Conflicting Webs ☆ Conflicting Webs ☆ Darlene Quinn - Conflicting Webs, Conflicting Webs The Toddman Taylor saga continues in a new direction exploring love and loss career and family forgiveness and redemption in this stand alone addition to the gripping Web series Fast paced chapters

  • Title: Conflicting Webs
  • Author: Darlene Quinn
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  • Page: 397
  • Format: Hardcover

Conflicting Webs

☆ Conflicting Webs ☆ Darlene Quinn, Conflicting Webs, Darlene Quinn, Conflicting Webs The Toddman Taylor saga continues in a new direction exploring love and loss career and family forgiveness and redemption in this stand alone addition to the gripping Web series Fast paced chapters propel unforgettable characters through the turmoil of overlapping and often conflicting commitments Wedding bells are set to ring April Toddman the darling of the Jordon The Toddma ☆ Conflicting Webs ☆ Darlene Quinn. ☆ Conflicting Webs ☆ Darlene Quinn - Conflicting Webs, Conflicting Webs The Toddman Taylor saga continues in a new direction exploring love and loss career and family forgiveness and redemption in this stand alone addition to the gripping Web series Fast paced chapters

  • ☆ Conflicting Webs ☆ Darlene Quinn
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Conflicting Webs
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  1. I was surprised when I started reading Conflicting Webs The blurb on the back of the book led to me to think the story was going to be mainly about April and Kyle Conflicting Webs was so much than that It was a multi generational tale told in multiple POVs The story begins with Britany, Kyle s baby mama, not wanting their daughter Lindsay to be in April and Kyle s wedding This one problem sets into motion a series of events and custody questions effecting not only April and Kyle, but Lindsay s [...]

  2. Conflicting Webs by Author Darlene QuinnWow another intriguing fictional novel by talented Author Darlene Quinn Adorable four year old Lindsay Levin is the product of a one night stand Precious to the core and dearly loved by her doting grandmother, Nora Levin, Lindsay becomes a pawn in a custody battle by her irresponsible mother s reckless behavior Kyle Clark, biological dad to Lindsay takes full financial responsibility for her well being but finds that he comes to love this precious daughter [...]

  3. This is the first book I ve read in the Webs series, and it s definitely a stand alone book Intriguing premise Rich, beautiful, successful April is marrying rich, handsome, successful Kyle April has planned the perfect wedding and Lindsey, Kyle s daughter, is set to be the flower girl One hitch Lindsey s mother, Britany, back from a three month rehab, does not go along with this idea Britany has not previously shown much interest in her daughter, but her resentment toward Kyle and, in particular [...]

  4. This is the first book I ve read both in this series, and by Darlene Quinn At the time I selected it, I didn t realize it was part of a series, but when I did find out, after I finished the book, I was surprised At no point during this novel did I feel like I was missing part of the story that may have come before so I am pretty comfortable in saying this and probably the other books in the series could be read as stand alone novels.Most of the characters were very down to earth, caring and the [...]

  5. First let me say that I received a free eBook from Net Galley for an honest review and honestly, I thought it was a terrific story The author touches on a lot of the day to day issues faced by many people Some of the topics in this story are promiscuous sex, teenagers engaging in unprotected sex, teen motherhood, psychological issues such as BPD, drug use, parenting, divorce, spousal abuse, and how one incident can have such a ripple effect on the lives of people who probably never would have cr [...]

  6. The fact that this is a series was not enticing to me as a reader at first because I wasn t sure I would commit to read an entire series Okay I ll admit I was wrong This is than a series it s an addition Darlene has managed to hook me as a reader into a suspenseful second reality, and I was pulled in deeper with each turn of the page.I love the fact that there are old and new characters in Conflicting Webs so when I settled down to read this newest addition to the Web Series I was at home For t [...]

  7. Sometimes you sit down to read a book and are so drawn in, you feel as though you ve come home Rarely do I find an author with this ability and Darlene Quinn now joins my short list I m amazed at how she kept so many characters, with such diverse yet connected stories on track in a way that makes sense I now find that there are 4 books in Quinn s Web Series that I want to read this time in order I love Conflicting Webs and can t wait to delve into the others to learn the back story of these fas [...]

