The Bad Boy Next Door The Bad Boy Next Door Best Download || [Jody Holford] - The Bad Boy Next Door, The Bad Boy Next Door Shay Matthews moved to Boston for a fresh startw apartment new job new routine After too many years being coddled by her overbearing older brothers Shay s ready for some freedom and maybe a nice e

  • Title: The Bad Boy Next Door
  • Author: Jody Holford
  • ISBN: 9781633758735
  • Page: 145
  • Format: ebook

The Bad Boy Next Door

The Bad Boy Next Door Best Download || [Jody Holford], The Bad Boy Next Door, Jody Holford, The Bad Boy Next Door Shay Matthews moved to Boston for a fresh startw apartment new job new routine After too many years being coddled by her overbearing older brothers Shay s ready for some freedom and maybe a nice easygoing guy She wasn t expecting to literally run into the scowling brooding and unfairly smoking hot guy next door Fresh off a haunting undercover assignment detShay Matthew The Bad Boy Next Door Best Download || [Jody Holford]. The Bad Boy Next Door Best Download || [Jody Holford] - The Bad Boy Next Door, The Bad Boy Next Door Shay Matthews moved to Boston for a fresh startw apartment new job new routine After too many years being coddled by her overbearing older brothers Shay s ready for some freedom and maybe a nice e

  • The Bad Boy Next Door Best Download || [Jody Holford]
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The Bad Boy Next Door
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  1. This is a fun, light hearted read with a touch of suspense thrown in for good measure It is the second book in the series but works well as a standalone, too.Being the youngest sister with three older brothers means that for all of her life Shay Matthews has had them checking out she s okay, protecting her and she s had enough Deciding it is time she took control of her own life and had some freedom, she s moved to Boston, secretly planning to set up her own events planning business Brady, the b [...]

  2. ARC provided by NetGalley and publisher for honest review.Unfortunately this just didn t work for me.Short synopsis Shay wants a fresh start away from her overbearing brothers, so she moves to Boston Her plans are to start an event planning business Wyatt was a detective who just finished a long and disturbing undercover assignment that left him feeling mentally and emotionally drained Both live in the same apartment building, with Shay having just moved in The two meet and find they get on each [...]

  3. 3.5 Stars Wyatt is a detective who s just come off of undercover work and he s struggling with adjusting back to society He s the kind of alpha I like to read about He s tough, protective but standoffish He meets Shay and is instantly attracted but doesn t think he s in the right mind to do anything about it There was a lot of pushing away by Wyatt and he did struggle with communicating with Shay.Shay is breaking away from her overprotective family to start out on her own She admitted she s been [...]

  4. 5 STARS One of those books that has grammar mistakes and a lot of drama in the plot, but I love anyways I saw a lot of 3 star ratings for this book for whatever reason It may not be a 5 star book for some people s standards, but I couldn t stop reading it and that s enough for me Besides, who doesn t love a hot cop

  5. The Bad Boy Next Door feels like a complete misnomer for a rather light hearted story between a detective and a coddled young woman attempting to find her feet in a new city But I pushed on, wondering if this was going to be part suspense, part rom com and for me, it was really neither as it wasn t a story that resonated with me at all Much like a drama centred on a building and its occupants, Shay and Wyatt get pushed together mostly because of proximity and a series of events that neither coul [...]

  6. Three and a half stars.Shay Matthews moves to Boston to set up her own event planning company and get out from under her over protective family On the day she moves into her new apartment Kendrick Place, she meets two very different men who also live in the apartment block Brady, the pro temps apartment manager who seems like a nice, kind, open guy, and Wyatt, Mr Tall, Dark and Broody Guess which one gets Shay s heart pounding This is the second book in the Kendrick Place series, following More [...]

  7. ARC provided by publisher.I ve been excited for The Bad Boy Next Door ever since I read the first book in this series, More Than Friends And while this book was a decent read, it wasn t quite what I was hoping for Wyatt was introduced in book one as one of the residents as Kendrick Place, and he was very growly Well, it s a damn good thing I like growly heroes, because that growliness was in full force in this book Wyatt is just about the growliest hero I ve ever read That s FOUR growlies for an [...]

