Blood Debts [PDF] Download Ë Blood Debts : by Shayne Silvers - Blood Debts, Blood Debts Black Ops Wizard For Hire When Things Go Bump In The Night Nate and His Crew of Supernaturals Are On Call It s Mardi Gras in St Louis but Nate Temple plagued with horrifying night terrors of carnage

  • Title: Blood Debts
  • Author: Shayne Silvers
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 145
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Blood Debts

[PDF] Download Ë Blood Debts : by Shayne Silvers, Blood Debts, Shayne Silvers, Blood Debts Black Ops Wizard For Hire When Things Go Bump In The Night Nate and His Crew of Supernaturals Are On Call It s Mardi Gras in St Louis but Nate Temple plagued with horrifying night terrors of carnage and chaos that could qualify him as a card carrying psychopathic insomniac is not celebrating Instead he s been using those sleepless nights to try and get a grip Black Ops Wizard For Hi [PDF] Download Ë Blood Debts : by Shayne Silvers. [PDF] Download Ë Blood Debts : by Shayne Silvers - Blood Debts, Blood Debts Black Ops Wizard For Hire When Things Go Bump In The Night Nate and His Crew of Supernaturals Are On Call It s Mardi Gras in St Louis but Nate Temple plagued with horrifying night terrors of carnage

  • [PDF] Download Ë Blood Debts : by Shayne Silvers
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Blood Debts
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  1. Blood Debts The Temple Chronicles 2 by Shayne Silvers is sooo awesome Nate is some real trouble this time The wizards take away his powers when he needs it most Not only the normal crazy creatures of the night are after him but the super crazies are The angels are after him because they think he killed one of their own The wizards think this is a good time to off him and he is SOL, until well, this isn t a book report So much action, suspense, snarky come backs, humor, and crazy situations keeps [...]

  2. Just finished reading Blood Debts A Novel in the Nate Temple Supernatural Thriller Series The Temple Chronicles Book 2 by Shayne Silvers This series gets better with each new book I am really enjoying the humor, adventure and endless excitement in this series From demons, werewolves, vampires and wizards to demonic girl scouts this is a very interesting read You re either a meal or a monster in this world I prefer to be a monster, or to at least have others think I am It s safer Memento Mori loo [...]

  3. Middle of the road.Plotwise 4 stars.Pacing 4 stars.The typos, grammatical errors, random capitalisation and italics 1 star.The errors are found so consistently throughout the novel that I found it difficult to actually immerse myself in the story.

  4. Another unbelievable adventure Another hair raising blood freezing adventure from Nate and friends I enjoyed the twist in the tale and the wit I look forward to the next adventure

  5. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Nathin Temple is back again in Blood Debts He is still searching for his parents killers so he can take revenge on them.At the beginning of this novel he is suffering from night terrors, dreaming that all his friends are killed, his house destroyed, and waking up only when he is on the verge of being killed As the story progresses, his real life gets to be almost as bad as the dreams.During his search for the killers, he learns [...]

  6. I bought this book to bridge the first and third stories, as I don t like reading them out of order I found this story to be even complex than the first in the series, Obsidian Son I noticed grammatical errors, but the storyline was better, the plotting a little complex, than it was in Obsidian There were battle scenes disgruntled dragons, angry and judgmental Nephilim with sharp, pointy swords , demons and Greater demons, all parade through the pages demanding redress from a very put upon N [...]

  7. I had to knock off one star for the number of spelling and grammatical errors, but it s a testament to how good the story is that it didn t put me off There are probably even errors in this book than the first, but I ve still gone straight into book three Because, despite everything, the story is great fun Okay I don t like Nate s girlfriend for one thing, we ve only got his word for it that she s too good for him, and he s hardly a reliable narrator but I m ignoring that for now It may become [...]

  8. I was given a copy of this ebook in exchange for an honest review.LOVED IT If you haven t read the book, don t read on.Things were answered from Obsidian Son and new things were brought into question that I hope will be answered in Grimm Nate never gave up even when ALL of the odds were stacked against him And through it all he kept his smart ass attitude There were literally a few laugh out loud moments At the end when he was able to see his parents, I shed a few tears The whole angels and demo [...]

  9. Definitely a great sequel to the first book Again, Nate definitely shows several Mary Sue tendencies rich, orphan, unique powers, singled out by an extreme higher power, popular with the ladies etc but I enjoyed this book like how I d enjoy an action film, and I feel like that s pretty much the point These books are incredibly action packed and engaging, with good levels of intrigue throughout And if you love myths and legends then this series is most definitely appealing

  10. Did you ever wish Hogwarts was edgier, and instead of being about an orphan boy raised by a middle class family he was a rich kid from St Louis, and instead of going to school he s out causing havoc on the unsuspecting populace No Well, the Wizarding world has a new badass and his name is Nate Temple.In this novel, it seems like the whole world is turning against Nate and will have to overcome insurmountable odds, as well as persistent night terrors, if he plans on living a few years How can he [...]

  11. The first bookWas excellent I have it five stars.But this book is so fricking disheartening, Nate losing battle after battle until you are ready to throw your kindle across the room, in a fit of tears.Look I like the characters I like the premise I like the wacky world of regulars and freaks.But I can t handle the horror of Nate losing battle after battle.I started reading the third book, and after, again, all these guys that Nate SAVED getting into to the death fights, and all the SAME plot twi [...]

