Taming Teddy [PDF] Read ↠ Taming Teddy : by Lucy Lennox - Taming Teddy, Taming Teddy Teddy If there s one thing I don t do it s commitment You don t become an award winning photographer by staying in one place I m always on the road looking for the next shot the next award the nex

  • Title: Taming Teddy
  • Author: Lucy Lennox
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  • Page: 198
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Taming Teddy

[PDF] Read ↠ Taming Teddy : by Lucy Lennox, Taming Teddy, Lucy Lennox, Taming Teddy Teddy If there s one thing I don t do it s commitment You don t become an award winning photographer by staying in one place I m always on the road looking for the next shot the next award the next hot body Which is how I end up on Dr James Marian s front porch in the middle of nowhere Alaska He s known as the Wildlife Whisperer and I want to photograph him in aTeddy If there s o [PDF] Read ↠ Taming Teddy : by Lucy Lennox. [PDF] Read ↠ Taming Teddy : by Lucy Lennox - Taming Teddy, Taming Teddy Teddy If there s one thing I don t do it s commitment You don t become an award winning photographer by staying in one place I m always on the road looking for the next shot the next award the nex

  • [PDF] Read ↠ Taming Teddy : by Lucy Lennox
    198Lucy Lennox
Taming Teddy
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  1. Having loved the previous book Borrowing Blue I moved straight onto this one, if I m being honest it was Jude s book I really wanted to read and I d hoped this would be his but I happily started this.I really liked Jamie and this is a nice cute read but it wasn t, for me anyway as good as the previous book While I didn t dislike Teddy I just never really felt the connection between them this wasn t helped by the fact that they constantly referred to each other by their names, it just seemed odd [...]

  2. 4.5 StarsThis series is hitting all of my romance buttons It s sappy and fluffy and the drama is sometimes OTT, but I can t seem to get enough I daresay a slight obsession may be forming where this series is concerned In this sequel to Borrowing Blue, wildlife photographer Teddy Kodiak yep, that s his name wiggles his way into the life of wildlife consultant Jamie Marian What begins as a professional endeavour photographing Jamie the wildlife whisper in gorgeous scenic locations and in close pro [...]

  3. 4 well deserved stars I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled on this series I loved the banter and the steam level was so good and, despite being a bit OTT, I had a great time I don t know why I skipped Teddy and Jamie s story So far, it s the one I really preferred out of the three I read.We were introduced to the Marian family in book 1 and this time, we get the story of Jamie, a wildlife consultant, nicknamed the animal whisperer and leaving for the time being in Alaska A famous photograp [...]

  4. 5 stars for the audio book3.5 for the storyMichael Pauley s enthusiastic narration gave life to this book I skipped this due to mixed reviews, i am glad i decided to read it because i actually liked it This series sometimes can be OTP but for some reason i don t mind The Marian clan have become special to me.I Loved Jamie the nerdy animal whisperer Marian brother He was polite, sweet, caring and an animal lover I liked Teddy when he was not being a chicken shit Jerk, he had his good moments Catc [...]

  5. I really enjoyed the first book in this series and I was looking forward to reading this second one very much Unfortunately I didn t enjoy it as much as book 1.Maybe it was because I didn t feel onnection with the characters I liked Jamie but I didn t really care a lot for Teddy He wasn t a bad guy, but he didn t leave a big impression on me either Maybe it was because I missed all the other crazy characters from the previous book They were funny and they made me laugh That s something that I mi [...]

  6. Here we have book 2 in the Made Marian series I love the diverse Marian family This is an amazing story of longing and loving Two lonely men who merge into happiness We see Jaime, 30ish, working with wildlife, a whisperer in Denali Alaska We see his ability to communicate and speak to them.Older Teddy has used a deception to get to see Jaime in Alaska, because he needs a photo for a prestigious award, so they start out badly, and Jaime only tolerates this man that wormed his way into his quiet T [...]

