The Temporary Agent [PDF] The Temporary Agent | by ↠ Daniel Judson - The Temporary Agent, The Temporary Agent Scarred by war former Navy Seabee Tom Sexton vows to leave his violent past behind only to be drawn back into that life when a deadly conspiracy forces him to face an agonizing choice no man should

  • Title: The Temporary Agent
  • Author: Daniel Judson
  • ISBN: 9781503934993
  • Page: 354
  • Format: Paperback

The Temporary Agent

[PDF] The Temporary Agent | by ↠ Daniel Judson, The Temporary Agent, Daniel Judson, The Temporary Agent Scarred by war former Navy Seabee Tom Sexton vows to leave his violent past behind only to be drawn back into that life when a deadly conspiracy forces him to face an agonizing choice no man should ever have to make Five years after his life was saved in Afghanistan by Marine Force Recon Leader Charlie Cahill Tom lives a bleak nomadic existence haunted by the debt heScarre [PDF] The Temporary Agent | by ↠ Daniel Judson. [PDF] The Temporary Agent | by ↠ Daniel Judson - The Temporary Agent, The Temporary Agent Scarred by war former Navy Seabee Tom Sexton vows to leave his violent past behind only to be drawn back into that life when a deadly conspiracy forces him to face an agonizing choice no man should

  • [PDF] The Temporary Agent | by ↠ Daniel Judson
    354Daniel Judson
The Temporary Agent
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  1. This was my Kindle First pick for July Although it is completely out of my general reading lane, I loved it.It s an expertly written, action packed, suspense thriller that kept me second guessing my conclusions.The detail in the description of the weapons, how they were used, and the reasons behind each result impressed me page after page.Every character was expertly developed The quiet, unassuming, but deadly ex military heroes, Tom, Carrington, Cahill and others The devastation the war caused [...]

  2. Original story of loyalty, treason and betrayal Veteran Tom Sexton leads a quiet life with his girlfriend Stella working 9 to 5 jobs in western Connecticut until their lives are interrupted by a cryptic message from old comrade Tom knew from his service in Afghanistan What follows is a journey of double crossed treachery and betrayal by would be terrorists with mysterious identities and motivations Tom tasks himself with unraveling this Gordian knot of conflicting loyalties and eliminate the ter [...]

  3. I got this free via, I think, Kindle First.It is very eventful much so I found that it got boring Good plotting requires pacing high excitement interspersed with lower energy elements, and this was close to 100% EXCITING.And I am not sure that all the changes made sense in terms of character OK, all the wheels within wheels and betrayals but in the end, I am not convinced the resolution makes sense, based on the characters etc.There is not much character development The characters are mostly sti [...]

  4. The Temporary AgentThis was a thrilling, wild ride Exactly what I expect when I pick up a covert ops spy agent type of book There was nonstop action and suspense coupled with plot twists and explosions One doesn t know who to trust until nearly the final pages I was never really bored and didn t want to put it down I loved the characters and how they were given their own backstories.

  5. I don t often give five stars to a novel but this one deserves them.A perfect blend of a good plot, good character development, very good writing, and enough Red Herrings to leave the reader wondering who really is the bad guy This one had me reading well into the wee hours.

  6. I am usually very generous with my ratings and reviews, but this book really got to my nerves Many others have mentioned the author s style of not writing complete sentences, but fragmented phrases It is not only that Also, each phrase gets a paragraph of its own I can t remember a single paragraph with than one phrase I know English is not my native language, so this may really be only a matter of style Personally, I find this style really annoying and even amateurish.There are other things I [...]

  7. The book was fine It was of a political thriller mystery rather than a military action thriller, and I appreciate both genres Flawed protagonists are always relatable, and the whodunnit storyline kept me interested I also liked the historical notes, though they were a little disjointed within the overall story.However, there were frequent segues into the minutiae of gun specs, which was like reading a foreign language And the flag waving was repetitive to the point of corny When the story conc [...]

  8. Great fun Fast paced, characters Writing smooth and even I thought the twists were fairly obvious,but that didn t distract from the plot Couple of grammatical errors that I found distracting, given the allegedly high level of education and literacy of the characters This was the June free book which I usually find very mediocre, but this was an exception.

  9. I got this as a Kindle 1st book ages ago and totally forgot about it Saw it randomly and decided to give it a go wasn t the best book I ever read a bit hard to follow in bits , but I was thoroughly enjoyed it for a fun light read Now seeing it s part of a series I enjoyed it enough that I may go look for another from the author So yeah.

  10. An action packed, well plotted story with twists and turns and contemporary dangers I ll read another by this author.

  11. I picked Daniel Judson s The Temporary Agent Thomas Mercer 2016 from NetGalley because of the vague similarities between the main character, ex Seabee Tom Sexton, and Lee Child s Jack Reacher Tom s a talented ex military guy who chooses the life of a vagabond rather than use his prodigious warrior skills to build a lucrative career We meet Tom as a blue collar factory worker During the day, he works his grindingly boring job evenings, he spends with the woman he s known only six months but long [...]

