The Killing Forest [PDF] Read Ñ The Killing Forest : by Sara Blaedel - The Killing Forest, The Killing Forest Sara Blaedel author of the international bestseller The Forgotten Girls which was roundly praised as gripping with uncompromising realism Washington Post and tautly suspenseful BookPage returns wit

  • Title: The Killing Forest
  • Author: Sara Blaedel
  • ISBN: 9781455581559
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Paperback

The Killing Forest

[PDF] Read Ñ The Killing Forest : by Sara Blaedel, The Killing Forest, Sara Blaedel, The Killing Forest Sara Blaedel author of the international bestseller The Forgotten Girls which was roundly praised as gripping with uncompromising realism Washington Post and tautly suspenseful BookPage returns with the thrilling next book in her series featuring police investigator Louise Rick Following an extended leave Louise Rick returns to work at the Special Search ASara Blaedel autho [PDF] Read Ñ The Killing Forest : by Sara Blaedel. [PDF] Read Ñ The Killing Forest : by Sara Blaedel - The Killing Forest, The Killing Forest Sara Blaedel author of the international bestseller The Forgotten Girls which was roundly praised as gripping with uncompromising realism Washington Post and tautly suspenseful BookPage returns wit

  • [PDF] Read Ñ The Killing Forest : by Sara Blaedel
    492Sara Blaedel
The Killing Forest
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  1. 3.5 Louise s last case left her shattered emotionally and physically Her first case back after her absence finds her once again in her old stomping grounds, unanswered questions about her past and the case of a young missing teenager An old religion and their followers will figure prominently This religion follows the old practice of worshipping and blood sacrifices to Nordic Gods Many good twists and turns, a fast moving story that will again involve Louise s friends and past acquaintances Sti [...]

  2. I read the previous book in this series last year and it was great to return to this series and to finally find out what really happened to Louise boyfriend Klaus 20 years ago when he allegedly killed himself Louise Rick is an interesting character whose personal life has been affected deeply by Klaus suicide and in this case, with a missing boy must she confront old acquaintances of her and Klaus In so will both she and those that she love risk danger because there are some secrets are people r [...]

  3. A special thank you to Grand Central and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review Danish, Sara Blaedel, The Queen of Crime, returns followingThe Forgotten Girls, with THE KILLING FOREST Louise Rick 8 another multi leveled gripping and twisted crime suspense of a missing teen, old legends, dangerous rituals, Asatro worship of the ancient Norse gods , and a powerful connection to the detective s own haunted past.As the book opens in a dark creep forest at midnight, there is a ritual a [...]

  4. For Nordic Noir addicts this book will not disappoint you Conventional crime novel with a clever back story and twist, and supreme female protagonist full of flaws Loved it, and will be reading from this Danish author.

  5. I ve found a new series to obsess over Sara Blaedel s complex and creepy storylines and this cast of characters have me hooked I totally adore Louise and Eik I picked up this book immediately after finishing The Forgotten Girls It wasn t much of a choice really I had to I was left with so many unanswered questions Would Louise and Eik make a go of it Would Thomsen and Ren get what was coming to them And most of all What really happened to Klaus I m one happy girl I got all of the answers I was h [...]

  6. My love for Sara Blaedel continues This book is an addictive blend of action, creepiness, social commentary, and endearing characters Sara writes Nordic noir at its best, and I highly recommend this book Be sure to check out this book s prequel THE FORGOTTEN GIRLS first you won t want to miss the background info provided in that story Full review to come on CBTB.

  7. Well The ending really disappointed me It feels like the awful men in the story got away with everything And I am really upset about it They raped women They cut off a horses head and put it on a pike They drowned newborn kittens I wanted all those bastards dead The only reasons this book even got two stars from me was for the fact Lousie finally got the closure she deserved and the the lady who did the audio was phenomenal.

  8. O Trilho da Morte o 8 livro da s rie Louise Rick, e o segundo da trilogia da Unidade Especial de Busca Ap s a publica o de As raparigas esquecidas pela TopSeller, o primeiro desta trilogia, fiquei muito curioso em aprofundar os conhecimentos da obra de Sara Bl del.Por isso, foi com satisfa o, que peguei neste livro.Um adolescente de 15 anos, Sune, desapareceu na floresta de Hvals ap s um estranho ritual de inicia o Dias depois descobrem corpos nessa mesma floresta Haver rela o entre os casos Lui [...]

  9. I am now soooo intrigued by Asatro This was a pretty creepy story, with the small town setting, sacrificial woods, ancient religious cult and a series of murders I do really like the character of Louise Rick, so I would read for just her alone.

  10. O Trilho da Morte o segundo livro da Sara Blaedel e a continua o do livro As Raparigas Esquecidas , apesar de se conseguir ler um sem o outro.Se lermos os dois conseguimos perceber melhor a hist ria de Louise, o seu passado e os seus fantasmas.Opini o completa em aviciadadoslivros

  11. Adding this to the books I m donating to Goodwill It s not that it was terrible, just that it wasn t for me.First of all, it starts off with a very detailed gang rape, where a young woman is forced to force herself onto a fifteen year old boy thankfully he gets away and she refuses to have sex with him , but when he gets away, the group of men gang rape her until she dies.Second of all, despite this first chapter, the book moved incredibly slow and was kind of confusing to follow There were too [...]

  12. This is the second book I have read by this author and the second Louise Rick novel as well Yet, this time I was really into the whole story and experience I don t remember much of the prior novel or the past ordeal that Louise endured however, it was ok even though it was part of the focal point in this book Because I felt that Louise did get her closure due to the fact that most of the gaps were brought together in this book, so even if you have not read the prior novel, you will not be lost r [...]

