Love, Hate & Other Filters Free Download Love, Hate & Other Filters - by Samira Ahmed - Love, Hate & Other Filters, Love Hate Other Filters A searing OwnVoices coming of age debut in which an Indian American Muslim teen confronts Islamophobia and a reality she can neither explain nor escape perfect for fans of Angie Thomas Jacqueline Woo

  • Title: Love, Hate & Other Filters
  • Author: Samira Ahmed
  • ISBN: 9781616958473
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Hardcover

Love, Hate & Other Filters

Free Download Love, Hate & Other Filters - by Samira Ahmed, Love, Hate & Other Filters, Samira Ahmed, Love Hate Other Filters A searing OwnVoices coming of age debut in which an Indian American Muslim teen confronts Islamophobia and a reality she can neither explain nor escape perfect for fans of Angie Thomas Jacqueline Woodson and Adam Silvera American born seventeen year old Maya Aziz is torn between worlds There s the proper one her parents expect for their good Indian daughter attendingA Free Download Love, Hate & Other Filters - by Samira Ahmed. Free Download Love, Hate & Other Filters - by Samira Ahmed - Love, Hate & Other Filters, Love Hate Other Filters A searing OwnVoices coming of age debut in which an Indian American Muslim teen confronts Islamophobia and a reality she can neither explain nor escape perfect for fans of Angie Thomas Jacqueline Woo

  • Free Download Love, Hate & Other Filters - by Samira Ahmed
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Love, Hate & Other Filters
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  1. disclaimer please dont invalidate my opinions thanks also if you want to see a book i felt represented in concerning Muslim rep, feel free to read my review of I am Thunder review show now THATS a book you need to be reading So in case you didn t know, I am Muslim Teen This book features a Muslim Teen main character PRETTY SURE YOU CAN HEAR MY SQUEALING ALL THE WAY OUT ON JUPITER for those who live there Let s make this clear, I ve never read a YA book with a Muslim main character And that s par [...]

  2. I was anticipating this release Islamophobia is so present in our society today that I find it important to have teen books with Muslim main characters that can give us their opinion on the issue and make us understand how they feel living in a world in which they are often seen as other , illegal and even terrorist This is then a story that matters Maya, the seventeen year old Muslim American heroine of this book, matters Her voice is strong and her feelings are true She sheds light where is ne [...]

  3. I guess I don t know how to live the life I want and still be a good daughter Maya Aziz is a 17 year old high school senior, the American born daughter of Muslim Indians Her mother expects her to be the perfectly obedient daughter, intelligent and demure, ready to head to college not far from her Illinois home and study medicine Of course, that will do until her parents find the man she ll marry.Maya, however, has utterly different plans for her future Ever since her father gave her a video came [...]

  4. UPDATE 18 2 18 I see many of you chanced upon this book looking for a good Muslim rep I did too But this book was far from it I have added some recommendations at the end of the review for those who are looking for good Muslim reps BELIEVE ME, this is not the book you re looking for Hear that faint shriek in the distance Yeah, that s probably me screaming over this book.H O R R I B B L EWhen I saw this book on my feed The MC is an Indian Teen Indian Teen In America I NEED I NEED I NEED IT Muslim [...]

  5. This was basically a 50 50 split between fluffy romance feels and a very personal look at racism and hate crimes I think it was a great balance because it full on tackles some heavy topics, plus it s an ownvoices author and I think it s amazing and needed My only problem was honestly the romance just didn t work for me on any level lmao but remember I am basically an unfeeling bucket.I know this book is super important to a lot of people I m really happy it exists I have mixed feelings about May [...]

  6. i just want to state first that i m not muslim, nor do i know enough about the religion to say if samira ahmed did this book justice, that is the only reason i have rated it 4 stars currently, i may change this once i have read other people s reviews on that aspectr me, i feel like this was a very important book to read, and the further i got into it the i knew that the statement was true, i really enjoyed this book it was such a captivating book from start to finish and i pretty much finished [...]

  7. Gosh, I don t know where to begin I already know this book will be on my top books of 2018 I feel like this is one of those books that has changed how I see the world a little bit That taught me things.I fell in love with Maya s character immediately I wanted to be her best friend I wanted to stand by her side through everything she went through The writing was perfect and in every sentence I could feel that this was the story of Samira Ahmed s heart I m so grateful that she shared this story wi [...]

