Mr. CEO [PDF] Mr. CEO | by ✓ Lauren Landish Willow Winters - Mr. CEO, Mr CEO I m used to getting what I want But I ve never wanted anyone like her I m the CEO I dominate the boardroom with my presence What I want I get I have the world at my beck and call But that no longer e

  • Title: Mr. CEO
  • Author: Lauren Landish Willow Winters
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 369
  • Format: Kindle Edition


[PDF] Mr. CEO | by ✓ Lauren Landish Willow Winters, Mr. CEO, Lauren Landish Willow Winters, Mr CEO I m used to getting what I want But I ve never wanted anyone like her I m the CEO I dominate the boardroom with my presence What I want I get I have the world at my beck and call But that no longer excites me Nothing does Until she comes along My Rose Her deep blue eyes Her tempting curves They call to me holding my attention like nothing has in years I sho I m used to getting what I wan [PDF] Mr. CEO | by ✓ Lauren Landish Willow Winters. [PDF] Mr. CEO | by ✓ Lauren Landish Willow Winters - Mr. CEO, Mr CEO I m used to getting what I want But I ve never wanted anyone like her I m the CEO I dominate the boardroom with my presence What I want I get I have the world at my beck and call But that no longer e

  • [PDF] Mr. CEO | by ✓ Lauren Landish Willow Winters
    369Lauren Landish Willow Winters
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  1. Mr CEOby Lauren Landish Willow WintersOnce again another great one by this writing duo Lauren Landish Willow Winters Great work LadiesLogan Parker is Mr CEO, Logan Trent his partner run their company together Both seem to be workaholics, but also seem to play as hard as they work Well Logan use to play hard, until something happen 3 years ago Now neither seem to have time for a women in their life s, since all the women in past have seem to do is lieCharlotte Rose Harrison was just betrayed by h [...]

  2. This book is so not what it was supposed to be I think its title, MR CEO, is only because the heroine calls him that But we really don t know anything about him besides being a CEO whose mother left both him and his father, who s in a home because he had a stroke and can t do much by himself What kind of confuses me, because with all the money, one would think he would be cared at home And later, much later in the book we find out the hero has a stage 4 cancer What really upsets me, is that this [...]

  3. No OW drama.Some OM drama.Don t quote me on this but I m pretty sure the hero was celibate.Hero has view spoiler cancer hide spoiler Heroine didn t have a backbone with her ex I would have loved an epilogue with a baby.

  4. Spoilers I wanted to give this book 5 stars bc it was really good but the h made me give it 4.The h was not a strong character to me AT ALL OMG I almost had an aneurism over how she handled or should I say LACK of handling her ex boyfriend and her ex best friend I am not a violent person but I wanted to hit both of them over the head with a shovel and bury the bodies Or maybe just punch them in the face.Either way the h did neither I was so frustrated by this I know this is petty but I would hav [...]

  5. This one isn t just a steamy erotica, it s actually an extremely sweet story, with real love, not just alpha male possessiveness I m definitely keeping this one.

  6. Audible Narrators Alastair Haynesbridge and Bunny WarrenTerrific narration giving each character a distinctive sound and deepening the story these authors created Smooth and enjoyable If any problem it was when a moment in the book is full of surprising action and the narrator s voice speeds up so fast I struggled to understand and follow along A few 30 second rewinds and I had caught it all but I did feel that that portion of the story was a bit overplayed.When Logan sees Charlotte at a confere [...]

  7. This review was originally posted on Addicted To RomanceI will be honest that I honestly had no clue what to expect from this book, I had heard of these two authors but not much and when I saw this on Audible I just decided to grab it up and listen to it and I was really intrigued by this story I just love a sexy office romance, but this book was off the charts It had some really intriguing elements that definitely worked for me Now this book is sexy and HOT, but it also has some fun dynamics th [...]

  8. I did the audio book of this one and really enjoyed the narration The story itself was okay but not a favorite A few little things bothered me and it took away from my enjoyment of the story I will definitely check out by this authors in the future.

  9. Ok, so here s the thing there s nothing wrong with power play as long as it s consensual As long as both parties understand they re equals and they just choose to play a game where one holds power over the other There s nothing remotely hot about your boss holding your whole career over your head to have his way with you I do not want to see this level of assholery romanticized Ever Ugh This arrogant sob humiliates her at work in front if people for personal reasons one minute and tells her he d [...]

  10. I have read several books by Willow Winters and Lauren Landish I have to say this one is my favorite so far I truly loved this book This story was truly amazing I done the whispersync with this book and as aways the authors done an amazing job choosing the narrators The narrators gave so much personality to the characters You could truly feel the emotions pouring through and this was an emotional story This story has so much in it It truly gives you everything you desire You get that sexy billio [...]

  11. They ve done it again Romance authors and dynamic duo, Lauren Landish Willow Winters bring their A game with Mr CEO 5 explosive stars It s going to be difficult to keep my excitement at bay while writing this review This book was that good I just want to scream that from the rooftop Let s get it started, shall we Logan Parker, Billionaire Business Mogul and CEO of Parker Moore Enterprises A billion dollar company he inherited after his father suffered a debilitating stroke He was ready for the r [...]

