The Governess Was Wanton Unlimited The Governess Was Wanton - by JuliaKelly - The Governess Was Wanton, The Governess Was Wanton Follow three best friends who navigate love and independence as governesses in Regency England in this delightfully charming installment in the Governesses series Mary Woodward a young veteran govern

  • Title: The Governess Was Wanton
  • Author: JuliaKelly
  • ISBN: 9781501139345
  • Page: 239
  • Format: ebook

The Governess Was Wanton

Unlimited The Governess Was Wanton - by JuliaKelly, The Governess Was Wanton, JuliaKelly, The Governess Was Wanton Follow three best friends who navigate love and independence as governesses in Regency England in this delightfully charming installment in the Governesses series Mary Woodward a young veteran governess has one job guiding a young debutante through her first season in high society And up until now keeping her focus and avoiding temptation has been easy But never befFoll Unlimited The Governess Was Wanton - by JuliaKelly. Unlimited The Governess Was Wanton - by JuliaKelly - The Governess Was Wanton, The Governess Was Wanton Follow three best friends who navigate love and independence as governesses in Regency England in this delightfully charming installment in the Governesses series Mary Woodward a young veteran govern

  • Unlimited The Governess Was Wanton - by JuliaKelly
The Governess Was Wanton
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  1. Originally posted at Desert Island Book ReviewsA couple of weeks ago, I reviewed the first book in this series, which is set to be released this week Now, I ve read this second book and I enjoyed it than the first While at first this seemed to be a basic historical romance following a similar pattern as the first book governess, forbidden romance, etc , it turned into a sort of retelling of Cinderella I absolutely love fairy tale retellings, so when these little details popped up, I was very ex [...]

  2. The Governess Was Wanton by Julia Kelly is book two in the Governess series This is the story of Mary Woodward and Eric the Earl of Asten I have read the previous book but I feel this is easily a standalone book Mary has be pretty much on her own since her father died and her mother remarried Mary was left at a boarding school and from there moved into being a Governess since she couldn t pay the bills Mary has done well at the job and moves on once her charge becomes married That is the case no [...]

  3. This publisher This book is no set in the Regency era than 2016 is set during Bill Clinton s first term as US President Yet it is marketed as a Regency Ugh This is the second in a trilogy of shorter historical romances, set in the Victorian era, and featuring governesses I enjoyed this one than the first in the series, and even managed to not get too upset about the Cinderella themes my issues with Cinderella stories discussed HERE This heroine is in her early thirties, and the hero has a daug [...]

  4. Mary s story is the second in this charming series that follows three friends in service as governesses in London After the betrothal announcement of her latest charge, Mary left that home to stay with Julia book 1 and her husband while she evaluated new options for employment Several letters of enquiry have hit the trash bin until she reads a letter from Lord Asten arrives His daughter, Eleanora is entering her first season, and he s concerned about her apparent withdrawal and lack of enjoyment [...]

  5. Mary Woodward is hired as the governess for the seventeen year old daughter of the Earl of Asten Does a seventeen year old who s about to embark on her first season really need a governess I think not, but for the sake of this story, let s all play along Mary s no nonsense manner and intuition are useful skills in helping the earl figure out what s troubling his usually congenial daughter With Mary s guidance, the earl s daughter begins a promising courtship and the earl discovers what s been mi [...]

  6. The Governess Was Wanton is the second book in the Governess series by Julia Kelly I have had the pleasure of reading the first book in the series, but you don t need to have read it in order to understand and enjoy this book.This is the story of Mary Woodward She has been a successful governess for 14 years She started young when her father had died after bankrupting the family, and her mother ran off to Europe with her new husband, leaving Mary in boarding school without even paying the bill M [...]

  7. My review cross posted from Wit and Sin witandsin 2016 10Mary Woodward is a highly sought after governess with a talent for guiding her charges through the season and promoting good matches Eric Bromford, the fourth Earl of Asten, is a father at his wit s end and desperate for Mary s services Eric isn t your typical lord He s widower and a doting father who cares very much for his daughter s happiness, education, and general well being He simply cannot understand why Eleanora is suddenly unhappy [...]

  8. London 1857Mary Woodward, age 32, is an experienced governess whose new position tasks her to guide a young debutante through her first season Mary has such a good reputation that she is often referred to as the Fairy Godmother of Belgravia Her new position is as governess to Lady Eleanora.Lady Eleanora, age 17, is the daughter of the wealthy, widowed Earl of Aston The Earl is concerned about his daughter because she seems to be quite unhappy and lacks the enthusiasm needed to take her through t [...]

  9. Mary Woodward is the fairy godmother of governesses because she isn t afraid to put her foot down with her charges and their parents Eric Bromford, the Earl of Asten, is at a loss as to how to handle his daughter, who has been withdrawn and moody of late He hires Mary to get to the bottom of his daughter s strange behavior Never would he have expected her to change his own attitude, reawakening a passion long forgotten But respectable governesses don t dally with their employers Will they be abl [...]

  10. Another lovely novella about three governess friends I enjoyed Julia Kelly s first book in the series and I enjoyed the second one as well Mary has been a governess for fourteen years, she has never once been tempted to break rules as she is when she meets the father of her newest charge Eric, Lord Asten.Eric is enthralled by Mary as well, but he refuses to seduce a woman under his employ He understands the rules as well, but when he sees a woman at a masquerade that reminds him of his daughters [...]

  11. Mary, possibly one of the best governess s available responds to a letter of the wealthy Earl of Asten He no longer knows how to reach his daughter, who seems to have retreated into herself in the last few months But when Mary arrives she immediately feels a pull the the handsome Earl She s further taken by surprise when she realizes that the attraction is reciprocated But an Earl with a governess It s unheard of.I really enjoyed the dialogue in this novel The story in itself was very Cinderella [...]

