Bought ✓ Bought ↠ Lauren Landish Willow Winters - Bought, Bought Everything has a price and I m willing to pay I trust no one I thrive with control and I ve learned to be ruthless and coldhearted A love life I m not interested But I still have desires That s where

  • Title: Bought
  • Author: Lauren Landish Willow Winters
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 194
  • Format: Kindle Edition


✓ Bought ↠ Lauren Landish Willow Winters, Bought, Lauren Landish Willow Winters, Bought Everything has a price and I m willing to pay I trust no one I thrive with control and I ve learned to be ruthless and coldhearted A love life I m not interested But I still have desires That s where Dahlia came in my treasure She had never been a submissive before and I was eager to train her The dusting of sparkles on her dress barely hid her tempting curves I Everything has a price and I ✓ Bought ↠ Lauren Landish Willow Winters. ✓ Bought ↠ Lauren Landish Willow Winters - Bought, Bought Everything has a price and I m willing to pay I trust no one I thrive with control and I ve learned to be ruthless and coldhearted A love life I m not interested But I still have desires That s where

  • ✓ Bought ↠ Lauren Landish Willow Winters
    194Lauren Landish Willow Winters
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  1. Bought Highest Bidder By Lauren Landish Willow WintersBillionaire sex club It s a world of Sin Darkness High end luxury adult playground Membership fees is 100, per month So you could only imagine how high the bids can go when they have their auction once a month Power, Wealth, Sex It s all here Under one roofDahlia survived abuse as a teen She s so has been in therapy for years She is having trouble between financial troubles her past sexual issues, Dahlia takes friends advice try something new [...]

  2. FREE on US today 11 12 2017 Stand aloneEE Bought HighestBLURB Everything has a price and I m willing to pay I trust no one I thrive with control and I ve learned to be ruthless and coldhearted A love life I m not interested.But I still have desires.That s where Dahlia came in my treasure She had never been a submissive before and I was eager to train her.The dusting of sparkles on her dress barely hid her tempting curves I wanted to see all of her My d ck was already hard at the thought of my h [...]

  3. I m not really sure what to say It was a really slow read I didn t think it would ever end She likes it rough because she was raped as a teenager by her uncle He wants to fix her before he even know what s wrong with her The sex was hot, but the ending was just weird and rushed He s got some smokin friends that would be interesting to find about.

  4. 3.5 Stars.Lucian had everything I love in a good Dom, he was strong, self assured and caring On his own he would have gotten all the stars.While I loved Lucian, I didn t particularly like Dahlia I found issue with the fact that she thought she was only subby because she had been abused and her disgust with her need to be dominated in bed I m all for characters having a backstory, I just would have liked her a lot if she was just a normal person that wasn t ashamed to be kinky.The romance was qu [...]

  5. Get addicted to the men of Club X in the Highest Bidder seriesAll books are standalones, with possessive heroes and happily ever afters BOUGHT is LIVE 1click kindleunlimitedUS amzn B01NAH331HUK amzn 2wSOwEi

  6. Audible Narrated by Brooke Hayden and Douglas BergerThe narration by this pair was absolutely beautiful Each brought a depth of character that I was not expecting Loved them separately, loved them together This book was so much than I what I was expecting I thought it would be just a hot and steamy read but it goes so much further than that Dahlia has a painful history that can t be ignored Lucien as her dom recognizes there is something wrong and refuses to let it set the pace in their relatio [...]

  7. So much of this book is trite, and there are grammar and word usage that grated on me Mostly the first person POV was forced and strange on occasion My brow furrows, and a frustrated sigh leaves my lips.No one thinks that their brow furrows That said, the hero and heroine were likable, and for once someone with issues was actively getting therapy So 2 stars gets bumped to 3.

  8. Beautiful love story between Lucian and Dahlia.A story about getting over the dark past, testing your limits and trusting someone with your secrets.I loved the BDSM relationship between the h and H, how he respected her needs yet pushed her to give .It s a HFN but we ve been promised glimpses of the couple in next book of the series.It was darker than I expected but I really enjoyed the dynamics between them.Only tiny issue is the abruptness and how rushed the last 1 4th of the book was.Safe rea [...]

  9. Dahlia needs cash to pay her college tuition and has no idea how to get it Realizing Dahlia s problem, her friend and co worker Carla tells Dahlia about the club she s a member of that has monthly auctions where Dominants pay large amounts of money for Submissives Intrigued and curious, Dahlia agrees to enter the auction and offer herself as a Sub Lucian hasn t been to the club since going with his ex wife But he s ready for a change and thinks Dahlia will be the perfect distraction He has no in [...]

  10. BDSM is the nature of this book It s about how sometimes life can steer you in the direction to face your emotions.

  11. This was a good freebie i enjoyed the book the characters and the dynamics but as she was a newbie Sub i think certain things could have been done better.

  12. Another awesome read by the writing duo of Lauren Landish and Willow Winters This book is set in a Billionaire sex club, everything is about wealth, power and sex The MC in this story is Dahlia Lucian Each of them had a broken and painful past She went up on the auction block to escape the pain of her abuse in the past and her current financial situation Lucian has been without a submissive for about a year and he has needs that are now awakening after the year without a submissive He doesn t tr [...]