  8. Conflicting webs by Darlene Quinn.The characters in this one are so believable The descriptions of the family dynamics are right on target The author gives us a good look into the lives of her department store families the original characters are aging gracefully and the younger one are growing up as you read on.I became so engrossed that I wanted to tell one of the characters to go away and grow up to tell another to mind his own business and stop enabling one of the family members.This book is [...]

  9. I truly enjoyed the latest installment in the Webs series As with all of her books, Darlene Quinn breaks new ground with fresh characters, relationships, and surprising events while preserving the threads of the original story and all of the well loved characters Her skillful way of balancing life s curses and blessings loss and redemption, sadness and joy, beginnings and endings kept me eagerly reading well after bedtime I feel like these characters are my new friends and family Very entertaini [...]

  10. I won this book in a GIVEAWAY I absolutely loved this book I loved April and Kylewho they were as human beings I felt like I knew each character personally Brittanywell till the end of the book I may have started to like her a little bitt much This was a fantastic read I will read from this Author.

  11. The cover of Conflicting Webs is beautiful and the characters are so convincing The clothing descriptions are so fashionably elegant too There are so many creative solutions to the characters problems in the book Conflicting Webs has such an optimistic ending which leaves me completely content and wanting to read Sally Fritch

  12. This is the fifth book in the Webs Series by Darlene Quinn I am so sad to see this series come to an end but it has been so so good I am anxious to see what Darlene Quinn come up with next to write about April and Kyle are getting married so it should be one of the happiest days of their lives, right Well when there is an attack by the mother of Kyle s daughter the night before the wedding and a crazy accident as well, the happiness tends to fade away quickly April and Kyle will need the support [...]

  13. Conflicting Webs Darlene QuinnA continuation of the Webs series finds April Toddman about to get married There are many events that will have the listener wondering if the wedding will actually happen We get plenty of drama, angst, suspense and romance to keep us on the edge of our seat I totally enjoyed this book that focuses on personal lives than careers The narration was well done The characters were well portrayed Karin Allers draws the listener inside the story I was given this free revie [...]

  14. worth a read, it has a lot to offer and really does become interesting after the first few chapters.I enjoyed this book and would give it another read.I was given this free copy, in return for my unbiased review

  15. Conflicting Webs by Darlene Quinn was in some ways, a difficult book for me to read I started on it a few weeks ago, and realized that one of the main characters has the same psychiatric problem that someone close to me has very recently been diagnosed with Within the very first chapter or two, the distress of Brittany and her mom, Nora, was too personally painful and I needed to lay the story aside Yesterday, I picked up where I left off, hoping against hope for a hea The author s decision to s [...]

  16. Sweeping sagas are something I love, particularly because it allows me to go in and read a few books before I have to worry about not having anything else to read by the author And, when I was given an opportunity by publisher Greenleaf book Group Press to read the newest in Darlene Quinn s Conflicting Webs the newest in the Toddman Taylor saga , I jumped at the chance to read an e copy in exchange for my honest review.The Wedding of April Toddman and Kyle Clark should be one of the happiest day [...]

  17. Review of Conflicting WebsBy Darlene QuinnI loved this book If you don t mind losing sleep because you can t stop reading, Conflicting Webs is your story With great skill, Darlene Quinn has twisted her plot so conflicts and characters, both good and bad, come at warp speed, making it impossible to stop reading when it s time to do something else such as sleep I read one chapter, and then another one chapter, on and on until this rather large book was finished In Conflicting Webs you will find [...]

  18. I received Conflicting Webs as part of a giveaway.Beginning in the days before retail heiress April Toddman s marriage to reporter Kyle Clark, the fairy tale couple is plagued with problems Britany Levin, a recovering drug addict with borderline personality disorder and the mother of Kyle s daughter Lindsay, a product of the couple s one night stand, is threatening to pull the child from the wedding in a fit of bitterness In the days and weeks before and after the wedding, the couple faces crise [...]

  19. Professions that typically make for thrilling fiction are law enforcement, legal, medical, military, spy High end retail isn t on the average reader s radar Yet that is the world Darlene Quinn dramatizes in her Web series The latest installment, Conflicting Webs, continues Quinn s tradition of suspense, woven about a tapestry of overlapping personal relationships.One brewing conflict pits drug addicted mom Britany against affluent couple Kyle and April, with Britany s mother, Nora, caught in bet [...]