  13. Gostei muito, achei melhor que o anterior e foi uma leitura t o r pida No enredo inserem se dois casos, a procura de Sune e as raz es para ter fugido e a descoberta do que realmente aconteceu com Markus, o primeiro amor de Louise que se teria suicidado mais de 20 anos antes Os personagens envolvidos nos 2 casos s o os mesmos, pois Markus era amigo desses personagens, um deles agora pai de Sune uma hist ria estranha como tudo, no que se refere ao que os personagens est o envolvidos, o que fazem, [...]

  14. Mais um thriller viciante Sara Blaedel No primeiro livro ficaram muitas quest es por responder a respeito do passado sombrio de Louise Rick Neste segundo livro, acontecem crimes que se ir o cruzar com acontecimentos passados da vida de Louise Ser a oportunidade perfeita para a personagem obter respostas, assim como tamb m o leitor uma leitura que nos prende s primeiras p ginas e que imposs vel pousar o livro L se com facilidade fiquei de tal forma envolvida na hist ria, que at nas pausas de leit [...]

  15. Sara Blaedel does have a way of pulling you into the story and not letting you go until you hit the last page Mrs Blaedel has a complete understanding of what makes us tick as thriller suspense readers She pulls you into her world and you don t want to fight your way out of it The Killing Forest has the winning formula to what I have come to expect of her work The novel begins with a fifteen year old teenager, Sune, participating in the ritual of passage from childhood to becoming an adult as pa [...]

  16. Several hours had passed after the horrific events of his initiation before he dared sneak out into the clearing The cars were gone, and he d held his breath the silence and the sharp light from the clear, starlit sky seemed threatening A few embers from the bonfire still glowed, but he didn t dare approach it to warm himself He had no way of knowing if anyone had stayed behind to wait for him At last he snuck around the shadows of the trees over to the oak, where he knew they have must have lef [...]

  17. Note I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review This is hell No one gets out I read The Forgotten Girls by Sara Blaedel, not so long ago, and quite liked it I was able to connect to the author s writing and the story was interesting, to say the least, so when I was contacted for this book, I immediately accepted.The Killing Forest is the kind of novel that ll keep you up at night and would pull you into the story making you forget about the world outside I re [...]

  18. 4.0 out of 5 stars Deadly secrets of the brotherhoodFifteen year old Sune is about to be initiated into the Asatro an old Nordic religion but something goes seriously wrong that night in the forest and he disappears In an interesting twist, Sune s parents don t report him missing as they insist he has run away to avoid his dying mother at home, and Louise Rick and her partner, Eik Nordstrom, of the Special Search Agency are called in to investigate when Sune is spotted in some photographs taken [...]

  19. This book wasn t like the rest of the author s books Most of them can be read seperately, but it s my impression that this one can t There are a lot of references to previous books and cases, so if you haven t read the other books, I think it ll be hard to follow the story in this one.The story itself is highly driven by the characters There isn t really a crime that you, as a reader, can try to solve yourself, because you know from the beginning who the bad guy is That means that you kind of ha [...]

  20. The Killing Forest is the latest 8th book in Sara Blaedel s Louise Rick series.Rick is an investigator with the Special Search Agency, a unit of the National Police Department in Denmark.The Killing Forest opens with fifteen year old Sune preparing for his coming of age ceremony, to be held in the forest by an ancient sacrificial oak tree Sune s family practices an ancient religion, drawing direction and inspiration from the ancient Norse Godswith their own interpretations Sune is horrified as t [...]

  21. I discovered Danish crime fiction writer Sara Blaedel with last year s outstanding The Forgotten Girls This was the fourth US publication of a title in her Detective Louise Rick series but for some reason, it was the first time I d come across her name I was blown away with The Forgotten Girls and added her to my list of favorite crime fiction writers The Killing Forest is the follow up, and once again, I m impressed with Blaedel s skillful writing and rendering of such an intriguing female prot [...]

  22. I just recently finished this book, and I thought it was a pretty good story, although since I haven t read any of the other books by this author, I was obviously missing some of Louise Rick s history as a police officer I did think, though, that the translator could have done a little better job because I believe there are some crucial things missing from the story, and he mixed Louise up with her friend, Camilla, in a couple of places.Basically, this is a story of a man who grew up to be a bul [...]

  23. If you ve heard me talk about books, you ve probably heard me mention Sara Blaedel Her books are so fun and so compelling and sookay, yes, creepy If you re a fan of mysteries or suspense and you haven t read her, you need to check her out The Killing Forest is my new favorite of hers It s got some of my favorite things people in peril a teenage boy, for the most part, but it spreads and local mythology and weird religion Even one of those things is fantastic but all of them Yes, please And best [...]

  24. Really enjoyed this new book in Sara Blaedel s series Very interesting facts about the old religion I did not realize it Asatro is a legal religion in Denmark as of 2003 Anyone who loves Nordic Noir would really enjoy this book Thank you to Netgalley, Sara Blaedel and Grand Central Publishing for providing me with a free copy in exchange for an honest opinion Sara Blaedel has a new fan who is spreading the word

  25. A 15 year old boy disappears into the forest the night following an initiation into an Asarto group A local prostitute is missing, last seen getting into the car of a member of the same group Are the two related What happened that night What isn t his father worried and lying to police What secrets does this group hold I DEVOURED this book

  26. 7 2016 I read the previous book and was so so about it I feel the same about this one Except the whole time I wanted to ask Louise why she didn t leave this town and start her life over in a new city with less painful memories The parts about Dutch culture were interesting but not enough to sustain the storyline.