Underground Airlines Underground Airlines Best Download || [Ben H. Winters] - Underground Airlines, Underground Airlines A young black man calling himself Victor has struck a bargain with federal law enforcement working as a bounty hunter for the US Marshall Service in exchange for his freedom He s got plenty of work I

  • Title: Underground Airlines
  • Author: Ben H. Winters
  • ISBN: 9780316261258
  • Page: 415
  • Format: Paperback

Underground Airlines

Underground Airlines Best Download || [Ben H. Winters], Underground Airlines, Ben H. Winters, Underground Airlines A young black man calling himself Victor has struck a bargain with federal law enforcement working as a bounty hunter for the US Marshall Service in exchange for his freedom He s got plenty of work In this version of America slavery continues in four states called the Hard Four On the trail of a runaway known as Jackdaw Victor arrives in Indianapolis knowing that sA young b Underground Airlines Best Download || [Ben H. Winters]. Underground Airlines Best Download || [Ben H. Winters] - Underground Airlines, Underground Airlines A young black man calling himself Victor has struck a bargain with federal law enforcement working as a bounty hunter for the US Marshall Service in exchange for his freedom He s got plenty of work I

  • Underground Airlines Best Download || [Ben H. Winters]
    415Ben H. Winters
Underground Airlines
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  1. Alright so I m DNF ing this and giving it 2.5 rounded up to 3 Stars I listened to 60% and had a hard time staying with the story I m not sure why but it s just not doing it for me There are too many references to pop culture I mean Michael Jackson, Norman Rockwell and James Brown Well James Brown was suppose to have defected to Europe It s too far fetched for me This is about slavery still in existence because the Civil War never happened I wanted it to be something it wasn t It started out very [...]

  2. Just imagine for a moment an establishment spook and modern slave wrapped into one, pressed into service to hunt down and reel back in other escaped slaves, and you ve got yourself a tracker right out of the bad old days of pre civil war A black man forced to do the devil s work Now imagine him in our modern world, where the American Civil War had ended in an economic truce and slavery is alive and well and made so very efficient Hell, just imagine how easy it d be to track down every slave with [...]

  3. Library ebook overdrive The beginning grabbed me right away The narrator didn t know his name for awhile, but it s Victor was sitting in a cafe diner with a younger man a priest, Father Barton The dialogue between these two men is sly covert conniving and gut wrenching sad Victor was once a slave The Priest we wanted to punch him in the guts So the narrator Victor a Chamaeleon of sorts, with different disguise wigs, names, identities a contractor bounty hunter, for the United States Marshall Ser [...]

  4. Talk about a depressing idea for an alternate history book This one explores the concept of what would have happened if the United States had never abolished slavery, and it remains an institution in the present day sigh Well, at least Hitler didn t win the war this time Victor is a former slave who managed to escape to the north, but he was eventually caught by the government and forced to work undercover to help catch poor souls who are trying to use the fabled Underground Airline to escape A [...]

  5. Armed with a tempting and provocatively high concept plot, this new novel shot it s way to the top of my reading list for the year This is a mystery novel that begs to be read, about an alternate present day where the Civil War never happened, and slavery still exists in four Southern states, and about a freed black agent for the Federal Marshalls that infiltrates abolitionist cells to track down runaway slaves I felt obligated to read it, to at least see where the concept goes from there But it [...]

  6. 4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum 2016 07 11 I became a fan of Ben H Winters back in 2012 when I first picked up his novel The Last Policeman Since then, I ve been following his work, subsequently reading Countdown City as well as World of Trouble as they were released Together, those three books make up what I think is one of the most tragically underrated series I ve ever read So of course when I heard about Underground Airlines, I just knew I had to read it.And wow, what an incr [...]

  7. I had been rather resistant to the idea of reading Underground Airlines First, because of the author did I really want to read a novel about slavery written by a white author of Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters from a POV of a black person Second, because it was hard for me to imagine a present day America where slavery could still exist you know, some speculative premises are just too out there sometimes But Slate writers kept talking about it, so I decided to give Ben H Winters a chance. [...]

