The Innocent Wife [PDF] The Innocent Wife | by × AmyLloyd - The Innocent Wife, The Innocent Wife HOW DO YOU CONFRONT YOUR HUSBAND WHEN YOU DON T WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH Twenty years ago Dennis Danson was arrested and imprisoned for the brutal murder of a young girl in Florida s Red River County N

  • Title: The Innocent Wife
  • Author: AmyLloyd
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 244
  • Format: Hardcover

The Innocent Wife

[PDF] The Innocent Wife | by × AmyLloyd, The Innocent Wife, AmyLloyd, The Innocent Wife HOW DO YOU CONFRONT YOUR HUSBAND WHEN YOU DON T WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH Twenty years ago Dennis Danson was arrested and imprisoned for the brutal murder of a young girl in Florida s Red River County Now he s the subject of a true crime documentary that s whipping up a frenzy online to uncover the truth and free a man who has been wrongly convicted A thousand miles away iHOW DO YO [PDF] The Innocent Wife | by × AmyLloyd. [PDF] The Innocent Wife | by × AmyLloyd - The Innocent Wife, The Innocent Wife HOW DO YOU CONFRONT YOUR HUSBAND WHEN YOU DON T WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH Twenty years ago Dennis Danson was arrested and imprisoned for the brutal murder of a young girl in Florida s Red River County N

  • [PDF] The Innocent Wife | by × AmyLloyd
The Innocent Wife
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  1. I d be lying if I said that I didn t jump on this blog tour because of the hype I ve seen surrounding this book The Innocent Wife has pretty much taken over my and Twitter feeds, and for good reason Bloggers have been finding this story addictive, compulsive, and twisted all reasons that made me want to pick this one up This new collection of crime fiction novels that are formatted as documentaries or mock umentaries are extremely popular and it is a format I have become rather fond of, which is [...]

  2. Dennis Danson is a convicted killer on death row, having been charged with the brutal murder of a young girl in Florida s Red River County He claims he s innocent and has a huge following, who believe in his innocence After twenty years in prison, his case is now the subject of a true crime documentary, which raises his profile to an ever increasing audience, particularly online Thousands of miles away in the UK, Samantha, a schoolteacher, is one of those who become infatuated with him, she beli [...]

  3. 2.5 Sam is a young woman living a lonely, quiet life in the UK Now, in the blink of an eye, she finds herself caught up in an international buzz involving a death row inmate in the US, named Dennis.As the latest media firestorm sweeps the digital world, seemingly everyone is outraged and rallying to free this un justly convicted felon Documentary crews are busy researching and filming And the Who s Who of Hollywood elite are standing behind Dennis, throwing money and support towards his cause An [...]

  4. 2.5 Stars A young schoolteacher falls for a man on Death Row whom she believes is falsely accused, only to begin wondering after their marriage and his release As soon as I read that line in the description, I couldn t wait to get my hands on this book Samantha Sam is a thirty one year old school teacher from England She has always felt very alone She needed something or someone to believe in, and in Dennis Danson, she found both It all started after she watched a documentary Framing the truth t [...]

  5. Sometimes when reviewing a book that I personally could not relate to, I think maybe I m too hard to please with some of these thrillers Then I think that having read so many I am in a unique position to judge what appeals and what does not, what makes sense and what doesn t Another plot taken from current tv viewing, a man on death row, so many believe he is innocent and fighting to get him released Sound familiar A fictional story doesn t have to make complete sense, but I do think that the ch [...]

  6. As soon as I read the premise of the storyline my twitchy fingers requested this on Netgalley I was super excited to dive into this read Dennis Danson is a convicted murderer on death row for killing a young girl in Florida s Red River County Dennis has claimed from day one his innocenced also has a huge group of followers that support his innocence One of these followers, Samantha, a schoolteacher has become obsessed with Dennis and starts sending him letters in prison Gradually, Samantha and D [...]

  7. 3.5 starsThis novel follows the investigation of a murder trial through a true crime documentary series twenty years after the trial Dennis Danson was convicted of a brutal murder and has been sitting in prison for two decades He has a following of fans who believe he is innocent One of these fans is a young school teacher, Samantha, who writes to him in prison, marries him and helps him fight for release.I found this to be a fast read that had me intrigued throughout It had similarities to the [...]

