read with plenty of steam and loads of funny, too.

  26. 4.5 Stars Loved this one If you enjoy enemies to lovers this ones for you Lucas and Daisy were childhood enemies from the day they were born Always competing against each other in everything they did Now they are both back in their hometown and competing for a Dr s practice because he s ready to retire Loved the pranks and the banter between them I laughed several times Lucas was super sexy and these two steamed up the pages I also really loved his emails The last two people who knew Lucas and D [...]

  27. Originally posted at Booklovers For Life3.5 STARSFor those of you who love romantic comedies that are over the top and dramatic, Anything You Can Do is perfect for you It s ridiculous and hilarious, and if you re in the mood for a feel good romance that will have you laughing, this will hit all the right buttons for you It s not quite my favorite R.S Grey novel, but it s very reminiscent of her previous rom coms, so fans of her books will definitely enjoy this enemies to lovers romance In light [...]

  28. 5 Enemies to lovers Stars What s it about Lucas and Daisy have been each other s nemesis since birth, or at least since Lucas won being line leader in Kindergarten, depending who you talk to 28 years later, sparks fly when they find themselves competing for the medical practice in their home town Can the person you have hated all your life, be the one you ve loved all along The best bitsAll of it I LOVED it.It s hilarious It s clever.It s romantic.And it s very schmexy.The worst bits It s astoni [...]

  29. If you re looking for a book about enemies to lovers stop right here Anything You Can Do is about two characters Lucas Thatcher and Daisy Bell, who had been in competition one way or the other since they had been born 58 minutes apart.They kept playing tricks and one upping each other throughout their childhood and school life until they went to Med School Daisy went to Duke, Lucas to Stanford A continent between them kept the animosity buried until both decided to come back home to Hamilton, Te [...]

  30. Kinda out of my reading slump now because of this book Also, I really loved it I don t think I ll ever grow tired of reading these adorable hate to love stories especially because it s literally the opposite of my most hated book trope which is drum rolls insta love.I was surprised I read this in only two days when I ve been literally complaining and telling every single person who crosses my way that I JUST DON T HAVE TIME TO READ ANYMORE AND IT S MAKING ME DEPRESSED The fact that I read this i [...]