His Other Lover Free Download His Other Lover - by Lucy Dawson - His Other Lover, His Other Lover To Mia the devastating proof is right there on her boyfriend s cell phone In the dead of night she discovers Pete her lover her soul mate her future is having an affair Instead of waking him with a

  • Title: His Other Lover
  • Author: Lucy Dawson
  • ISBN: 9780751540529
  • Page: 104
  • Format: Paperback

His Other Lover

Free Download His Other Lover - by Lucy Dawson, His Other Lover, Lucy Dawson, His Other Lover To Mia the devastating proof is right there on her boyfriend s cell phone In the dead of night she discovers Pete her lover her soul mate her future is having an affair Instead of waking him with accusations Mia begins to look for answers What woman wouldn t want to know everything after all But her desperate search only begins a frightening series of lies and decTo Mia the d Free Download His Other Lover - by Lucy Dawson. Free Download His Other Lover - by Lucy Dawson - His Other Lover, His Other Lover To Mia the devastating proof is right there on her boyfriend s cell phone In the dead of night she discovers Pete her lover her soul mate her future is having an affair Instead of waking him with a

  • Free Download His Other Lover - by Lucy Dawson
    104Lucy Dawson
His Other Lover
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  1. Mia lives with her boyfriend Pete and their dog Gloria They ve been together a while and are happily settled, with Mia knowing that Pete is the one for her But Mia s world is about to fall apart when she discovers a suspect text message on Pete s phone from another woman which appears to indicate that he is having an affair At first, she can t believe Pete would do this to her, but when reality sets in, Mia can t decide between splitting up or getting revenge on him So Mia decides to meet the ot [...]

  2. This was an easy and quick read but I m afraid I m not a big fan of it I found the main character quite annoying why didn t she just confront her boyfriend in the first place although the book would have been a lot shorter if she had I felt she lacked backbone and was a bit disturbed.I personally found the ending very disappointing, it s not your usual happy, chic lit, ending and perhaps that is why I didn t like it It left me feeling like what was the point I would have rather she either lived [...]

  3. After reading this book I have to say it s a page turner for sureyou keep turning the page waiting for all this built up drama to turn into somethingBut in the end it turns into nothing The author does a good job of keeping you hooked during the build up but after the build uperes literally nothing This book is completely missing an ending I read 300 pages of pointlessness

  4. This has been on my kindle for a long time and I finally decided to read it and am pleased I did Mia is devastated as she has major fears that her long time partner Pete is having an affair after she finds texts from another woman on his phone This leads Mia to question what else Pete may be hiding, how well does she really know him It is at times like these that we learn a lot about ourselves and Mia is about to learn how fear, anger and betrayal can drive us to do things we may have never imag [...]

  5. His Other Lover had been sitting unread on my shelf for years, I ve no idea why I took it on holiday to Corfu and read it within a day.What a twisted, scarily real story this is I expected a chick lit type of story it was obvious it was going to be about a girl whose boyfriend is cheating on her, and it is What I didn t expect was such clever writing and such a twisted and almost psychotic lead character.Mia and Pete have been together for years, as far as Mia is concerned their relationship is [...]

  6. Kniha hovor o tom, o v etko je ena schopn urobi pre to, aby si udr ala l sku svojho mu a.Mia miluje Peta ij spolu v jednej dom cnosti u nieko ko rokov a v etko sa zd ide lne A k m si Mia nepre ta v jeho mobile esemesku eby mal jej pomyseln princ na bielom koni milenku T to ne akan spr va ou nev dane zalomcuje Dostane z chvat a ten ju dllllho, dlho neprejde V mysli m iba jedin zbavi sa konkurentky Rozbieha tak koloto l , ktor sa za na kr ti nekontrolovate n m tempom A v momente, kedy si Mia za na [...]

  7. I just have no words the main character Mia is remarkably naive, stupid and slightly deranged and your find yourself thinking towards the end they both deserve each other Mia appears to become unbelievably desperate to keep her unfaithful lover at any mean possible Mia goes down a dark route of tracking down his lover and somewhat stalking her by getting close to her flat mate For a short read it does cover a lot of ground however, I have questions than possible answers Example I found myself w [...]

  8. That was the most boring, drawn out story of a terrible relationship with a narcissist and a dependant personality The story itself would have been enjoyable if written as a synopsis, kind of like a half page news story, but to have 700 pages where nothing happens no suspense I even skipped chapters and still knew what was happening It s like watching a year s worth of episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful when you could understand the entire season by watching like 2 episodes I loved Lucy Daws [...]

  9. I have enjoyed all of Lucy Dawson s books and this her debut novel is a favourite of mine Her style is not your typical chick lit as her stories have darker elements, flawed characters and twists which keep you guessing His Other Lover was brilliantly written with a clever and intriguing plot, I was so engrossed I read it in one day It really had me gripped wondering what would happen next As with all of Lucy s books the ending left me thinking about it for ages after and I really wanted another [...]