  12. Mr CEO was a sweet story full of dirty talking I never thought I would be describing a book with such contradictory words but they are true Read it and you ll see.

  13. Le pongo un dos por ser generosa.Menuda forma de liar la troca sin ton ni son, no entiendo la interacci n entre estos dos personajes Logan se pasa de creepy y de posesivo, y ella es muy recalcitrante y encima el momento lgido es una tonter a con la que la protagonista te cae peor ENCIMA no terminan de explicarte parte del transfondo del sexy millonario.Es todo tan irreal que se me ha hecho cuesta arriba Una pena porque lo empec con muchas ganas.

  14. HEART WARMING STEAMY PASSIONATE ROMANCEA storm of emotions run wild in this romantic tale I laughed, got a few goose bumps, shed a few tears, and cheered at the sweet delicious ending.Logan Parker is Mr CEO, he doesn t lie, has a billionaire business, is a slave to that business, his partner Trent is his best friend, and Logan s strikingly good looks and charismatic persona have women falling over themselves to gain his attention Logan doesn t trust women as they have lied to him and always want [...]

  15. The dynamic duo have done it again another Alpha in the form of Logan Parker who s Mr CEO, billionaire extraordinaire he s a workaholic with no time for anyone to be a permanent fixture in his life expecially a woman, he doesn t trust easily infact it s really only his best friend and business partner Trent who he lets close Things change when he sets his eyes on Charlotte his Rose it s like insta lust from the beginning for both of them he wants her and sets out to get her turns out he s got th [...]

  16. Logan is a wealthy and powerful CEO with a dark past that causes him to keep everyone from getting too close to him But the first time he lays eyes on Charlotte Rose, he can t resist the magnetic pull between them and convinces himself an affair will be temporary and short lived Rose is a working girl suffering a nasty breakup and trying to succeed at her new job She meets and is drawn to Logan at a conference and decides to give into her desires for a one night stand with this stranger to ease [...]

  17. Not a book for meI gave 2 stars because I couldn t even get half way through this book I despise the short little sentences Three words, then a period Every time link your sentences together OK that didn t kill the book for me, the girl in it did She was constantly going back and forth with herself, I m thinking oh my goodness just shut your brain up and screw this guy ok The guy seemed a little shall I say pushy I mean his character was alright but not for me Maybe a good read for others but I [...]

  18. Mr CEO is a heart wrenching warm hearted story Lauren Landish and WillowWinters have managed to create a new bestseller.Logan and Charlotte Rose meet in Las Vegas, feel immediately drawn to each other, share a hot night Logan becomes her new boss by company fusion, and from then on, the story takes its only partially predictable course.The two authors understand it masterfully, through skillfully placed twists and turns, to keep the story exciting and very emotional until the end An absolute mus [...]

  19. Advanced copy provided by the author for a honest review.The beginning is the same story of a cocky CEO who falls for an employee of a company he purchases just so he can have her Then there is a sad turn of events but has a happy ending I wanted of their life after they get together and less of the uncertainty of if they should be together It left me feeling the best parts were short changed It was well written and worth a quick read.

  20. Need to stop adding bonus books it s annoying when all we want to do is read the new book that s out so please stop with those dang bonus carp please

  21. SPOILERS ALERT What can I say but, be still my beating heart Holy shiz nit did this have me excited one moment, crying the next and thinking omg he is so freaking sweet after that Logan Parker aka Mr CEO himself is close to only two people, his father and co worker Trent Morgan His parents divorce and his mothers betrayal to his father has left him bitter He trusts no one, gets what he wants and never apologizes Well until his Rose changes everything Charlotte Rose Harrison is a woman who has be [...]

  22. Dirty Debt by Lauren Landish is a full length contemporary romance novel This book has dark themes, but isn t a dark read.Dirty Debt was originally published as a novella in the Bad Boys Collection, and is now new written, edited and extended and is a full length novel Every time a king dies, there s always a little bloodshed Jacob Waters is a mob boss who reigns over the whole city He s an abusive man and will pay the prize But before he gets taken down, his prized possession will be taken away [...]

  23. I had brought MR CEO both in kindle audio what a beautiful HOT love story with that area of heated lust passion of not being able to keep their hands off each as for Charlotte Rose who thought she d ONLY see Logan Parker THE ONCE whilst away in Vegas for a Business Conference, but whilst she was up giving her speech he JUST KEPT staring at her putting her off Kelter later when he see s her she him that was it as for her she wanted to get what had happened to her the few days prior out of her hea [...]

  24. Hold on to your Hearts This is Sexy and Complete with twists and turns WOWZA If you re into the Alpha Billionaire male with a heart of gold that he is unaware of and a damsel in distress, that doesn t know what she s getting into then hold on to your seats because this is the story for you There are one night stands, surprising twists and turns, and so much The chemistry between Logan his Rose is intense The way the story unfolded, from their first glances at the hotel bar, to their one night s [...]