  8. 3.75We follow Maya who is an aspiring filmmaker who dreams of attending NYU fall short because her parents are afraid of her being away from home.Maya is a Indian American Muslim teen and loves her country Then one day an attack happens in another state and the person responsible shares the last name as Maya, only it wasn t her family.This book touches on so many important subjects On what it s like to be a Indian American Muslim teen living in a country that is full of people that hate her and [...]

  9. Nenia ✨ Queen of Literary Trash, Protector of Out-of-Print Gems, Khaleesi of Bodice Rippers, Mother of Smut, the Unrepentant, Breaker of Convention ✨ Campbell

    Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestLOVE, HATE OTHER FILTERS seems to be being billed as the Muslim version of Angie Thomas s THE HATE U GIVE Superficially, they have similar plots both feature young women of color who, while firmly entrenched within their respective culture, struggle with balancing the American part of their heritage when faced with so many contradictions Also in both books, the girls must reconcile their identities with a racially geared tragedy, and deal with the ensuing onsl [...]

  10. This book was brilliant It gave me so many feelings, it made m happy, hopeful, sad, angry There was so much cuteness, but it was also so heartbreaking at the same time, and it makes me really sad because things that happen in this book, some people actually go through everyday And it enrages me how people can be so cruelThis book is just really important, and I m so glad I read it P.s I love Maya, she was so strong, and wonderful and inspiring

  11. This story broke and warmed my heart in equal parts.Maya Aziz is an Indian American Muslim whose ultimate dream is to go to study at NYU and eventually become a filmmaker Her parents ultimate dream for her is very different, however The story shows Maya s struggle between wanting to follow her dreams and not letting down her parents and the type of prejudiced behaviour that is directed at her because of her religionThis novel dealt with some serious topics and also managed to be hella soppy as w [...]

  12. Love, Hate Other Filters reads like a serious When Dimple Met Rishi It is because of its comparison with the latter that I ve decided to bump up the rating from 3.5 to 4 stars The two books, both written by authors of Indian origin one Hindu, one Muslim , cannot but be compared due to the way they are written and the themes they touch upon However, if you didn t like Dimple or simply crave serious topics in contemporary, then you ll probably like Love, Hate Other Filters .I m scared I m not ju [...]

  13. I so wanted to loveLove, Hate Other Filters and I do see the importance in the story I only wish it wasn t filled with all the extra fluff and insta love that only distracts from the actual topics at hand And I was excited to see an Indian American Muslim teen as the star of the story, but was confused when if I wasn t told she was Muslim, I wouldn t have had a clue besides her parents There s nothing that seemingly ties Maya to her religious beliefs Maybe if that had been explored , I wouldn t [...]

  14. 4 starsI was provided with a copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for an honest reviewThis was the first book I started in 2018 that I wasn t carrying over from 2017, and it was a great read to ease me into the year Love, Hate Other Filters is being marketed as a YA Contemporary about Islamophobia, and I was incredibly interested to dive into it considering I do not read many books about real life issues and I have always wanted to rectify this.At it s core, LHOF is a charming, YA cont [...]

  15. You might have heard this before, but guys aren t always the best communicators You re pretty good at it Yes Kareem says, then leans back with both hands behind his head I am rather great, aren t I Yet again I m here to praise an ownvoices contemporary novel 2017 is the year for it, so many authors are killing this LOVE, HATE OTHER FILTERS was one of my most highly anticipated releases of this year and yet it still managed to impress me and go above and beyond my expectationsLove, Hate Other Fil [...]

  16. Wow I don t have words to describe this book Please preorder it so you can experience the magic for yourself It s incredible.Now that I ve had a day to process this book, let s get into some of the things I loved about it a protagonist with a passionSometimes, it feels like in YA we have characters that don t really do anything besides talk about their love interest and go to school Or if they DO have a passion , it s mentioned once and then never again LOVE, HATE, AND OTHER FILTERS is not one o [...]

