2017 on Goodreads 2017 on Goodreads Best Download || [Various] - 2017 on Goodreads, on Goodreads Whether or not you ve had time to write your own reviews here s a chance to review your entire reading and post it under this title so that others can see what your reading year was like Togethe

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2017 on Goodreads

2017 on Goodreads Best Download || [Various], 2017 on Goodreads, Various, on Goodreads Whether or not you ve had time to write your own reviews here s a chance to review your entire reading and post it under this title so that others can see what your reading year was like Together all the reviews of on should make an interesting and varied catalogue of books to inspire other readers in For those of you who don t like to add titleWhether or not you 2017 on Goodreads Best Download || [Various]. 2017 on Goodreads Best Download || [Various] - 2017 on Goodreads, on Goodreads Whether or not you ve had time to write your own reviews here s a chance to review your entire reading and post it under this title so that others can see what your reading year was like Togethe

  • 2017 on Goodreads Best Download || [Various]
2017 on Goodreads
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  1. Well, it s been quite a year I m a little late posting this, but I m currently 34 weeks pregnant and feeling about to burst so that is my excuse for everything My 2017 on has been a bit of a whirlwind I ve read a lot of great books, some not so great books, and in the year s final quarter I was invited to the HQ and took part in an interview for the blog Oh, and I met Margaret Atwood because this year wasn t wonderfully strange enoughIt all feels like it might be a bizarre dream Don t wake me up [...]

  2. What a special reading year it has been It seems like it was just last year at this time, when I said that I had read than I had ever dreamed of Never did I think that I would surpass that just one year later In 2017, I undertook a personal Pulitzer challenge and read 20 books across all platforms and also only read books by women authors during International Women s History Month, and hope to continue with these next year I have read novels and memoirs by favorite authors including Isabel Alle [...]

  3. This review marks the end of my fourth year of goodreading 222 books 70000 pages 2017I ve read so many books this year, some great and some terrible, though I ve learnt so much and gained so much I finished my undergraduate degree, started a master s degree and undertook some freelance review work It s been so much fun So here s my breakdown My top five 1 Siddhartha is beautiful and wise, one of the best pieces of fiction I have ever read 2 Lolita employs such creative and artful language to des [...]

  4. You can also see this at readrantrockandroll 2017 This has been one incredible year of reading Even though I joined in 2008, I didn t remain active, and this year has been my first full active year here I ve thoroughly enjoyed discussing reviews, learning about new authors and books, making new friends, and increasing my TBR up to 13,559 This year I started my own book blog which includes most of my book reviews and much I think this was a pretty good decision for me and I ve made some wonderfu [...]

  5. The year with medical family has been not that great but here s hoping for a better 2018My book reading has been awesome I have read a lot of amazing books And this will probably go on forever as I am not going to sit here for hours doing it right now Lol FAVORITES In no particular order My Reviews are listed under the title.1 Life In Outer Space2 Final Girls3 The Rook4 The Dragons Of Nova5 Heir of Novron6 Red Sister7 Oathbringer8 Renegades9 Furyborn10 A Court Of Wings And Ruin11 The Winter King [...]

  6. This was an unpredictable year I continue to be disheartened by so much on the national scene and hope that as a nation we will focus on facts and evidence, have regard for competence, and treat others with respect and dignity I am grateful to the community for the nudge and inspiration to look deeper for the pure joy of sharing together playful moments interesting discussions and the reminder that sometimes we need a humbling reality check for a necessary and valuable change in direction I m no [...]

  7. So I used this place as a wish list during 2017, and I m hoping there will be a 2018 on soon that I can start to plan out my year 2017 was a good year for me After summer I did have less time to read due to a Master studies I started, which is taking up a lot of time next to my job but did manage 70 reads This year, probably a bit less But the good part is, the studies are very challenging indeed and I do try to keep reading in between the study books A big thank you to all dear friends I got to [...]

  8. 2017 literally does not feel real at all this is an alternate timeline and we ve all been raised in the opposite universe and came to this one as innocent travelers it s time we go back on the bright side though, this time last year, I thought hibernate was spelt hybernate so really, there has been progress whichever way you look at it.with all seriousness, I wasn t planning to review 2017 at all but you know what my life could go anywhere next year like, I could go to prison and start my own dr [...]

