The Magdalen Girls [PDF] The Magdalen Girls | by ✓ V.S. Alexander - The Magdalen Girls, The Magdalen Girls Dublin Within the gated grounds of the convent of The Sisters of the Holy Redemption lies one of the city s Magdalen Laundries Once places of refuge the laundries have evolved into grim workhou

  • Title: The Magdalen Girls
  • Author: V.S. Alexander
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  • Page: 377
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The Magdalen Girls

[PDF] The Magdalen Girls | by ✓ V.S. Alexander, The Magdalen Girls, V.S. Alexander, The Magdalen Girls Dublin Within the gated grounds of the convent of The Sisters of the Holy Redemption lies one of the city s Magdalen Laundries Once places of refuge the laundries have evolved into grim workhouses Some inmates are fallen women unwed mothers prostitutes or petty criminals Most are ordinary girls whose only sin lies in being too pretty too independent or temDublin [PDF] The Magdalen Girls | by ✓ V.S. Alexander. [PDF] The Magdalen Girls | by ✓ V.S. Alexander - The Magdalen Girls, The Magdalen Girls Dublin Within the gated grounds of the convent of The Sisters of the Holy Redemption lies one of the city s Magdalen Laundries Once places of refuge the laundries have evolved into grim workhou

  • [PDF] The Magdalen Girls | by ✓ V.S. Alexander
    377V.S. Alexander
The Magdalen Girls
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  1. Genre Historical ReadingPublisher Kensington BooksPubl Date Dec 27, 2017The first time I ever heard the idiom Magdalene Girls was when, in horror, I watched the 2002 film entitled The Magdalene Sisters based on the Magdalene Asylums also called the Magdalene Laundries This is when I learned that teenage girls who were labeled fallen by their families usually meaning they were unwed pregnant girls or girls that were discovered to have had sex before marriage were sent to these asylums based mostl [...]

  2. 4 starsThree young girls, among many others, alienated from their families and sent to the Sisters of the Holy Redemption convent, where they were indentured into the Magdalen Laundries Lea is content to live her life out in the convent, however Teagan and Nora both believe they have been wrongly labeled as fallen and plan their escapes These asylums, labeled as Laundries, since that is the main occupation of these convents, were basically prisons to the young women who were housed there They we [...]

  3. Lightning review at Smart Bitches, Trashy BooksFrom the late 18th century to 1996, the Magdalen Laundries were In theory a place for fallen women to be employed with godly, honest work and get off the streets and all that The reality was that women and girls could be committed to these asylums for years with no appeal or release until such a time as the nuns running the place let them go Records of women who disappeared into the asylums are scant and incomplete.It s one of the black spots in the [...]

  4. 2.5 stars Ireland, 1962 Based on the true facts about the Magdalene Laundries that welcomed girls and women that must repent for their sins Story focuses on three teenage girls Teagan, Nora, and Lea Harsh punishments or tough love is enacted by the Mother Superior, Sister Anne Having viewed the film The Magadelene Sisters years ago, I found this book was following a similiar rabbit hole Honestly, it was a bit formulaic.

  5. 3.5 starsI received a free digital copy from the author publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewSet in Dublin, Ireland in 1962, The Magdalen Girls tells the story of two different girls sent to one of the Magdalen laundries The girls are thought of as wanton women and their lives are signed away by their families and become prisoners of the Catholic Church Teagan and Nora are both determined to survive the back breaking work and the emotional torment reigned down upon them, and l [...]

  6. I was so disappointed in this especially when the concept is deeply fascinating about the corruption of the Magdalene Asylums or Laundries depending on the Catholic Church s interpretation of these facilities For those unfamiliar of the true nature of these establishments, the Magdalene Laundries were mean to rehabilitate fallen women from a life of promiscuity, reckless behavior, prostitution, and unwed motherhood They were pretty much prisons for family members to send their rebellious daughte [...]

  7. I always hesitate when giving books one star The truth is that it s rare for me to give a book one star I use two and three stars all the time, but I tend to reserve one stars for books I truly hate And I didn t hate The Magdalen Girls But upon reflecting on it, I realize that there s nothing I remotely liked about it either I mean, the premise was interesting, but that s about it And seeing as how this is based on a true story, this book shouldn t get points on the premise because it s not real [...]

