Sold Free Read Sold - by Lauren Landish Willow Winters - Sold, Sold She s scared and broken but soon she ll be mine I was only a boy when I saw my mother murdered in front of me That does something to a man It turns him hard cold and makes him an addict for control

  • Title: Sold
  • Author: Lauren Landish Willow Winters
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Kindle Edition


Free Read Sold - by Lauren Landish Willow Winters, Sold, Lauren Landish Willow Winters, Sold She s scared and broken but soon she ll be mine I was only a boy when I saw my mother murdered in front of me That does something to a man It turns him hard cold and makes him an addict for control In all things My desires are dark and what I m interested in is far than simple submission I ve been waiting for someone as broken as me Someone who truly needs t She s scared and broken but soo Free Read Sold - by Lauren Landish Willow Winters. Free Read Sold - by Lauren Landish Willow Winters - Sold, Sold She s scared and broken but soon she ll be mine I was only a boy when I saw my mother murdered in front of me That does something to a man It turns him hard cold and makes him an addict for control

  • Free Read Sold - by Lauren Landish Willow Winters
    500Lauren Landish Willow Winters
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  1. Sold Highest Bidder book 2 By Willow Winters, Lauren LandishIssac Master Katia Slave Two broken Souls that need each other in ways than one He needs to be the master at all times and she pretty much needs to be the slave just as muchBoth have secrets in their past that they like to keep to herself.I believe her story was a heart wrenching story of Despair pain It s a pure miracle that she would want still practice in this lifestyleShe was tortured beaten scarred basically Left for dead yet here [...]

  2. Wow I really enjoyed this one It s sexy, emotional, and provided me one the funniest moments I ve ever shared with husband Here s the breakdown Isaac provides security for Club X He periodically dabbles in play, but longs to have a submissive of his own He s a Sadist, but only uses pain as a means to achieve pleasure He s a Dominant Master who craves a slave of his own My taste are specific A Slave I crave the power being a Master allows me, and the desire to control and provide her every need K [...]

  3. Get addicted to the men of Club X in the Highest Bidder seriesAll books are standalones, with possessive heroes and happily ever afters SOLD is LIVE 1click kindleunlimitedUS amzn B01N5JUGTUUK amzn 2vKToLv

  4. AMAZINGLY FANTASTIC WONDERFUL BOOK I GIVE IT 10,000 STARS TITLE OF BOOK Sold Highest BidderAUTHOR S OF BOOK Willow Winters and Lauren LandishDATE BOOK READ 12 29 16 12 30 16Willow Winters and Lauren Landish s reputation speaks for itself These are two of the best Bad Boy Authors in the business Who knew that when they teamed up the first time that it would lead to a DYNAMIC DUO The Highest Bidder series has turned out to be the best these two have written They grabbed your attention at the begin [...]

  5. DNF 15%Don t like the writing at all The plot is a good one the execution not so much The Male main character kept contradicting himself, and waffling like a weakling No Alpha at all Had to quit when I got to his 25 Rules Who s going to remember 25 K.I.S.S.Life s just too short to read tripe like this I gave it 1 as writing any book is an achievement I wouldn t recommend this to anyone who s into reading dark, dangerous and erotic literature This is bottom of the stack Avoid.

  6. I just couldn t connect with the characters at all.There was no real explanation of eithers back story.I found myself rushing just to get it finished.

  7. 4.5 I m a slave 4 u stars Holey moley I accidentally came across this book last night on and I thought I should give it a try You know, for 1.21 I didn t know until now that this ebook also includes a copy of Inked Bad Boy by the same authors Score I ve read my fair share of BDSM books and frankly, I was quite fed up with this genre But.I m intrigued, fascinated really, by this life style I ve spent hours reading about real life bdsm relationships and I still can t wrap my head around it Why on [...]

  8. I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.Isaac is the head of security for Club X He s into the BDSM lifestyle, but Master slave relationships It s what he needs He has yet to find his perfect slave.Katia owns a doggy daycare shelter Katia suffers from debilitating night terrors regarding her past While Isaac uses his business to deal with his past, Katia uses hers to cope Katia receives an invitation to Club X and that s where she meets Isaac Their first encounter is amazing [...]

  9. DARK HEART MELTING STEAMYA titillating tale of two people who have demons that haunt them daily Katia needing a MASTER and Issac needing a SLAVE to have control over, satisfying all his desires while terminating the pain suffered by his SLAVE Heart wrenching emotions, memories that chill your bones give the reader a story that is impressive and keeps you turning pages until the deliciously sweet happy ever after A powerful fast paced well written read that is mixed with a bit of reality and fant [...]

  10. A dark tale that is painful to read but keeps one mesmerized to the last page A few years ago, Katia had been snatched from the street and held captive for four years During that time, she was starved, beaten, abused and tortured physically, mentally and psychologically Darkness and pain is so deeply entrenched that she has isolated herself from family, friends and any social interactions She longs for a man to dominate, cherish and take care of her Isaac is a Master in the BDSM community search [...]