  8. As soon as I read the description of The Innocent Wife by Amy Lloyd I knew that this was a book that I needed to read I ve heard of woman becoming pen pals to prisoners and forming relationships with them so my curiosity of just what the author would do with this subject was definitely high.When reading I thought that the set up of Samantha seeing the documentary with Dennis Danson behind bars and those trying to prove his innocence was perfect for today s society While I hadn t watched Making a [...]

  9. 2.25 Stars rounded down Sam is a teacher in England who incessantly follows the story of a man imprisoned for murder His name is Dennis Dawson and he was arrested for the brutal murder of a young girl in Florida twenty years prior Now he is the subject of a documentary that is trying to prove his innocence Sam can t help but be drawn in Dennis is a handsome and charismatic man She starts corresponding with him and the two form a relationship Before she knows it she is traveling to Florida to mee [...]

  10. Well any time I start a new book and finish it within the same day will always get a 5 star rating from me I picked up The Innocent Wife this morning on my subway commute to work and couldn t put it down I read it during my lunch break, commute home, on the stair master I literally kept going until my legs tired so keep that in mind if you need a cardio read , and when I got home It was just that addicting Twenty years ago, high school jock, Dennis Danson was arrested for the murder of Holly Mic [...]

  11. This is the the story of Sam, a schoolteacher living in England who has developed a fixation with Dennis Danson Dennis is on death row in America, having been found guilty of murder Sam travels to see Dennis, and falls in love with him The two marry, and then Dennis is released, his prosecution overturned, and he becomes an even bigger celebrity than he was before But Sam begins to see a different side to Dennis, and she starts to wonder if maybe he could be guilty of other killings.I found this [...]

  12. Every so often a book comes along that you really enjoy but you can t really work out why,well for me this is most definitely one of those books.This riveting thriller is a tale that is split into two halves that are set before and after Dennis is released from prison.Our main protagonist is Samantha who is a teacher,she lives in England and has recently been dumped by her boyfriend.Quite a number of other reviewers have stated that they found Sam annoying and irritating but because she had a nu [...]

  13. 2.5Wild Gone WrongI can t explain my reaction to this book because it was all over the place and yet I did want to continue reading Samantha lives in England, but she still falls for Dennis Danson who was convicted of murdering a young woman twenty years ago in Florida He was 18 at the time and has been incarcerated and on Death Row since his conviction A documentary is being filmed to support new evidence and try to get Dennis released.Sam and Dennis marry and then this story goes completely of [...]

  14. A schoolteacher falls for a man on death row who she believes is falsely accused Twenty years ago Dennis Danson was arrested for the brutal murder of Holly Michaels in Florida s Red River County Now he s the subject of Making a Murder style documentary Samantha is thousands of miles away in Britian, but she is as invested in Dennis s case as any of his lawyers.The plot to this story is mainly based on did he or did he not do it Samantha writes to Danson on death row, falls in love with him and t [...]

  15. 3.5 starsThe Innocent Wife is the uneven debut novel of Amy Lloyd and its conception and release is no doubt intended to capitalise on the surge in interest of documentaries such as Making a Murderer , which investigated the potential gross miscarriage of justice that led to a man s long term incarceration Although there is no doubting that the novel does become increasingly compelling in the second half once the story focuses on the dynamics of the marriage and the media circus has largely exha [...]

  16. This novel could have been so good, had it not been for the excessive waffle and annoying characters I enjoyed a lot of this story but in the end, the conclusion really let this novel down.Ever since Making a Murderer came out, I ve seen hundreds of non fiction books and new documentaries tackling the subject of the wrongfully convicted However, I hadn t seen many fiction books taking on the topic which is what lured me into reading this one I think the plot for this one was quite unique for wha [...]

  17. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Samantha has an usual pen pal death row inmate Dennis, who proclaims his innocence over the brutal killing of Holly Michaels Determined to campaign for his freedom, Sam becomes embroiled in a documentary that hopes to free Dennis But maybe Sam should be careful what she wishes for Is Dennis really as innocent as he sayss he is This is a really interesting and unique premise for a thriller It doesn t follow the typical layout of seri [...]

  18. 4.5 When I read the book description for The Innocent Wife I knew it was one I had to read I ve often wondered about the woman and men who write to prisoners on death row, and then go on to fall in love with them I m sure the reasons are complex and way beyond my comprehension, but intriguing never the less If you are a fan of true crime documentaries then this is a book you won t want to miss, as it s a story which reads very much like a true crime story.As you will see from the book descriptio [...]