  8. This was a heart rending and poignant story about the girls sent to a Magdalen Laundry in Dublin The first shocking thing for me was that it was set in 1962 The fact that society was so small minded even as late as that was something that I found hard to deal with There are two main characters in the story, Teagan and Nora They become firm friends and soon they are befriended by Lea who has been at the laundry for some time and has come to accept her situation Both Nora and Teagan are spirited g [...]

  9. I have read other books similar to blurb of this one It seems totally wrong to say I enjoy reading this type of story, as what has been done to these women truly is horrific I do however believe that these books need to be written and read so that these awful acts are addressed publicly and officially and loudly apologised for I think that there should be some form of amends made for the suffering these women underwent at the hands of those running the establishments.The cover of the book fits t [...]

  10. This story is based on true events The story is Raw, hard hitting, poient, Powerful and heartbreaking.After watching the film and reading the story I felt that the book didn t quiet capture the horrific nature these young women faced.Some young girls were forced into the Laundries because they was pregnant out of wedlock They was abused, tortured and worked very hard Once they had their babies they was taken away Never to be seen again.This did not mean these young girls got out Nope they still [...]

  11. This story gripped me from the opening page The research about life in Ireland in the early sixties was meticulous and made me feel like I was living the story along with the characters The injustice of the girls being unfairly judged and shamed galled me I shared in their outrage and sense of powerlessness And the details of their imprisonment without benefit of any kind of trial were chilling What made convent life particularly oppressive was how the mother superior claimed to love the inmates [...]

  12. Rese a en espa ol aqu The Magdalen Girls is a simple and easy to read historical novel.It tells the story of two teenagers Teagan, a correct and virginal girl who has to deal with her alcoholic father and her submissive mother One day, she goes with her family to a party in the parish There are a couple of unenlightened incidents with a new priest and, as punishment, her father decides to send her to the convent.Then we have Nora, a rebellious and ironic teenager whose only desire is to leave to [...]

  13. The Magdalen Girls focused on a subject of history that I didn t know much about, the Magdalene Laundries Asylums The Magdalen Laundries were mostly based in Ireland in the 20th century It is where promiscuous, rebellious or unwed pregnant girls were sent to learn the error of their ways Catholic nuns managed the Laundries and tried to rehabilitate the girls through hard work, punishment and prayer It s a black mark on the churches history for the horrific abuse these girls suffered.The author d [...]

  14. The Magdalen Girls is a fictional account of the girls who were imprisoned in Ireland in the Magdalen laundries in the 1960s to learn the errors of their ways The laundries were managed by Catholic nuns for girls who were deemed unacceptable either they had a baby out of wedlock, were prostitutes or were merely too pretty and may entice men The living conditions were extremely harsh as they girls were being rehabilitated with hard work, punishment and prayer.The Magdalen laundries existed in Ire [...]

  15. A thoughtful and surprisingly complex novel about the women in an Magdalen laundry, both the nuns and the penitents It did not fall into the typical trap of demonizing or glorifying any, instead showing realistic motives for the nuns who meant well and for those who committed the girls to enforced labor for anything from a misunderstanding to a deliberate act Nothing was belabored, and Sister Anne s own inward struggle and personal motivation brought added depth.From Nora, who had tried to escap [...]

  16. Excellent novel about three girls who are sentenced to work in one of Dublin s Magdalen Laundries in the 1960 s Based on true stories this book gives the reader a view into the horrendous living and working conditions the girls and women imprisoned there had to endure The book was riveting and very hard to put down A great choice for book clubs

  17. I was disappointed that a man was writing about women in such tragic events He missed the mark He had very emotional scenes but it was clear he was not in the heart of his characters Teagan, Lea, and Nora are caught in very emotional situations He had the details, but not the heart In some of his most dramatic scenes he seemed to see themthrough a man s eyes.Sister Anne was an entirely different story, too much back story on her, the focus was the Laundries and the girls We learned nothing about [...]

  18. The Magdalen Girls taught me a history lesson I had no idea laundries existed to supposedly reform unsavoury women To realize these establishments existed in 1962 was startling Religious beliefs continue to play a detrimental part in our lives Nora and Teagan were just two of the many young women whose teenage years were ruined because of certain beliefs To become institutionalized is a scary but real concept The book was repetitive and predictable in many places Good versus evil was also predom [...]