  8. 3.5 starsThe Bad Boy Next Door was a sweet, fun and entertaining read.I enjoyed the storyline, it was well written, the drama wasn t over the top and my interest was held all throughout the book.Wyatt and Shay were likable and entertaining characters and while I enjoyed watching them get together and did believe in their love I just wished I felt a little passion from them.Overall, The Bad Boy Next Door is a lovely Sunday afternoons read.The Bad Boy Next Door is the second book from the Kendric [...]

  9. Absolutely loved this continuation of Kendrick Place When I saw there was a second book, I all but shouted, Sign me up Holford didn t disappoint A light, fun read Definitely recommend

  10. Shay wants to make it on her own Her family is protective and they like to do everything for her, but she wants to prove she can also achieve something without them That s why it s time for a new beginning She s started a business and she s moved into her own apartment She wants to be carefree and isn t looking for a relationship, but when she meets her neighbor Wyatt she can t help but feel something for him He isn t the lighthearted fun type of guy though, will Shay follow her heart or are her [...]

  11. I loved Wyatt that man could provide for his woman, even though she didnt need providing for, abbed his boxers He pulled on the shirt he d been wearing and grabbed a T shirt from his drawer Tossing it onto the bed, he winked at her I made you dinner Unless you re okay with eating naked, which is perfectly fine with me, put that on Wyatt is all about compromise, like hell Then someone else can look at your naked back all night I don t think so I think you ll just stand in front of me, nice and cl [...]

  12. When I m around you, I feel like the world isn t as bad as it seems When I read books like this, I feel like the world isn t as bad as it seems Because books like this are why I love romance The Bad Boy Next Door is an adorable and super sweet read Fluffy, light and fun.I really enjoyed the first book in this series, and it was fantastic to return to Kendrick Place, especially seeing Gabby and Owen again, because sigh they are just so cute This time though, we get to hang out with the gruff and [...]

  13. 4.5 StarsShay wants to break away from her over protective family She wants a fresh start without any romantic entanglements She wasn t expecting to meet anyone who would tempt her to lose focus.Wyatt is a detective, he has recently finished an under cover job and just trying to get used to normal life He is not ready for relationships Right now he is learning to be social again So when he meets his next door neighbor and is attracted to her, he just tries to ignore it But will they both be able [...]

  14. I love that this series is going to continue and keep us in Kendrick Place Holford introduces the reader to a new couple, while keeping us grounded in a setting we love and with glimpses of characters we ve fallen for Wyatt really stood out to me in the first book, so I was happy to see him star on this one and see where his heart would take him He seemed cold hearted, but I knew there was to him And there was Wyatt s character is complex and one can start to see why is he the way he isd why Sh [...]

  15. This was a nice antidote to all the broody, angst y novels I ve been reading lately This book was a gentle read, with the steamy scenes held behind closed doors, which was fine When you ve got a heroine who comes from a wealthy, privileged background, that aspect can sometimes overtake the story I m happy to say that wasn t the case here I don t like reading about spoiled, wealthy girls, and while Shay had it easy before, she was focused on not living the same kind of life, which was refreshing [...]

  16. To be in love is a feat in itself, to have your heart broken and come back from that and learn how to trust someone else with your heart is one of the scariest things in the world But it can and does happen It takes time and a heck of a lot of effort and when it does you just know Wyatt and Shay knew this the first time they spoke, but fought it at every turn, until they couldn t Jody has away of stealing your heart leaving you breathless and wanting with every story she writes I loved this jou [...]

  17. Shay is ready to embrace the new life she s planning, away from the overprotective eyes of her brothers On moving day, she can t help but notice Brady, the building manager He s nice, sweet, and, this is big, doesn t seem as if he s an overbearing, I know best, alpha, like her brothers Shay also meets a mysterious and sexy man that calls her on being alone in the underground garage, and moving her things, by herself He definitely fits what she wants to avoid, butWyatt, a Boston detective, finish [...]

  18. This review will also appears here on A Leisure Moment I received a copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review I m difficult to please when it comes to the alpha male stereotype presented in romance novels, but Holford did a phenomenal job of creating an alpha male without overdoing the trope I fell easily into the story and finished it quickly.Shay Matthews was tired of everyone telling her how to live her life As the youngest and only girl in her family, she was tired of [...]

