The Other Alcott [PDF] Download ↠ The Other Alcott : by Elise Hooper - The Other Alcott, The Other Alcott Elise Hooper s debut novel conjures the fascinating untold story of May Alcott Louisa s youngest sister and an artist in her own right We all know the story of the March sisters heroines of Louisa M

  • Title: The Other Alcott
  • Author: Elise Hooper
  • ISBN: 9780062645340
  • Page: 259
  • Format: ebook

The Other Alcott

[PDF] Download ↠ The Other Alcott : by Elise Hooper, The Other Alcott, Elise Hooper, The Other Alcott Elise Hooper s debut novel conjures the fascinating untold story of May Alcott Louisa s youngest sister and an artist in her own right We all know the story of the March sisters heroines of Louisa May Alcott s Little Women But while everyone cheers on Jo March based on Louisa herself Amy March is often the least favorite sister Now it s time to learn the truth aboutElise Hoop [PDF] Download ↠ The Other Alcott : by Elise Hooper. [PDF] Download ↠ The Other Alcott : by Elise Hooper - The Other Alcott, The Other Alcott Elise Hooper s debut novel conjures the fascinating untold story of May Alcott Louisa s youngest sister and an artist in her own right We all know the story of the March sisters heroines of Louisa M

  • [PDF] Download ↠ The Other Alcott : by Elise Hooper
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The Other Alcott
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  1. I m running a giveaway on this book at Lit Wit Wine Dine Little Women was one of my favorite childhood reads I don t recall how old I was when I read it but I do remember that I longed to be one of the March girls And I was so proud to have finished such an unimaginably long book I found 449 pages very daunting back then Of course, once I began reading it was over all too soon Now that I think about it, Little Women may have been my first book hangover Therefore, I was very excited to hear that [...]

  2. I was fortunate enough to win a Kindle ebook copy of this book in a giveaway Many thanks to the author and friend, Elise Hooper I wish you great success with your debut tale based on the life of Abigail May Alcott Nieriker 1840 1879.Elise has obviously done a great deal of research into not only May s life but also the historical background for the story, most especially the art scene in Europe during the fascinating period when a group of artists were experimenting with composition, style, and [...]

  3. I confess to not having read Little Women by Louisa May Alcott, but that certainly did not detract from my enjoyment of The Other Alcott Anyone who has lingered in the shadow of an older sister or suffered the angst of sibling rivalry will relate to the plight of May Alcott, the youngest sister of Louisa May Alcott The feminist themes presented are equally as interesting as the familial relationships Both women are fascinating individuals who strove to support themselves as artists, one as a wri [...]

  4. Though I love Little Women and knew it was somewhat autobiographical, I did not know a whole lot about the lives of the Alcotts I very much enjoyed this sensitive and well researched imagining of the life of the youngest Alcott, immortalized in Little Women as cute, willful, pretentious Amy The reality of May s life was far complicated, as was her relationship with her famous sister Louisa I was engrossed by this story and whipsawed by the ending Beware, you will cry.

  5. Reading Elise Hooper s debut reminded me of one of the first books I fell in love with as a young girl I devoured The Other Alcott in the same fashion as Little Women Transported to another time, lost in the pages of this vivid world that sweeps from Concord to Paris and London and Rome, this story will make you fall in love with May Alcott, and when you reach that last page, and the journey is over, you ll want to go back to beginning, and start all over again it s that good.

  6. Don t know how to rate this Coz it was both ok, and also my biggest let down of the year.I need to think, but I ll be back.

  7. This was the September selection for Instagram s Salt Water Reads Book Club and loved it May Alcott is an aspiring artist, who is always living in the shadow of her sister, Louisa, who wrote the infamous book, Little Women May grows up longing to experience the world beyond Concord, Massachusetts, taking art lessons and turning down a marriage proposal from a well to do suitor, and facing scorn for what is very much a man s profession The Alcott family never had it easy, so when Little Women was [...]