  10. Este libro me toco a fondo, tengo algo con la infidelidad que me afecta y apasiona Le His other love como si la historia que estaban contando fuera la m a aunque no he sido enga ada , la narraci n en primera persona en definitivamente ayuda a eso.En realidad no me esperaba el final abierto, no lo quise as , hubiera preferido un final contundente Divertido, estrafalario,recomendado para leer.

  11. What do you do if you find out your boyfriend has been cheating on you Kick him out Confront him Rant and rave at him That would have made it a very short and predictable book.She wants to keep him and sets about doing just that I really didn t know where this was going and have to say the end surprised me Mind you I wanted to put my hand in the book and give all the characters a good slap.

  12. I was given this book to read by my sister.Reading the back and it being classed chick lit it wouldn t have been a book that I would have picked up and bought myself.However I haven t got anything bad to say about it, it was an ok read but not really a page turner.

  13. I would have given this book 5 stars, it was the disappointing ending, expected much what I expected was her total revenge she was a very weak character, once a cheat always a cheat.

  14. You know when you ve read a book and it sticks with you You feel like you were involved yourself, or like you can relate to the emotions so much it hits home Well, I felt like that reading this page turner.I have had a scroll through the negative reviews, and all seem to miss an ending I liked the ending Sure, I would have wanted a bit info, but books are like that sometimes, they end and you are left guessing.I loved the suspense, couldn t put it down, and I laughed multiple times, feeling for [...]

  15. At first I couldn t remember why I d downloaded a book about infidelity and was in two minds about reading it I m really glad I did, I was hooked from the first page The book is one sided only seen thru the eyes of Mia the betrayed girlfriend so you don t actually get to hear the other side of the story from Pete the boyfriend It s a very real interpretation of the emotional anguish involved in infidelity but written with pace and a bit of suspense making the reader intent on finding out what s [...]

  16. The things we do for loveA few cliches spring to mind, be careful what you wish for Is probably in the top 3 Love can make people do, say and become quite mad and not always in the funny haha way.A very creepy and disturbing tale, well told Send a shiver down the spine X

  17. Fantastic book A book that just dives straight into the story from page 1,and doesn t fail to stop me wanting to turn page after page to find out how the situation develops Great characters, although the sisters part seemed a bit pointless and unnecessary.

  18. Neuraz , ale ani extra nenadchne Hlavn hrdinka Mia zjist , e m jej p tel milenku, a tak se rozhodne bojovat Ale opravdu m pr vo se takhle chovat, i kdy ona je ta ubl en Na m tro ku p ita en za vlasy

  19. It is a crazy read about a couple and the male has a friend or is she his lover It is a riveting read which goes from one extreme to another.Which woman will end up with the male in the end Highly recommended.

  20. This is the first Lucy Dawson book I ve read but she will most definitely be added to my list of authors to read list.The story was great and I found it was just like listening to a close friend portraying it I laughed out loud at some bits, cringed at others and was left feeling fulfilled at the ending To me this this is what female fiction, chick lit or however we choose to label it should be like.Thank you for an entertaining read Lucy By the way entertaining doesn t mean trashy, throwaway or [...]

  21. Was great until the last chapter What a disappointment Such a good build up and well written until the end Felt very rushed at the end Shame

  22. EnjoyableA good read but disappointing ending, kept me occupied and read in a day, would have liked it to have been a little longer

  23. OkayThis is one of the most weird books I ve read I don t even know how to rate it because it s very strange.

  24. In short, I loved it Read it from cover to cover in 3 evenings Easy reading, gripping and makes you think about what you would do in that situation.

  25. RecommendedAnother great read by Lucy Dawsonuldn t stop until the endready searching for another book by this authour Xx xx

  26. Mia thinks of herself as a grown up Her twenty two year old sister, Clare, is once again in the death throes of an affair that was always doomed to failure Mia now understands that relationships need work that in an adult partnership, passion and spontaneity give way to something different but lasting With Pete she knows that her search for The One can stop.Until, tripping over Pete s phone on the way to the loo one night, she reads a text message that sends her blood cold Everything in it its [...]

  27. Sounds like fluffy chick lit, smells like fluffy chick lit, looks like fluffy chick lit However, my senses betrayed me on this one Mia is a grown up, in a grown up relationship, in a grown up world Her sister is immature and childish, and has no idea what real love is Relationships need work, and Mia is confident that the work she has given her relationship with Pete has completely cemented the fact that he is the One.Until she finds a message on Pete s phone that leads her to believe that Pete [...]

  28. I seem to be on an infidelity kick lately I read Lucy Dawson s debut novel, His Other Lover, over two nights, reading until my eyes burned In all the ways Love and Other Natural Disasters failed, His Other Lover succeeded.One night, Mia, a 20 something woman who works for a small advertising firm somewhere near London, discovers a text message on her live in boyfriend s phone Mia thought Pete was the one Turns out he s someone else s one, too That someone else is an actress named Liz.The discove [...]