Copycat [PDF] Read ✓ Copycat : by Alex Lake - Copycat, Copycat Your stalker is everywhere Your stalker knows everything But the real problem is that your stalker is you Sarah Havenant discovers when an old friend points it out that there are two Facebook profiles

  • Title: Copycat
  • Author: Alex Lake
  • ISBN: 9780008239084
  • Page: 473
  • Format: Paperback


[PDF] Read ✓ Copycat : by Alex Lake, Copycat, Alex Lake, Copycat Your stalker is everywhere Your stalker knows everything But the real problem is that your stalker is you Sarah Havenant discovers when an old friend points it out that there are two Facebook profiles in her name One she recognizes it is hers The other she has never seen But everything in it is accurate Recent photos of her and her friends her and her husband her aYour stalker is every [PDF] Read ✓ Copycat : by Alex Lake. [PDF] Read ✓ Copycat : by Alex Lake - Copycat, Copycat Your stalker is everywhere Your stalker knows everything But the real problem is that your stalker is you Sarah Havenant discovers when an old friend points it out that there are two Facebook profiles

  • [PDF] Read ✓ Copycat : by Alex Lake
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  1. This a strange, sinister and disturbing psychological thriller from Alex Lake set in Maine Rachel Little used to go to school with Sarah Havenant but hasn t seen her for years She is moving back to Barrow and sends her a friend request on Facebook, asking Sarah which is the real her It transpires there are two profiles for Sarah, one that is hers, and another with factually correct details and photographs of Sarah s family and her home This unnerves Sarah, as she wonders what is going on, who wo [...]

  2. I really enjoyed this psychological thriller by Alex Lake, the novel is full of twists and the pace of the story keeps you wanting to read I had previously read and enjoyed After Anna by the same author so I had high expectations and I wasn t disappointed.The lead character Sarah Havenant, discovers she has a stalker who is going one step further by completely taking over her identity The stalker assumes Sarah s identity by setting up a fake email and Facebook accounts complete with personal ph [...]

  3. About Copycat is a psychological thriller written by Alex Lake It will be published on 9 5 17 by HarperCollins, paperback, 416 pages The genres are psychological, thriller, and fiction My Experience I started reading Copycat on 8 19 17 and finished it on 8 25 17 This thriller is an excellent read It s an adrenaline rush to read about stalking and someone impersonating to be you I absolutely love to hear the bad guy s using guy as a general term confession It s always delicious to know the motive [...]

  4. Less psychological thriller, a prescient warning about the dangers of an era in which people so willingly share swathes of personal information online, Copycat is the third novel from Alex Lake Social media has spawned a raft of psychological thrillers in recent years, largely due to its obvious potential for misuse and Copycat focuses on such a situation Sarah Havenant is a thirty eight year old doctor and a mother of three who has returned with her dependable British husband, Ben, to her home [...]

  5. I reviewed COPYCAT in a video at this link I found the last 30% to be condensable to maybe 5 10% of the total page count, repetitive and didn t help me build any suspense Also, there were some character inconsistencies with the protagonist, the main suspect I guess , and the protagonist s husband The writing was also nothing to write home about no pun intended Overall, very underwhelmed.

  6. He who searches for evil, must first look at his own reflection ConfuciusAlex Lake, a British novelist, has penned a subtly gripping psychological thriller called, Copycat that is centered around a well established doctor, wife and mother of three kids whose life takes a wild turn when one of her college friends moves back to her hometown who informs her about the fake profile that someone has been using under that doctor s name Not only that, things get weird, when the Facebook posts on that f [...]

  7. Reviewed By Beckie Bookworm beckiebookworm STARSOMG I bloody loved Copycat By Alex Lake It was one of those books that when you pick it up it s practically impossible to put back down.And this is what actually happened to me, I decided to read the first couple chapters at midnight to get a feel for it and Wham that was it, I finished in the early hours of the morning, couldn t put it down, it was such addictive reading a real page turner.So the story is about Sarah Havenant a doctor married to B [...]