  12. Master Nate Temple is alone for a few days while his friends, girlfriend and house staff have gone on vacation He s a Wizard so it shouldn t be a problem Nate s just not that lucky though The Academy of Wizards has come to judge him over criminal acts of the past few months, mostly involving the Dragon community and the battle they faced, to deliver an ultimatum that will kill him or rend him powerless Inviting Angels, Demons, Nefalim and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse to the party wasn t h [...]

  13. In book 2 we are sucked further into the crazy world of Nate and geeze does he get himself in some pickles We get to see of Nate on his own and how he deals with things which was great to see, however we do still get to see the rest of the gang at times I think this is the book where I really got Nate and how his mind works and why he does what he does.which is because he really does care.One of the best things about these books is the mythology and fairy tale etc that are woven and brought up [...]

  14. Fantastic series, well written and so thoroughly enjoyable Curiouser and curiouser, Nate Temple is even than he seemed and my what twists and turns there are in this second book of the Nate Temple series Non stop action and surprises and an intriguing host of characters Including Achilles, yes, that Achilles, the Minotaur, yep, that one, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, yes, them, as well as angels, demons and some very unpleasant maniacal wizards Action packed, fast paced, devilishly eclec [...]

  15. I loved this book I almost stopped to review it 1 3 of the way through To me, the second book in a series gives you everything you need to know in terms of whether you want to continue with the series and sometimes the author at all Mr Silvers knocked it out the park He somehow manages to grow the world of Nate Temple, without biting off than he can chew I don t want to spoil a thing for fellow readers so I ll just end with if you like urban fantasy, you ve found your next good read.

  16. I had trouble getting into it at first because this is a busy time of the year for me and I was only able to read in short bursts of time.I was irritated with what was happening to Nate at the beginning of the novel, cheered out loud at one point, and nearly cried just before the end It had a happy ending How happy does any ending get in an Urban Fantasy Let s keep this simple I give this book my best two word review Good Story.

  17. Blows me awayWow Just wow There is a complexity to this book that just blows me away The hierarchy of supernatural forces is explained in Shayne Silvers Blood Debts A Nate Temple Supernatural Thriller Series Book 2 Nate surrounds himself with an entourage of supportive friends and employees, all he ll breaks loose when he has to solve a crisis alone This series is complex, funny and tells a good tale.

  18. Who doesn t love a book with wizards, Angels, Demons and other supernatural Nate Temple feels all alone Well that is because he is in this book All his backup and friends have lives and they are all out of town at the same time Is it fate Well when you are dealing with Angels, Demons and the 4 horsemen, you should question everything.If you love Dresden files, you will flip over Nate Temple He is witty, smart, violent, and creative.

  19. Really enjoyed the second book in the Nate Temple series Love the fact there are so many different paranormal entities in these books I love Nate s total sarcastic answers for almost everything I am glad Blood Debts left off where Obsidian Son had ended, well a few months after, but right there Shayne Silvers has created an awesome world and a true group of not so normal friends to help Nate out in his adventures.

  20. There is room for than one wizard in the world.I thoroughly enjoyed reading Blood Debts the second outing for Nate Temple Even though his friends only made a brief appearance at the beginning and end of the story with the exception of Othello we were still treated to an exciting thrill ride, with Nate making some new and interesting friends along the way Keep up the good work Mr Silvers.

  21. Blood Debts A Nate Temple Supernatural Thriller Book 2 The Temple Chronicles Man ohh man what a second book of the series, I had the first one on a freebee but knowing how good that had turned out I would have bought it anyway and still might This is seriously a damn good series even though I have only read two books it is good, not just the humour but all of the story which makes it a hell of a series so far

  22. I mostly gave it the higher rating of stars for the final chapters and wrap up of the story I enjoyed the spiritual keeping my spoilers close to my chest aspect and the growing powers of Nate I did struggle to read the fillers and the whining from Nate I get WHY he wants to whine, but it was boring to read Hopefully the next book picks up.

  23. Nate Temple is a wizard from an extremely long line of famous powerful wizards He owns a bookstore, and collects magical and rare books He also finds special, and rare books for clients After the tragic death of his parents he begins his new life as Master Temple, the last of his line of wizards Oh yeah did I forget to mention that all the fairy tales out there are really stories about the magical beings of the world The Minotaur is real In fact Nate gets off on cowtipping the Minotaur Nate disc [...]

  24. I like this book.even better than the first one Watching Nate having to learn to deal with his world without everything he has always relied upon was a pure delight Not quite as belly achingly funny as the first but still good for a few chuckles but definitely a whole lot thrilling Can t wait to read the next one.

  25. It was very good book had a lot of twists and turns that I liked Would recommend this book to everyone i know.It had every thing I liked in the book,wolfs,vampiers,angels,and demons Everyone Should read this book It is awesome abused they would make it into a movie Love the main character in the book Liked the ending

  26. The series began with an interesting plot mystery and an uninteresting protagonist The power creep was ridiculous, with the protagonist becoming magically stronger then he could handle, and I feared where it would end.Finishing Bood Debts I now sit with a protagonist that has matured a lot , the power creep have been handled interestingly and most of the plot mystery has been solved.

  27. Absolutely FantasticWhat could you ever get want in book Murder, mystery Yes this book has it but it also has a ton of laughs and aww moments to Shayne is an unbelievable story teller.

  28. The protagonist must have hit his head one two many times in book one He s acting like a slow person with a whiney self centered attitude It s possible to finish the book if you skip fifty percent of the pages in the middle Would not recommend.

  29. Very nice addition to the seriesSets up many things yet to be Many new and exciting characters are added to the mix We get to know Nate a bit away from the gang of friends Looking forward to the next few I feel it gives Dresden a solid run for its money.