Shattered [PDF] Shattered | by ↠ Helen Hardt - Shattered, Shattered Ryan Steel is known in Snow Creek as the handsomest Steel brother with the most jovial personality Now that his busy grape harvest and winemaking season is over he s happy to spend time with his fami

  • Title: Shattered
  • Author: Helen Hardt
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 348
  • Format: Kindle Edition


[PDF] Shattered | by ↠ Helen Hardt, Shattered, Helen Hardt, Shattered Ryan Steel is known in Snow Creek as the handsomest Steel brother with the most jovial personality Now that his busy grape harvest and winemaking season is over he s happy to spend time with his family and help his brothers Talon and Jonah celebrate their impending nuptials The Steels are taking a well deserved break from the conspiracy surrounding themuntil an unlRyan Steel is known [PDF] Shattered | by ↠ Helen Hardt. [PDF] Shattered | by ↠ Helen Hardt - Shattered, Shattered Ryan Steel is known in Snow Creek as the handsomest Steel brother with the most jovial personality Now that his busy grape harvest and winemaking season is over he s happy to spend time with his fami

  • [PDF] Shattered | by ↠ Helen Hardt
    348Helen Hardt
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  1. Release Date August 29, 2017 Genre Darker Romantic SuspenseI read this book from start to finish in one sitting It s another great addition to the Steel Brothers series and features a different cast of characters Ryan and Ruby If you have been following the series then you know that each book must be read in order of publication as it features the same suspenseful and dark story line The first 3 books tell Talon s story and quest to find out who hurt him when he was a kid all the while slowly fa [...]

  2. Wow shattered was intense The story line conitues on with its phenomal twist and turns More secrets are revealed and questions will arise It will suck you in and you will hate when it ends Ryan has been of a background charater until now amd lwt me tell you he is difinetly worth the wait He is so charming, sweet and sexy you will be swooning through the book Ruby is a beautiful soul trying like hell to escape the pain of her past Holy cow what an ending

  3. Ruby has an awful background and has dedicated her life to finding answers as to what and exactly who her father was Ryan has learned to live with the guilt he experiences after narrowly escaping a horrifying situation that his brother had to endure When these two meet during the double wedding of Ryan s brothers, they are immediately drawn to each other I loved the way this relationship developed and was elated to watch Ruby begin to come out of her frightened shell Ryan was the perfect man to [...]

  4. I couldn t resist jumping into this series because I keep seeing it on my Facebook feed I really wanted to see what the hype is about Luckily the author does a pretty good job of doing enough of a recap in the beginning that I had no problems jumping in and following along I was hooked on the plot immediately This has a secret society aspect to the overall series that will keep you guessing with each chapter You do get previous couples in this book and this series is a lot darker than I was expe [...]

  5. Received ARC from Netgalley to give a honest review after reading Thank you netgalley, publisher, and author, Helen Hardt for the chance First off I ve to say I have never read Helen s books and for that I m sorry and I feel completely stupid for not reading her books after reading Shattered I also want to thank author Meredith Wild for introducing me to Helen Hardt s work This book had the moment I open the first page Ryan and Ruby both have troubling past one they both wish they could forget a [...]

  6. Well, here we are, seven books deep in what was originally billed as a trilogy with no real end in sight There s at least one other book on the horizon, and since Marj hasn t received her romance just yet, there will likely be in the series I honestly wouldn t be surprised if this series goes for at LEAST ten books Nothing like milking this dry cow for those last few drops, I suppose.There are some series that are so bad that they re actually somewhat engrossing reads This series, however, isn [...]

  7. I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review SHATTERED is the seventh book in Helen Hardt s STEEL BROTHERS SAGA, and this series must be read in order If you haven t read this series yet, start with CRAVING, book one The first three books books one, two, and three follow the romance between Talon Steel and Jade Roberts, the next three books books four, five, and six follow the romance between Jonah Steel and Melanie Carmichael, and the final three books books se [...]

