Grist Mill Road [PDF] Grist Mill Road | by ✓ Christopher J. Yates - Grist Mill Road, Grist Mill Road Twenty six years ago Hannah had her eye shot out Now she wants justice But is she blind to the truth Christopher J Yates s cult hit Black Chalk introduced that rare writerly talent a literary writer w

  • Title: Grist Mill Road
  • Author: Christopher J. Yates
  • ISBN: 9781250150288
  • Page: 283
  • Format: Hardcover

Grist Mill Road

[PDF] Grist Mill Road | by ✓ Christopher J. Yates, Grist Mill Road, Christopher J. Yates, Grist Mill Road Twenty six years ago Hannah had her eye shot out Now she wants justice But is she blind to the truth Christopher J Yates s cult hit Black Chalk introduced that rare writerly talent a literary writer who could write a plot with the intricacy of a brilliant mental puzzle and with characters so absorbing that readers are immediately gripped Yates s new book does not disTwenty six yea [PDF] Grist Mill Road | by ✓ Christopher J. Yates. [PDF] Grist Mill Road | by ✓ Christopher J. Yates - Grist Mill Road, Grist Mill Road Twenty six years ago Hannah had her eye shot out Now she wants justice But is she blind to the truth Christopher J Yates s cult hit Black Chalk introduced that rare writerly talent a literary writer w

  • [PDF] Grist Mill Road | by ✓ Christopher J. Yates
    283Christopher J. Yates
Grist Mill Road
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  1. I read this entire book but, right from start until finish, I just could not get into it.Perhaps this kind of thriller does not mix well with literary fiction for me There were many things about Grist Mill Road that reminded me of the tone and style of American Psycho which I get will seem like a huge compliment to many readers Their narratives are both cold, distant and detached Grisly things happen in horrific detail but there is no emotional attachment to them.As seems to be the case with alm [...]

  2. When my book bestie five starred this sucker I knew it would probably be one I wouldn t take four weeks to read It only took me one Now I gotta admit When I first started reading it I thought Kelly had bumped her head on one of Mitchell s tusks.It was boring as heck It starts off with a first chapter of super evil stuff and then turns into a looooonnng description of food blogging and a damn cement company s history.And I LIKE the food blogging thing That s bad when I was bored at something like [...]

  3. 3.5 What should have been a fun outing for three young teens, quickly turns tragic Leaving all three with lifelong scars that each need to deal with in their own way Years later, their paths will cross one time Will tragedy strike twice or will they all find the truth and closure they so desperately need.This book started off very strong Great story characters, with the potential to be an amazing read Unfortunately, somewhere around the halfway mark it just, well I m not sure what happened The [...]

  4. The reality is there are than two sides to most stories Truth is seldom a lens, truth is a kaleidoscopee opening scene in this book is beyond rough thirteen year old hannah is tied to a tree and shot with a bb gun by an older boy named matthew shot repeatedly and in great detail the 49th turning her eye into a dark smashed plum this transpires while patch, the youngest of the three, watches in silence when hannah s screams stop abruptly after the ruination of her eye, they poke at her a bit, co [...]

  5. 3.75 original, slow building stars to Grist Mill Road .75Grist Mill Road engaged me from the start I found it genre bending at first and didn t quite know what it was I ve settled on thinking it was descriptive literary fiction with a mystery I had such high hopes based on how it started The three people involved in this incident each had a voice, and we first heard from them in the 1980s when the event happened, and then again, 20 years later, when their lives intersected again In many ways, th [...]

  6. The opening scene in Grist Mill Road is the stuff of which nightmares are formed Three young teens in a brutal, savage act that goes beyond all measure of comprehension One will lose an eye and live with those nightmares forever One will live with the guilt of doing, saying nothing and one will go to jail for the crime Their lives are indelibly linked by the crime and by the lies that they told to themselves and others that day Grist Mill Road is split into two timelines the early 80 s surroundi [...]

  7. A story of how scars suffered in childhood never really go away It may be a physical scar, plainly visible for a lifetime Emotional and psychological scarring can be harder to detect, hidden like a dangerous secret Lying in wait, temporarily dormant Those secrets are laid bare here, impacting lives that have already suffered losses This one is deliciously dark, and disturbing in its ramifications the story of a girl and a boy and a BB gun .

  8. Christopher Yates writes a intelligent and multilayered dark literary thriller It begins in 1982 with three teenagers go out on a hot summer day in the Swangum Mountains where a nightmare of a violent scenario develops that leaves the reader reeling in horror Matthew and Patrick Patch are with Hannah, this incident is to bond the three together with deep ramifications that shape them and their future One is left blind in one eye and another ends up in prison They are in their forties in New York [...]