  7. 4 Sequel Stars Whelp I ve got to say that the second book in this series was just as wonderful as the first Teddy is a pretty darn good wildlife photographer, and he only wants to up his prestige What better way to do that than to get the animal whisperer of all whisperers to help him achieve his goal There s just one little snag Said whisperer Jamie, wants nothing to do with the persistent and pesky photog His job and ability is not effortless, and Jamie doesn t want to misrepresent reality by [...]

  8. 3.5 Stars I held off on reading this one because I didn t get a very good impression of Teddy for some reason But I ended up liking Teddy quite a bit then Jamie honestly I really like this series, for what it is It s light, easy, enjoyable, fun, steamy I ve liked all of the books about the same honestly but the conflict towards the end of this one with Jamie s ex Brian really pissed me off It was so out of the blue and ridiculous I almost DNFd at that point But then Teddy s speech made me happy [...]

  9. Even after all my bitching and moaning about the stupid Big Misunderstanding trope, I ended up loving this I thought it was even better than book one I loved both Teddy and Jamie.Still coulda done without the BM though.

  10. I just wasn t able to finish this one It wasn t like books 1 and 3 and bored me a little Will read books 4 and 5 and hope for better luck

  11. I absolutely adore this book too How in the hell Lucy Lennox nails with the cover models every time Teddy the Kodiak bear is suuuppperrr hot The story is quite different from the first book and I love it While the first book was all about a dramatic wedding with so many funny and lively characters, the second book is about two lonely souls who are afraid of getting hard from being in a committed relationship but managed to overcome their fears and eventually get their ultimate HEA Though not as [...]

  12. The feelz I need to take a break from books like these, or my husband is going to think something is seriously wrong with me Staring at a screen with your eyes welling up isn t an auspicious look Happy tears, though.This series is shaping up to be gold I loved the first book, and this one didn t disappoint, either Disclosure I grew up in Alaska, so I might be granting a few extra points for the nostalgia factor.Again Lennox does a very good job of making intense, fast developing romance plausibl [...]

  13. Whoa this author REALLY gets down on the sex scenes This book is emotionally passionate than the first but still hot af Again OTT with a bit of the turmoil but it was over quickly and ended with a really lovely and funny epilogue I know some reviewers had a problem with Teddy because in the beginning before meeting he s a bit pushy and after their first encounter he says something highly insensitive that totally came out wrong He got a bad rap, trust me He than makes up for it He s actually ve [...]

  14. When the author in the story describes nature and animals that you can present them live, besides adding two men who still write their love story, I think we can say that it is the top book

  15. 3,5 stars I really really enjoyed this book until the last quarter or so.Up to then the enemies to friends to lovers theme was well done good banter, snarky conversations, sexy scenes and some mild heart ache Not to forget adorable wildlife on top of it all The last bit of the book was far too sweet, unrealistic and over the top Which is a shame because this could have been .All in all a good fun, light romance, but be aware of the overdose of sugar at the end.

  16. Mmm, I can see why most people say this isn t their favorite book in the series I really didn t like Teddy What he does to Jamie in the beginning I never got over it and held it against him for the entire book.I did like the ending, but there was just a bunch of unnecessary angst.I enjoy the way the stories overlap, so as far as a series goes I m down there was a ton of research in this one and Lucy Lennox really is a gifted author It s taking me awhile to get through the whole series, but I m g [...]

  17. A Fantastic Alaskan Hike inDenali Wow, Alaska picture perfect memories, wonderful trek And, the romance was fantastic Jamie Teddy into the wilderness and explored the terrain and the wildlife that exist in Alaska, and, gosh, I enjoyed a sweet visit s from Harry.But, the hiking was fab Man oh man, there is so much beauty in Denali And, there were parts that simply took my breath away.The trail was stunning.The dialogue between these two with text messaging was awesome.The book was written in dual [...]

  18. FAVS SHELF This book is absolutely beautiful I was imagining all the scenes with a beautiful panoramic landscapes and a piano background music The main characters have an amazing chemistry Since their first contact by email you could feel the good tuning in their conversations, so when they are apart I feel miserable, like them xD We also could see a big improvement from the book one I liked it but I found it very over the top and messy but this one is mature, it shows a research work and the s [...]