  8. In 2016, Helen Hardt was a new author to me I took a chance with her Steel Brothers Saga and I have to tell you, she is quickly becoming one of my go to authors WoW Just WoW I have to tell you, you all need this series in your life It s the perfect balance of romance along with being a mystery and a thriller all at the same time.WARNING Shattered IS NOT a standalone You have to read all of the other books in the series to even understand what is going on.That being said, Shattered starts a new c [...]

  9. I received an ARC of this book through netgally for an honest review First i want to say I have read all the Steel Brothers books from day 1 This has been a series i look forward to and love This book did not disappoint me in any way I read this book in one sitting i could not put it down This is the first book about Ryan Steel the youngest of the 3 brothers and now everything is coming to light about their lives and loves All I know December is so far away for the next book and this one ended o [...]

  10. Please note I received a copy of SHATTERED on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you to the publisher and author.I love a good the past can destroy our future romance and Helen Hardt delivers I haven t read any of the other Steel Brother Saga books, so at first blush, I thought this was going to be a straight up erotic romance Boy, was I in for a surprise The author doesn t just whip sex scenes together and toss in a few characters to give it a semblance of a story like a lot of ot [...]

  11. netgalleyGreat read This book captured and held my attention from beginning to end This is a new to me author, I like her style.

  12. Please note that you need to read this series in order Craving, Obsession, Possession, Melt, Burn, Surrender and then Shattered Twisted comes out this year as well.We begin Shattered focused on the baby brother of the Steel Brothers, Ryan, and Ruby a town cop that desperately wants to close a chapter of her painful past by capturing her convict father The two get to know one another on a family trip, but Ruby has been so closed off to men her entire life she is extremely wary to Ryan s intention [...]

  13. Marjorie is planning a double wedding in Jamaica for Jade and Talon and Jonah and Melanie Ryan Steel is known in Snow Creek as the handsomest Steel brother with the most jovial personality The Steels are taking a much needed break There are secrets coming to the surface that will shatter Ryan world Detective Ruby Lee is trying to find answers for question no one wants answered but her and the Steel, there past are colliding together Ruby isn t looking for a relationship but when she meets Ryan s [...]

  14. I have read all of the Steel Brothers series So, when this fell in my lap, I of course, JUMPED at the chance to read it I don t know how the author does it I usually have most books and endings figured out before I even finish half of the book Sooooo not the case in this series and with this author I always end up saying NO WAY REALLY THIS IS A GREAT,FAST PACED READ Something is up with the Steel brothers during this Book How much Can One Person take How Much More Can This Family Take This is de [...]

  15. Holy crap what an intense book The Steele saga continues with the youngest brother Ryan and the question of who his mother really is and what role did she play in the abduction of Talon While information is found questions come to the surface Also thrown into the mix is Ryan s relationship with Ruby, while the chemistry is explosive, can the lies and the baggage from their pasts be overcome to continue This book was an emotional rollercoaster that took me from happiness to tears to the end whe [...]

  16. Thank you Netgalley and Waterhouse Press for providing me with a copy of this book What an awesome story Oh my gosh I could not put this down I read it in two sittings, would have finished in one, but chores got in the way Ryan and Ruby were so lovely together A sweet romance that slowly built and felt real I have not read the earlier Steel Brothers books, but I sure want to now Helen Hardt is a fantastic author.What an emotional but riveting read I loved Ruby s character she was so smart, stron [...]

  17. I was fortunate to receive an early ARC from Netgalley by agreeing to give an honest review in returnAZING This Series should be read in order Wow I read this book in one sitting and could not put this book down It was well worth the wait This book focuses on Ryan Steel the youngest Steel Brother Through finding love and hidden truths his world is completely shattered Will things ever be the same for him You will find many answers, but also be left with many questions Helen Hardt is amazing This [...]

  18. This is the seventh book in this epic series of the Steele brothers You have to read all these books in order or you will be totally lost The books are Craving, Obsession, Possession, Melt, Burn, Surrender, and now Shattered This book is the start of Ryan s journey I have read this whole series from the beginning and Helen has done it again by leaving me speechless This book was addicting at the very first page It only took me a day and half to finish this book Ryan Steele is the youngest of all [...]