  8. It has been years since I have seen the movie Blade Runner, but as I was reading this I kept saying to myself, for some reason this reminds me of Blade Runner Then, I started describing the book to a co worker and I didn t tell him about what it reminded me of and the first thing he said is Sounds like Blade Runner So, I guess I was not too far off I did recently read the book Blade Runner is based on, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep so maybe that contributed to it.Another thing about this b [...]

  9. I really enjoyed Winters Last Policeman trilogy, so when I heard about his newest book I picked it up right away, even knowing nothing about it After reading I think Winters has surpassed himself This book is even better.As the book s blurbs lets us know, this is an alternate history, set in a present day United States where the Civil War never happened In this reality, there are still Slave and Free states, and of course, there are still runaways and fugitive slave catchers Unsurprisingly, ther [...]

  10. Onvan Underground Airlines Nevisande Ben H Winters ISBN 316261254 ISBN13 9780316261258 Dar 336 Safhe Saal e Chap 2016

  11. I know that there s been some is it his story to tell conversation about whether or not a white author should be writing about the plight of a black character and that conversation has its merit But I m giving this 4.5 stars because the construction of this story was just so good that I could not stop reading it I took it with me on a flight to Denver for work After five hours of travel, and a couple hours in the hotel bar waiting for my coworkers to be ready for dinner, I was very nearly done T [...]

  12. Underground Airlines was a good concept but I thought the execution was off It tells of a world in which the civil war never happened and slavery still exists in several southern states It should have been a slam dunk but I just never really felt engrossed in the story and I think that might be because the author is white I m not saying white authors can t or shouldn t write characters of color but I think its harder for a white person to understand and accurately write about the black experienc [...]

  13. I don t usually read alternate history but when I saw this book from an author I had previously enjoyed, I decided to give it a try It is present day America, minus one Civil War Gradually the majority of the southern states have gotten rid of slavery, but four holdouts still use slaves The central story is Victor, a bounty hunter on the trail of Jackdaw that takes him to Indianapolis He has long worked for the US Marshall Service, but he also grew up on a plantation as a child I think most read [...]

  14. An interesting, vomit inducing thought experiment of what the US could be if there had never been a civil war and slavery had been enshrined in the Constitution for some states Sickening idea, though sad thing is, having extremely cheap labour is not a crazy idea look at all the cheap items we can buy, made by people making a poor wage, versus items made for a fair wage And mistreating workers workers rights is still a very recent thing in human history And, finally, designating a group of peopl [...]

  15. I received a copy of this ARC from the bookstore I am employed at.Jesus H.Meet Victor At least, that s what he tells us his name his It could be Jim Dirkson It could be something else he s got a lot of aliases Victor is a cunning black man working for a powerful government agency that hunts down runaway slaves and returns them to their masters The year is 2012 I think I m still a little gray on that detail , and the Hard Four four states in which slavery still exists continue to build a regime o [...]

  16. 3.5 StarsWhat would the world look like if the civil war never took place and slavery was still a thing I tend to really enjoy alternate reality books especially given the historical references and timeline Our narrator who touts multiple names is living in the North, doing a job he loathes, but it pays the bills We slowly figure out what it is Victor is hunting and it left me with a sick feeling in my gut Along the way, we meet a myriad of characters including a white Martha and her mixed son L [...]

  17. Jim, a 40 year old black man who has escaped from slavery, is tearfully trying to convince a priest, Father Barton, to help him free his wife But his name isn t Jim he goes by Victor, but that isn t his name either , he doesn t have a wife and its the present day, not the 1800s In this terrific alternative history thriller there was no Civil War and Lincoln did not free the slaves Slavery is still legal in four southern states Victor works in the north as an agent of the U.S Marshals Service tra [...]

  18. Underground AirlinesBy Ben H WintersI found Underground Airlines to be an interesting novel that drifts between speculative fiction and noir Victor the protagonist is a contractor for the U.S Marshals Service USMS The story is an alternative historical where slavery was not completely abolished, but still exists in the Hard States Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Carolina The story is broken into three 3 parts.Part 1 North , about 2 3rds of the book.Victor is in Indianapolis to track down an [...]

  19. Ever since I read Ben Winters pre apocalyptic mystery thriller The Last Policeman trilogy The Last Policeman, Countdown City and World of Trouble I have been something of a fanboy for this speculative fiction author When I learned that his first published book after The Last Policeman was going to be called Underground Airlines, set in an alternate history of an America where slavery persists to the 21st century and a modern analogue to the Civil War era Underground Railroad exists I was VERY ps [...]