  9. This year I just read by author mile Zola 5 booksMario Vargas Llosa 4 booksJorge de Sena 4 booksJos R gio 4 booksJose Maria E a de Queir s 4 booksVerg lio Ferreira 4 booksJos Saramago 3 booksErnest Hemingway 3 booksThomas Mann 2 books

  10. Let s be real, 2017 was kind of a garbage fire year for our world, but at least we had some good books I had a pretty good reading year I m very happy with the 130 books that I read, and I feel like with each year I get better and better at picking out books, and requesting ARCs, that I am confident I will at least enjoy, therefore, my average rating tends to get higher and higher And thanks to the amazing Brock at Let s Read, here are some other statistics that I was able to gather from his ama [...]

  11. Books have always been a safe haven and this year I have needed that solace than ever Gone, are the days of blissful complacency and I think my reading choices reflected my introspective mood and internal struggles The year of 2017 shows a marked change, compared to years past, as the bulk of my reading was dark, serious, angry, and somber However, it has not all been gloom and doom Along the way, I have discovered some amazing authors, learned so many new things, made so many wonderful friends [...]

  12. This is my final version with two additional favorites added.One of the best things about my reading year in 2017 is the connection I have made on with new friends and old There are few people in my life to whom I can gush about books that I love, complain about the ones that are just so so or the ones I could not finish, and few people who enlighten me with their perspectives on what they have read What s with my friends and family who are not avid readers This makes me very thankful for my fel [...]

  13. 2017 was an amazing reading year for me I got to know so many awesome new series The Raven Cycle, Six of Crows, Red Queen, Wicked Lovely, ACOTAR, Shatter Me, you name it , managed to continue series I loved Everything, literally everything from Cassandra Clare and J.R.Ward , read my first m m book and realised that I m actually addicted to LGBTQ stories lol , discovered Santino Hassell over the summer moans P finished series I wanted to finish for ages Divergent , squeezed in a classic Othello , [...]

  14. Updated with top reads, 2018 goals, etc Well, well, well, 2017time to part ways, eh Happy New Year, folks I hope you all got drunk and sloppy rung in the new year safely and responsibly.Before we get into some books goals I have for 2018, let s recap 2017 right quick, eh 2017 was an interesting year.Personallyofessionallyd of course, reading and book wise for me at least.Stat wise, according to , I read a total of 219 books, with an average 3.5 rating.Not bad.Not bad at all.In fact, all in all a [...]

  15. 2017 IN FICTION THE GOOD STUFFI ploughed through a number of why haven t I already read this books the three by H G Wells turned out to be short, sharp and shocking The War of the Worlds, The Invisible Man and The Island of Doctor Moreau.You don t read these things because you think you already know the stories well enough but when you do get round to it you find they re so much weirder and crazier and funnier than you had any right to expect, so those three are RECOMMENDED The Strange Case of D [...]

  16. 2016 2017 400 50 20 user year_i 150 25% 2017 6 15 8 20 2017 20 7 2018 5 Gingerbread girl 10 2018 1 2 207 2018

  17. I have known about for a few years now, but not until this past year have I really dedicated myself to becoming an active participant of this site I m not sure why I waited, because this year has defined me as a reader in ways than one First, I ve started writing reviews It s interesting to look at how my writing as progressed throughout the year Second, I ve read and responded to a lot of my friend s reviews That singular action has honed my ability to write reviews So, for that.ank you, to al [...]

  18. _ 2017 108 2 Great Expectations Charles Dickens Hallowe en Party Agatha Christie The Book Thief Marcus Zusak Gone Girl Gillian Flynn A Little Princess Frances Hodgson Burnett The Golden Goose Jacob Grimm The Librarian of Basra A True Story from Iraq Jeanette Winter 1 1 7 30 The Seventh Man Micheal Redgrave Soir Paul Vialar Something Unspoken Tennesse Williams The Oyster and The Pearl William Saroyan Private Lives No l Coward l impromptu de Versailles Moli re 1885 2004 2 4 5 50 [...]

  19. 2017 receives five fabulous stars from me is such a wonderful community In January I will be celebrating three years of my very active participation on this amazing site warning I m going to gUsh so you can skip this part and get directly to my favorite books, but I m a gusher Got to do it First of all thank you to every single one of you that takes the time to read my reviews, like them, and comment on them, I appreciate it than you ll ever know I love reading and it is so fun to share my pass [...]