  19. This is the 7th installment of The Steel Brothers Saga series, and an ARC provided by NetGalley I had read the blurb and had prepared to go into this as a light or fast paced read I was surprised by the content and subject matter even with the warning label This story revolves around Ryan and Ruby, however, I found myself getting lost with the characters from the previous stories This did not feel like a standalone but rather an extension from the previous installments, and if you are a fan of t [...]

  20. Ryan feels bad about his lack of participation in the family melodrama, and he s determined to repair that He enjoys himself, but he notices his brothers acting weird His older brothers are withholding something important.I was stunned yet I couldn t stop turning the pages I was hooked on Ruby Ryan s epic chemistry.The continuing storyline kept me engaged Secrets are coming out of the woodwork, and Ryan s entire outlook on life changes His reaction to the extraordinary news coming from his broth [...]

  21. All I can say is WOW Normally I m not a big fan of continuing books, but with these, I can t wait for the next installment I usually like series that each have an ending for all of the books in that series with no cliffhangers But, the way Helen Hardt writes, I m changing my tune The characters are two dimensional and are victims in their own way It shows that you don t have to be the actual victim of the crime to have residual effects The crime against one person in a family effects everyone in [...]

  22. Helen, what did you just do to me I am still reeling from this book and it has been a few weeks since I read it WoW Just WoW You all can check out my full review on my blog page on release day mygirlfriendscouchfbIf you all have not started The Steel brothers Saga, you all have to I promise that you will thank me.

  23. 5 fantastic stars Words cannot express how much I f ing loved this book Hell, how much I ve loved this entire series Shattered is the 7th book in the Steele Brothers Series These books are not meant to be read as standalones You ll be extremely out of the loop if you start on this book This installment goes into Ryan Steele s life Ryan is the youngest brother of the 3 Steele brothers He s a winemaker and smooth talker Probably the best looking in my imagination This installment is told from two [...]

  24. Omg omg omg What a way to leave people hanging I can t get over this ending of this book Now I gotta wait til when Omg This book is incredible Totally recommendI received this book as a ARC for my honest opinion

  25. Update I have since gone back and read the whole series All caught up for now Whoa, what the heck kind of series did I just drop myself into the middle of Only I would start on book 7 of course And she gets me totally into the story, and the mystery, and all the action, then I see it s at 95% and there is No Way that it will wrap up in time Cliffy Reallly Ok so Shattered is the first book I have EVER read by Helen Hardt I am so intrigued by this whole series I need to go back to the beginning an [...]

  26. I received an ARC of Shattered from netgalley to write a review Thank you Helen Hardt, Netgalley and Waterhouse Press for the opportunity.In this book you delve deeper into the mystery of the Steel family The relationship between Ryan and Ruby is heart felt They both have many issues from their past that they re trying to deal with All the while continuing to try and unravel the truth behind his brother Talon s abduction Answers to many questions are finally answered, yet so many new ones are fo [...]

  27. Had the privilege to read an ARC copy Helen did it yet again She blows me out of the water When Ryan and Ruby meet neither of them think anything about the other Then spending some time in paradise together for Ryan s brothers weddings, neither of them can deny the pull they both feel Ruby is the daughter of one of the men that assaulted Talon, and she doesn t trust people Ryan is not looking for a relationship, but cannot deny what he feels for Ruby They both learn secrets about their families [...]

  28. This is the book that made me fall in love with Ryan Steel Helen doesn t disappoint so I know I would love the book Shattered takes you on another adventure with the Steel family There s a bunch of twists that leave you anxious to find out and lots of lovemaking to make you love Ryan even Then there s the cliffhangeroh the anxiety Amazing book and very well written

  29. Shattered by Helen Hardt is Book Seven in The Steel Brothers Saga Ryan and Ruby s story will leave you breathless and panting for This can be a standalone book and since I have only read this book, I think I would have done better if I had read the previous books in this series to have a firmer understanding who all the players are but still, you can read this and be ok This is slightly a dark toned romance with a few trigger issues in this book Detective Ruby doesn t know what love is since sh [...]