  12. Mary Woodward is a governess with a gift, she helps young women of the ton find the right man to marry, who loves them Her latest charge has an extremely handsome father, the Earl of Asten, who happens to be single although he has no desire to marry again While she helps Eleanora overcome her social anxiety and impediments to finding her true love, Mary falls for the Earl This romance is full of passion with a dash of humorous moments.

  13. Well done, creative, with woman that does not shy from what they want when the time is right, the main character is strong, and finally some one right about women that are older than 17 or 21 years old girls.

  14. GREAT REGENCY ROMANCEA very good and exciting love story Sometimes desire hits you between the eyes and it takes all your control to not give in They both lied to themselves when they thought just a taste would satisfy them We loved it, thank you, Danny and Debbie Scott.

  15. For the second book in The Governess series, an inventive rewriting of the Cinderella story results in an enchanting romantic tale Though this plot has been retold in countless ways, Julia Kelly makes her story shine with her own original ideas I am always fascinated to see how an author will incorporate new concepts into an often told storyline, and the new imaginings of Ms Kelly had me smiling quite a few times Filled with lots of heartwarming situations and genuine emotions, THE GOVERNESS WAS [...]

  16. 3.5 stars.This is a far traditional governess lord tale than the last, where the impediment is believable Mary is a very proper woman and successful in her profession, while Asten is honourable and would never touch a woman in his employ Trouble is, there s this pesky attraction between them and it becomes rather hard to resist.I enjoyed this one much than The Governess Was Wicked, partly because there was a genuine reason why these two couldn t be together, but also because Mary is a believab [...]

  17. The Governess Was Wicked and The Governess Was WantonElizabeth Porter and Mary Woodward, friends and governesses, are ladies who must earn a living Each is resigned to a life of raising and instructing children who are not their own, moving from family to family, subject to the whims of their charges parents While caring for two girls, Elizabeth Wicked falls for a young doctor, Edward Fellows, and debates allowing him than a kiss despite the peril of being dismissed without a character Later, M [...]

  18. Mary Woodward, a young veteran governess, known to some as the fairy godmother of Belgravia , has recently left her job as her charge as married She has an interview with the Earl of Asten to become governess to his only daughter Lady Eleanora who is embarking on her first season Never before has the father of her young charge been as devilishly handsome as the single, wealthy Earl of Asten nor has she ever felt such an attraction to a man Convinced to risk it all, Mary let s herself enjoy one n [...]

  19. I read this one in one day I liked the characters, especially Mary Woodward She s trying so hard to remember her place as governess to the Earl s daughter When she meets Eric, Earl of Asten, she is immediately drawn to the man Fourteen years as a governess have taught her that she must keep herself above reproach or risk termination without references a fate worse than death for someone of her station Can she make a difference in her young charge s life and avoid scandal while she breathes the s [...]

  20. The Governess Was Wanton is the second book in the Governess series by Julia Kelly Mary Woodward has been a governess for fourteen years Mary takes a job as a governess for the Eric the Earl of Asten s daughter, Lady Eleanora who is embarking on her first season Mary has never been tempted by her employers before, but the Earl tempts her to break all the rules Mary has lustful thoughts and little known to her the Earl is having trouble too, he needs to maintain a professional relationship, he ca [...]

  21. 5 out of 5 stars When Mary starts her latest job as the governess to the Earl of Asten s only daughter, she finds her world tilted of its axis by the Earl Eric himself He s handsome, smart, and kind with a roguish streak the only seems to come out around her They try to maintain distance between them but the night of the masquerade ball the distance becomes obsolete but only Mary knows the truth Will Mary Eric be able to have than stolen moments together or will their ranks keep them separated [...]

  22. A sweet and sexy Cinderella story Masked ball, secret tryst, and a left behind handkerchief Mary has been working as a governess for 14 years but has a strict no falling in love with the employer rule Too bad her rule flies out the window with Asten who is handsome, caring of his daughter and her feelings, but kind of clueless when it comes to the workings of society and his daughter s coming out season Fortunately, Mary is strong and is there to guide him and stand up for Eleanora I am loving t [...]

  23. Mary Woodward is a veteran governess that specializes in guiding young debutantes through their firs season and assisting in finding them a good match After her last debutante got engaged, Mary moved on as the governess of Lady Eleanora There is an attraction between Mary and Eric, the Earl of Aston One of Mary s rules is she doesn t fall for her charge s fathers and Eric doesn t sleep with his staff Mary attends a masked ball and ends up in Eric s arms What will happen when the masks come off.T [...]

  24. Reviewed for NetGalley I have a confession to make I decided I had to read this purely based on the cover I love it I thought the first one in the story was okay, so I thought I d see if this one was any better But I found it to be okay as well The insta lust between the characters is frustrating, because I don t feel like they get an actual emotional attachment.This book did do that slightly better than the last book, but it s hard for your characters to have an emotional attachment when they i [...]

  25. Its a buy buy book What a difference from book one to two in this series I almost did not request the second in the series for I did not enjoy the first What a mistake that would of been I enjoyed this story with all of its fairy tale elements It has passion, a story, romance and laughter It captures and holds the reader and you just cannot put it down I sincerely can say what a great read for a rainy day I was given this book in return for an honest review Anna Swedenmom

  26. The Governess Was Wanton is a rather standard Regency Romance regarding a governess who has abandonment issues so flies from one job to the next to be the abandoner rather than the abandoned At her current post, she falls in love with her employer and he with her This novel offers few surprises and the expected ending Not a bad novel but does not break any new ground.