Well Hung [PDF] Download â Well Hung : by Lauren Blakely - Well Hung, Well Hung From the NYT Bestselling author of MISTER O comes a hot and hilarious new standaloneHere s what you need to know about me I m well off well hung and quick with a joke Women like a guy who makes them

  • Title: Well Hung
  • Author: Lauren Blakely
  • ISBN: 9781533560643
  • Page: 412
  • Format: ebook

Well Hung

[PDF] Download â Well Hung : by Lauren Blakely, Well Hung, Lauren Blakely, Well Hung From the NYT Bestselling author of MISTER O comes a hot and hilarious new standaloneHere s what you need to know about me I m well off well hung and quick with a joke Women like a guy who makes them laugh and I don t mean at the size of his d ck No they want their funny with a side of huge not to mention loyal I ve got all that plus a big bank account thanks toFrom the NYT Bestsellin [PDF] Download â Well Hung : by Lauren Blakely. [PDF] Download â Well Hung : by Lauren Blakely - Well Hung, Well Hung From the NYT Bestselling author of MISTER O comes a hot and hilarious new standaloneHere s what you need to know about me I m well off well hung and quick with a joke Women like a guy who makes them

  • [PDF] Download â Well Hung : by Lauren Blakely
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Well Hung
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  1. 4.5 Stars I always have so much fun reading this author s romcoms Every Single Time She seems to have the perfect formula when it comes to romantic comedies and the fact that all of them all I ve read so far are written from the male main character s perspective is a fantastic bonus At least for me She always makes me smile, grin and swoon and also forget about everything around me for a couple of hours Well Hung like any other romcom by this author was well written, gripping and so very enterta [...]

  2. Lauren Blakely has done it again, she s brought us another scorching hot story of two people who are absolutely perfect for each other I don t know how she does it, but I get all jittery until I can read the newest words she s put together since I know it ll be 100% perfect Wyatt Hammer is the infamous Nick Hammer s brother from Mister O Wyatt has an amazing assistant named Natalie She s been a huge help to his business and even though she s beautiful and perfect, Wyatt does his best to be the p [...]

  3. WELL HUNG is here Live on and everywhere US amzn 2cQGF3n UK amzn 2chSUDj CA dp B01LYRXJ0I AU dp B01LYRXJ0I iBooks tinyurl WellHungLB BN bit 1TQ78xN Kobo bit 25zx8Tu Paperback amzn 2cCjtqq GooglePlay goo ZbmXvg That came out wrong I totally don t want to bang my assistant I want to be friendly with you behind the banana stand.

  4. 5 KEEP RIDING THE ROLLER COASTER STARS This book Oh my heart It did things to me I seriously, FOR REAL, felt like I had butterflies in my chest through most of this book There were also many heart felt moments that brought tears to my eyes But mostly I laughed And laughed And laughed some I smiled so much, even at the teary parts Because.h Wyatt Wyatt I loooooove this man He s fun, sweet and HOT An all around good guy He is out of this world sexy He says the most delicious things Does the most [...]

  5. So who here knows that I love Lauren Blakely I love her love Each book that she puts out I keep saying to myself I don t know how she is going to top that one And then So when I asked her for Well Hung, and she finally gave it to me I was like a kid in a candy store.I curled up in a corner and I got ready to take a ride And what a ride it was Warning I don t give spoilers, so you ll just need to buckle up and enjoy the ride The only thing I ll tell you is this our ending is one you ll never see [...]

  6. Book Review 5 Stars How is it possible that every man Lauren writes is so damn perfect How is it possible that every story Lauren creates is so funny and sexy and romantic How is it possible that she can connect all her books, old ones and news to come, in every book she writes Well, I don t know, but what I DO know is that I love her, and her books and her characters and everything she does She s amazing and once again, she d done an amazing job with this new book of hers WELL HUNG This is the [...]

  7. Trust isn t about getting fooled, or not getting fooled It s a choice One you make with your heart Oh Wyatt He will hang your cabinets, your doors and assist you with any remodeling job you might need Ok, all jokes aside Another great romcom by Lauren Blakely This can definitely be read as a standalone but for those of you who have read Mister O this one here is about Nick s fraternal twin brother Wyatt As you have probably gathered already, he is in the carpentry business and owns his own compa [...]

  8. Your dirty mouth is my guilty pleasure What can I say That title That cover I couldn t resist, even before I read the synopsis It was irresistible The author s dirty mind was my guilty pleasure I m so glad that she shares it with her lucky readers.I was expecting Wyatt to be a total tool And while he knows how to use one, and he has one, he s not one No, I don t mean that tool, though he definitely has one of those too He also has a Stud Finder He keeps setting it off every time he puts it in hi [...]