  19. This book has an amazing concept and sheds light on a little seen topic Magdalen Asylums Much like Orphan Train , this book brings a wronged population forward However, unlike many in this genre, The Magdalen Girls doesn t villigy anyone instead giving realistic motives to villans, sympathy to the weak, and shades of grey to the heroine I loved that about this book No one is pure or purely evil There was an odd stab at the super natural towards the end that I thought was oddly placed in light of [...]

  20. I have been fascinated by the dark history of the Magdalen Asylums Laundries ever since I heard a song by Joni Mitchell and The Chieftains The Magdalene Laundries A couple of years later, I saw an excellent film from the UK called The Magdalene Sisters Apparently, this author saw the film as well and attempted to turn it into a novel, because the similarities are too many to be coincidental Unfortunately, while the subject is darkly fascinating, this book is mediocre and poorly executed and does [...]

  21. Set in Dublin, Ireland, in the 1960s, The Magdalen Girls follows the story of several troubled teen girls within a convent, sent there by their parents for wrongdoing, both suspected and proven V.S Alexander, author of the book, conducted his own research into the Magdalen girls of the time period, making this recently published historical fiction book that much realistic As a whole, the book keeps the reader enticed throughout with few stretches of uninteresting material The writing style allo [...]

  22. Rating given because of the subject matter Dublin 1962, fallen girls pregnant, promiscuous, or had simply angered their parents were signed over to the Catholic order Sisters of Holy Redemption for care and religious rehab Supposedly good religious charitable intentions, but I would characterize the main motive as profit free labor, proceeds to the Catholic Church Story revolves around three young girls, one sent by her parents because of untruths told to parents by two involved priests, one sen [...]

  23. In recent years, we have all heard about the sex abuse scandal of the Roman Catholic priests, against young boys, in this slim volume we are introduced to the female version of abuse by the Roman Catholic nuns albeit, not sexual in the normal term against women 1962 Dublin Ireland, The Sisters of the Holy Redemption whose redemption have a gated community that once a young women most notably those who come from lower classes enters, generally not willingly, they are doomed to a life of hard labo [...]

  24. The Sisters of Holy Redemption take in fallen girls Those who are prostitutes or pregnant out of wedlock but sometimes an ordinary girl is sent there because she has caused a man to be tempted to become involved with her Such is the case with 16 year old, Teagan Tiernan a pretty girl, whom the new, young priest has been tempted by.The girls who stay in this convent are doomed to a lifetime of servitude working in the laundry They are up at 5 and attend chapel, work all day in the laundry then ha [...]

  25. The topic is morbidly fascinating and the author s notes on the historical aspect of these types of facilities was very interesting these two things are what gain the novel an extra half star up to two total, to be honest I think the writing is just a bit too superficial for me maybe it needs a bit meat to it This is a very deep, serious topic to be covering and the characters, their situations, and the entire atmosphere seem to be lacking a lot of depth Every time you think you re going to get [...]

  26. This is a fictional story, a novel of a young woman caught up in Ireland s convent prisons for wayward or fallen girls The setting is 1962, and Teagan Tiernan is signed over to the Sisters of the Holy Redemption, by her father, for flirting with a parish priest She is confined with women confined there by their families or the authorities, for being pregnant out of wedlock, petty criminals, or simply too forward or independent for the s of the time It s a prison in which many of them had been fo [...]

  27. This haunting story about a girl forced into servitude at an Irish laundry run by nuns is gripping in its tale of betrayal, despair, hope, and faith Vivid historical details bring the story to life as readers suffer along with the wrongly accused young woman, Teagan Tiernan As she fights for survival, she befriends two other girls, which makes their monotonous routine somewhat bearable Insisting on her innocence, she never gives up the quest for freedom despite harsh living conditions, forced la [...]

  28. This book was so good I had the audio version and the narrator has an Irish accent which made it even better This is a fictional story based on the real magdalen asylums in Europe and the United States a half century ago This story follows Nora and Tiegan and their plight in the Sisters of the Holy redemption convent where they are both sent for different reasons Sometimes predictable this story will break your heart from the tragedy and pain and the friendships will make you smile I highly reco [...]

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