  19. Samantha becomes infatuated with Dennis Danson, a man who has been incarcerated for the murder of a young girl for twenty years He claims he is innocent and has a large online following of supporters who strongly believe in his innocence, Samantha being one of them She begins to correspond with him, then travels to America to visit him and shortly after marries him.After a successful campaign for Dennis release due to new evidence, Samantha is thrust into a new reality, having to begin her marri [...]

  20. In the 90s, a documentary film makes Dennis Danson imprisoned at 18 for murder on the basis of flimsy evidence something of a cause c l bre Our protagonist, Sam, is introduced to the case by her boyfriend, and becomes obsessed, spending hours on forums with other fans, researching the case and attempting to uncover new evidence that will exonerate Dennis When her relationship breaks down, she begins writing to him It s their correspondence that leads to her involvement in the original filmmakers [...]

  21. Ever since I learned about women who write to, fall in love with and marry men on Death Row, I ve been fascinated by this phenomenon, so this book was a must read Lloyd keeps the first three quarters or so beautifully on track as Samantha obsesses about a handsome killer, gets involved in the campaign to free him and marries him, despite him being effectively a stranger Alongside this main story is a sub strand which calls into question Samantha s own past behaviour and quite how balanced she he [...]

  22. The Innocent Wife has a blurb you cannot help but be intrigued by what would possess a woman to pack up her whole life, move to a new country and marry a man she s never met, marry a man convicted of murder It sounds like one of those stories you read about in true life magazines, as absurd as it sounds, it really happens and it happened to Samantha The prologue in this novel consists of an exchange of letters between Samantha and Dennis, their love blossoming through the written word, and you j [...]

  23. I ve often wondered why women and also men decide to write, then fall in love with a convicted murderer To me it seems very irrational behaviour and I cannot get my head around why on earth someone would voluntarily become involved with a murderer Perhaps they themselves are very complex individuals and it would probably need a psychiatrist to explain their reasoning I imagine many studies have been conducted on this subject, trying to link such as Freud and Jung s psychological theories to this [...]

  24. The Innocent Wife was a brilliantly immersive read if you watched Making A Murderer you ll probably like this taking that type of premise as a starting point then taking the reader on a kind of behind the scenes journey focusing on Sam, obsessed with the subject to the point that she drops everything, moves to the States and ultimately marries him Then, however, the campaign is successful and she s faced with living with a man she barely knows and who may not be as innocent as he seems.Through h [...]

  25. 2,5 starsWomen fascinated by men who are imprisoned for murder is a very interesting topic When I read the description of this book I knew I had to read it It started promising We get to know Samantha, who gets infatuated with Dennis Danson He is in prison for 20 years now and a lot of people fight for his release There is no real evidence that he was involved in killing those girls It looks like the local police was on a vendetta against him There is also a documentary about Dennis on its way H [...]

  26. This one was a disappointment for me I d read some good reviews on it but it just didn t do it for me It seemed like immature writing unrealistic to actual eye rolls Maybe I ve read too many thrillers so I have high expectations but this one fell flat.

  27. Dennis Danson was convicted for the brutal murder of a young girl but a lot of people believe in his innocence and one of them is Samantha, a school teacher who lives in Britain She starts corresponding with Dennis through letters and ends up falling in love with him Soon after they get married Dennis s case is reopened and he is released from prison Samantha is excited about starting their married life together but starts observing changes in Dennis s behavior Was Dennis just getting used to li [...]

  28. Absolutely fantastic book really well written good book couldn t put it down completely hooked recommend to read

  29. Dennis Danson is on death row but when a film crew review the case they find glaring inconsistencies that sets the internet alight A huge campaign is launched, celebrities get involved and a woman in England called Sam, starts writing to Dennis They fall in love and soon, riding a wave if public outrage, Dennis is released and when this happens, and Sam begins her new life with him, she starts to think maybe he s not so innocent after all Has she made a terrible mistake The Innocent Wife is a su [...]

  30. I struggled with the opening format of this book as it is mostly letters and excerpts from crime reports, but once the story really got going I was soon immersed as the tension builds up to a great climax An excellent read.