  17. Books about islamophobia are so important and I m so happy that this is a thing I m not so happy about the release date Oh boy, that s far away

  18. Disclaimer I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review This is no way changes my review.Somehow, this novel managed to be the perfect balance of cutesy fluff while still tackling important issues LOVE, HATE, AND OTHER FILTERS is a coming of age YA novel about Maya Aziz, a Muslim Indian American teen, who adores film making and would do anything to pursue it.Let s start with the fact that Maya has not only a hobby, but something so dear to her heart that she would do abs [...]

  19. i just how did i get so blessed as to read 3 five stars books in a row This one is particular hit me hard and all in the right places It started fluffy and brutally turned real and gutting which is like life to be honest how one moment can change everything and i loved how that was displayed in this book i love this book with every bit of my heart And i can t explain how or why just yet i need to collect my thoughts first.RTC

  20. This was such a cute, diverse contemporary that also didn t shy away from the harder topics like Islamophobia, racism and the pressure of parental expectations I loved the Indian representation and the overbearing caring parents, discussions of arranged marriages and cultural practices Full review to come.

  21. First and foremost, this book is exquisitely authored Beautiful, not in a flowery, colorful sort of way but rather in a raw, natural, simple yet stunning kind of way And so, a snap shot of Maya s senior year dating, spring break, planning for college as an Indian Muslim American would be wholly satisfying, entirely engaging and enlightening But it would only scratch the surface With a wide lens, Ms Ahmed provides perspective contrived categories soften into truer compilations To most of Maya s p [...]

  22. Love, Hate Other Filters hit so close to home, it sometimes hurt to read I laughed at Maya s wry observations and wept at her profound ones this book is a searing, honest portrait of what it really means to be a Muslim American teen loyal to two cultures and figuring out how to carve out a space of her own in between.

  23. I recieved an arc via a twitter giveaway for anyone who was Muslim, Indian and lit Well the last part wasn t specified, but should be understood Review coming on my channel.

  24. Mild Spoilers and I added to my pre reviewI would say this book is actually better than Saints and Misfits It has a clear and concise plot and progression With Saints and Misfits u can t really know what is the point of the book, it was meant to flash you the everyday life of a muslim but I think it could use a better plot Now let me get into the plot, its not a bad story The coming of age part and Maya navigating romance is nice I feel Maya u know My parents are nothing like Maya but I feel h [...]

  25. Terrorism has no religion LOVE, HATE OTHER FILTERS should probably be required reading This is a story that is not just representing a Muslim character and her family, but unflinchingly setting them up against the backdrop of a terror event Maya is already struggling against her family s wishes, structure, and expectations She doesn t want to go to a local school and be a doctor, marry a man hand picked by her parents She wants to move away, have adventure, and record it all on film But the dang [...]

  26. review first posted on younicorn reads SIX STARSthis is one of the most important books i have ever read i can t even begin to describe how much i loved it not only it was real, it was also fun and captivating and it now holds an important place in my heart.LOVE, HATE, AND OTHER FILTERS is about sixteen years old Maya, whose only wish is to achieve her dreams and kiss a boy, but a terrorist attack comes in the way, and the suspect shares her last name Maya is faced to islamophobia and bullying, [...]

  27. REVIEW CAN ALSO BE FOUND HERE, AMONG OTHERS, ON MY BLOGTrigger Warnings Islamophobia, terrorism, white supremacy mentions, bullyingR E V I E WLove, Hate and Other Filters deserve all the hype I was pretty much sucked into the story straight away I feel like this book is one almost everyone needs to pick up Not for the fact, it is beautifully diverse but because I feel like the plot really held an important message to follow your dreams despite the opinions of others.Adding to the importance of t [...]

  28. Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for approving my request for a free digital copy in exchange for a review.Love, Hate and Other Filters is a quick read that teens are sure to enjoy The teen voices are original and this story offers something new to the existing YA landscape Maya is an extremely relatable narrator, and I found myself reminded of episodes of Masters of None, as both main characters come to terms with their Indian heritage as well as parental expectations and obligations The s [...]

  29. This is a wonderful young adult novel that captures the coming of age story in a way that will resonate with everyone If you re a parent its like a window to that world you swear you were once a part of but couldn t hope to understand now If you re a teen you will recognize so many of your own hopes and insecurities and fears that it will feel like looking in a mirror.Author Samira Ahmed strikes me as an old, old soul who s seen some stuff But even if that stuff was truly terrible she s found be [...]