  9. Hilarious Intoxicating Titillating Complete romantic NIRVANA Wyatt Hammer, Lauren Blakely s newest leading man of ROM COM, is my latest guilty pleasure If you are looking for a couple of hours of complete and total BLISS, then you need to read this book If you want the Full Vegas experience without the trouble of a hangover or regret, WELL HUNG is the romantic comedy for you Blakely is ROCKING this genre and she s climbing to the top at lightening speed Jump on this sexy rollercoaster ride and f [...]

  10. Ooh Ooh It is Wyatt Hammer s book He is Nick s twin brother who we met in Mister O The successful, hot, outspoken, manly man owner of his own construction company Swoon Wyatt is just trying to observe his golden rule of not getting involved with someone he works with He s been burned in the past and his construction business is too important to risk again Natalie Charlotte s sister is now his valued employee In the six months she has been working for him, she has helped organize and turn his bus [...]

  11. If you want passion, lust, great get caught in public places sex, true love, humor and did I mention passion, then Lauren s new book Well Hung is for you Wyatt Hammer owns his own construction company and is very handy with his tools yes both types Natalie is his assistant But because they work together, will that give them the red light for love Lauren has hit another huge homerun with this book I was laughing throughout and love the public places where Wyatt and Natalie found passion I have be [...]

  12. Vegas, an unexpected marriage and an abundance of steamy sex Well Hung will give you a new appreciation for a man s toolbox This story explodes with laughter, sensual intrigue and emotional punches to the heart It s now Wyatt s turn to tell his storyTold entirely from his POV, Wyatt is gorgeous, funny and a successful businessman Of course he would be, just look at his twin brother Nick Good genes definitely run in their family Wyatt is a laid back, uncomplicated guy That is until his assistant [...]

  13. NOW AVAILABLE FULL REVIEW 5 TAKE ME TO VEGAS CROWNSI have never read a Lauren Blakely book I haven t liked I enjoy her writing style, and her ability to switch between tropes Her romantic comedies have me rolling with laughter, and her mysteries leave me sitting on the edge of my seat, but no matter what she writes, it is always so well done Well Hung is written from the male POV of Wyatt Hammer, the brother of Nick, who we met in Mr O I love being inside of this man s brain He is crazy and impu [...]

  14. As women, we often wonder Just what do men really think How do they really feel If only we could jump into their heads like we can their pants and read their minds How about the next best thing A book written in the male point of view so well that it feels like an invasion of the male psyche Well Hung by Lauren Blakely is that book, that story that steals those mesmerizing and mysterious male thoughts and makes them yours.In her latest scorching and swoony sensation, Lauren Blakely masters the m [...]

  15. Well Hung by Lauren Blakely 10 starsHilariously funny, hot as hell itself, Perfection right here Lauren Blakely at her best I don t even know where to start While reading this book words kept coming to me and now they are having a party in my head and I am going to try my best and make them come together smoothly Lauren Blakely managed to blow my mindAGAIN This woman is unstoppableShe keeps writing these books faster than anyone else I can think of and she keeps delivering without a single fail. [...]

  16. ARC provided in exchange for an honest review Public decency is so overrated Lauren Blakely has done it again And by it, I mean provided us, the readers, with genius rom com fully of amazingly unique and strong woman and sexy, dirty talking men I struggled to put this book DOWN Unputdownable Hey, I know it s not a word, but it s befitting Befitting because this story of a boss and his assistant is like no other Sexy puns everywhere you turn as if the title didn t already give that away P Speakin [...]

  17. 4.5 Fool Me Once, Twice Shy 1 2 It s Live Special 99 Cent Sale What does an author do when she has a successful series on her hands Does she figure out if it ain t broke, don t fix it and do everything the same so as to ride that series train into the sunsetOr does she use what has worked but make each installment have its own personality where the voice of the Male POV is different and clear.If you are Lauren Blakey, that is exactly what you do.In Well Hung, Ms Blakely could have taken the easy [...]

  18. ARC Provided by the Author This book Seriously, it was even better than Mr O and I didn t think ANYTHING would ever top that.Again, I find myself writing that I liked this book even than I liked the one before it I am not quite sure how Lauren Blakely keeps pulling this off, to be honest, I just know she does and this is most definitely not a complaint This is a standalone, although there are brief appearances of previous characters and Wyatt and Natalie are both mentioned in the previous books [...]