  9. I received a free advanced copy of Grist Mill Road by Christopher J Yates for my honest review.An extremely intense and mesmerizing thriller that pulls you in on it s very first page This book is a story of three teenagers who are all involved in a crime and how each of them viewed the crime, in their own mind, what they saw or what they think they saw and what really happened The story is told from their past and their future and how this crime changed who they are now and what their actions fr [...]

  10. I started off lost in the brushy, woody lush coulee reading Grist Mill Road with two of my Traveling Sisters and we ended up in the thorny woody rocky coulee looking for a way out.Grist Mill Road is a dark, complex story of secrets, deceit, and misunderstandings that started off with a bang for us and shocking us with the brutal crime committed by one character Matthew towards Hannah while Patch watched and didn t intervene We were drawn in right away to the mystery of the crime and what really [...]

  11. 2.5 starsThe year is 1982 Matthew, Patrick Patch , and Hannah, are young teenagers when a horrible crime is committed, one that leaves them all devastated.Decades later, in 2008, the three are adults and the stories of their lives unfold for us, all colored by the misperceptions and lies that have been told about that long ago day in 1982 None of the 3 have escaped unscathed It s a complicated story, but when the truth was finally revealed, I was disappointed If the author wanted to create sympa [...]

  12. Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum This story you re reading once started out as a perfectly ordinary, everyday tale Until, very suddenly, it wasn t This is how it went Grist Mill Road should have been included in my Best Of yearly wrap up for 2017 EDIT Fuck it I m adding it The part that sucks is, this is one of those tales where the less said, the better I ll let the book do the talking and you can see if it might be something that would tickle your fancy There is to this story than meet [...]

  13. 4 sad starsA lie can have many tentacles It can reach out in so many directions, affect so many people, change so many lives A lie that is left to smolder never being refuted or put to right can not only damage the teller but also all those the lie can include Lies and secrets, they are like a cancer in the soul They eat away what is good and leave only destruction behind Matthew, Patrick, and Hannah are friends They go to school together, have time spent together and yet all the wonderful and c [...]

  14. Humans are flawed and complex We make decisions that both heal and harm, and are full of consequence But because we are so multifaceted, it is rare that a wrong is committed without an antecedent There is no truer example of the domino effect than human behavior There is always something that prompts internal emotion and thought within us which ultimately leads to how we choose to externally direct it Yes, ultimately behavior is a choice, but there is a whole stack of disheveled playing cards un [...]

  15. 4.5 starsIf you like dark mysteries, this one is for you Imagine the early 1980 s as a teenager, riding around and exploring on your bike with your friends, just on the cusp of adulthood Life is good, until a horrible crime takes place and shatters everything you know One friend loses an eye, another pays the price in prison, and one tries to pretend it never happened.Now skip ahead 26 years later, and imagine 2 of these friends have somehow ended up married, and the 3rd has just resurfaced in t [...]

  16. 5Disclaimer Grist Mill Road starts out with a couple of very disturbing scenes, and this book definitely isn t for the faint of heart The book is told from multiple viewpoints which I love mostly Patrick also known as Patch when he is younger , Hannah, and towards the end Matthew On one hand I really liked getting all sides of the stories, but I ended up skimming a bit of Matthew on that later The book jumps between the past 1982 and present time which is New York in 2008 The book is also broke [...]

  17. GRIST MILL ROAD by Christopher J Yates Thank you so much to Picador for sending me an advance copy all opinions are my own The Rashomon film style is known for a plot device that involves various characters providing subjective, alternative, self serving and contradictory versions of the same incident In this novel, the story is divided into three parts The main characters, Patch, Hannah, and Matthew, all share their own accounts of a horrific crime that took place in 1982 and how they cope with [...]

  18. You can read all of my reviews at Lit Wit Wine Dine.If you re a friend or follower on here on , you may have seen my status update at page 108 The jury is still out on this one I m not a fan of omitting quotation marks and it s moving a little slowly And this one at page 163 Okay, now I m hooked A brief status update at the end of the book would have looked something like this Huh What the heck And that pretty much sums it up Grist Mill Road started out slowly Everything seemed very obvious and [...]