  8. Copycat is a super story about revenge It is the latest psychological thriller from Alex Lake This is a story that I had fun with, even though it was another one that I guessed whodunnit early on You can t beat a good pyscho at work We meet the woman who has it all Sarah has three children, a British husband and works as a GP family doctor in a lovely part of the States Her perfect life starts to disintegrate Someone has an identical Facebook profile to hers Sarah realises this, but doesn t see [...]

  9. Sometimes you come across a really easy to read and exciting thriller novel, that doesn t take up too much head space, and is alotta fun Copycat is exactly that This one really helped me out of a reading slump, hallelujah I can t turn around to you and say this is the most menacing, gripping and terrific thriller I ve ever read, but I can say that it s worth picking up if you re looking for a non challenging but exciting read.The characters in this one are nicely developed, but there was a bit o [...]

  10. I was really excited to read Copycat after reading Killing Kate by the same author earlier this year The premise really intrigued me, and I m a huge fan of books involving stalkers, so I loved that aspect That said, I felt like quote of the book dragged on too long The book starts with our main character Sarah finding a Facebook account that has pictures of her life, but it s not her account Soon, letters start showing up in her life that have her handwriting, but that she didn t write Is she go [...]

  11. From the best selling author of After Anna comes the brand new psychological thriller Copycat I can tell you Psychological thriller lovers that Copycat is very creepy indeed It gets even creeper page after page Karen a mom of two boys went missing after leaving a bar Sarah Havenant hadn t seen Rachel Little for over a decade, but there on Sarah s Facebook was a friend request, from Rachel who Sarah went to high school with and is now moving back to Barrow Rachel has a creepy question for Sarah, [...]

  12. Earlier this year, I read Killing Kate, a thriller written by Alex Lake I really ended up enjoying it so I instantly went to Kindle and downloaded After Anna, another title by the author Needless to say, when I found out that Copycat, the newest release by Alex Lake, was coming out this month, it went to the top of my TBR pile The book was written extremely uniquely, which I loved Written in parts, the first is told in alternating chapters between Sarah, a doctor who finds out she is being stalk [...]

  13. I m apparently the black sheep on this one I found this story so boring and completely lacking in suspense It was obvious who the stalker was right from near the beginning The main character was unrealistically oblivious what should have been very clear Her reactions to each incident were so idiotic that I found it hard to believe I would think a doctor would have a tiny bit of common sense About 70% through the plot became so ridiculous that it was painful to finish I listened to the audio vers [...]

  14. If ever there was a book that made you want to read the last few pages is it.Copycat is an electrifying suspense filled ball of tension and I loved it.Sarah Havenant, discovers she has a stalker But this is a stalker with a difference and they are pretending to be her.Overtaking her life with emails and fake Facebook accounts, Sarah has a hard time keeping it together Everything in her life, her husband, her children and her job is at risk from this unknown terrifying person reeking hav [...]

  15. I really enjoyed this book up until the end, then I was sadly disappointed I felt like the end was predictable and typical I had been hoping for so much I feel like this book had a great story line and so much potential, but it just fell flat at the end That is my opinion, but I saw another review by a friend that said they loved the ending, so what is a 3 for me may be a 5 for others Happy reading

  16. One day Sarah discovers that she has another Facebook profile set up in her name that copies all the details of her life When other odd things start to happen, she realizes that someone is messing with her life I enjoyed this book up until the end, then I was sadly disappointed It was obvious who the stalker was, but I was curious about why It was a thin reason, a stretch to destroy someone s life over, and I wasn t buying it This book had a great story line, but the final part was dull and drag [...]

  17. i was a bit disappointed with this book having loved the authors previous books it seemed to drag on a bit and i found the main character a bit annoying started off good but just didnt carry on.