  20. If you ve seen the mockumentary C.S.A The Confederate States of America, you re already a little primed for this novel This dystopian America where slavery still exists in some states is chilling in not only its accuracy to how slavery in this country was in the past, but also the repercussions and ramifications we face in both our reality and that of the book They aren t called slaves, but People Bound to Labor, or PBs, or peebs Technology has allowed to near total control of these enslaved peo [...]

  21. This is a hard book to categorize The story takes place in a United States that never saw the Civil War Slavery still exists in the Hard Four southern states The myth is that violent slavery is against the law and has been abolished, and the slavery that exists is well regulated and humane Slaves are known as persons bound to labor, or PBLs Early on we meet Jim Dirkson, a free black who has joined the slave hunting US Marshalls His job is to hunt down escaped slaves and return them to bondage Sl [...]

  22. I listened to this almost all in one go on the way home from my parents yesterday I think this book got overshadowed a bit due to being released so close to The Underground Railroad and a similar theme They are very different and despite all the awards Railroad garnered I think I liked this one better Thanks to my good friend Sarah Anne for the recommendation

  23. Having been a finalist for Best Science Fiction book of 2016, I am really glad I read this Very creative alternate fiction Set in modern day America, the Civil War never happened and slavery remains the law of the land in four Southern states The black protagonist works as a contractor for the U.S Marshals, tracking down escaped slaves, despite his own background His current assignment seems off , and he finds himself embroiled in a major society changing drama Meanwhile, despite his usual singu [...]

  24. It s a rare book that fascinates me enough to read it twice in one week but this is one of those books It was both interesting and gave me a lot to think about.This book is set in an alternate version of the U.S where Lincoln was assassinated and the Civil War didn t happen Because of this slavery still exists in the Hard Four states Victor, or whatever name he happens to be going by, is a U.S Marshall whose job it is to track down escaped slaves At the beginning of this book we have Victor trac [...]

  25. I was not sure what to expect when this came out last year I waited a long time for it to come to overdrive in my library Eventually I grabbed it with a credit at audible I must say first of all that I loved this narrator, he managed several distinct characters male and female He did an amazing job I think I read somewhere that this is his first foray into audiobooks.The story is about an alternate world set in America where slavery was not abolished in the whole country It was strange at first [...]

  26. Victor Jim Brother is a contracted, owned bounty hunter, a tracker, by any and all names He is a black man, forced into hunting black men This is set in the present day The catch is that our present day is not as we know it to be The Civil War never took place, and even though slavery was finally abolished, there are still 4 states in the United States, called the Hard Four, that still condone and practice slavery This story relates one such case for Victor, tracking a run away slave, and then t [...]

  27. Impressive on so many levels Creative, artistic, well written, with an authenticity that I found both a surprise and a relief I was nearly 300 pages in, still marveling at how uncontrived a work of fiction bordering on SciFi could be He did a masterful job of creating a believable world of make believe There are layers to this novel that are sure to be hashed out in book groups for years to come Definitely worth reading And that, in spite of the ARC having so many typos it was distracting There [...]

  28. Ben Winters Underground Airlines imagines a modern world where the U.S Civil War never happened and without that war, slavery remained legal in South The story follows a young black man named Victor one of many aliases he uses , a former slave himself who had been given freedom in exchange for a position with the US Marshals capturing and returning escaped slaves to their owners Victor s latest case feels off his handler is acting strange and the information contained in the file doesn t add up [...]

  29. 2.5 starsI generously rounded it up to 3.Consider the fact that I started reading this book in September It took me almost 4 months to finish it Why Because the book is approximately 125 pages too long I cannot stand wasting my time on books that do not deliver Yet, I do not want to add to my will not finish shelf so I took my time and pushed through It was not until this week when I got past the first 125 pages when I realized that there may actually be an interesting story within the pages of [...]

  30. I wanted to like this book and I wanted it to create a dialogue about racism It got some wonderful reviews from independent booksellers, but it just wasn t great The writing was mediocre and the story was choppy My favorite parts were the ones that delved into the affects of racism, but it felt exactly like the racism of today Maybe that is the point, but I doubt it Kind of disappointing.