  20. This year was wonderful as a member but not as good as a reader I meet new friends and I had thought provoking conversations with my older ones I grew my book knowledge thanks to my presence here and I am thankful for all the meaningful time I spent on this platform However, this year was less impressive in reading terms I made some poor choices and they were due to GR as well Inspired by other friends, I followed some rewards and forced myself to read books that were not for me I also jumped in [...]

  21. A very good reading year with primarily 4 and 5 star books Also the most books I have ever read in one year at 137 However, I also had two 1 star books which I haven t had for a few years.Here is the basic breakdown Best book this year and my 2017 overall Bradbury experience Also, I think I need to give honorable mention toWorst book this year TiePleasant surprises Expected Series I liked Series I didn t care for

  22. Hooray for I m celebrating my sixth year on this fantabulous site and am now wishing all of my GR friends a Laurel and Hardy handshake and good tidings in this holiday season.2017 was another great reading year for me In addition to meeting so many new friends and keeping up with my established GR friends, I also spent a great deal of time in Discworld, so much so that my passport was inked over and I got a tax notice from Lord Vetinari.It was my plan to read all of the Discworld novels and many [...]

  23. Comforting books, disconcerting books, having not set any reading or other goal for 2017 I mostly just ventured into reading what seemed to chime with my mood and whims, besides from the choices fixed by the book club 2017 turned out a rather excellent year as far as reading and books ever true friends were concerned, although the friendship was at times disgracefully unilateral, life often too demanding to write reviews or catch up with the ones written by friends for which I sincerely apologiz [...]

  24. 2017 was a busier year than usual for me I went to Maine, lost my dog of 17 years, and gained a wife and a cat Thus I didn t read nearly as many books as I would have liked during quieter years.However, I like to think the overall quality was much higher than in previous years I was a little selective and a lot less willing to push through things I wasn t enjoying Reading is for pleasure, after all, not self torture.While I already compiled my 2017 Dantastic Book Awards, here are some highlight [...]

  25. edit I just finished Timothy Snyder s On Tyranny, and had to include it in my list for the year It s very, very good The last few years I ve been tracking my reading not only on , but through a Google Sheets doc I designed to generate some highly detailed stats, graphs, etc for nerds It s available here.This year I was a lot selective about finishing the books that I started Really, I was a lot selective in general I bailed on 10 books about halfway through because they just weren t holding my [...]

  26. Well, 2017 You ve been a roller coaster of a year for sure, hilarious, nauseating, up and down, fast speed, confusing, and you leave me somewhat disoriented and shaky on my legs Best reading experience of the year Well, there is a lot to choose from, but I have to say that the adventure of reading all of Henry Green s novels over summer was a blast LovingParty GoingLivingBlindnessBackCaughtDotingConcludingNothingThe other reading marathon that stands out is the Dostoevsky tour de force Notes fro [...]

  27. The end of the year is barreling along like Keanu Reeves on a bus, so I thought I d post an inventory of the books I ve read in 2017 Sigh I m not trying to make anyone envious here, but I have comfortably exceeded my target of one whole book by reading thirty six, so well done me And where s my blasted prize I would like to thank my many groovy friends whose eloquent reviews are often better than the books they ve critiqued We don t always agree with each other s literary taste, but this exchang [...]

  28. This has been my first year as an active member of Turns out I ve been registered for years but just never grasped the amazingness of this webiste until now I ve discovered tonnes of new books and friends and relived some old favourites Plus I ve won a selection of giveaways which were very exciting Top books of the year so far in no particular order 1 The Raven Boys and The Dream Thieves2 Assassin s Apprentice and Royal Assassin really keen to continue with this series 3 The Last Place You Look [...]

  29. Last year, the novel was my best friend We shared morning coffee together, decadence on the banks of the Seine, and evenings with fine wine under starry skies It played a big part this year, but also took a vacation, paving the way for non fiction, short stories, poetry, plays and essays Yep, 2017 was a time of diversity Four years on from joining, and continues to be a great place to hang out I take just as much pleasure reading your great reviews as I do writing them, and thank the GR communit [...]

  30. Ever since I kickstarted my reading life again in 2014, I feel I ve been playing a big game of catchup Graduating with an English Lit degree years ago, I haughtily considered myself well read Well, like anything in life, the I learn, the I realise I don t know And the I read, the I realise I need to read, and haven t And there s this bounty of infinite literary pleasures waiting for me, than I could ever read in a lifetime It s one of the great joys in my life continues to be a tremendous p [...]