  8. This is the second novel of May Alcott I have read, and I enjoyed this every bit as much as the other Both stories focus on different aspects of May, highlighting times and places in unique ways, with THE OTHER ALCOTT giving special attention to the relationship between the sisters May and Louisa Hooper has done a marvelous job showing a flawed character who is a delight, even when she stumbles Like Jane Austen s Emma, May is charming and her struggles are relatable Her need to carve an identity [...]

  9. FANS OF LITTLE WOMEN DON T MISS THIS ONE An absolutely fascinating debut by Elise Hooper Along with millions of other people, I ve long loved Louisa May Alcott s Little Women However, I knew little about the author s life, and even less about her sister, May I loved learning about the Alcott s unconventional family I thought concentrating on May in this historical fiction was a genius idea how must it have been at that point in history to have a hugely successful sister while you have professio [...]

  10. You don t have to love Little Women or even have read it to get swept away by this absorbing novel about art and ambition, the complexities of sisterhood and friendship, and the struggles of choosing a creative path May Alcott was truly a remarkable woman for her time and Hooper s captivating prose brings her to vivid life with wit and grace I was sorry to turn the final page Here s hoping Hooper has like this up her sleeve

  11. Gorgeously written required reading for fans of LITTLE WOMEN, THE OTHER ALCOTT is the rest of the story we have all been waiting for since childhood.Thanks to the author for providing me with an advance copy of this novel for review purposes all opinions are my own There are two types of people in this world those who have read Little Women, and those who haven t And there isn t a category for those who have read but didn t love it, because those people simply don t exist For all of us in the fi [...]

  12. My Rating 4.5Favorite Quotes You two make me glad I m an only child.I m advising you to find the balance between painting your subject with mastery and sensitivity In other words, if a client hires you to paint a portrait of his horse faced wife, you better find a way to make those horsey features attractive.She had violet colored eyes that glowed like amethysts from under a fringe of long black lashes Between her size and extraordinary eye color, she looked like a fairy May eyed the remarkable [...]

  13. This was such a fascinating book I loved reading about the Alcott family, particularly the close and at times contentious relationship between May and Louisa, and also about May s travels through Europe and her education in art In author Elise Hooper s skilled hands, May is than the other Alcott she s an ambitious, intelligent woman that readers will fall in love with.

  14. I ll be honest and admit I ve never read Little Woman or anything by Louisa May Alcott That s to say, being familiar with the Alcotts is not a prerequisite to reading this book I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the Alcotts and now I m intrigued to look up May Alcott s paintings and read Louisa s words I found the family dynamic very interesting.This is one of those stories that you love to come back to It feels like real life It s not heavy with action, twists or turns there are some , but it [...]

  15. 4.5 5I completely loved The Other Alcott by Elise Hooper In some ways, it was very much like I was expecting, being a book about the other woman behind someone very famous I adore those books In other ways, it surpassed my expectations I knew going into it that I was getting a story about May Alcott, younger sister of Louisa of Little Women fame, but I had no idea that I was getting such a rich tale of travel, of art, and of May becoming independent in her own right I wanted to read it quickly, [...]

  16. It s none of your business what other people think of you Marmee, The Other AlcottThe Other Alcott by Elise Hooper is a beautifully written debut novel I must admit that I have not read Little Women or any of the other titles written by Louisa May Alcott I was assured that I would still be able to enjoy this novel, even without knowing any prior history of the Alcott s They were not wrong, in fact, now I want to read Little Women, because Elise Hooper s riveting story sucked me into the world of [...]

  17. A must read for Little Women fans First the Cons The writing style seemed a bit simple at times, but it was similar to Little Women so it worked May seemed a bit too petulant at times, acting like the Amy March she tried to avoid You might want to read a synopsis of the real May Alcott s life before reading But the story was good and kept me interested in throughout One purpose of a book is to inspire and it definitely did that I became interested in the art and artists mentioned It makes me wan [...]

  18. Never realizedhow interesting a life and how successful an artistic career the Amy of Little Women had Fascinating window on life of a working woman artist.