  19. The Bad Boy Next Door is the second book in the Kendrick Place series, but it s the first one I ve had the chance to read I can promise you this works just fine as a standalone, but it made me curious and hungry for Gabby and Owen s story so I ll definitely be circling back around to grab More Than Friends Here s the thing about Jody Holford books they re consistently completely engaging and charming I always go into them feeling unsure if this is going to click for me, and then every single tim [...]

  20. Loved this book It had so many funny moments, where I related with the characters and wanted to jump into the story to join them It s always amazing when an author can create a world that so tempts the reader.Shay Matthews has just moved to Boston, escaping from a love affair gone wrong and an overprotective family While moving in to her new apartment, she quickly realizes that making a fresh start is hard when temptation in the form of Wyatt Daniels is standing right in front of her Wyatt is a [...]

  21. While I enjoyed the first book in this series More Than Friends and was intrigued by some of the other characters living at Kendrick Place, this book didn t work for me Once again the criminal subplot felt really tacked on, seeming like it was going somewhere at some point, only to fade away until it was needed to give Shay a reason to overreact But it was the main characters and their lack of chemistry that really spoilt things for me.Shay is ridiculously immature It is kind of understandable, [...]

  22. 4.5 StarsBeing the baby of her family hasn t been easy for Shay Matthews, especially considering her three overprotective brothers Needing her freedom and a chance to see if she can be independent, instead of relying on her family so much, she moves to Boston She never expected to meet a man that could convince her to take a chance on love again, but her smoking hot next door neighbor, Wyatt Daniels, manages to get under her skin Will they both risk their hearts for the chance at happy ever aft [...]

  23. That feeling when it s a glorious day out after endless rain and you feel so energized, you stroll along the street just because and then a car sped by and splashed mud all over you d you went from happy to murderous that s pretty much what I felt between starting and finishing The Bad Boy Next Door Don t get me wrong, it s an engaging story Since reading More Than Friends I was sure there s to the broody and mysterious tenant of Kendrick Place than glimpsed on that book, so I was quick to grab [...]

  24. ARC provided by NetGalley Thank you This was my first book by Jody Holford.I found this to be a light, fun and sweet read I liked Shay I liked Wyatt I found myself thinking that this was like a Sweet Dreams novel but for adults because though each main character had their own issues, the story line never got heavy and overly dramatic, which I appreciated And let s be clear, when I compared this book to having the feel of a Sweet Dreams book well, imo, this is a compliment because I loved my Swee [...]

  25. A very sweet and satisfying romance It was fun to return to Kendrick Place and all the great characters introduced in the first book in the series I loved how Shay and Wyatt s story unfolded and I couldn t stop turning the pages.

  26. Bad Boy Next Door was a very enjoyable story Wyatt, a detective that had been working undercover and Shay, an overprotected woman trying to Branch out and find herself along with her freedom to stretch her wings, brings a fun storyline to life.This was my first read by Jody and I was overall pleased with the story Jody has a great ability to write an alpha and brave heroine that doesn t get lost in the story of the alpha Wyatt is pretty instantly attracted to Shay and wants to protect her while [...]

  27. Loved revisiting the Kendrick Place and all the residents from More Than Friends From the first book between Gabby and Owen, we meet both Brady the mechanic and charmer and Wyatt the sexy, broody detective.I loved Wyatt and his broodiness, his mystery, and sex appeal I also LOVED that he was instantly intrigued by Shay when she was moving in and was off kilter around her Shay is tired of overbearing, bossy and controlling people aka her brother and parents and wants to love a life of independenc [...]

  28. Nice contemporary romance No one is insecure or petty The hero, Wyatt, is a detective, recently returned from an undercover assignment, and the experience is still haunting him The heroine, Shay, is from a wonderfully supportive family The only problem is the support feels stifling and she feels like she has to create some distance, via a move, in order to stand on her own two feet.If I had a criticism, it would be that while I liked Wyatt and Shay, I feel like she, and even he to some extent, w [...]

  29. This was my first book by Jody Holford and it was a cute and sweet story but in the end it left me feeling a bit underwhelmed From the blurb and our introduction to him, I expected Wyatt to be a growly, alpha bad boy and that wasn t exactly what I got And Shay was a cute, bumbling woman Her constant insistence on independence was exasperating at times I understand wanting to stand on your own two feet, but sometimes it doesn t hurt to get some help I really just didn t feel the chemistry between [...]