  19. Awesome follow up to Borrowing BlueI need stars This is not only just as good as Lennox s debut novel Borrowing Blue, it s probably better.The story inside absolutely matches up with the hotness and beauty on the cover and is an utterly delightful romance set in the wilds of Alaska, the heat of Maui and all points in between.As I said with the first one, it s difficult to explain why I ve enjoyed these two books so much, they don t do anything new or radically different to other romance novels, [...]

  20. I really enjoyed this and found the chemistry between these two characters much believable than the boys in book 1 the humor and dogged persistence particularly from Teddy won me over and I liked the fact that the story didn t include the family until the end, I felt they deserved their own time to unfold as characters Worth the read for sure sweet warm

  21. Is it lazy to repeat myself I m trying to not be lazy.Fuck it.Delightful.Another very sweet, fun, romantic and hot, hot, hot installment in this series.I m having a great time reading these.On to the next

  22. I really wanted to give this 4 Stars I really did But while I generally claim to not really have much of a conscience much less a good one what conscience I had left wouldn t allow me to award those extra stars Let me start from the beginning So, I enjoyed Taming Teddy than Borrowing Blue in almost every way Pretty much all the problems that I found in Borrowing Blue were present in Taming Teddy, but just to a much lesser degree There was way less instalove well, no instalove actually thank fuc [...]

  23. Let me explain quickly why I tapped out of this at 10% and will probably not go back to it without someone assuring me of certain things Consent It s a trigger point for me.And by 10% almost every conversation is Jamie refusing in some way and Teddy ignoring, steamrolling, or outright going against Jamie s expressed wishes.There s stalking behavior that s ignored because Teddy is beautiful and I m just not down with any of it.It all drives me nuts So even though the narration for this was shapin [...]

  24. Overall book rating 3.5Audio Book N ABook Cover 4One of my favourite things about the story The Baby Dall thing I enjoyed the read, though I have to say, it didn t live up to the first one for me Tristan and Blue is still may favourite I have to give credit where it s due though, it wasn t a replica of book one with the exception of the MC s names, as some authors fall into that trap sometimes The story was its own and I still enjoyed it Just not as much as I hope to have There was still lots of [...]

  25. Another fun book from Lucy Lennox Once again the dialogue, banter and humor come through in this story of Jamie Marian Jamie is a wildlife vet working in Denali Theodore Kodiak is a celebrated wildlife photographer More than anything Teddy wants to win the Gramling Prize for the year s best wildlife photograph And he wants Jamie as his subject After being refused multiple times, he decides that his best and only possible way in is to just show up at Jamie s cabin in Denali He pleads his case in [...]

  26. This was book 2 in the Made Marian series Teddy Kodiak is an award winning photographer who doesn t do commitment Dr Jaime Marian is known as the Wildlife Whisperer he is a wildlife vet who is stationed in Denali, Alaska he is also nursing a broken heart he was stood up at the alter by his ex Brian who turned out to be married to a woman When Teddy begins sending him emailing and calling him asking to take photos of him he says no until Teddy shows up at his cabin he goes behind Jaime s back to [...]

  27. 3.5 Stars Fluffy sweet and fun to boot These two damn near gave me a toothache in the last two chapters Gah It induced the best kind of eyeroll possible lol Low angst and great banter, I loved this as much as book 1.Now bring on Jamie s book

  28. North to Alaska This was another fun read in the tradition of classic erotic romance Jamie is still licking his wounds over being jilted at the altar and spending his time in the wilds of Denali Persistent photographer Teddy, Mr Love em and leave em, arrives unannounced in defiance of Jamie s refusals So of course, over the course of months, as enemies to friends, to friends with bennies, we all know what will happen.I liked the descriptions of Denali the best as Jamie took Teddy to photograph t [...]

  29. Sweet and sexyI was really looking forward to reading this second novel in the Made Marian series since I enjoyed the first one so much I was a bit disappointed in that I didn t feel as invested in Teddy and Jaime s relationship as I did in Blue s and Tristan s from the first book Like the first book, this was a low drama, big love story.I did have a problem with some facts in the book Being from Alaska, there were several inaccuracies and improbabilities first and foremost being that Denali the [...]