  11. The duo of Lauren Landish and Willow Winters have another hit on their hands in the latest from Club X In this book, we get entrenched in the story of Katia and Issac Their story was made to be told after a background seeped in pain and heartbreak She is looking for acceptance and love, while he is searching for that person who completes him, what makes him whole When they found each other at an auction their story begins It is full of twists and turns, delicious sexual tension and sex scenes de [...]

  12. This was one of the best books that I ve read in a LONG time It had such depth and emotion shown by both the Hero and Heroine of this story Isaac owns a security firm and also works at Club X He never thought he would be interested in having his own M s relationship until he sees Katia one night That s all it took He calls her his kitten and it is appropriate as she is scared and scarred from an horrific past This is one book I don t want to say too much about, just know that it will stay with y [...]

  13. This is my first time reading this author I read this book on Kindle Unlimited.This is Katia and Issac s story This is a Master Slave BDSM story However, there is not a lot of toys and scenes of whipping etc What this story is about is TRUST HEALING and how this couple could do this for each other, if they learned to trust each other I enjoyed the story because it focused mainly on the couple and their interactions with each other which I really enjoyed.Definitely worth a read I will now go back [...]

  14. Started strong.I liked the concept of Sold and felt that it started strong but it failed to deliver to the end The BDSM elements and M s dynamic needed to be intense between Katia and Isaac It was good but needed a bit flare.

  15. Never AgainNever again do I want to hear or see the word kitten It was over used and could have been cut out about 200 pages ago.Never again will I look at a rolling pin the same way I mean why How Ouch This book was not for me Never again will I read it again.

  16. I am so in love with this series I love the dual POV I could feel the emotions coming off the page I cried towards the end of the book.I can t wait for the next book to come out.Steam factor 6 stars.I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

  17. IF DARK IS WHAT YOU DESIRE, THEN STEP RIGHT UP FOLKS THE DYNAMIC DUO OF LAUREN LANDISH AND WILLOW WINTERS TAKE YOU ON A WILD WALK ON THE DARK SIDE L Landish W Winters, the authors of this dark tale, took me on a very dark, intense, heartbreaking and emotional ride This story is not the sweet kind of romance with hearts and flowers It s so much and I thank them for that The best books written are the ones that burrow inside of you and stay there even long after you ve read the book When I finish [...]

  18. This one is about Isaac and Katia She had a traumatic past, and Isaac wants her, and wants to help her Their relationship is a good one, but I had issues with some of the things that happened, she never questions the things that he knew about her and her past, even when he wasn t supposed to know about it Their relationship was good, I resented how controlling he was at times, but he had good intentions, and he was good to her, and in the end, they helped each other, and that s nice, the typical [...]

  19. I am loving this series Each character has been truly amazing The books are circled around members of Club X It is a BDSM book and has some pretty steamy scenes.I did listen to the audio while following along with the ebook I am so addicted to audios and doing books this way I do love the narrators the authors used in this book They were able to capture the characters very well and make them come to life The narrators have really captured my attention This book is a standalone I honestly have no [...]

  20. Rarely does a book have this kind of effect on me Let me start off by saying that I knew it would be a well written book with a masterfully crafted storyline and brilliantly portrayed characters because it was penned by Willow Winters and Lauren Landish Even though I typically am a huge fan of dark romance, I honestly had a rough time falling in love with Sold because the backdrop was a bit out of my element I m still a BDSM fence rider, though it s usually a non issue It was like I was almost d [...]

  21. Holy hot story from Lauren Landish and Willow Winters in the latest from Club X Isaac heads up security at Club X and is allowed to partake in activities at the club, unlike most of the staff However Isaac has certain needs that he hasn t found at the club in a while, and those never lasted long, he needs someone he wants him to be the Master and them the Slave Now that may sound like much, but where the Slave is to attend to their Master s every command the Master is just as much involved and t [...]

  22. Not my typically romance novel This Dark Romance have a HEA and no cheating But that is not why is not my cup of tea Is the story I have not problem reading m nages, Dom and Subs relationship But this is another level for me This is a story of a Master and his Slave How far with our mind leds us and how we can cope with the situations that live gave us The exchange between the Master and Slave is 24 7 and all the mental strength that this type of relationship need The authors delivered us this a [...]

  23. When I reviewed Bought Highest Bidder by Lauren Landish and Willow Winter, I felt like I was in the presence of greatness Having just finished Sold Highest Bidder, I know I ve now been in the presence of greatness Without a doubt, Sold has to be one of the best ever second books in a series This is a very dark and painful story to read Both Isaac and Katia are very broken Isaac needs the ultimate and total control as a Master, while Katia craves the security of being a true Slave to a true Maste [...]

  24. Meh, it was just okay for meI read Highest Bidder Bought and really enjoyed it So naturally I wanted to read the next in the series to see what happens next Unfortunately, I did not like it as much as the first book Don t get me wrong, it was okay enough to finish and the ending had a good enough HEA HFN BUT, I struggled getting into it and staying engaged It was hard for me to believe Katia was able to get over what she went through by Isaac s way of ownership I also found Isaac s feelings of n [...]