  19. Welp, Lauren Blakely has done it again I hope you guys are ready for Wyatt and Natalie because their adventure is a roller coaster ride of orgasms, sexy times, lots of laughs, with just a touch of angst Anyone who like Big Rock or Mister O is going to flove these two

  20. 4 Stars I thoroughly enjoyed Well Hung It s sexy, it s funny, it s Wyatt Hammer Wyatt, the twin brother of Nick from Mister O, has always been firm on his principle that one shouldn t mix business with pleasure That s why when he hired Natalie for his construction business as his assistant, he resisted her appeal and kept his d ck in his pants The sexual frustration continued when they went to Las Vegas together for a project, got drunk, had a wild sex, and even got themselves married Things bec [...]

  21. ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewLauren Blakely nailed it as she delivers an outright sexy, intoxicating, and hilarious addictive romantic comedy Ladies, are you ready to meet Wyatt Hammer If so, I think I need to give Wyatt a brief proper introduction Wyatt Hammer is soooooo hands on with all his projects He knows how to use all his tools wink You need someone to nail something to the wall He can do it You need someone who knows how to use a hammer Ummm, he can definitely [...]

  22. I m Well and truly Hung up on Lauren s BlokesWhat I really want to know is whether Lauren Blakely interviews blokes to get into their minds She really seems to get how their minds tick Lauren s stories and my understanding of how a guy thinks seems to work along the same path Isn t sex first and foremost on their mind Aren t they always weary of women trying to force their hands Don t they want to protect their tools Haven t they been there done that and have the t shirt to prove it I m going to [...]

  23. LIVE amzn 2cR7ENb5 STARS I broke my one big fat rule.Because I don t as in never fucking ever mix business and pleasure Loved this one so much I m going to say that this is by far one of my favorite books by this author Lauren Blakely definitely knows how to write an amazing male POV Well Hung is a perfect sexy, funny, sweet read From the refreshing storyline to the enjoyable characters This is where I want to be.Here with her.Ready for me Wyatt was sweet,funny,romantic and sexy.And Natalie was [...]

  24. WELL HUNGdeed my friends Wyatt and Nataliewhat can I say about these two Lets start with WyattI mean he is a HAMMER and he does know how to use one I mean any man that works with his hands for a living do we really have to question his sexual ability Also, a construction had, white tight shirt and tight A jeans are like every ladies fantasy Wyatt has be burned in the past, but will he let that sour his experience with Nataliewell you have to read to find out.duhhh Natalie is the very organized, [...]

  25. I would have given this four stars, but Wyatt s drama bugged me The sex scenes were SMOKING Seriously, Lauren Blakely knows how to write sex But after like the fourth time Wyatt acted like a drama queen, I started skimming to the end.He has been burned, I get it When he thought Natalie was view spoiler hiring a lawyer to take away his business hide spoiler towards the end, I about threw my Kindle across the room I mean, still with that view spoiler I was pissed when he thought she freaking POISO [...]

  26. LIVE AMZ US AMZ UK BN KOBO LIVE LMAO Doesn t this sound like the perfect summer read Stand aloneLIVE AMZ US AMZ UK BN KOBO Shh ARC Giveaway goo uqgC3uBlurb Here s what you need to know about me I m well off, well hung and quick with a joke Women like a guy who makes them laugh and I don t mean at the size of his d ck No, they want their funny with a side of huge not to mention loyal I ve got all that plus a big bank account, thanks to my booming construction business Yup I know how to use all my [...]

  27. Wyatt s turn s Wyatt s turn I am pleased to say that as always with Lauren, we do get to see the other characters again YESSS That is what I always look forward to, although standalones, each story being different, the characters pop up, and enjoy each other s lives, so I can enjoy it with them, and I did just that with them in this Wyatt is a mix of strong, sexy, sweet, romantic and a bit untrusting Having had a bad deal in the past with women ripping him off left right and centre Wyatt is on g [...]

  28. Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum What could possibly go wrong on a business trip to Vegas When I saw this was a got drunk and accidentally married in Vegas trope, I was like Unfortunately, Well Hung ended up being just meh for me The problem was quite simple That would be Wyatt Hammer the leading male For being a construction worker with a mega schlong he sure was a whiny bitch a good portion of the time So the story was about construction company owner Wyatt and his assistant Natalie who [...]

  29. Lauren Blakely has turned into a writing machine, churning out hit after hit In Well Hung, the story of Wyatt and Natalie Successful, but still blue collar construction worker who is a little timid when it comes to trusting women, Wyatt knows that mixing business with pleasure is not a good idea But he can t seem to resist Natalie, his assistant who has made his NY based construction firm a success When they find themselves in Vegas for a job, one night of anything goes turns into drunken vows a [...]