Murder in the Woods ↠ Murder in the Woods ✓ Bruce Beckham - Murder in the Woods, Murder in the Woods A STAND ALONE MURDER MYSTERY IN THE SERIES MEET MAVERICK BRITISH DETECTIVE DI SKELGILL MAD BAD AND JUST A LITTLE BIT COZY WHEN A DOG WALKER discovers a decaying corpse in Harterhow Woods it is sur

  • Title: Murder in the Woods
  • Author: Bruce Beckham
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Murder in the Woods

↠ Murder in the Woods ✓ Bruce Beckham, Murder in the Woods, Bruce Beckham, Murder in the Woods A STAND ALONE MURDER MYSTERY IN THE SERIES MEET MAVERICK BRITISH DETECTIVE DI SKELGILL MAD BAD AND JUST A LITTLE BIT COZY WHEN A DOG WALKER discovers a decaying corpse in Harterhow Woods it is surely just a matter of time before the police will close in upon the murderer But despite a nationwide appeal the distinctive remains defy identification Skelgill beliA STAND ALONE M ↠ Murder in the Woods ✓ Bruce Beckham. ↠ Murder in the Woods ✓ Bruce Beckham - Murder in the Woods, Murder in the Woods A STAND ALONE MURDER MYSTERY IN THE SERIES MEET MAVERICK BRITISH DETECTIVE DI SKELGILL MAD BAD AND JUST A LITTLE BIT COZY WHEN A DOG WALKER discovers a decaying corpse in Harterhow Woods it is sur

  • ↠ Murder in the Woods ✓ Bruce Beckham
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Murder in the Woods
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  1. I saved this book for a while, and took my time reading it to savour the most recent Skelgill mystery.It was just as good as the rest of the series, if not so Fascinating mystery or two and the antics of Skelgill and his interactions with his two Detective Sergeants were as entertaining as ever The only disappointment for me is waiting for the next book to come out in July Highly recommend this series

  2. I received this books as a First Reads giveaway I hadn t read any books by this author before this is the eighth in the series they are all stand alones although with the same detective character The book is set in the Lake District and some of the passages in it are descriptive of this, but not excessively so Inspector Skelgill has an interesting and distinctive style without falling into heavy drinking difficult backstory clich s and the book is well paced I would be happy to read another of t [...]

  3. On a walk, a curious fox terrier discovers the remains of a body and at the sight of the skull, his owner begins screaming One wouldn t think that anyone would hear her screams in such a remote area but not far away DI Skelgill and DS Jones are having a picnic They quickly respond to the scene and call in the troops to begin the investigation The first problem is identifying the remains All they really know is that the body is female, was cut into pieces before burial, has extensive dental work, [...]

  4. Makes you think harder.A good who done it puzzle that warrants three stars because it keeps you wondering what the DI Skelgill is truly thinking about at each turn of events Sometimes it was difficult to follow and I had to backtrack to refresh my memory on some details I enjoyed putting together as many of the pieces of the puzzle as I could before the final mysteries were solved I also learned a little about pronunciations or slang uses of words in different areas of England.

  5. Another charming installmentInspector Skelgill has a lot in common with tv s Dr Castle A bit of a curmudgeon, always off on a tangent but nails the solution in the end Some definite twists and turns in this one, and the continued expansion of Cumbrian dialect as well as Cockney rhyming slang from his sergeant, and Liverpuddlian from the supporting cast Very satisfying in all.

  6. Skelgill DI has Round Peg Suspects in a Square Peg MurderAuthor Bruce Beckham has our favorite DI and his 6th sense moving against the facts of solving a murder and being happy with the results He knows he has suspects but there is no clues, evidence just a feeling that all are up to something What is it What is being hidden from him Round and square pegs come to fit in the surprising ending Really enjoyed this book.

  7. Murder in the WoodsAnother delightful Detective Inspector Skelgill murder mystery book As usual, the book is well written with lots of twists and turns leaving you thinking you have it figured out, you might have it figured out, only to be surprised at the end as to how it all fits together.

  8. An enjoyable, if comfortable read I obtained this book free via s first read scheme It seems that the stand alone treatment means we are at number 8 in a series with not much relationship development I prefer progression in a series favourites include Louise Penny and Deborah Crombie but the plot and characters were fun, so I ll be reading .

  9. Normally I enjoy novels written with characters of U.K s law enforcement investigating criminal activity However, this was not, I think, quite the standard I have become accustomed to experiencing The story line is convoluted and not convincing,although the author attempts to make it so The bottom line it was a difficult read for me.

  10. Murder in the woods.I enjoy the interaction of characters Also, the descriptions of locale and fishing references I don t always understand dialect, but it s fun trying to figure what it means I look up a lot of the words

  11. Surprisingly mysterious Sometimes the book was hard to follow because of the cultural differences between the English and American but it was a delightful story After a slow start the mystery took over and ruled until the end.

  12. Turns out that in spite of the strange POV the author uses as well as being in present tense, I have gotten quite fond of Dan Skelgill Can t seem to leave this series alone and rather sad I m coming to the end Hopefully Bruce Beckham will write about this annoying but endearing detective.

  13. Murder in the WoodsInteresting storyline but to be completely honest I had a little trouble keeping up with the frequent plot changes So many suspicious characters and the scene changing so often confused me at times.

  14. 3.5 stars I thought this book was a bit better than the last one Inspector Sklegill was less grumpy and the plot was slightly clearer.

  15. Another awful book by BeckhamDidn t get past the first few pages The worst writing style THIRD person You might like his books if you enjoy his style.

  16. Good read Enjoyable story line, liked the interaction between the characters, and would recommend for a easy read.Look forward to reading

  17. Love Inspector Skelgill, however, the author alludes to many English idioms and phrases that I have trouble making sense of in context to what is being referred to.

  18. Murder in the WoodsA great detective story, that solves two murders and catches three killers But none of it would have happened without a dog named Morse.

  19. I enjoyed this book I liked the characters and their interaction You couldn t tell who done it until the very end.

  20. I enjoyed this book though for me it started out rather slow That may have been due to cultural differences for perhaps I m used to police procedural books America style But Beckham builds his mystery well, introducing the characters and possible suspects, and then methodically leading to the discovery of who the killer really was I especially liked that the mystery takes place in the Lake District what a beautiful setting I also like the character DS Jones not your typical woman police detectiv [...]

  21. I have been very happy reading about Detective Skelgill and the murders that keep him busy He seems to have a soft spot for his subordinate Wonder what will come of that Great reading, looking forward to the next

  22. Skelgill et al are back and better than ever Ah, DI Skelgill and team are in top form once again Bravo And about the kiss perhaps someone doth protest too much Just saying.

  23. Thanks BruceI enjoy this series very much, and following all the characters is very important to me A lot going on and not so terribly long Good reading