Livia Lone [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Livia Lone : by Barry Eisler - Livia Lone, Livia Lone Seattle PD sex crimes detective Livia Lone knows the monsters she hunts Sold by her Thai parents along with her little sister Nason marooned in America abused by the men who trafficked them the only

  • Title: Livia Lone
  • Author: Barry Eisler
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  • Page: 444
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Livia Lone

[PDF] Unlimited ☆ Livia Lone : by Barry Eisler, Livia Lone, Barry Eisler, Livia Lone Seattle PD sex crimes detective Livia Lone knows the monsters she hunts Sold by her Thai parents along with her little sister Nason marooned in America abused by the men who trafficked them the only thing that kept Livia alive as a teenager was her determination to find Nason Livia has never stopped looking And she copes with her failure to protect her sister by doingSeattle PD sex cri [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Livia Lone : by Barry Eisler. [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Livia Lone : by Barry Eisler - Livia Lone, Livia Lone Seattle PD sex crimes detective Livia Lone knows the monsters she hunts Sold by her Thai parents along with her little sister Nason marooned in America abused by the men who trafficked them the only

  • [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Livia Lone : by Barry Eisler
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Livia Lone
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  1. Exceptional Exceptional Exceptional The opening scene in this novel is impossible to pull away from When it completed itself I wanted to stand up and cheer It took less than 5 minutes for Barry Eisler s leading female character, Livia Lone, aka Labee , to show her colors.her powerher sheer force of purpose Immediately, I couldn t help but compare Livia to Lisbeth Salander, from Steig Larsson s Millennium series.y because I recognized another memorable kick ass relentless female heroine tough, vu [...]

  2. Whoa First off, I have never before read anything by Barry Eisler, so I was not predisposed to either like this or not I mention this because it sure did not take me long to realize that I was holding a book in my hands that I would consume in big gulps The opening chapter grabs you by the jugular and does not let go But slow down, I am getting ahead of myself here.ThenLabee grew up in the rural mountainous forests of Thailand along with her sister Nisan One day her sister and her are playing ou [...]

  3. Barry Eisler has done it again The author of the fantastic series of thrillers featuring John Rain has created another memorable, kick ass character.Growing up in Thailand, Labee protected her younger sister, Nason Labee was brave, feisty, independent, good with tools and with weapons needed to hunt food One day she and Nason are abducted by a group of traffickers to whom her parents sold them Labee doesn t understand why they were sold, or what is going to happen to them, but she knows above an [...]

  4. 4 stars I m not quite sure what genre Livia Lone falls into, but I know that it really rocked my boat It s somewhat of a thriller, but really it s about Livia Lone a strong, fearless, disturbed and disturbing character The story is told in two alternating timelines The book starts in Thailand where Livia and her sister are sold into slavery by their parents They are taken to North America Not surprisingly, terrible things happen along the way and in their early life In her 30s, Livia is an uncon [...]

  5. I m a big fan of Eisler s long running series featuring assassin John Rain The books are a brilliant mix of strategy and action whilst also taking time to explore the inner workings of this complex man So, when the opportunity arose to grab a copy of a new work from this author, featuring a new character, it took me a nanosecond to make up my mind yes please Labee she later changes her name to Livia grew up in a small village in Thailand Her parents were poor, so poor in fact that they choose to [...]

  6. Livia Lone is a fast paced, action packed thriller that highlights the horrors of human trafficking At times, I found it hard to read because of the graphic descriptions of sexual assault and violence, but its easier to read when you know that these images are included to give the reader a realistic glimpse into the world of trafficking The novel switches back and forth in chapters titled Now and Then Then opens with 13 year old Livia then known as Labee and her sister, Nason, living in rural Th [...]

  7. This is an excellent book, one which takes you in and keeps you rivited until the end It is also a story that will pull at your heart strings due to the subject matter Thirteen year old Labee was born in Lahu and has an eleven year old sister Nason, both girls born to parents who are incredibly poor and life is a daily struggle to survive Labee s parents make the decision to sell their daughters, who unfortunately now fall into the hands of human trafficers Labee does everything she can to prote [...]

  8. It s clear early on Livia Lone is not a woman you want to cross She s a Seattle PD detective, jiu jitsu master motorcycle mechanic She s also a killer.But if you re not a rapist or human trafficker, no worries Chances are she ll leave you alone Livia was once known as Labee in flashbacks we learn how she her sister were snatched from their tribe in rural Thailand sold to human traffickers What they endure is horrific but for Labee, the worst is yet to come The girls are separated after being shi [...]