  13. The dynamic duo strike again with another captivating read The book follows Lucian and Dahlia who are both damaged in different ways thanks to events in their pasts Lucian is a Dom and when he visits a club where there s an auction being held that allows you to bid for a submissive for a month he decides to bid on Dahlia, as soon as he saw her he knew he had to have her she d be perfect for him so he goes ahead bids on her and wins thinking that one month indulging in the BDSM lifestyle with her [...]

  14. Absolutely loved this book I couldn t put it down until I finished It It is a dark romance with BDSM I volunteer read an advanced readers copy of this book Dahlia was raped by her Uncle and she s never been able to tell anyone except her therapist she feels broken She needs to be dominated during sex but has never tried BDSM before She has money issues and her friend suggests the auction Lucian belongs to the club and is looking for a sub He buys her and they sign a month long contract He has is [...]

  15. Lucian Stone always gets what he wants no matter what it is When Lucian sets his sights on Dahlia all bets are off Lucian wants Dahlia like he s never wanted a woman before in his life Dahlia for her part can believe that she s been chosen by Lucian She doesn t consider herself worthy of his interest Yet Lucian proves that she is worthy of his interest Will the flames get hotter or die out without a spark Your answers await you in Bought.I love this writing duo The characters and story suck you [...]

  16. I voluntarily read an Advanced Reader Copy of this book With this book i discovered a new side of Lauren Landish s writing I was already a big fan of her sports romances but never had the pleasure to read any other kind Now i can honestly say that she is brilliant in romance full stop Well written, interesting, sexy and meaningful, Bought is a psychological bdsm erotica romance based on childhood traumas and how they can affect the perception of love and sex Deep, addictive and with a happy ever [...]

  17. Lucian is bored with his work and decides to go back to club X He attends the monthly auction and wins Dahlia who is struggling to make ends meet Her friend, Carly, talks her into going These two are a match made in Heaven A true pair Her past may end their relationship but Lucian won t stop until he knows the truth The book blew me away The depth and emotion of this book will leave you wanting .

  18. 3.75 Good read, no cheating BDSM relationship Dahlia has a past of abuse from a family member He has issues from his ex wife and parents They learn from each other and it s a really nice read I did give a little pause about what he did to her Uncle I mean, it s out of character for him, and so passive about it, like it s nothing That kind of caught me off guard Anyway, I look forward to the next book where they will be present as well HEA art of a series The next book is Isaac s.

  19. Arc review For honest review Lucian is a Dom and Dahl was bought for a month to be a sub This story shows the dynamics of a Dom Sub relationship and the trust that form between them.what a beautiful and awesome story.

  20. I don t read much dark books I m of a kissy lovey kind of gal When you get Lauren Landish and Willow Winters to write a dark story, you can t help but want Looking forward to the next book Happy Reading Lisa I voluntarily reviewed an arc for this author.

  21. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader s Copy of this book This was a hot, hot book Enjoyed Lucien Dahlia s storyhighly recommend Snatch this one before it s gone Wow

  22. This is a great book This duo are a pair to be reckoned with The book has everything Fear, pain, lust and mostly trusting another person when your trust has almost been broken.

  23. This is another of those books where the main character is one of those powerful men who doesn t trust anyone, and his best way of dealing with a relationship is by having a contract, so he buys his date in an auction, and for a month she is supposed to be his Like it usually happens in this kind of books, his plot to keep things under control fails, and he ends up falling for the girl I like that the characters have a complicated history that explained why they are the way they are, I like when [...]

  24. What a great story, Willow Winters and Lauren Landish did a wonderful job I had listen to the audio while following along with the book I tried to get whispersync to work with the book Tried with 3 different kindles but was just not working with me on this The two would not sync up together Dahila has a past that would break your heart She had been abused by her uncle Though she blamed her father for not protecting her I have to wonder why she did not blame her mother as well To me they both we [...]

  25. I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.Lucian is a man looking for He s leads a very successful, but empty, life He receives an invitation for an event at Club X After some consideration, he decides to accept the invite and renew his membership.Dahlia is dealing with her past the best she can She s attending college and interning at Explicit Designs She suffers bouts of depression, lack of confidence as well as low self esteem Because she is only an intern, she also has mon [...]

  26. Dahlia was a young woman who believed she was broken and in need of money and found a way to pay her debts Lucien received an invitation to come back to Club X, a place he used to frequent quite a lot There was an auction that night and he has his sight set on this particular woman, and when she appeared he out bid his opponent He knew it was going to take some time to get this woman to bend to his rules and have her ready to please him and fulfill her desires too Each had their own issues that [...]

  27. 3.5 stars for meDahlia is struggling with her life, personally, financially, and emotionally She needs to find a way to pay for her schooling, her mom is no help She s a mess Then her BFF lays a big one on her, revealing that she is part of a BDSM club and that Dah should join, get auctioned off, make some money and live a little Dahlia does it, she needs the money Lucian Stone, playboy, CEO, is heading back to the club after a much needed break, thanks to his ex wife, Tricia At the auction, he [...]