  18. Imagine if someone set up a fake Facebook profile in your name, not only that but they posted up to date photographs of your family and inside your home, and wrote things about your life, things only the closest people to you would know, I know it would seriously freak me out This is pretty much the premise for Copy Cat From the opening chapter when Sarah Havenant comes across her fake profile she soon realises it s not an elaborate joke or a mistake, it s deliberate, she has a stalker who will [...]

  19. When I seen Alex Lake had brought out a new book, I couldn t wait to read it Loved his last books very much This one started off so well Sarah is happily married gp with 3 children Perfect life, nice friends shes had since childhood But then an old friend Rachel from school gets in touch and things seem to start going downhill 1st a fake facebook page made in her name Pictures she never took, whats going on The plot thickens as it goes on The book is told in 3 parts The 1st 2 parts were great, b [...]

  20. If I could rate these in sections, it would go like thisPart 1 4 starsPart 2 3 starsEvery single monologue chapter 1 star Or zero Can that be a thing Because that was seriously getting on my last nerve And the last 25% of the book was painful if I wasn t doing this for a readathon, I wouldn t have finished It s like once the baddie was revealed, nothing needed to work any The dialogue could be ridiculous, the plot somewhat directionlessThe premise had promise, but unfortunately that s where it s [...]

  21. Unfortunately I had this book figured out by about 1 4 of the way into it It had a few twists at the end that were unexpected that were entertaining.

  22. Completely spellbound from the first page as Alex Lake crafts an incredibly complex tale that keeps you guessing right until the end I had many theories as I was reading it as to what was happening in Sarah, but was never going to guess the motivation, nor the complexities of the deception In the four to five hours I was reading Copycat, I completely lost track of the real world, I barely paused for breath, as I was so utterly gripped with the story that was going on.It starts of relatively simp [...]

  23. The novel, Copycat, by Alex Lake begins with a taunting Facebook account impersonation of the book s victim, Sarah Havenant, a wife, mother, and medical practitioner, whose life eventually careens into a nightmare catalyzed by her unknown abuser through fraudulent emails, texts, and communications on her behalf, which not only debilitate her, but confuse and bewilder her family and friends.The narrative includes her heightened anxiety and growing frustration and fear, her husband s growing doubt [...]

  24. Sarah Havenant is a little mystified when an old school friend sends her a message on Facebook asking which account to send her a friend request Sarah only has one Facebook account so she searches for herself and finds two of her At first, Sarah thinks one of her friends is playing a joke because all the photos on the fake page are of her close family and even within her own home, but these aren t pictures Sarah s taken and she hasn t even seen them before It s got to be someone close until, one [...]

  25. Well, I think this just about takes the cake for the most disturbing thing I ve ever read Let s just say I won t be feeling like sausages anytime soon, ahahaha

  26. 3.5 stars This book started out strong and I was sucked right into the story However, the ending was just meh.

  27. 3.5 Stars There she goes Making her way home to the family she does not deserve To the family she will lose, when she is finally destroyed Sarah Havenant has a happy life Great job, loving husband and three amazing kids But her life doesn t stay the same after she discovers her fake facebook profile The details of the profile are accurate, photos of her, her family and friends, photos inside her house, of the day before Who is doing this Is it a silly prank or something bigger than that Impressi [...]

  28. I have never trusted Facebook and social media, and this book gives you a clear warning how it can be used to destroy your life even if you are careful Sarah Havenant slowly watches her life, her reputation and her marriage unravel and it all started with a fake Facebook account in her name Next came the fake emails, purporting to come from her Then, the deliveries from her account that she never ordered Everything requires an intimate knowledge of Sarah s life which really only she has Along wi [...]

  29. Revenge is a dish best served cold.Sarah Havenant is a doctor, happily married, with three great children and a best friend that she has known all her life Then, one day, she finds out that someone has created a Facebook account in her name with photos of intimate family moments and posts written as if by her and is posting new pictures almost every day Someone is watching her When she is about to go to the authorities the account is deleted Then someone starts emailing her friends, making appoi [...]