  9. Received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Barry Eisler is an Author who does not disappoint I have been a fan since I read his first book about John Rain When reading an Eisler book, one can always count on a few things complex interesting characters, in depth fight scenes, some violence and my favorite strong female characters Labee Livia and her younger sister, Nason, grew up in the hills of Thailand They came from a poor family and Labee was always on the lookout for things to [...]

  10. Thank you to Netgalley and Thomas Mercer for providing an uncorrected digital proof of this book for review purposes First off, it must be said that Livia Lone is the polar opposite of an easy read This is dark, grim, unpleasant stuff that nightmares are made of I was initially turned off by the somewhat ridiculous title the alliterative lone wolf reference, I thought, seemed somewhat contrived As a reader, I like to be shown that a badass female protagonist is a badass female protagonist, not t [...]

  11. 4 StarsLivia and her sister are both sold by their parents and trafficked from Thailand to the USA Their ordeal is terrifying and disturbing.Once Livia is rescued she realises that her sister has been separated along the way.Taken in and given a home by Mr and Mrs Lone, finding her sister is all she cares about.She will never give up but as the years pass she knows that the only one she can rely on is herself and decides to take matters into her own hands.My thoughtsWell that was a surprise One [...]

  12. Your reaction to Livia Lone is likely to depend on your capacity for reading long passages describing the horrors of people trafficking and or the ongoing sexual abuse of a young woman, both of which form significant parts of this latest novel by Barry Eisler Personally, whilst not squeamish, and although Eisler studiously avoids sensationalism or crass gratuity in his treatment of either topic, I can t say that I found the subject matter particularly entertaining I finished Livia Lone because I [...]

  13. Livia Lone may be the darkest, and most accomplished, book from Barry Eisler yet I ve been a long time reader of Eisler s work, and a big fan of his series character, John Rain, but early on into his latest I found myself already needing Livia Lone books It may be heretical, but as much as I love Eisler s mournful assassin, if, for whatever reason, we never hear from John Rain again, I ll be OK as long as there s plenty of Livia Lone to fill the gap.Livia is a tragic, tortured, and psychologic [...]

  14. I liked this better than Eisler s last novel, God s Eye View However, the graphic nature of the novel and the subject of human trafficking is gut wrenching Two young sisters from the hills of Thailand 13 year old Labee and 11 year old Nason are sold by their parents to traffickers They are shipped overseas with others, bearing indignities and much worse, and are eventually separated Rescued by the police, Labee is adopted by a wealthy local businessman, becoming Livia Lone The book moves back an [...]

  15. 4 5 Livia is a female super duper hero she is intense and delighted to give villains what they deserve with no remorse She has heart, is brave, tough mentally and physically, passionate adjectives lifted directly from Larry Hoffer s excellent review Read Elyse s and Larry s wonderful reviewsPS Think I added 1 2 1 because I so loved her kick assedness and she made made me think of Lisbeth Salander.

  16. 3.5 stars, rounded upThis is not really my preferred genre, although, occasionally, I indulge I don t think I enjoyed this as much as my other two GR friends, who d read it before me.The blurb says a lot about what this novel is about It s basically Livia s Lone quest to find her little sister.She s also seeking revenge for all her suffering.I feel like I should have liked this much than I did, especially given that the main character is a strong, take no prisoners young woman I would like to s [...]

  17. This book shows the development of a young 13 year old girl who goes from being a victim of human trafficking to being an adult who as cop fights for justice for victims.The book does jump from Livia s past showing what she endured as a child to her present in which she is searching for her sister who was separated from her when they were being transported for sell Due to the subject matter, this book has various emotional triggers which could be difficult for some readers.Livia is sold to human [...]

  18. Wow I m not entirely sure how to review this book Let me just start by saying that the journey was intense I immediately felt an affinity for Livia Labee and her strength of will and determination The ability to find a place inside herself to keep to herself amidst such horrifying experiences As an older sister with a younger sister I have always tried to protect, I could definitely identify with the emotions of protection, justice and never being able to give up, no matter how bleak the news ma [...]

  19. Wow first I have to say thank you to Elyse for the review you had on this novel I was definitely not disappointed in this novel I would give this book a 10 if it was available This book was fan tastic What I really liked about this book was Livia Lone s character Holy crap is she a spit fire strong woman Damn Livia I appreciate your character so much The determination and power that she had to find her sister Nason and to go through hell and back to get revenge for the things that she went throu [...]