  20. I absolutely loved Conflicting Webs by Darlene Quinn Conflicting Webs, which happens to be a stand alone story, is the fifth addition to Quinn s Web series The Web series contains four other books This is the first book I have read in the Web series so I was happy that Quinn fills the reader in on some of the things from the other books in the series This book focuses on the wedding of April Toddman and Kyle Clark It also revolves around a custody battle for Lindsay Levin There is also a lot th [...]

  21. I received this book from in exchange for a review Conflicting Webs is filled with all manner of family drama, tragedy, and long held anger, but through it all, is the thread of forgiveness and acceptance, of love and strength It is a very poignant book as it brings to light the damage a family can do to itself And the healing grace of love.What should have been the happiest time of her life has instead turned out to be anything but April Toddman is set to marry the man she loves with all of her [...]

  22. Conflicting Webs had a little too much going on for me There are two very major story lines which do overlap and interact nicely but I felt like I neve really got to focus on one or the other In one story we have the April and her wedding which seems destined to be sabotaged If it can go wrong it seems like it will From accidents to the flower girl s birth mother trying to steal her away A lot of the story revolves around this mother and her attempt to ruin Kyle and April s life while trying to [...]

  23. Title Conflicting WebsAuthor Darlene QuinnPublisher Greenleaf Book Group PressReviewed By Arlena DeanRating FiveReview Conflicting Webs by Darlene QuinnMy Thoughts Conflicting Webs was the perfect title for this suspenseful intriguing fictional read that was about April who was marrying Kyle Now you would think with all of the planning that April had donee wedding would go smoothly however, that was not to be Why Issues and much conflict comes from the right and left from Brittany Kyle s baby ma [...]

  24. Like to Stay up Late This one s for you Conflicting Webs by Darlene Quinn is another page turner by this prolific author Pulling known characters from her best selling Web series and pairing them with new personalities in intriguing circumstances is designed to enthrall the reader and keep you reading A young girl unwanted by her drug addicted mother, but adored by her grandmother a young couple s wedding just days away face decisions that may include postponement A close friend is the victim of [...]

  25. I received this book through Giveaways.I give this book 3.5 stars The author could not have a fitting title, this novel is full of webs that surround April and Kyle s wedding Some webs are of the person s own making and others are given to them They all impact, in one way or another, the wedding Although the blurb says the novel covers April and Kyle s relationship and how they deal with unexpected trails, I see the novel as the exploration and progression of April s character through unpredic [...]

  26. This is the first book I ve read in this series, and by This author Even though this is the first book I have read in the Web Series it is definitely a stand alone read and at no point during the novel did I find I was missing part of the story to understand what was going on I was immediately drawn into the story line and wanted to find out how things worked out with April and Kyle as well as Nora, Lindsey, Madison and eventually, even Brittany There were so many people in this novel that grab [...]

  27. I won this book in First Reads and I really enjoyed it I was not familiar with this author but I hope to read books by her April and Kyle are to be married when everything starts to go wrong Kyle had a one night stand and a daughter was produced The mother of the child is not stable and the child has been raised by the grandmother The mother is let out of rehab before the wedding and her feelings toward Kylie are bad and she does not want her daughter, Lindsey to be the flower girl The matron o [...]

  28. This book started out a little slow for me Once I did get into, I was absorbed in the story right to the end Parts of it were very intense There were a lot of characters in this book Each one was well developed and had a large part in how the story moved forward and ended At times I made assumptions on how things were going to turn out and each time I was surprised at the turns the story took This is my first book by Darlene Quinn I did not feel like I was missing anything since I had not read t [...]

  29. A mesmerizing story that will captivate you from the first paragraph and not let you go until you are done Do not start this book at night I knew the minute I started this book, like all her others, I would be hooked from the beginning and not be able to put it down I found myself saying one chapter, just one and before I knew it I was up late every time It is filled with believable characters that you can relate to You will love the twists and turns, many you won t see coming The worst part a [...]

  30. A beautiful wedding is planned An entitled young woman plots it s ruin Terrible loss for a young wife and mother, as a tragic accident leaves her broken A gracious, but mysterious stranger offers comfort.I truly enjoyed the evolvement of the characters of the Web Series Webs of Conflict brings familiar forces and places, together with new characters in this hard to put down novel Hoping for volume six There is so much intrigue to savor Weave Webs for us Dianne Barkis