  12. This is my second or third First novel an Prime benefit you get a free book every month that smells like an NRA planted book Call me a conspiracy nut, but it feels like they might have a program to win over hearts and minds with a cultural invasion of gun nuttiness This book has good action, writing and all that, but several times a chapter, we get a loving, detailed ode to how many rounds a Colt 1911 has in various magazines, or how the slide chambering works on a SIG p226, or the shoulder rigg [...]

  13. It was hard to decide if this book was a two or three for me I went with three I normally don t read books where the main character has been wrongly accused and is trying to race against time to clear his or her name I read it anyway There were lengthy descriptions of different kinds of guns, bullets, and mags so if you are into that or want to learn, you will most likely enjoy all the space devoted to the granular details I could have done with less, quite a bit less Also, sometimes it s fun to [...]

  14. You have to have a high tolerance for violence to enjoy this book But it is a page turner with a taut plot and likable characters An added bonus for me was the recognizable locations close to home.

  15. Great, engrossing thriller that kept me guessing till the end Engrossing thriller that kept me guessing till the end Realistic and fast paced I would read by this author

  16. To be fair, I got bored and didn t finish it I gave it a 2 since the characters I ve met thus far were two dimensional and I didn t really care what was going to happen next This may turn out to be the book others liked, I just decided I had only so much time so I m moving on.

  17. Excellent thrillerCannot wait to see what other books are available from this author Very interesting story.Keeps you guessing Enjoyed it

  18. Decent but not outstandingThe story and plot were solid Some events were a little bit of a stretch but overall not a bad read

  19. It took me a while to finish reading this book because I ve been too busy in my normal life, but I finally got around to finishing it Generally, it was ok, but MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD my main issue is that the big bad in this book ended up being a lesbian Now, this is not because I have an issues with gay people I don t I have an issue that it felt like the fact that the big bad was gay seemed like it was tacked on for no good reason It seemed like the author was writing this story, then realized, [...]

  20. This writer was not on my radar but after reading this book, I will definitely be reading of his offerings Bonus that the narrator has a great voice and pace.Tom Sexton is an ex Navy Seabee who after barely escaping with his life, roamed for 5 years before meeting Stella, a waitress in a local diner The attraction was strong enough to keep him in Caanan and they now share a quiet life in this small town That is until his past comes back to him with a plea to help the man who saved Tom from the [...]

  21. The Temporary Agent is a fast action and complex thriller with bodies than snowflakes in a blizzard This is a shoot them up yarn, in which Tom Sexton struggles to keep both himself and his girlfriend, Stella, alive as he tries to determine just who the traitor is from a list of likely candidates Unfortunately, the characters in the book became so compressed and samey that nearing the end I stopped trying to guess who the traitor was, let alone worrying about which of the patriots would die a he [...]

  22. I stopped reading it about a quarter of the way through while I like his writing style, for the life of me I still can t tell what the book is about there s never an effort to paint with even broad strokes a story line it s like a play you would go to with no title, no program notes, and no introduction the plot just never reveals itself even indirectly or through the lives of the characters maybe it does later on, but I can t read it book without some sense of what it s about.

  23. Not for meTo be fair the book had very few continuity errors grammatical errors but I found it boring and maybe I am naive but for me unbelievable One continuity error has the main character on page 131 taking a minute to walk into a village yet earlier we hear that the car was parked a mile away Not even achievable by an Olympic athlete Besides thus I found the book totally boring and it talked about things I had no understanding of or interest in.

  24. This book was ok I really hated hearing the in depth descriptions of guns and ammo Just not my type of book, but it was still a book that I could pick up at any time and remember where I left off, so I gave it an extra star for that Stella, the girlfriend, was a rockstar so I think that may be why I liked it a bit I just like reading about women kicking butt at their lives

  25. Enjoyable read.Well explained and thought out story All the different groups trying to kill each other though did get a bit confusing at times Didn t really understand why till later on Not usually the type of book I normally read but I did enjoy it I also liked the main characters.

  26. Great action adventure bookRead this book as part of my free monthly choices on Prime Liked it so much, I read it twice and ordered Judson s follow up book.The characters are well written with excellent dialog The story is a rollercoaster that you won t want to get off.I highly recommend the Temporary Agent by Daniel Judson.

  27. Gun cityWould have loved to read this without the lengthy addition almost per page about a gun It took away from the true story and created a disconnect for me It s a typical espionage story with a twist ending but what unraveled the build up to the conclusion with the guns Semi enjoyable.

  28. The temporary agentVery good story with all the twists and turns one would wish for in a mystery thriller Red herrings abound with a logical tie in at the end so I can look forward to a follow up tale with the same author and characters.