  19. Little Women has always been one of my favorite books During my childhood, I devoured every book I could find by Louisa May Alcott and did a term paper on her in high school it was about how much her actual life parallels her book, Little Women When I read the premise of The Other Alcott , I was so excited to read about my beloved Alcott family The Other Alcott by Elise Hooper is about May Alcott, Louisa May Alcott s younger sister In Louisa s book Little Women , the character Amy is modeled af [...]

  20. I have been a Louisa May Alcott fan since I was a girl I loved reading Little Women and most of Alcott s other novels I also loved all of the different movie versions of Little Women I wanted to be part of the Alcott family believing they were the March family until I started reading biographies of Alcott and discovered that while there were similarities, there were also many differences in which the Alcott family struggled through very difficult circumstances I was very intrigued by this new n [...]

  21. Received through FirstReadsWas quite happy to get this, as I m in the midst of a historical fiction binge All I really knew of any Alcott was that I read Little Women when I was young, and loved it Though this book is fiction, it made me want to read about this family, which says a lot for the author The surroundings came to life very well when they set sail for France, it was easy to picture, and even imagine the sounds The main character was sympathetic but not whiny or poor me An enjoyable b [...]

  22. I loved this book and had a hard time putting it down May is such an engaging, realistic, relatable character Hooper s wonderful story poses such great and relevant questions about what it means to be a woman artist, then and now, and also about work life balance for such women, as well as what society demands of women artists Some of the questions May faced in her day we still do not have the answers to As such this book rang so true and really resonated with me.The relationship between May and [...]

  23. The Other Alcott is an insightful biographical novel about Louisa May Alcott s less famous but equally talented younger sister, May As it turns out Abigail May Alcott, who was portrayed as the pampered Amy in her sister s book Little Women, had creative aspirations of her own This story of her life and the art world she lived in follows her from Concord and Boston to London, Rome, and Paris, where she twice exhibited at the Paris Salon It s rich in exploring the bonds and often times rivalry bet [...]

  24. Don t worry Little Women fans, The Other Alcott is an enjoyable read that rings real I am not sure I would recommend this book to people who aren t fans of Little Women, I think there is so much tied to the novel you won t fully appreciate it.

  25. I have read almost everything that Louise May Alcott has written and was always interested in her younger sister, May who wanted to be an artist I, like May, was always carrying a sketch book when I was younger and later took many art classes So that is why I wanted to read this book.The first thing that I noticed was that the pace was very slow, many times I felt that the story was not moving forward This changed after the first half but it greatly cut into my enthusiasm for this book Also, the [...]

  26. For all lovers of Little Women Grab this book.Amy March a sister we don t really know much about Is brought to life here.An artist searching for herself her family relations a multi layered wonderful read,

  27. Hooper, Elise The Other Alcott Morrow Sept 2017 432p ISBN 9780062645333 pap 15.99 ebk ISBN 9780062645340 F DEBUT How do you know when you become an artist , ponders May Alcott, younger sister of author Louisa May May painted for years, furnishing illustrations for the first edition of Little Women 1868 Reviews that praise Louisa s novel while criticizing May s drawings, saying they lack realistic proportion and look stiff, devastate the 28 year old artist Disappointment pushes her to seek artist [...]

  28. Dear Elise Hooper Your book gets a 1 because you are tacky enough to rate it yourself.That aside, you wouldn t have gotten much You ve fictionalized May s life the way Louisa May fictionalized her as Amy But Alcott was a skilled writer, and you re no match Sincerely,The Library Lady Who has read Little Woman zillions of times since 1971, read just about everything out there on the Alcotts, and spent money than she could afford on a Franklin Mint Amy doll back when she was just out of grad scho [...]

  29. A delightful and charming book about May Alcott, the youngest sister to Louisa, the author famous for Little Women For many years, I worked in Concord just a mile from the Alcott house and I was always enchanted by the drawings left on the walls by May the same drawings that inspired Elise Hooper to write this fascinating story This is a novel of complex sibling relationships, of art, of love, and of a woman brave enough to pursue a career that was rarely considered suitable for a young woman I [...]