  19. Now I was a HUGE fan of Black Chalk, the first novel from this author that I read moons ago now it was a work of literary genius, a puzzle piece of sheer reading joy, so to say that I was both excited and somewhat apprehensive to read Grist Mill Road is perhaps an understatement.Turns out Black Chalk was not a one off in the quality sense Grist Mill Road is a twisted and intelligent tale of three friends and the actions that tie them together once the author plays with your perceptions througho [...]

  20. In 1982 in a small upstate New York town, teenaged Matthew, Patrick and Hannah were spending a pleasant summer day together The day ended in an horrific act of violence In 2008 in New York City the lives of the three converge again The story is told in alternating chapters from the perspectives of the three protagonists and slips back and forth between the two critical years It s not really possible to describe anything that happens in this book without spoiling it The story is definitely not as [...]

  21. In 1982, Matthew, Patrick, and Hannah are linked together through a terrible crime Twenty six years later, they reconnect A dark story told with two timelines, 1982 and 2008 Each chapter was about a main character Matthew, Patrick, or Hannah , though some were told in first person point of view and others were third person The back and forth between timelines, characters, and points of view slowed the pace of the story.The first chapter in the book tells the tragic crime that occurred in their y [...]

  22. 4.5 5 stars for this outstanding read Find my full review here crimebythebook blog 2017 1GRIST MILL ROAD is an immersive and harrowing crime novel that s perfect for readers looking for a gripping psychological suspense story with a literary bent I loved the book s unique structure, layered plotting, and tragic characters My one caution this book deals with difficult topics abuse, bigotry in a very blunt way, so just proceed with caution if those topics are difficult for you.

  23. Wow, I absolutely LOVED Grist Mill Road by Christopher Yates I have not read anything from him before but will most definitely be looking out for his future books I started this yesterday and finished this morning I could NOT stop reading it I actually had this one for awhile from Netgalley but I m not sure what kept me from wanting to read it The story is told in three parts where you will get the 3 main characters perspective Grist Mill Road is told in past and present The story was intense, d [...]

  24. So, this one takes it time, concentrating on telling the story at its own pace instead of thrills and spills, and all the better for it.The story concentrates around three characters, Patrick and Matthew who are best friends as early teenagers, and also their friend Hannah.It begins in 1982 in the Swangum mountains where we find the three of them A very disturbing and violent crime takes place that will change their lives forever, leaving one without an eye and one in prison.We then move forward [...]

  25. I really enjoyed reading this book I looked forward to coming home or climbing in bed and opening it up to read It took a little bit to get used to there being no punctuation with the conversations, but that s about the only flaw I found in this book I liked how the book was split into three parts and each part was told by another character and about their perspective on what happened on That Day , while continuing to tell the present day story The writing was good, but even better when feelings [...]

  26. There s a lesson to be learned here, labels are for soup cans I kept seeing reviews for this novel from others on , and I had added it to my TBR list I saw that it was on NetGalley, and I wanted to request it, but I also saw that it had a publication date in January, which made me second guess my decision to request it I just had so many other titles with a January publication date that I didn t want to add another BUT, as a few weeks went by, the desire to read it grew, and after taking anothe [...]

  27. 3 stars Thanks to NetGalley and Picador Books for a chance to read this book Published Jan 9, 2018.Let me first say that I realize that each book is a work of art for the author They may have worked for a long time researching material, developing characters and plot, rewriting drafts, maybe even suffering writers block I understand that a lot goes into developing a book, and I appreciate that With all that in mind, there appears to be a popular change in the writing of books And I wonder if the [...]

  28. 4.5 The I think about this novel the I appreciate the author s ability to peel back the many layers of this complicated story using different perspectives to disclose its many unexpected revelations Okay, just read the reviews by Shelby trains flying monkeys , Kelly and the Book Boar , and Jan They all did an excellent job of reviewing this title without giving too much away.

  29. It s 26 years after a horrible incident in the lives of 3 young friends, where one loses an eye, one tries to forget it ever happened and one paid the price of prison When life takes a turn, we find that these 3 somehow end up facing each other again Who will pay the price this time At times, I really enjoyed this, but the ending somehow left me feeling a little disappointed I think if less time had been spent describing the terrain etc, then time could have been devoted to the characters In th [...]

  30. This book definitely started off strong and was living up to its page turning hype which I expected thanks to the author s strong reputation from his previous book.The author has an intelligent style that spins suspense and thrills in a way that raises it above the typical fare you d expect from a book in the Mystery genre which happens to be one of my favorites.Yates provides characters that are full of depth and psychologically twisty as he spins a tale of friendship s dire consequences when i [...]