  20. Great Read I did not know what to expect from this I had only read a short story by Barry Eisler prior to this book Livia is a character you are constantly cheering for She and her sister are sold to be trafficked when they are 10 and 13 by their parents The story goes back and forth between then and now I hated reading what all happened to her while growing up As the plot continued, I was mortified to learn why it happened She is a strong character and a fighter While there is a lot of pain in [...]

  21. This is my second Eisler book in a short period of time and I am becoming a fan Definitely will read of his books.Livia Lone was an excellent book that kept engaged from beginning to end.

  22. Warning Children kidnapped and raped in chapters marked Then I recommend skipping them through chapter 14 or so They exist in lurid detail only as justification for the later chapters of Now justice You already know what s in the Then chapters These contain very unpleasant child abuse and peril to start, but become developmental from chapter 16 onTo Mr Eisler Livia Lone 1Mr Lone and Livia sex scenesMore child abuse Why do writers feel the disgusting need to make this so graphic What s wrong wit [...]

  23. Disgusted, repulsed, sickened, nauseated These are just some of the emotions that I went through while reading this ARC that I received via netgalley This was a book which made me feel all this and while still keeping me hooked enough that I read it in a single sitting appx 5 hours Starting with the gorgeous cover and a very interesting blurb, I was hooked onto this story Unlike other books where I give a 5 rating only if I am ever interested in reading it again, I am probably never going to re [...]

  24. I was so psyched to get this wish from Netgalley I ve read all of Eisler s books All of them Even the short stories which were okay even that Democracy thing which opened my eyes about the power of language, even that Be the Monkey do not YouTube that I loved the Rain s series and even the other two shorter series that branched off of it But Rain s is getting to be middle aged like a lot of usLivia Lone includes lots of sensitive topics, especially for women rape, incest, abuse, human traffickin [...]

  25. A special thank you to Thomas Mercer and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review Excellent cover Barry Eisler returns following 2016 God s Eye Viewwith non action thrills to the first in his new explosive series, LIVIA LONE 1 assured to be one of the darkest thrillers, like no other starring a female sex crimes cop, who hunts monsters and makes them pay Have also pre ordered the audio narrated by the author always a treat A kick ass heroine.A female vigilante She entices and traps [...]

  26. Why Why I am a reading a story about child trafficking, abuse, murder and mystery Why Why can I not put a book down that is making me feel so uncomfortable to read Why Why am I ok with the bad people being murdered Why Why did I finish this book wanting to know Why Simple Barry Eisler has written a story that grabs you from the first page His matter of fact, in your face and descriptive style leaves the reader no place to go other than to focus on what is happening to the main character Livia L [...]

  27. Livia Lone is a dark adventure thriller featuring a vigilante cop who dispenses justice one pervert at a time There is plenty of action to satisfy the adrenaline junkie and a back story to explain the reasons behind the extreme measures taken by the main character We first meet Livia when she is a 13 year old living in Thailand Her Thai name is Labee and her biggest love is her 11 year old sister Nason They were Lahu, one of the hill tribes living in Thailands mountainous regions near the Burmes [...]

  28. This is not a light or easy read, but it s fantastic I couldn t put it down Even made me teary a few times, it s really powerful and emotional This story takes place in two periods of time, easily differentiated by then and now chapters It never becomes confusing Then starts with Labee and her little sister Nason With their family struggling, Labee always makes sure Nason eats before she does She s her protector her big sister But she can t protect her from what s coming Their family sells the t [...]

  29. Liva Lone is an emotional story of human trafficking Author Barry Eisler tells his story through the eyes of Livia whom her parents, along with her younger sister to traffickers, sold I found this story to be impactful in that it makes the reader FEEL what it s like to be victimized Livia is trafficked to the United States with no English language skills She s thirteen years old, in a foreign country that she has no understanding of what her situation is Her life is out of her control, and she l [...]

  30. I have enjoyed Barry Eisler s John Rain espionage novels Livia Lone is a bit of a departure from the Rain series and not for the squeamish But it is beautifully written Character and plot development are excellent.The novel deals with child trafficking, sexual entrapment and murder Livia Lone Labee and her sister Nason are sold to child traffickers at a very young age by their parents in Thailand who are living hand to mouth In transit on a container ship with other captors they are both assault [...]